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Thread: Lakes - {M - IC} [REBOOT]

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    Morganne listened as Ronnie spoke of the lead that had brought them all together. It was little more than a ramshackle of a theory, in her opinion, but it was something and that was more than she had by herself. The Duende’s confidence in themselves amused her, or maybe it was the mead, but she baffled at the little contract Andy handed her and smiled broadly at it as she skimmed the ragged handwriting.

    She had questions she wanted to ask them, but the siblings were gone with quick goodbyes at the end of their presentation. Lazarus followed suit and dismissed himself, which she watched with vague interest. Morganne then adjusted slightly and directed her attention toward the two left sitting at the table, the Achon and his beastie, but raised her voice just enough to be heard by those milling around the Turf and Feather.

    “So, who knows how to play Tiger, Chicken, Worm, Board?” The witch raised her eyebrows expectantly at the proposition of the drinking game, a mischievous little look in her eye.

    No amount of well-meaning potion would help her hangover, she mused. Not that she had the energy to make one, anyhow. Dwarves had set to mining in her frontal lobe and the light that streamed through the curtains of her wagon was blinding; she gave a disapproving groan and rolled over, further tangling her bedding around her legs. After a few moments, she gave a jerk upright and set to getting out of bed, suddenly spurred by the recollection of the meeting at the docks.

    The witch dressed and dug around for a while until finding the most wide-brimmed, floppiest hat she could find and pulling it on over her riotous red waves. It was amply decorated with feathers and woven bands, but more importantly, the brim sagged and protected her eyes from the sun. It wasn’t too long before she’d made the wagon ready for travel to the docks and had gotten Moriarty fed and hitched up.

    “To the docks,” she said with little gusto, as her banging hangover wouldn’t allow her to manage much.

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    The man and his horse were conversing with the harbourside smithy, known to many as the second-best in town. His shop was along the road following the Sea of Sorrows; a hotspot for merchants, exotic seafolk and sorrowed men. Diverse, even for Zenean standards.

    "Think it's manageable? Within two moons?"

    The smithy, a dwarfish lad, grumped. The sketch the man gave him along with a small book of notes seemed extensive and ultimately tiresome. He turned away, hammering ahead on some gladii.
    "Yer better 'ave the coin."

    The man quickly gave him a return.
    "You think I'm some blasted Terran?
    Within a second, the man smashed two coins on the table. He was clearly excited.
    "Two sovereigns, if you add some horseblinders!"

    The dwarfish smithy grumped again.
    And subsequently snatched the sovereigns from his wooden table.


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    “You lout! No! Createn! Oaf! Boorish, rat bastard of a man!” The cursing and sudden impact of pillow and fist had Lenten starting awake. He swung from the bed, coming up quickly to a fighting stance, face aggressive as he struggled to access the threat. The comely barmaid from the night before launched herself at him, still swinging and swearing. The went down together in a tangle of limbs and various nude parts, Lenten working to restrain the woman while he tried to understand the sudden shift in mood.

    “Now love, what ever I’ve done in your dreams I can’t really be held accountable for.” He charmed, having reached the only explanation of events. As they’d both been twined in the bed till the wee hours of the morn and had only just fallen into slumber. She bucked against him, more furious then before causing Lenten to frown and roll free as not to hurt her or himself. Rising to his feet once more he spotted Kitten sitting upon the small table, once more eating a piece of fruit… in her human form…Naked.

    “It’s not what you think!” Understanding now, he dodged the candle she threw and danced backwards.

    “Kitten! A little help!” The plea earned a shriek and several books, one managing to clip his shoulder hard enough to bruise later. Filikitata snickered, stretching lazily before sliding to the floor and sauntering towards the woman.

    “I’ve no desire for Lenny.” Her words were a purr as she stood over the barmaid, yellow eyes starring deep till she saw the flicker of recognition. Then in a flash she was once more a small horned cat, winding her way around the woman’s ankles as Lenten went about quickly dressing and gathering his things.

    The slamming of her bedroom door snapped the barmaid from her stunned silence. But the achon was already taring his way down the street, white bundle of fur in his arms when she stubbled out shouting after him.

    “Should have stayed to play with the mage. Luck would have been better spent drinking with that shady lot! And how many times have I told you, you need to wear clothes around other humans. Jeeze what time is it? I hope we aren’t late. Should have just given them the signed contract last night so they didn’t leave without us.” Filikitata ignored the rambling man and set to sleep in his arms once more as he rushed to make the meeting at the docks.
    ...ǟռɖ աɦɛռ ȶɦɛʏ ɮʀɛǟӄ ʏօʊ, ɨȶ աɨʟʟ ɮɛ ɨռ ȶɦɛ աʀօռɢ քʟǟƈɛ.
    ȶɦɛʏ'ʟʟ ʀɨք օʄʄ ʏօʊʀ աɨռɢֆ ǟռɖ ʄօʀɢɛȶ ǟɮօʊȶ ʏօʊʀ ƈʟǟաֆ...

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