Seemingly satisfied with her companion's explanation on the topic of her people's military preparations, Shivali was content to listen as discussion turned to the nature of the help this unknown human would provide them with. In theory, the Nekorian's plan did indeed seem sound - having an established cover story was bound to be a good thing, given how deep in hostile territory as they seemed to be. The idea of playing a family member of a stranger did not entirely appeal, given her own distinguishing features, but she could see the benefits of her chosen course of action.

"It seems strange that they would screen most of the merchants less heavily than the civilians. One would expect the opposite, given the risk of smugglers trying to get illicit goods into the town...or is it that they simply prefer to lavish the bulk of their attention on the cargo, and forget about the merchants themselves?" she would ask, though the question was largely rhetorical. She was more thinking out loud than anything, simply talking through her own thought processes as she tried to think out the problem. At the end of her own exposition, the Tehnu found herself satisfied with the same explanation that she herself had provided, and was happy to move on. Regardless, it seemed that there would be other dangers associated with this plan of action that needed considering.

"I daresay that most of the guards will prove to be human, yes? I do not expect that many Nekorians would be relegated to something as dull and menial as guard duty. Probably for the best, considering that any members of your race would have a much higher chance of recognising me for what I am. If any Nekorian overseers peg me as a Tehnu, then we might end up with an entirely different sort of problem" the girl would point out simply, a small frown flickering across her features. After a few moments, though, the girl would give something akin to a dismissive shrug.

"Truth be told I could simply make us a path directly through the city walls if you so wished, but it would be much easier for them to track our progress that way. Besides, if your merchant friend has a cart or anything else that will save us the trouble of walking, then I'll not complain" Shivali would answer rather simply, a soft chuckle slipping from her lips. She had no problems maintaining a forced march for an extended period of time, but riding along would allow her to conserve energy regardless, and would doubtless be more beneficial for the rest of the party as a whole.