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Thread: The Return {IC - M}

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    Alagos had his spot in the trees enjoying the evening. He could see his time was spent well. His next target was finished and he had the rest of the evening to himself. All was well until the strike of a wooden arrow hit the tree just a few branches down. He knew what the arrow meant. The red ribbon tied to the feathers of arrow. The man sighed softly and closed his eyes taking everything in for a moment. He had yet another mission ready for him.

    After a few moments had passed, Alagos adjusted in the tree and hopped down to the lower branches before using the trees to get back to the small tree village he resided in. Everyone was doing their own thing in the village as usual and Alagos was heading straight for the armed guards who stood at the entrance of their leader. Upon entrance Alagos could see the hooded figure sitting at a desk just across the room. Alagos moved towards the desk and hit the floor with a knee kneeling before him.

    "Yes sir?"

    "I have yet another mission for you. This time I need you to follow the steps carefully."

    Alagos looked up to the man with confusion but looked back down as he was given a scowl.

    "Yes sir, what are my orders?" He asked only to be handed a letter giving his mission details upon it.

    One thing Alagos hated more was not being given a straight answer but none the less it was what he had to do what was given to him. The elf stood slowly and bowed once more before turning. "What is asked will be done." He said before leaving the Headmaster and stepping out into the tree village once more. Upon the shining sunlight through the trees he opened the letter being sure to keep the letter from others eyes.


    Your next mission is a rather simple one. Theres a yearly tournament to be held. Join the tournament and either win it, or kill the competition. Remind the world that we're still alive and not afraid to show our power. You a prideful elf of our race and you are an assassin. Now it's only time that you show your worth.

    Head Master

    The letter was rolled back up into the state it once was before and Alagos looked ahead. He knew of the tournament. He'd heard others speak of it often really, The Ceremonial Tournament was what they called it each year. He would be there and he would for sure make sure he ended the lives of someone there. If his master saw that it needed to be done then it shall. Alagos slipped into his home and began to prepare. He took his wonderful bow that had brought him many victories and held a bloodstain look on sections of the wood where he had come in contact with a few people. Another feature across the bow was small indention's covering the bottom half of one side of the bow, each was a mark he had placed himself to mark the amount of victims slain with that bow itself.After his bow was ready, he strung it and wrapped it around his figure the string baring against his chest, he pulled a 9 arrow quiver out from his bunch that held different sizes and other sorts of arrows and hooked the harness to his back as well. From that point, Alagos moved to the desk that sat beside his bed and with a swift kick to the right side a compartment dropped from the side revealing a ivory handled dagger. On the handle, one could see "Alagos" in a cursive writing. He examined the blade and with a sinister grin he slipped it into the sheath and placed the dagger in a belt clip that latched onto his lower back. Once he was sure he was ready, Alagos grabbed a few more smaller things, including tipped arrows laced with poison and others of the sort.

    Everything was set and Alagos was ready to go, setting off he headed straight for the Ceremonial Tournament. Upon arrival, he made his way to the stands to watch everyone. He would make his move soon just for now he would sit back and examine the fights. His plan was to examine then attack after he finds the first one to take out.
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    On the dance floor Remi danced losing all track of time. She was just enjoying herself moving from partner to partner without a care in the world. A couple of times her dance partners tried to coax her off the floor for a more private kind of dance but each time she refused and moved on to another partner or dancing by herself. She had just said goodbye to a young man who had been getting a little too friendly with his hands and suggestions. He was completely smitten with her aura and Remi thought it was best to move away before it got out of hand. Yet she didn’t want to leave the dance floor just yet. Remi was having too much fun. She hadn’t let loose like this in such a long time, well before she came to the academy. Moving away from the smitten young man she found herself dancing on the opposite side of the floor, alone. At least until she found herself swept up in someone’s arms. Her first thought was that it was her young admirer but a closer look showed it was another young man around the same age as the first. While they danced the second man seemed to purposely look to the first seeming as he was showing off. The first was starting to get angry and Remi began seeing this go very badly. She tried to pull herself away from her dance partner but he wasn’t letting go.

    He only let go when the first man Remi had been dancing with swung a punch hitting the second in the head. He staggered on his feet and let go of Remi, quickly recovering and throwing a punch back. The two of them traded blows for a while going back and forth. Remi thought she should break them up but she didn’t move to. Instead she inched back slowly somehow able to avoid notice as most people were focusing on the two men fight. She headed to a large tree that was casting a big enough shadow for her to stand in. She wanted to step into and out of it away from here. The area of the woods that she lived in was covered with a thick canopy and always had plenty of shadows. It was one of the reasons she lived there. That and it reminded her of the Great Forest, it reminded her of home. She was almost to the shadow when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She froze thinking that one of the instructors, perhaps Targon. Whoever it was had to have seen what happened and know what her powers were. She was going to be in so much trouble. Slowly she turned around to see a very young boy standing there holding a letter in his hands. He must have been an apprentice they often used them as messengers. A wave of relief washed through Remi but it was gone just as fast when she saw the headmaster’s seal on it. She took the letter and thanked the apprentice, watching as the young boy ran off a stack of letters in his hands. “I’m being summoned by the headmaster? This can’t be good.” Remi said, walking away from the dance floor and the two men who had turned it into an arena.

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    Rai walked around the festival as soon as the young warrior Reimi left his company with his stone in hand. The festival was well underway by now, but his time here was short. He knew that he needed to return to the Dark Forest. Not only did he have a feeling that this war was about to start full force, but he needed to get to Severins. Needing to asses the damage of him running into N’allo. Oh, how he couldn't wait to get everything he had put into place in motion, and see it through to the end. Walking to the outskirts of Macao island, and once he was far enough away he removed the bracelet he was wearing that suppressed his dark aura.

    His aura would be able to be sensed by anyone with an affinity to magic. Casting a simple spell his energy appeared as iridescent green and red bats. The bats flew from his hand and circled around horizontally in front of him creating a portal that would take him home. Walking through the portal the bats disappeared and in its wake left a scorch mark on the earth.

    Appearing in the fortress that he had called home now for many years, he could feel the presence of several of the other warriors that follow the Dark Lord. It seemed like they were all gathering here in anticipation of the war to come. Though that was the least of his worries. Feeling where Severins was he quickly left in that direction. This was his first priority for the moment since Murdoc was with the Dark One.


    Severins had been dreaming since he knocked his head against that rock when Lord Murdoc appeared and separated N’allo and himself. His body was covered in sweat as his eyes flickered wildly. He was dreaming of a time long ago when he was first brought to this place, and tortured to become what he is today. He remembered the feel of the needle, and the heat from the fire used to scorch his scales. The pain that filled his senses, being forced to live.

    Suddenly Severins awoke for his dream, and the memories that had returned to him were lost to the darkness that was his past. Looking around confused at to why he was in his room, and why he was covered in sweat. The last thing he remembered was Lord Murdoc interfering with his conversation with the man he had found in his forest. The warrior that was so familiar, yet at the same time he didn’t know who he was.

    Sitting up in bed he opened the drawer to the nightstand that he had next to his bed. He curled his hand under the lip of the top of the desk, and a small clicking sound could be heard as a fals top dropped down and there was the ring he kept hidden from his fellow dark warriors. The ring was made from a rare material called Draconian Metal, and the ring was shaped of a dragons. Where the jaws of the dragon held an amber jem the same color of his eyes. Looking down at the ring as he touched the stone gently. Had everything he known up to know have been a lie? He was deep in thought and almost missed the knock on his door.

    He quickly put the ring back, and posher the fals top back up. Before he got up off of the bed answering the door. To his surprise Rai was standing on the other side of the door. When did he return? He had been so engrossed with what happened he failed to sence all of the energies that were present in the fortress. Trying to hide his surprise he looked at Rai with a neutral look on his face.

    “Rai, what brings you here?”

    Rai saw that Severins didn’t realize what was going on, and that worried him. A man that was normally not caught off guard was shocked that he was there. This struck him as odd, and noted it mentally.

    “Come now. I had heard that you had an encounter with the enemy. Of course I would be worried about you.”

    “Well he wasn't anything special. Just a weakling that bit off more than he could chew.”

    “Really! Well looks like your training served you well. So what happened? Tell me the whole story.” Rai said as he entered the room, and Severins closed the door.

    Once Severins finished his story he could tell that Rai was listening to every word. Though he left out any mention on him thinking his opponent was someone he knew, and the conversation they had. He also embellished the fight a little. He just hoped Rai couldn't see through his blatant lie.

    Rai was not truly convinced of his story. There had to be parts that were missing, like the fact that he kissed N’allo. However, for now he didn't push the issue. Since he knew the spell had to have slipped just a little. Though, how much was yet to be determined. Eventually the answer will reveal itself. “Well seams there was nothing to worry about.” Rai said as he stood up from the only chair in the room. Reaching out and grabbing Severins’ shoulder he looked into his amber eyes with a neutral look on his face.

    The sun has started to set by the time the two left the room. There was so much to do and so little time to do it. “I am sure we will have missions awaiting us. Let's go see what chaos we get to inflict.” Rai said as they made their way down the hall to where Olgoth was already addressing Murdoc. Both of them bowed in unison as they didn't say a word and awaited to see what was in store for them. The fallen angel was surly ready to get the ball running.


    Yuma had watched the girl for some time, but didn't walk up to her. He just watched as she got her food, and then went onto the next stall. She still felt familiar in a way, but at the same time she didn't. Could she have been a fox like he was? A question he would never know since he suddenly lost track of her. Looking around for a.while.he just couldn't seem to find the young woman again, but he did see Remi dancing on the dance floor, and could feel her aura seeping out of her. Though he didn't have the fortitude to get on the dance floor to tell her. He didn't like to dance and refused to get himself in a situation like that.

    So he decided that he would just ignore it for now since she seemed to be having so much fun. Heading to just prowl around the festival to find something to do. Playing a couple of the games, and of course they were easy for him to win. They were based on accuracy, and that was something he was good at.

    As the day progressed to the late afternoon Yuma had gotten tired of the festivities, as well as the amount of people. People made him nervous since he didn't like crowds. He decided to leave the festival and get back to the academy. However, he didn't make it out of the festival. A messenger appeared before him, and handed him a letter with the Grandmasters seal. Giving a slight sigh as he could guess what the letter pertained.

    He quickly made his way back to his room to change into something a little more appropriate as well as take a shower. But before doing this he opened the letter to make sure he was right, and he was. He wondered why he was being summoned, since none of the details were.written in the summons.


    Avelaid was waiting outside of the Grandmasters chambers though for some reason he has yet to acknowledge that she was there. This must have mentioned that something was taking his attention, and that didn't bother her. Instead of wasting her time waiting for him to return she decided to head to her room. She had nothing better to do, and she was not a big fan of the festival. She just wanted to be by herself at the moment.

    Reaching her room she opened the door, and walked into the dark room. Preferring the dark over the light, it helped her think of matters that she normally tries not to think about. This time it was about the man who has yet to see her as his equal, and posibil give her a chance. N’allo had always ignored her while Severins was still in the academy perfearing that dragons company over hers. It only made matters worse the older they became lovers. She never understood why N’allo liked that filthy dragon. Severins wasn't even worth anything yet the lunar elf loved him. Avelaid couldn't understand why.

    As she sat thinking on these matters the time flew by ad the day was starting to turn to dusk. Though she didn't care about that an sat still brooding. Well until a tapping at the door broken her thoughts. Getting up out of bed she gave a loud sigh as she opened the door to see a young man standing there holding goutband envelope to her.Avelaid could tell he was nothing more than a errand boy, but she took the envelope and smiled. “Thank you for bringing this to me. I hope that you have fun at the festival.” Avelaid said to the youngman basically giving him the rest of the night off. Bowing his head he left with a smile on his face.

    Looking at the envelope the seal of the Grandmaster sealed the envelope, and having an Idea of what it was. A summons to action, something she knew was coming but wasn't looking forward to. Leaving her room she made her way to where the Grandmaster would be.

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    Darkness was sweet thing, when the reality light brought was too cruel. For once, she did not dream in her rest, likely due to the healers magic working on her. But, it was hardly something that could be considered sleep, for who could shut their eyes in the face of the inferno? It felt like her skin was burning in each moment, skin seeming to want to peel away from her ro escape the agony of feeling, and her mind was alight with the chaos of all that just happened (it hurt. still.)

    (but she was alive).

    Sen learned later that she had not been the only one attacked, brought in to the ward at the Academy and her wounds tended to. There seemed no explanation for the force that brought her to the infirmary, but she apparently wasn’t the only one. Through some of her more lucid moments, she heard that there was another that had mysteriously appeared there, and the thought of that remained ingrained in her mind as the hours passed, and her wounds were tended to.

    It was nearing evening now. The brilliant sapphire of the sky was slowly being replaced with garlands of golden red fire. Outside, the cheering of a crowd could be heard, which she assumed was for the tournament. She had not technically gone to the festival yet. Last year, she had arrived just after the event. This year…

    Sen closed her eyes, exhaling slowly. The table next to her bed had a variety of the different festival foods on it. Word had gotten out to some of her classmates that she had been injured fighting a member of the dark army, which seemed to impress them enough to forget their dislike of her. They had brought her food from the festival, and tried to get information about what happened with the fight, but she didn’t know how to respond to their attentions other than with short, often monosyllabic responses. Eventually, one of the healers chased them off, but the food offerings were left behind (untouched).

    It had been... nice, in some ways, that they had come. It helped keep her distracted, at least for a moment. She looked down at her hands. They were wrapped in bandages and, even with the various slaves and spells, she could feel the wounds ache and itch there (how she wanted to rip the bandages off just for a moment's respite). Of course, the dark magic of Hecklar was a class above many of the healers here, or at least enough to keep them from instantly healing her wounds.

    Hecklar[/i[. Sen lurched forward suddenly, hugging herself as a sudden chill came over her, mind spinning into a moments panic as she remembered everything again. She took a moment, taking a few sharp breaths, one hand clutching near her neck. Calm. Breath. She was fine. Safe.

    For now.

    Sen looked relaxed, and found herself looking at the food again. She was told all of it was quite good. It didn’t seem right for her to eat it. She was about to go back to ignoring it, when she noticed something else on the table. A letter, sealed with heavy wax and a sigil she recognized as coming from the headmaster. She had delivered several letters herself, until it was discovered she was using her power to open them and read them herself. She reached over, struggled a moment to pick up the letter with her bandaged hand, and dropped it onto her lap before focusing to use her powers to unlock the letter--

    --then yelped out, her mind suddenly recalling the sensation from before when using her power, and it seemed her hands were burning once again. One of the healers started to come toward her, but she managed to wave them off. Breathe. Calm.

    Sen looked down at the letter. It was now crushed in her hands, and the wax seal seemed to be nowhere in sight, until she saw someone on a bed much further down from her looking very confused, holding a ball of wax. She averted her eyes quickly, looking back onto the paper. Focus. (What the [i[hell
    was that?)

    The letter was a summons. By the Headmaster.

    (Why would they want help from you?)

    The words blurred, her mind reeling. Maybe she was just dreaming-- no, she would know if she was. Maybe they were going to finally oust her from here, but why would they heal her? What if it was a mistake that she, what if, why, why, why?

    Sen slumped back. It was so much. She hurt. And just wanted to rest. But she knew she would not be able to. There was a task to be done, which writhed and wriggled beneath her skin more than her wounds ever would. She could not rest. She had to move on.

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