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Thread: (M) Blood Line CH1: The Bloody Arrival OOC&IC a Kris X Siks 1X1 Rp.

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    As Sabin said the name Igin, Y'gol's eyes narrowed. That name began bringing a face to his bestial mind as well as many other things. It was many years ago before he got captured and sent to Frostmire prison, he was on the run from the armies who would late capture him. Now he'd had been evading the armies one at a time for a few months now, killing some here and there, but mostly focusing on staying ahead of the stomping soldiers.

    But this was the first time he ever had all three armies marching after him. He could fight and kill likely one hundred of them before he fell, but that wasn't an experience he wanted to have at the moment so he was on the run. Ducking through trees and slipping through the shadows and quickly as his large bulk could. Soon he found what looked like an abandoned cabin, it would give him a few minutes of rest and a time to collect his thoughts. So he busted down the door only to find it wasn't as empty as he thought.

    He smelt two High Elves, but before he could react a lighting bolt hit him in the chest and he heard a man shout something and saw the glint of a naked steel blade race through his vision. His leather like skin deflected the blade strike and the attacker's surprise allowed Y'gol to respond his cleavers were in their sheaths across his back, but he swung his long clawed hand up and pierced the Elf's chest impaling him on the the sharp nails. The Elf died instantly and just as the Ogre was about to remove the body a series of searing fireballs threw him into the wall of the cabin making the entire building shudders.

    It was then he saw the Elf woman from the forest, she was half-dressed and furious looking. But at the time Y'gol didn't care, he simply wanted to get out. So he charged for the backdoor, but the woman hurled more fireballs at him and blocked his path. She was screeching with sorrow and simply wanted to see the Ogre dead even it killed her with him. Y'gol even against magic is not an easy creature to kill. He quickly threw the table at the woman then heft the body of her love and threw him through the backdoor before following the projectile out and vanishing into the woods.

    That was the last time he thought about the woman or her lover, until she showed up in his hunting grounds and began taking food out his and his cub's mouth. Now it seems she wishes to finish what she couldn't even begin all those years ago.

    As the woman rambled on Y'gol began to growl softly in annoyance. Guk-Guk simply looked on in confusion at the long silence her hands holding up a battered wooden tray with two ceramic cups of water.
    "What Saba talkin' about Papa?" Y'gol visibly softened at Guk-Guk's words and took the cups handing them to the Elves before crouching down and lifting his cub into his arms hugging her softly.
    "Papa...did...bad...things...when...he...was young." He kissed the child's head and she simply nodded softly and leaned into him still confused, but comforted by him. He held her for a few more seconds thinking on his next words before he put her down and nodded to the back of the cave.
    "" The girl frowned and looked to make a protest, but a soft pat on her behind made her jump a little and skulk back into the cave.

    Once she was gone the Ogre turned back to Sabin and Yaorland growling a little louder.
    " former...employers." He glared directly at Yao tapping the two Elf fingers on his necklace. "" He looked back at Sabin. "Do...not...force...your...ideas...of...sin...on.. .me...Ms.Togar." He pointed a long arm to the forests below them. " .than with...your life." Dropping his hand he glanced back at the cave lifting his nose to smell if Guk-Guk was eavesdropping she was not.

    "," He voice changed from a menacing growl to almost a sad whimper his eyes dropping to his gray gnarled hands. " Life...has...been...cruel I...will...not...make...amends...for...what...mean s...nothing." He looked up from his hands again, but his voice still sounded sad. " When...I...had... killed...the...bandits...and...saved...her...she.." His voice grew a little joyful as he continued to speak. " ..I...helped...her. We...brought...the...carts...down...and...made...a mends, but...even...after...the" The beast sighed almost wistfully. " as...a...father." He ended his words with a single sad growl.
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    Sabin opened her mouth few times but no voice escaped her lips. The sight of Y'gol soften appearance just stole the words out of her mouth.

    She turned to look at Yaorlan, hoping he might have anything clever to say but he appeared to be lost as her, although his expression was unreadable. He took the cup and set done, drinking, and having his gaze fixed at the bottom of glass.

    Sabin did the same, but did not drink the water. She was just too shocked to do so, "I'm happy for you, Y'gol", she said at least, "And I'm happy Guk-Guk has such a good father to keep her safe...", Sabin sighed.

    "Like I said before darky, would have been much more simple if everything was black and white"

    There wasn't anything else to be done now it seems. Sabin got up and looked at the huge ogre, "Y'gol… please… give me the time I need, I'll get Denika off your back… in return… don't hurt the village".

    She walked out of the cave slowly, "Guk-Guk!", she called to the girl, "Listen hon. Myself and Yaorlan are heading to discuss some very important talk with a very powerful woman. I don't want you, or Y'gol to be hurt, so you must stay here and protect Y'gol", she winked at her, "Only you are capable to do it. So you will need to stay here, okay?"

    Sabin bent down and hugged her, "Please, I beg of you, stay here with Y'gol. We are going to rescue few people whose mind being stolen by the thought of revenge...", Sabin leaned in to whisper, "And also the prince", she tried to fake a smile, "Can I trust you with protecting Y'gol?", she said.

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