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Thread: (M) The Treasure of the Lost Mountains IC (bluemoon x Siks apocy RP) (M)

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    It had been a long time since Ezra had slept through the night and she awoke fully rested, warm in Jackal's embrace. She leaned her head back, her smooth cheek brushing against his stubbly chin. "Mmm," she responded to his words, lying in his arms for a few moments before forcing herself to sit up. The blankets slid to her waist and the cold air caused her to shiver slightly. "I could get used to this chill," she said with a sigh as she reluctantly climbed from the makeshift bed, leaving Jackal still wrapped in it's warmth. "I'll see you in a bit," she said as she dressed quickly and slipped from the tent, heading first for the cooling embers and stirring them to life. Once she had the fire going again, she made the morning coffee, allowing Deck to sleep in a little longer.

    A hot cup of brew in her hands, Ez leaned up against the bunker's cool metal wall. The camp was awakening and she watched the group welcome the dawn. She felt a certain calm and she smiled inwardly, glad to have finally said "the words" last night. It amazed her how difficult it had been--she had never been one to express love to another, not since she was a young girl. ...and now, it was a relief not to have to worry about it any longer. For a few moments she sat alone, then the sleepy form of Samantha wandered over to her and sat down, a cup of coffee clenched in her hands.

    They both drank in silence, comforted by each other's presence. The smells of breakfast were starting to permeate the air--Deck whipping up some dehydrated eggs mixed with spices and some dried meat. He never failed to create a delicious meal, no matter how simple the ingredients. While waiting, Ez turned to her daughter and smiled.

    "We're going to do some scavving today--the bunker is huge and should have lots of things to discover. I was hoping you might like to accompany me. I wanted to have another look at the control room."

    Sam nodded, hmming softly while warming her hands on her coffee cup. "I'd like that."

    "Me too," Ez responded, squeezing the teen's knee gently. "There should be enough here for everyone to make a find...batteries...weapons...trinkets. Maybe even some protective wear. There might be vehicles also. Too bad the fuel needed to operate them is rare--unless we find one that uses the sun. I've heard of those before."

    Sam glanced at her briefly, her expression showing wonder. "I hope we find money. Then I can buy stuff, like new clothes."

    Ezra laughed. "Money from before is worthless, other than to burn. They mostly used paper for currency. If we find gold or other metals, it would be better." She turned to her daughter...her daughter....and brushed a stray blonde tress from her face. It was odd to imagine herself as a mother. Especially since they looked so little alike. "If you need new clothes, you only have to ask. I have plenty enough to get you outfitted anew."

    Ez and Sam looked up when Deck called everyone to eat, their stomachs already rumbling with the thought of food. There seemed to be enough to feed an army, Deck anticipating the morning activities being fueled by full stomachs. Filling their plates, they sat down again by the fire, Ez smiling at Jack when he joined them for breakfast.
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    Jackal awoke a few minutes after Ez, but laid under the covers for a bit just thinking on that past few weeks. So much has happened he never expected, adventures, sacrifices, betrayals, revelations, love in the olden days this would make one hell of an action motion picture and they aren't even at the end least he hoped they weren't. But he couldn't allow doubt into his mind now, they are in a moment of peace inside a pre-fire bunker safe from the terror of the massive sandstorm still howling above them.

    He hoped they wouldn't be buried alive once they decided to leave. He's seen even small sandstorms bury whole caravans out in the wastes. This one has been going on for over a day, they might need to fight another exit if the bay doors or main entrance are blocked by three tons of sand. He was eager to see how this goes, and after untangling himself from the blankets he got dressed and joined the rest of the crew at camp for breakfast. The meal was had in cheerful silence, and at the end Deck stood up and called for everyone attention. He and Ez had discussed the plans for today and now it was time to dice up the duties.

    "Alright kids listen up. The sandstorm is still screamin' outside, and part of the reason we started this group was to scav. So Ez and I talked it over and have a plan, myself and Jackal will explore how far down this bunker goes. Ez and Sammy will head the scav teams made up of pairs everyone scouring the two cleared floors. Anythin' good bring back to camp and we'll go through it and see what we can use and what we can't. Ez and Sammy will be Team one, Jen and Ken team two, Ashliee and Diego are three, Jessica and Matches are four, Maggie and Austin will guard our base camp while Ziggy and Hollister will be patrolling the cleared halls. We don't have comms or radios, but if something goes wrong scream really loudly and anyone within earshot will come running. Jackal and I will be going far, but everyone else check in with either Ez or one of the guards every hour ok?" Heads bobbed all around them and with a clap of his hands Deck adjourned the meeting and everyone went to execute their duties. The Hunter watched them go then nodded to Jackal. "Alright lawman, I gotta grab my gear, but I'll meet you at in the hall in ten minutes ok?" Jackal nodded then made his way to Vash and suited up himself making sure to grab extra water and some dried meat.

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