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Thread: Lakes - {M - IC} [REBOOT]

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    A single bandaged finger tapped an erratic pattern on the countertop while the witch further reassured the younger Duende. It was a peculiar habit Lazarus had picked up from some caravan guards ages ago. It continued up until he was posed with a question from the lady beside him.

    Again, she had that confident smile on her face as she introduced herself, properly this time. He paused for a moment, considering putting off introductions as unnecessary out of habit, but decided against it, considering he'd be with these people for quite a long while. "Well met, madam." His reply was, again, short and to the point, but this time it held just a faint hint of tone. "Lazarus. My name is Lazarus."

    Now that the introductions were over with, the hollowed man immediately took the tankard of ale in hand. It had been long since his last pint. Almost far too long, even. It was not often that Lazarus got to drink, as he always saw it as unnecessary spending, but he was not averse to treating himself with a pint or two when the situation was right. For a brief moment, he admired the foam and the rich brown liquid under it, as if silently giving thanks to some higher being. Finally, he took a sip, which turned to a gulp, which then turned into a couple more gulps. This was shortly followed with a sigh of satisfaction, which was the most emotion he had shown since meeting the others.

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    Ugh, she was loud.

    In introducing herself to them, Morganne practically introduced herself to the entirety of the tavern while she was there too. Ronnie naturally slumped lower. He didn't like loud things, be they objects or people. It was honestly a wonder he'd put up with Andy this long in truth. Gods only knew how he was going to manage with another noisy red-head too...

    It seemed like she and Andy were getting chummy however. For his sisters momentary gloom had been forgotten and cast aside almost as quickly as it had been started in the first place. She and the witch were surveying the tavern for a table while the... what would he call him? Bone guy? Hollow... dude...?

    While the other member of their party took a drink. The tall Duende sighed, pushed himself up and off of the wall and strode past the others to an awaiting table in the far corner of the room. Andy tutted at his back as he marched past them. She sighed as she made her way over,

    "I swear he's gonna be gloomy even on his wedding day.."

    The Quartet got comfortable, and luckily for them, the food didn't even take that long either. As Andy tucked in, Ronnie spread out, all sorts of various maps, passages from books, ancient looking trinkets and other different odds and ends across the table.
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