"It appears you have your sole survivor, Mr. Gaunt." His assistant smirked as both men observed the swamplands from above.

In a flash, everything that stood before Oddysen had vanished into nothingness. The horrific horrors, the environment, the corpses of fallen friends; everything vanished. He was instead teleported back into reality as it was a beautiful day, or so what he perceived as reality. However, the dreaded mansion was gone and instead replaced with a massive cemetery that became the resting place for all those who have died in the present contest and previous ones measuring in decades to a couple centuries ago. This Mr. Gaunt character had made his leave, but not without leaving behind a gift for his winner.

As Oddy looked over the vast field of lost souls and reflected on all that just happened, a random man approached Oddy from behind. "I was told to leave this semi-trailer truck here for you as some contest you've won? Not sure why the hell we're out here or even what happened, but enjoy." After giving Oddy an unsettling look, the man was off as a ride awaited him. The vehicle soon left, leaving Oddy once again in complete silence. The trailer door was already open and awaiting Oddysen to discover the contents. A note on one of the wooden crates congratulated him on his victory, and was signed in blood by Mr. Gaunt... or maybe it was photoshopped.

'Congrats on your victory and your strong relationship with luck and the need to survive. While many have perished during this contest, such is life as we all must struggle with the hardships to see a new dawn. Do enjoy your gift, and I thank you for playing!'
Signed, Mr. Gaunt.

After Oddy made his way over to read the note in the trailer, he then took the convenient crowbar to pop open the first crate of many. The lid was pried off and flung to the side as a state of glee overtook Oddy as he then tore through the packing material. There, under the Styrofoam and other padding, lay a stack of Portal Guns. Each was individually wrapped with nothing special but clear plastic. After unwrapping the item, he jumped out of the trailer to try it out on his surroundings. Aiming it at the ground to cast the first portal, he found there was no on switch for it. If anything, the object felt a tad cheap. With further examination, and taking a crowbar to it, Oddy discovered the portal gun before him was merely a prop.

He ran back to the trailer, climbing in and inspecting the remaining guns in the open crate, only to find that each one was nothing more than a prop like the first. With great frustration, he aggressively pulled a new crate from the trailer and smashing it open with the crowbar. Nothing but rage filled him as he rifled through the contents, seeing once again another container full of pathetic props. After minutes of screaming, destruction, and tears, Oddy tossed the crowbar into the back of the trailer and closed the doors. His realization? Auction the remaining portal guns on Ebay and use whatever he profits with on counseling and booze...

Or a sweet new gaming computer and booze...

Or even a- THE END