Now including new episodes!

This is the thread for all of my RPAFanfiction! For right now it's just going to be a link to Google Docs. If you wish to download it then you're should be able to do so, or even just comment on it. It is for RPA and will always be so. No need to have a Google account in order to view. You will need one to comment or download though. I hope I did this right!

I will not be here on RPA to see how anyone reacts to the newest episodes until I get back, but feel free to reply below! If you comment on the documents directly I'll see them and be able to respond. Below is a link to the folder with all of the original 13 episodes along with the 1st of the new set. I'm three episodes in advance and I'm hoping to stay that way releasing one every three days. That should be a good fill of Omac. It'll get us through until the start of February and I plan to return before March.

Enjoy the show!