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Thread: The Time of the Great Flood: The Fifth Tale of Rpa

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    Default The Time of the Great Flood: The Fifth Tale of Rpa

    For those that follow my work I finally got round to writing a fifth story though just a very short one this time. It seems most of my previous stories are now in the archive section, at some point I'll try and dig out all the links so new people can find them.

    The Time of the Great Flood: The Fifth Tale of Rpa

    One day in the land of Rpa it started to rain across the whole land including the city that was home to all the members. This was slightly unusual as the weather control systems in Rpa meant that usually it only rained over places where it was needed. Furthermore it did not just rain for a little while but continued to rain and steadily the rain became heavier. Before long the streets of Downtown were running with water while artwork began to wash off the walls of the buildings in Creative Corner creating rainbow puddles.

    At this time @Omac; was at home in his apartment making toast. He took the toast out of the toaster then glanced over at the rain outside. He was down to his last tub of butter so eventually he'd have to go out to the free food store. Whatever was going on he hoped the admins would soon fix it.

    He stood and stared at the window for a while then as he did a rather bedraggled-looking bird landed on the ledge outside the window and started tapping frantically at the glass. He opened the window to let it in and saw it was a messenger pigeon sent by the staff. The pigeon shook itself slightly then sneezed. "The staff wish to inform you that the flood-control system is broken" it said. "All members are advised to stay indoors until the problem can be mended. Do you wish to make any reply?"

    Omac shook his head. "Uh no that's fine." In response the pigeon shook a bit of water out of it's feathers. and then turned and flew back out the window.


    Meanwhile @Splat; and @Griff; were over at the blogging area writing blogs to be published when another pigeon arrived and told them the news.

    "Oh well hopefully the problem will soon get mended" said Griff as she carried on writing her blog.

    "I hope so" replied Splat "if not I won't be able to go to the next Iron Maiden concert".


    Meanwhile however it continued to rain and rain. Soon it was impossible for anyone to go out at all and water was coming in under the doors of the buildings.

    In the Roleplay buildings members were frantically gathing up roleplay scrolls from the writing rooms and the hall of fame library and carrying them in bundles upstairs to the next floor to save them from the oncoming water. @Holeypaladin; struggled up the stairs clutching a massive pile of scrolls and bound volumes. "Why did I have to write so many" he muttered to himself.

    Over in the Downtowner House Siks and other regulars were rescuing bottles of drink from behind the bar and carrying them to the spare rooms upstairs.


    Further time passed and all the while the waters continued to rise. All the members were now stuck in the upper floors of buildings and supplies were beginning to get low. Everyone began to wonder if this rain would ever end. At that point the moderators turned up in an inflatable dingy and began rescuing members trapped in buildings and ferrying them to the admin palace which was the largest structure in the city and had doors and windows that were magically sealed to prevent leaks.

    Eventually everyone was gathered in the upper floors of the palace while the admins continued trying to work on a solution. Concern grew as supplies began to run low. Floating about in the flood outside was large amounts of spam but everyone knew that spam was unsafe to eat, they might be hungry but they didn't want to swallow any malicious links.

    Then finally at last the admins found a way to fix the flood control and the waters subsided. At last people were able to move around freely again once more and get fresh supplies. and return to their normal lives - or at least until the next disaster. Whatever happened next one thing would be certain: for many years to come all of the members of the Rpa realm would remember the time when they had survived the great Rpa flood.

    The end.
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