Once the young werewolf left his office, Frederick spent some time addressing issues involving Haru and Scarlet, along with the young witch Circe and her ghost friends, Anne and Mary, after they walked through the door into his office. By the time he opened the door of his office, however, the girls were asleep in various comfortable positions throughout his office. Answering the door as Rieka knocked, "Oh hello there, Reika, Lili."

As the office had grown quite crowded with various students, he instead motioned for the girls to follow him as he headed in the direction of the dormitory. "Where'd Eloa go?" he asked, noting how the little angel always seemed to accompany Lili wherever you want. "For some reason, the headmistress appointed me to co-supervise the dorm, so I figure I'll do some inspections. What did you two need?" he asked them as he began knocking on the student doors as he passed them, alerting them in case any of them were in their rooms at the moment.