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Thread: (M) Outbreak: Genesis IC

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    While Zeke held back the infected, Andi assisted the sergeant to the chopper, the man leaning heavily on her. The morphine she had administered had made him groggy and unsteady, but at least he wasn't bleeding freely anymore...the clotting sponges having stemmed the flow. Once she had him situated on a seat near Mel, she joined the cowboy in trying to hold off the relentless horde.

    "If you don't mind, I'd like to stick with you...take one of those seats in your jeep you're offering," she said to him while she carefully aimed her pistol at a closing deadhead. She had left her pack in Zeke's vehicle in anticipation of doing just that...her mind already made up to stick by his side rather than wait for the helicopter to return. It would be safer in the air, but there were too many variables that could cause the chopper not to make another circuit, and she wasn't about to take that chance. She fired once, clipping an ear, then again, making the head shot and dropping an elderly woman in a blue housedress. She never thought she would be able to kill another human being without remorse, but she had seen what these infected could do to a living person, and it made all her reservations go out the window.

    She took aim again, this time on a young man with a severed arm. The blood-covered male was keening loudly as it descended on them, it's partial stump waving wildly. He went down with one shot, dropping face foreword due to the push of another behind him.

    "We gotta' go!" she shouted, firing again, then grapping her tire iron from her belt to finish the job. She smashed the heavy metal against the downed victim's head, repeatedly hitting it until all movement ceased. Her already bloodied clothes were drenched anew. "Damn things are hard to kill...what ever happened to center chest shots being enough." She turned back to the jeep, climbing in through the driver's door and took the seat next to it. Reaching behind her she grabbed her pack and pulled out a spare clip, ejecting the old and putting in the new.
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    Kenny righted herself as the others shouted more ideas about getting out of there. It seemed they had a plan and while she would have loved to get a better look at the supped-up jeep, the brunette knew where her comfort zone was. And being locked in a tin can without her torch was not it. So high flying it would be, she thought moving to assist in the loading of elderly as blood, guts, and gore seemed to rain down around them.

    She gave a final look to Reginald, who shot her a cheeky grin then headed off shouting about wanting to drive the bus, shotgun blazing in his jolly wake. Then with a quick shake of her head climbed aboard the helicopter, sparing a small smile for the children already there and taking up a post by the door. Her weapon fired several rounds warding off any approaching zombies and laying some cover for those still getting into the vehicles. It wasn’t much with just her basic hand gun, but it was the best she could offer.
    ...ǟռɖ աɦɛռ ȶɦɛʏ ɮʀɛǟӄ ʏօʊ, ɨȶ աɨʟʟ ɮɛ ɨռ ȶɦɛ աʀօռɢ քʟǟƈɛ.
    ȶɦɛʏ'ʟʟ ʀɨք օʄʄ ʏօʊʀ աɨռɢֆ ǟռɖ ʄօʀɢɛȶ ǟɮօʊȶ ʏօʊʀ ƈʟǟաֆ...

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    Runa came to a stop near the helicopters side door, giving a quick wave to the troops on board before spinning on her heel. She dropped to a crouch and raised her rifle at the encroaching crowd of the undead, firing single shots at head level. Here and there walkers began to drop, but it did little to slow the horde. Movement towards the front of the chopper caught her attention, and she rapidly swiveled her aim towards it, but it appeared to simply be a small family. Runa eyed them suspiciously for a moment, but she quickly returned to firing on the undead, deciding the family wasn't a threat.

    Thirty rounds fired, twenty four infected down, not bad in her opinion. She swapped the empty mag for a full one from her belt, and just as she racked the bolt, a bus and heavily modified jeep plowed through a large group of infected, and through the path they cleared ran an older man and a woman. They pulled up and people quickly began piling out of the vehicles, including a pregnant woman in labor. Runa wasn't a cop but she'd have to play the part for now, which meant she likely was going to have to give up a seat in the helicopter so the non-combat capable could evacuate safely. She sighed quietly to herself and moved up to the jeep, resting her rifle across the hood and firing into the horde. The infected were getting too close, they needed to leave now.

    Without taking her eye away from her scope she shouted to the post-apocalyptic cowboy, "Mind if I hitch a ride with you?" However, before she could receive an answer, she caught a glimpse of motion out of the corner of her eye. Just after a woman slid through the driver door into the passenger seat, an infected rounded the back of the jeep and rushed Runa. She dropped her rifle and let it hang from the sling, rapidly extending her leg in a side kick to chest of what used to be a middle aged man with a large beard and shaved head. The creature stumbled backward a few steps and fell onto it's back, Runa quickly drew her knife placing her knee on it's chest before driving the blade through the undead man's skull. With a grunt she yanked her knife free, and got to her feet before sliding the knife back into it's sheath.

    Martin grunted, the knife in his shoulder was starting to hurt much more as the adrenaline left system, but hopefully the base would have a medic on hand, or at something he could stitch himself up with. After a moment of driving down South Capitol Street, the road that runs along the perimeter of the base, the gate came into sight. Brady audibly sighed with relief as they pulled up to the gate, and two marines opened the gate while a third motioned them through before directing them to stop as the gate was closed behind them.

    Martin rolled the windows down as the soldier walked up to the drivers side, "Morning Trooper, you the one who was chattin' with out helo earlier?" he asked, to which Martin replied "Yep, I'm Trooper Martin Ackerman, this is my Partner Brady." the marine extended his hand and shook Martin's "Sergeant Major Wesley, you can pull your vehicle into that parking lot over there," he gestured over his shoulder, "judging by the ice pick in your hood and the knife in your shoulder, I'm guessing you met some of the local trouble makers?" Wesley asked, to which Brady nodded in response. The soldier nodded, "Well we've got some medical personnel, but things are a little chaotic with the amount of survivors we've been taking in, so you'll probably have to hunt them down." Brady nodded again, "Thanks Sergeant Major." He said before pulling forward and around the corner to the parking lot.

    Martin removed the key from the ignition and leaned back against the seat, sighing in relief before looking to his partner, "Feels good to be safe." He said with a small smile, earning a nod and satisfied smile from Brady. Martin grabbed his rifle from the center console while Brady grabbed the shotgun, and they both made their way deeper into the base, not really sure what to do with themselves.

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    The engines of the helicopter started increasing until lift off. Bryce brought their chopper over the Potomac and towards the base. "Joint Base Anacosta-Bolling, this is the Air National Guard medivac chopper we have left the airport and are t-minus 5 from the LZ, over" he said. "Copy that, we're ready to receive you, do you have any patients onboard?" the commander asked. "Two, well technically three. One woman just gave birth, and we have someone with a penetrating wound, all are stable but some ground medics might be nice" Bryce said. "Anacosta-Bolling copies, we'll have medics and an ambulance waiting for the patients" the commander responded.

    A few minutes later the helicopter was over the LZ when a loud, booming roar was heard, followed by gunfire. Darryl aimed his rifle towards the sound. "We have a hulk leading a massive hoard! Attacking the base gate!" he yelled. "Alright, we're going in hot, get the mother and newborn out first!" Bryce shouted. "No time, watch out!" Katie yelled as a large rick flew past the helicopter, which they narrowly avoided. "get them on stretchers, lower them down!" Bryce shouted. The medics worked quickly to get the stretchers in place with the patients. During this time, a Hunter with enough mental capacity to still use a gun and know the best target took a few potshots, striking near the fuel tank. "Shit! We're hit! You, welder, can you patch the holes while we're in flight?" Katie shouted to Kenny. "We can't land so she might have to, children are next, Katie you'll have to teach them quickly how to move down the ropes" Bryce said. Katie nodded and grabbed the ropes and taught the older ones how to do it, getting them to take one of the younger ones each. Darryl fired the mounted gun at the zombies, conserving his ammo until they were clear. "Get me and the Green Beret onto a rooftop, we can help the ground team with that hulk!" Darryl shouted when the last child was safe and the ropes and harnesses were back inside. "Hold on out there!" Katie shouted to Kenny, as they couldn't wait for her to get back in. The flew to a nearby two story building and dropped ropes. "I hope you remember how to fastrope, soldier boy" Darryl said to Salem, smirking as he slid down the rope with ease, taking up a sniper position with the USMC snipers that ran to the roof to help them.

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    Default Eniko’s Introduction

    The Woodley Apartments, Washington.
    Eight Hours Into The Outbreak.

    Today was not meant to be like this.

    Right now, she should have been just off the Annapolis coastline, enjoying a day of sailing with an incredibly nice guy.

    And she had actually been excited to see him again.

    Exactly one week before the Outbreak, Eniko had (rather reluctantly) agreed to go on a blind date with 'the nice guy' who was—omgsoperfectforher!—at least according to one particularly meddlesome co-worker. Yet, despite how much that woman's constant clucking had initially irritated Eniko, she eventually decided to take the bait. It'd been two months since she had unceremoniously dumped her last boyfriend, and she was beginning to experience a bit of the itch.

    So the young woman decided to give the man the green light and, to her great surprise, had really enjoyed his company. Not only had he turned out to be great fun, but he had such beautiful eyes and the most adorable dimples when he smiled. Needless to say, his request for a second date was happily accepted; and it was the outing that was meant to be happening right now.

    But she was never going to see him again.

    He was already dead.

    Eniko didn't know this, however. All she knew was whatever her panicky neighbours had shouted at her as the frenzy surrounding The Outbreak began. All she knew was that she wished she was at home in San Francisco with her family. She also wished that her roommate, Kim, hadn’t decided to stay at her boyfriend's last night.

    So Eniko stood alone, pacing about her third level apartment, obsessively strumming through the last text few messages she was able to receive.

    Spoiler: Eniko’s last text from Mister Nice Guy 

    Spoiler: Eniko’s last text from her roommate, Kimberly 

    Spoiler: Eniko’s last text from her family 

    The young woman was hoping that the power would miraculously return so that she could get an response from one of them—or anyone—because, quite frankly, she felt as if she would go crazy if she did not hear from someone soon. Because if her entire apartment building suddenly becoming a ghost town wasn’t sufficiently anxiety-inducing, the random screams for help coming from the streets certainly were.

    Eniko dared not step out onto those streets. She HAD to wait for her roommate. She was driving over, and had said she was only a fifteen minutes away...

    ...four hours ago.

    Suddenly realising that she had to pee, Eniko took a break from her pacing and shuffled towards the bathroom, always keeping a white-knuckled clutch on her phone as if it was some sort of lifeline. Then, some seconds later, as shhe washed and vacantly stared into the mirror, the startling sound of glass breaking came from her living room.

    Alarmed as all hell, she tip-toed to the door, cracking it open just enough to determine what was going on in her apartment: there was a very dirty looking man, tumbling through her now-shattered window. She eyed him suspiciously as he made way for the kitchen, after lying his pistol gently down onto her dining table. He made an unappealing sort of grunt as he opened her fridge, and subsequently began to gorge himself. He even popped open a can of her beer, guzzling it down in one fell swoop.

    Acutely aware of the gun that he had set onto her table, Eniko became paranoid about the intentions of the filthy looking man. Instinctively, she decided to take advantage of his gross display, and ran over to grab his gun while he was distracted with that beer.

    "GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT," she ordered with as much gumption as she could, pointing his pistol right at his chest. The intruder soon became startled, dropping the can to the ground.

    But to her frustration, the man didn't even defensively raise his arms at her threat of violence. Weren't guns supposed to be intimidating? Why wasn't he afraid? She stared at him with one giant super-emotion that consisted of confusion, anger, and fear.

    Meanwhile, he began to slowly step towards her, and she tried to keep her hands from shaking.

    "Good afternoon, miss. Is this your apartment? I'd thought all the residents had abandoned it. Hmmm. Quite a fancy place you got here. High gates. Pin codes on every door and every stairwell. To be honest, I couldn't figure out the way in, so I tried climbing. Sorry about your window, though. I’ve apparently broken into the wrong apartment."

    The intruder then pointed up towards her ceiling, drawing Eniko's attention to the distressed canine wails coming from the apartment directly above her. This whole time she had been way too rapped up in her own consternation to worry much about much of anything else, and had ignored it entirely.

    "Hold on a minute," Eniko said, shaking her head. "This is the third floor. You climbed up here?"


    "But... how?"

    "Scaled it. Wasn't easy, heh heh. The lower levels had coded barriers in the hallways, so I couldn't get to the poor pup that way."

    A moment of silence passed between the two as Eniko awkwardly fumbled about with the gun, not exactly certain what she planned on doing next. The homeless man certainly did not seem like he meant any harm, but god damn it, she was stressed out.

    Recognising this stress, the intruder slowly began to redirect the tone of conversation.

    "Aw, but miss, don't worry. I'm not here to hurt you, or anyone for that matter. I found that gun off a dead body a half hour ago, and I gotta level with ya... that thing's not even loaded. Pull the trigger and see, if ya like. But please, don't be afraid of me."

    "Then you better tell me why you're here," she said as her eyes widened at his mention of a dead body.

    "I feel sorry for that dog," the homeless man said very simply. "The poor thing sounds like it's in distress. I wanted to make sure it's all right."

    "That's Puff," Eniko responded softly, finally deciding to lower the gun. "She's my neighbour's Bichon."

    Puff was the little poof that she had seen so many times in passing, always sporting a little rhinestone collar and pink bow on her lambs-wool head. She had seen her owners leaving hours before. Why in god's name had they left their pet behind?

    The homeless man looked up at Eniko with the calmest of eyes.

    "Well. It's Puff's lucky day that I'm here, then. She'll be safe with Bobert."

    Eniko blinked curiously at the man in bemusement.

    "Your name is... Bobert?"

    "Ha! Hahahaha! No. My name's Robert. Bobert is my German shepherd, and let me tell ya, he's one tough old boy. A true friend. Since this outbreak bullshit, I've been so proud of him. Not only has he looked after me for ten years, but now he's looking after the whole crew. No dog has ever denied me friendship."

    Suddenly, Eniko felt oddly comforted, and involuntarily said the first thing that came to her mind.

    "Oh. Uh, I have a Shiba Inu. But he's in San Francisco with my parents. His name's Zoom."

    "I have a Shiba Inu, too! Spirited things, they are."

    Eniko raised her brows in curiosity, almost forgetting about The Outbreak for the slightest of moments.

    "You do?"

    "Yup. As of this morning, anyway," he began. "I found him wandering around the National Mall, scared to death. Found a confused labradoodle, too... and then a pug, a mastiff, a wolfhound, a collie, a couple mutts. Oh, and two chihuahuas. Now I'll be adding a bichon to that list, I suppose..."

    Robert then cleared his phlegmy throat while awkwardly beating his chest, as if he was experiencing some sort of intense heartburn. He almost seemed as if something more was wrong with him.

    " she'll be safe with us."

    Then, suddenly, he directed his gaze towards Eniko.

    "But what about you? Why are you here all alone?"

    Ko gulped as she glanced nervously down at her phone.

    "I'm, uh, waiting for my friends to pick me up."

    Robert didn’t respond for a moment. Instead, he reached inside his gunny sack and pulled out some old crinkled up receipt and a pen.

    "Who are these friends of yours?" he inquired as he began sketching something crude onto the stained paper.

    "Er, my roommate, Kim. She and her boyfriend are on their way in his van. I don't own a car, so... well, it's not safe to be out there on foot. I don't want to leave until they get here."

    Robert kept at his absentminded scribbling.

    "How long have you been waiting for them?"

    Eniko looked down at her feet.

    "Um... only a little while," she lied. "But I won't leave without them."

    Robert suddenly ceased his writing, and looked up at the young woman with an extreme sense of empathy.

    "Listen to me. I'm going to go upstairs and get that little dog, and I'm going to take her to my hideout. You are more than welcome to join us," he said as he extended out the piece of paper that he had in his hand, perceiving that she would not accept his invitation to go with him. "It won't be safe here for much longer. So if you don't want to go with me, then please. PLEASE, if this friend of yours does not return in the next two hours, YOU GO. Leave this place behind. Leave it all behind."

    Robert slapped the paper into the young woman's hand.

    "I know this city like the back of my hand, so I've written you a map on the back of this receipt. It shows the fastest route to the Anacosta Building from here. I've heard there are forces gathering there, and it'll be safe."

    Once more, Robert looked up towards the ceiling, forever mindful of the abandoned pup that was crying for help just above them.

    "Ah, such a beautiful apartment, but I must be on my way. That little lady up there needs some help, and if... if you ever need help, you can find me in the DuPont Underground. Not a lot of people know how to find the entrance, but... it's beside the Ellipse, okay? That's where we'll be—the dogs and I—beneath the city. You're always welcome, and Bobert is a fierce guardian."

    Accepting the receipt, Eniko responded with, "but if the Anacosta building is so safe, why aren’t you going there? Perhaps the dogs could-”

    The scruffy man raised his arm to stop her train of thought, and shook his head sadly.

    "I find it hard to believe that they'll accept the dogs. In fact, just today I saw a man shoot a retriever dead on the street, for no other reason than 'it might have barked and brought attention to us.' Besides, the last place I want to go is... well, where people are."

    Robert then gestured towards the empty pistol that was still in Eniko's hand. "I'm going to leave that with you. I know it has no ammunition, but perhaps you'll be lucky enough to find some, eventually."

    He began to take something off from around his neck. "Actually. Speaking of luck... here ya go. I want you to take this, too. I might be a man of little luck, but this has always been a charm to me."

    He then placed a chain with a pendant around her neck.

    "I can't take your weapon," Eniko responded awkwardly.

    Robert shook his head in objection.

    "Please. Take it. I have a daughter somewhere up in Boston, and I'd hate to think that she was alone, like you. I'd like to think that someone would help her, even if it was just an old alcoholic like me."

    Eniko pouted a bit. "You could wait here with me? If my roommate doesn’t arrive by morning, why don't we just go to the Anacosta building together?"

    "I don’t think so," Robert said, resolutely. "Few cared about me when things were going well. How much less will they care now that things have gone to shit?"

    He then made his way towards the door.

    "So if I’m going to die, I'd rather go down with the dogs."

    Eniko looked down at the empty pistol in her hand, and then at the chain that hung around her neck.

    Robert, A.
    A POS
    No Preference

    "So if you could tell me the pin codes in the hallway, I'd appreciate it."
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    It was better than any music she’d ever listen to. The loud whirling of the blades as they lifted the helicopter free of the ground, taking them up, up, up. Kenny’s breath eased out in a long sigh lost in the onslaught of sound.

    This. This was her comfort zone. High above the rest of the world. She could have been down right zen if she’d a torch in hand and maybe a few less people about. But as it was the chopper was fitted with many people and she took the time now to study them. Four of them were clearly a unit of sorts, working seamlessly together with little need for communication. Another moved about like a military man, there was little chance of mistake on her part, she’d seen enough soldiers around and about while she worked the last while. And though he was dressed as a vagabond, he obviously held the respect of the mother and her two children.

    Further musings were interrupted as the pilot began shouting out warnings and the medics went to work disembarking their patients. Kenny moved to a better vantage point just in time to watch a zombie take aim at them. “Since when can zombies fire a gun?!”

    Her shouted question went unheard as the bullet hit its mark and they took on damage. She heard the call to duty and flashed the cockiest of grins despite the dire situation. “Oh honey, if you’ve got the fire, there ain’t nothing I can’t fix.”

    The woman flashed her a small answering grin before tossing her a small handheld torch and returning her attention back to the children. Kenny caught the device, finding it a home in her toolbelt as adrenaline surged through her.

    “Step one: Check your gear.” Her voice was a whisper as time seemed to slow. Her hands moved over the tools, checking each was in its place.

    “Step two: Safety always.” Her hands tracked upward, finding the harness she still wore from her earlier work. When was that? Today? Yesterday? How long have we been running from zombies? Honestly… Zombies?!

    “Step four: No distractions” Her eyes closed, her breathing slowed, arm reaching up to secure her harness to the chopper, a sturdy tug to ensure it caught.

    “Step five: FLY!” Kenny’s blue eyes popped open as she stepped back out of the helicopter. Gunfire sounded, people shouted, others screamed, and she heard none of it. Her adrenaline spiked again, this time she embraced it, honed it towards her problem. But before she could even begin to get started the chopper was lurching. Some one shouted at her to hold on as she was slammed forward.

    “Oh no, just thought I’d take a quick drop!” She snapped back, adjusting her footing on the skid as the pilot corrected the bird. She let out a hiss of pain and rolled her shoulder, knowing she was going to feel that in the morning. If she survived till morning. Her eyes flashed fire as the bird lurched again, her voice rising up over the battle of bullets and wind.

    “You gonna keep us in the air? Or should I take my chances with the soldier boys on the ground?”
    ...ǟռɖ աɦɛռ ȶɦɛʏ ɮʀɛǟӄ ʏօʊ, ɨȶ աɨʟʟ ɮɛ ɨռ ȶɦɛ աʀօռɢ քʟǟƈɛ.
    ȶɦɛʏ'ʟʟ ʀɨք օʄʄ ʏօʊʀ աɨռɢֆ ǟռɖ ʄօʀɢɛȶ ǟɮօʊȶ ʏօʊʀ ƈʟǟաֆ...

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    Default Dnafein & Leanna

    Roughly ten minutes later, Robert once again stood at the entrance of Eniko's apartment; this time holding a trembling Puff in his arms. He was gently petting the pup in an attempt to soothe her fear, even as he considered the young woman before him.

    "Are you sure you won't leave with me now?" he repeated, still hoping to persuade her. "I know this place feels safe, but... I'm worried how much longer that will be the case. The infected will likely increase exponentially."

    She sighed pitifully, still clinging to denial. "I... I just can't. It isn't safe without a car. And I know my friend will show up. She is taking a risk to come to me. How can I just ignore that? We're going to her grandmother's house in the country to wait this out, until the government fixes it."

    It was Robert's turn to sigh. He just did not have the heart to insinuate what was much more likely at this point: her friend was now among the infected or, even worse, may have done the abandoning herself. And as for the government? He wasn't too optimistic on that front, either.

    "Well, I've shown you the quickest route to Anacosta-Bolling. Once your friends get here, you all should head there immediately. But, remember, if two more hours pass... LEAVE. If you can't make it to the Anacosta building, you know where to find me: beneath the Ellipse, at the eastern side. I'll mark the entrance by tying Puff's bow to it. It's in a thatch of thick bushes."

    Robert then smiled a bit sadly, feeling sorry for the young lady who still clung wildly onto empty hope; but he really needed to get back to the dogs. He had said and done everything he knew to convince her to leave, other than straight-up dragging her out by force. Doing that would likely only scare her more, and the last thing he wanted was her running off alone, frightened, even more vulnerable than she was now. This was how he had learned to deal with frightened dogs, and... were humans much different than their canine friends in this sense?

    So Robert bid Eniko farewell as he chose to cling onto unlikely hopes of his own. He hoped this young woman would flee before it was too late. He hoped that she would be a survivor.

    The Woodley Apartments:
    Six Hours Later

    Eniko stood beside the sill of her living room window, wiping away a flood of tears that were now cascading down her face. Ever since Robert had left, she was trying to convince her self that everything was okay; but was becoming a bit more crushed as every hour passed. What was going on outside was getting increasingly horrifying. From her vantage point she could see vehicles zooming past (alas, none being the van she deparately waited for); but also people being pursued by the others—the rapid ones who were covered in grime.

    She glanced down at the receipt in her hand, still weeping, remembering what the homeless man had said: leave in two hours. Well, those two hours had came and went... three times over. But now, something inside of her was screaming at her to leave, and it was starting to sound louder than her fear.

    So one last tear drop fell, hitting the receipt where Anacosta-Bolling was written, causing the ink to bleed on that particular word. She absentmindedly began to wipe that spot dry, only to notice something additional scribbled on the paper's back:

    Spoiler: what he wrote 

    Raising a hand, Eniko wiped the smears of mascara from her cheeks, as something he had said earlier began to echo in the back of her mind: Leave this place behind. Leave it all behind.

    Then, almost as if she had been struck by lightning, Eniko grabbed her bag and bolted for the kitchen. Ripping open her utensil drawer, she pulled out every cooking knife she owned. She began scouring her entire apartment, seeking anything and everything that may be useful in self defence. There wasn't much:

    Spoiler: stash 01 

    She then darted to her bedroom with an ever increasing urgency, seeking suitable clothing. She had scrubs. She had tank tops, tees, and blouses galore. She had an abundance of sneakers and sweaters, cocktail dresses and stilettos, floppy hats and fuzzy socks. None of it was ideal, and all of her heavier winter wear was boxed away in a storage unit.

    Even so, she stuffed a select portion of her summer wear into her bag (just in case). It was at this time, however, that she remembered something: there was a drawer in her roommate's bedroom that had been saved specifically for her boyfriend for when he stayed the night.

    Soon she was raiding that drawer, happy to find that his clothing was indeed of a much more durable variety. So she tightly tied back her hair, took off the romper that she had been wearing, and began to put on the most practical of what she could find in that drawer:

    Spoiler: her "protective" clothing 

    As for shoes, she settled for her own pair of sneakers. His pair of tennis shoes were not much more protective than what she owned herself, and were much too big to move in with ease.

    With that, Eniko turned over to look at herself in her friend's mirror. Sniffling, she considered not only how much she looked like a fourteen year old boy right now, but how intensely alone she felt in this moment. But she had to go. She knew that now.

    Stepping out of that bedroom, Eniko began to head towards the front door, stopping short to glance at her utility closet near the apartment entrance. Curiously, she went to see if there was something useful in there. She grabbed a flashlight and some extra batteries, before noticing her stock of household chemicals. Their red text warning labels stuck out like a sore thumb.




    Perhaps some of this shit could come in handy as a type of pepper spray... or a make-shift blowtorch? With these ideas in mind, Eniko grabbed everything in her apartment that was aerosol:

    Spoiler: stash 02 

    All right. Now it was really time to leave it all behind. Eniko picked up the bag that she had stocked as best as she could, and made her way down and out onto the streets with one goal in mind: make it to Anacosta-Bolling, and as soon as possible.

    Ash had been lucky in his voyage towards the army base; Not lucky in the absence of threats, those he mostly avoided using the drone. Lucky in his discovery of transportation. Initially be spotted a fairly sizable and hungry looking mob drifting down the street and redirected the drone to find a path around it. That was where he struck gold.

    The view from above layer out the scene pretty well. What had started as a firefight between a group of soldiers and likely one of the local gangs, turned into a massacre as their gunfire attracted attention. Most likely that of the group Ashley was trying to avoid. He watched the scene for movement and made a beeline for the scene.

    Arriving he quickly sorted through the firearms and to his dismay discovered only a 9mm Beretta that had ammunition remaining. The prize, as he had hoped, was the armored humvee that had been used as cover by the soldiers. Not only did it still have gas, but there was a sub cable running from the dash.

    A few minutes later he was blasting down the road. ACDC’S Highway to Hell playing on the radio aux channel. He figured that with no trouble he’d be knocking on the gates of Anacosta-Bolling in no time; That was when he spotted the timid looking girl exiting an apartment complex. Ash quickly turned left to circle around the building.

    His eyes scanned for a trap though he doubted this was one. She looked nervous and scared rather than nervous and doubtful. So the young man tried to figure out how to put her at ease or shock her long enough to escape a trap. A memory struck, and he used an idea that had resulted in probably the best date he’d been on recently.

    Reaching to the keyboard Ash quickly tapped a few keys. A song started as he came to rest before the girl. Stretching he opened the passenger side door and sang. “You just met me, and this is crazy. Want a ride? Get in maybe?”

    As Eniko took her first step into the world—this new type of world—everything around seemed so incredibly surreal. Where are the birds? she immediately wondered, inadvertently noticing the absence of birdsong that usually chimed somewhere in the background. In its place, there was a heavy silence that lingered all around her... least for a few more seconds.

    Somewhere in the distance, the sound of firearms began to reverberate through the air, followed by an explosion. The Outbreak, suddenly, was beginning to feel more real than ever. This thought sent a shiver up her spine, causing Eniko to once again wonder if she was making a colossal mistake by leaving her apartment.

    So she stood in front of her gate, frozen in place, unsure of what to do. The gunfire was getting increasingly heated, and Eniko's instinct of self-preservation also increased, in kind. She had been too concerned about encountering anyone infected that she hadn't even thought of the possibility of being caught in any sort of crossfire. She took a few uncertain steps forward, hands shaking mildly, all the while fighting the urge to again seek shelter behind her apartment complex's pin coded gates.

    This was when a humvee came into view. It was plummeting down the street much like the other vehicles she had seen, but to her surprise, stopped directly in front of her. For a moment she did not know what to make of this, again contemplating whether she should run or remain. Well, at least she was wondering these things until she was startled by the blare of... some horrible sounding music.

    Eniko's eyes flashed up at Ash, and she internally mulled over what had been ingrained into her psyche since birth: the never get into cars with strangers spiel. Oddly enough, those types of societal 'rules' did not feel as if they mattered much anymore—especially once another explosion thundered in the distance.

    Okay, that sealed the decision for her. She was getting in. So, much like a pup that feared water but ultimately decided to brave the leap, Eniko jumped up into the seat. She plopped in so awkwardly that she hit her head on some sort of protruding military apparatus... lever... thingy.

    Eniko slowly glanced over at Ash, nothing but her widened eyes showing due to the bandana that still was securely tied around her face. A heartbeat later she was reaching into her pocket, and grabbed the receipt that had instructions on how to get to Anacosta-Bolling from their present location. Eniko handed it to the stranger beside her, trying to keep her hands from their shaking, and finally said,

    "Please. Get me out of here."

    Ash took the paper and quickly scanned the instructions. With a laugh he turned the laptop so the girl could see another set of directions listed. Handing the paper back he said. “That's enough of that.” And tapped the mouse button while the vehicle started to move. A familiar riff burst from the speakers, and the humvee raced across town.
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    Martin and Brady had managed to find a corpsman within a few minutes of wandering into the base, they just went where the refugees were. He removed the knife and stitched Martin up, fortunately the knife wasn’t large enough to have caused a serous wound. He and Brady had just spotted the helicopter coming in for landing when they heard a thunderous roar and gunfire erupt from the area around the main gate. He and his partner immediately dashed to the main gate, just in time to see a behemoth hurl a rock at the chopper, narrowly missing it. Then out of nowhere a gunshot came from within the horde, and a bullet struck the chopper. “Great, now the undead are smart enough to shoot back.” He muttered as he ran to the a line of sandbags with Brady in tow taking position next to one of the soldiers. He rested his weapon on the sandbag wall and began firing into the horde that was now attempting to take the fence down. He noticed that here and there some attempted to climb the fence, with a couple even making it to the concertina wire at the top.

    All of this gunfire, the blood, the screaming, it all brought him back to his time in Iraq, his heart rate picked up and he felt a sense of panic that he’d only experienced a select few times. He stopped firing as images filled his mind, images of the mangled bodies of fallen comrades and enemies flooded back from his time overseas. For a moment he thought it was back there again, taking cover behind a stone wall as the gunner for his Humvee, Private First Class Ryan Miller, fired at a group of insurgents that had ambushed them on a patrol. He watched as a hostile stepped around a corner with an RPG and took aim at the vehicle. Miller had spotted the guy and tried to climb out through the gunners hatch, but he hadn’t been fast enough. Martin dove for cover as the insurgent fired, sending the rocket right through the windshield of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, Corporal Michael Shin, had stepped out just as the rocket hit its target, but it did little to help. When Martin got to his feet and looked at the vehicle, Ryan lay on the ground between Martin and the destroyed Humvee, the lower half of his body having been completely removed. Corporal Shin lay face down, about three feet away from the driver door, his left arm and most of his head were gone, his left leg only attached by a few strips of skin, and his internal organs spilled out through the left side of his torso. That was six days into Martin’s first deployment.

    Martin screamed and dropped to his knees behind the sandbags, scaring the hell out of Brady, who knelt beside him. “Martin? What’s wrong?” Martin didn’t respond, simply sobbed into his hands and shook. “Dude you okay?” Again no response. The soldier next to them knelt down, glancing between the two. “He’s a veteran isn’t he?” Brady nodded. “Former Marine Corps, EOD.” The soldier nodded grimly “It’s probably PTSD, one of by buddies is the same way, some things just set him off, cause him to see flashbacks and shit. Just give him a few, he’ll snap out of it, all of the gunfire probably set him off.” Brady nodded again and placed and hand on Martin’s shoulder. After a moment he sighed and went back to shooting at the undead that shoved back themselves against the fence.

    Martin felt a hand on his shoulder, then he heard the growling of the dead. He quickly realized he wasn’t in Iraq, looking around at his surroundings, he remembered he was defending the base. He wiped his eyes and grabbed his rifle, getting to his feet. He had to keep his head, he couldn’t let that happen again, it could get him killed. He sighed and took up a firing position again, noting the worried glance from Brady out of the corner of his eye. He had never experienced a flashback like that before, he’d been in a couple of gunfights since he’d become an officer, but they were all relatively tame compared to what was going on now. It scared him to death, the though of going through that again, but for now he had to focus on keeping the undead bastards from climbing or knocking the fence down.

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    Default Alpha, moon, & Siks epic tri-op

    Zeke was always happy to fill his jeep with pretty ladies so he simply nodded at the vehicle. "Climb on in little lady we gotta get gone real soon like!" And just as the chopper lifted off and gave him, Andi, and Runa enough cover fire to get in the jeep and get rolling the airport was swarmed by a huge horde of undead, this time with Hunters and Behemoths in the mix.

    "Oh fuck that noise!" Was all the hunter said before he mowed through the first few ranks of zombies making a break for the gate. He was driving, but hopefully the girl's could still shoot. "Ok ladies give 'em hell! We gotta get to the base before those Behemoths catch us!"

    Andi nodded to Zeke, but before she complied with his demand, she turned around in her seat and gave the new girl a quick once over, taking in her bright red hair and beautiful eyes. Something about her just didn't jive with the uniform, but she smiled warmly in greeting nonetheless. "Hi...I'm Andi...and the cowboy behind the wheel is Zeke. It's nice to meet you." She reached out her hand to shake, but noticed the blood splatters all along her arm and retracted the offer. "Sorry...I'm a bit of a mess...but...anyways...welcome aboard."

    Runa smiled shyly as Andi retracted her hand, "Runa, nice to meet you too." she said with a small nod of greeting. She checked the mag in her rifle, which still had plenty of ammo in it, before glancing to the driver, "Thanks for the lift." She said as she loaded the mag back into the rifle and moved into a position to fire out of the rear window. She took aim through the hole cut in the sheet metal over the back window, popping shots off at the pursuing infected. She spotted four of the runners dashing towards the jeep, rapidly closing distance. She fired four shots, taking the first two out with headshots. the third shot struck one in the chest while the fourth took it's knee out from under it. She mentally scolded herself for not hitting her mark as she fired a fifth shot, striking the last one in the head.

    While the ladies kept firing Zeke focused on keeping the jeep moving forward. The noise and gunfire at the airport having brought every deader within five miles of them screaming and slavering for flesh. They'd be fucked if the horde had arrived any sooner, the jeep was agile enough to dodge around many of the groups, but those who got unlucky were mercilessly mowed down under his tires.

    He'd been around the city a few times and while he had a decent idea of where to go he still shouted back at his fair-faced Gunners. "Ok either y'all know a quicker way to the military base?"

    Andi looked up, pausing in the process of changing out her pistol's clip, her face screwing up in thought as she tried to determine the shortest route. "You could try taking 22nd's a couple streets up on your left by the First Federal Bank...then get on the highway. It's a straight shot from there." She used the heel of her hand to push in the clip, making a mental note that she only had a partial one left in her pocket. If she had known there was going to be an apocalyptic event, she would have picked up more ammo the last time she had gone out. She let out a sigh then resumed her target practice out the side window's protective grating.

    Runa eyed the infected through the back window, not seeing any that appeared to be gaining. She ceased her firing for now, deciding it best to conserve her ammo. She set her rifle beside her and listened as Andi named a route before speaking up. “That should work, if you head south on the highway towards Alexandria it’ll bring you straight to the beltway, which crosses the Potomac, then straight North from there should get us to the base.” She said before eyeing Andi once more. She watched as the woman slid the magazine back into her pistol and began firing again. Runa slid her backpack off of her shoulders and set it on the seat next to her, speaking between shots. “By chance, is your pistol a nine millimeter?”

    Zeke listened to his passengers and combining their words with his own knowledge they were quickly on the highway which was surprisingly empty of undead for the moment. He let out a breath of relief. "Alright ladies save the ammo, we're in the clear for now." The cowboy pulled off his hood moving his hand through his hair wicking some sweat away. "Just keep an eye out for skags trying to play Mad Max." He chuckled while keeping his own eyes peeled for trouble.

    Andi brought her Glock out of play at Zeke's words, realizing she had not answered Runa. She turned to the back and offered an apologetic smile. "Sorry--lost my train of thought for a minute...but yeah, it's a 9mm. Why to you ask?" With the sound of Zeke's chuckle, she just shook her head and rolled her eyes. "He's crazy..." she mouthed, pointing a thumb in his direction.

    Runa snickered a bit in response to Andi’s gesture. Zeke did seem a little bit on the crazier side, but that was to be expected in times like these. Runa eyed the pistol, it was a Glock, she wasn’t sure if it was a 17 or a 19, but it didn’t really matter as most Glock magazines were compatible. She pulled two of the spare Glock 17 mags she had scavenged from the dead officers. “I don’t need them, mine is a .45.” She said, offering them to Andi.

    Zeke laughed at being called crazy.
    "That's right girly, crazier than a road lizard! But this lizard ain't died yet, no matter how much he loves playin' in traffic." He cackled again aiming the jeep and plowing through a pair of zombies shuffling along minding their own business. He saw the exit for the base and floored his jeep listening to the beast rattle and roar down the abandoned highway. "Ok should be there in a few minutes, asssumin' we don't come across a Behemoth."

    With a nod of thanks, Andi took the offered ammo, slipping the mags into her front pocket and shaking her head again at Zeke's antics, realizing he must have read her lips in the rear view mirror when she had "spoken" to Runa. It was no matter, he obviously had a few screws loose which might aid him in dealing with the upcoming days. She still found it hard to believe...even with all the proof she had seen. The dead just do no walk...there was no scientific reasoning behind it. When the vehicle sped up, she grabbed the straps of her seatbelt tightly, trying to prepare herself for whatever came next.

    Runa could already tell she was going to get along with Zeke, in her experience crazy people were fun to be around. She zipped her backup shut and checked the magazine in her rifle, judging by the weight there were about ten rounds left. Hopefully she wouldn’t need to use them, she doubted there would be much trouble getting into the base. From there she would just need to figure out how to get home.

    Zeke kept his eyes roving, he could see the chopper landing behind the walls. It looked like they were home free, at least until they reached the gates of the base and saw a horde of the undead that was bigger than what they had to contend with at the airport, including a Behemoth. and a Hunter...using a gun. Well Zeke knew what his first target would be. Following the Horde he made a beeline right for the gun toting zombie. "That just ain't right!" He shouted like a battle cry before he ran the jeep up the back of the Hunter rending it in half and making it throw the gun away--luckily it was way off to the left of the main horde.

    He zoomed around shouting back at his passengers.
    "Ok girls, shoot that big fuck in the knees, it'll still be dangerous, but like any big game animal you take out the legs you got it in the bag!"

    Taking his words to heart, Andi didn't waste any time drawing on the "big fuck" that unfortunately was on her side of the vehicle. Her first shot went wide, but she adjusted her aim and emptied her weapon into its knees. Despite the obvious damage to the creature's joints, it roared and barreled towards them, grabbing the jeep's roof and rocking it side to side. It began pushing the armored car sideways and Andi took that moment to reload her gun, shoving the pistol's barrel into its abdomen and firing at point blank range. The Behemoth backed up and bullied into the side again, the blood raining from it's perforated stomach not slowing it down by any measure. Grabbing her tire iron from her pack on the floor, she proceeded to shove it into the things viscera and pushed sideways, the hooked end acting like an anchor and holding the zombie against the car. Her shoulders straining with the effort, Andi shouted back for Runa to fire.

    Runa sighed in frustration at the sight of the horde, as she had been looking forward to some much needed rest. She did as Zeke instructed, moving to the side window and firing with Andi at the behemoths knees. They least at drawing its attention. “Well at least we pissed it off.” She mumbled to herself as the beast charged the Jeep. Runa held on to the seat in front of her as the creature shook the vehicle, but it did little to help as she smacked her head against the armored door. She could feel a bit of blood running down the side of her face, and all she could hear for a moment was ringing in her ears. As soon as the ringing ceased, she could hear Andi shouting at her to shoot the behemoth.

    Runa grabbed her rifle, loading a fresh magazine into it, before taking aim through the slot in the window. The beasts head was out of her field of view, but she still fired six shots into its abdomen, all of which had little effect. “I need to get a shot on its head, these armor plates are restricting my line of sight.” She said, noting that the door was welded shut. Two ideas popped into her head at once as she remembered that the driver door still opened, and that she had a grenade in her backpack. “Hey Zeke, I’ve got a couple of ideas but they could both possibly result in one or maybe all of our deaths.” She said, taking off her backpack with a smirk.

    Zeke swore loudly as the big zombie began it's assault on his jeep. He quickly jerked the vehicle away from the creature who he figured wasn't good at sudden turns. And he was right the creature's huge hands lost their grip and the big dead stumbled a little giving the trio enough time to put some distance between them. He was racking his brain trying to figure out how to take this big fucker down, but he heard Runa speak to him and he was happy to hear them. Plus the idea of tempting death always appealed to the madcap cowboy. "Well I'm always looking for my next near-life experience what ya got girl? Andi you ok over there?" He said looking to the right and smiling madly at the quiet woman.

    "Just terrific cowboy," she replied with a tight smile. "Now keep your eyes on the road. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to die just yet." She grabbed the handle above her door just in case he decided to jerk the vehicle again. "I think I have whiplash," she mumbled, glancing out her side again at the approaching horde, holding her fire for the moment.

    Runa pulled the M61 frag grenade from her backpack and bounced it in her hand. “Well I’ve got this, I’ve been saving it for something special and I think this may qualify,” She said with a smirk, “but if you’d rather not risk possibly blowing your Jeep up, I could also sit in your lap and lean out your door so I can get a shot on the ‘big fuck’ chasing us, you’d just have to make sure I don’t fall out or get grabbed by one of the smaller fucks.” She said as she attempted to wipe her blood from her face, though she merely smeared it more. “It’s up to you which one we try, cause either way I get to have a bit of fun.” She said, the wicked grin combined with the smeared blood making her look a little unhinged for a ‘cop’.

    Zeke laughed watching the big zombie lumber closer, he sure as sin wasn't going to sacrifice his jeep. But the idea of a sexy redhead in his lap was quite appealing and he had just the added ideas to make that grenade fix this problem once and for all. Looking back at Runa he nodded patting his lap and uncoiling some rope from his chest he handed one end to Andi and the other to Runa as he somehow managed to drive and tie himself to his chair without losing control of the jeep. "Here Runa tie that around your waist, and Andi tie your end to the door handle. It should keep all of us safe, I'll swing us around and open the door, if you can manage it throw the grenade right between big hoss's feet and blow them off at the ankles! Once he's down ye can put a round into his dome! Got it?" He asked a huge mad grin on his handsome face.

    Andi looked from Runa to Zeke, mumbling under her breath as she tied the rope to her door's handle. She wasn't riding with just one crazy person, it seemed there were two of them now. Could she possibly be the only sane one in the group? Maybe being a little off and willing to take these risks was what it took to survive this catastrophe. She looked at Zeke once more before bracing herself in her seat, placing her feet apart and pushed against the floor boards, and bracing her hands against the dash board. His expression wasn't helping any--he truly seemed to be enjoying this...and she was sure he was going to enjoy having the pert little red head in his lap also. She grunted, not sure they were going to survive this, but hoping these two could pull it off. She sure as shit didn't want to have to abandon the vehicle and push her way through the horde if it failed and the jeep was destroyed.

    Runa did as instructed, tying the rope around her waist and checking her sidearm before climbing into Zeke’s lap. She held the grenade in one hand, while holding onto Zeke’s shoulder with the other. It was a bit cramped sitting between the driver and the steering wheel, and she wasn’t used to being this close to another person, but at least he wasn’t half bad looking. She glanced over her shoulder at Andi, giving the woman a reassuring nod. “We’ll be fine, I mean what could possibly go wrong?” She said with a grin before looking up at Zeke. “I’m ready when you are.” She said, pulling the pin and holding the safety lever down.

    Zeke scooted back as far as he could, good thing Runa was kind of small, but still it was indeed cramped. Though he was certainly enjoying the closeness to a woman, it had been awhile for him. Most girls don't like his lifestyle. Which always struck him as annoyingly amusing, a few decades back a guy like him would've been a huge catch. Fit, confident, his own place, his own vehicle, a good job, now though girls only seem to want scrawny little twigs who only have confidence if some celebrity gives them permission to and if they hate the color red. He reached around and grabbed Runa's waist sucking it in and giving them a scant few inches so he could somewhat drive the jeep with his knee. Once everything was secure he quickly whipped the jeep around and let go of the woman's waist and quickly smacked the door open so the opening was perfectly aligned with the zombie. With the door now open he grabbed Runa's belt and shouted to Andi before leaning out a little with Runa, both his hands coming down to keep ahold of the woman's waist. "Andi keep the jeep going left!" He looked back at Runa and winked. "You're up Red!"

    At first Andi just sat there watching the two with anxiety eating away at her, her stomach churning with the tension. Even Zeke's prompting didn't rouse her until the jeep started going off course. "Shit..." she stammered, reluctantly letting go of the dashboard and leaning over to grab the wheel. She spun it to the left hard, causing the vehicle to swerve before smoothing out. Peering out the windshield, she kept the Behemoth in sight, circling it while Runa prepared her assault. "Sorry.." she mumbled.

    Runa took a deep breath as the Jeep swung around and the door was shoved open. The lumbering brute of a zombie immediately came into sight, charging towards the the armored vehicle. She had one chance, if the grenade missed its target then it could very well be the end of the three in the Jeep. She cast a quick smirk back towards Zeke before shifting forward. She braced one foot against the door to keep it from shutting on her, with her left hand she held the onto the frame, and with her right she wound her arm back to throw the grenade. She flipped the safety lever off, counted three seconds, and hurled the grenade right at the charging behemoth. She counted a fourth second as it sailed through the air, and five as it hit the ground between the feet of the beast. The grenade exploded, sending shrapnel cutting through air and flesh alike. She Force from the blast had been enough to severe one leg half way between the knee and ankle, and removed the majority of the other foot. The beast lurched forward, it’s momentum causing it to fly forward then hit the ground and begin sliding towards the Jeep. The moment the grenade has left Runa’s hand, it immediately went to the pistol at her hip. She drew her weapon as the grenade exploded, and as the behemoth began to fall forward, she fired three rounds, all three of which punched through the beasts face, blowing out the back of its head and killing it before it hit the ground. She chuckled a bit, as she holstered per pistol, and pushed herself back into Zeke’s lap. “I need to use grenades more often.”

    Zeke let out a loud whooping laugh as the grenade did exactly what he hoped it would. "Blew the legs right off that lil' doogie, we definitely need some more of those!" He quickly pulled the woman back and shut the door. Hmm she smells good. He thought as he shifted the woman out of his line of sight. "Alright time to get along into the base!" He once again quickly wheeled the jeep around and aimed for the besieged gate. Despite all the guns and explosions trying the whittle the horde down there was still a huge number of deaders trying to get at the soft and squishy survivors.

    His jeep had taken a lot of punishment today and she'd likely need a major tune-up once this crisis of the day was averted. But the Ragged Lady would need to take a few more blows before they were safe. Lowering the plow he aimed the nose and smashed through the first few ranks of undead, the suddenness of the attack seemed to stun the deadheads for only a few seconds, but it would be enough for a second pass before they got into the base. And that is just what this mad cowboy did aiming at and upwards angle he cut through the meat of the horde before he whipped the ass end around and drove to the gates which were quickly opened by some soldiers and closed before the zombies could recover the assault, at least most of them. The Ragged Lady squealed to a stop and Zeke quickly undid his own tie down and scooted out from under Runa and quickly pulled his colt out and popped off two shots which ended the deaders who managed to slip in with him and the girls.

    Zeke was having the time of his life and couldn't resist being cliche and blowing the smoke away from the barrel of his pistol. "WHOOOWEEE, WHAT A LOVELY DAY!" His face was split into a mad grin.

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    Default Eric's Intro

    Eric's Intro

    Three hours into The Outbreak.

    It was a normal day. It was all too easy. It was.... Not the way it was suppose to go. Eric hid in the Janitors room looking down to a small female. She was only a year younger than him and here she was pretty much dying in his arms. The boy stared at her with fear and shook his head as tears filled his eyes. She was his best friend at the time. While they never went past the friend stage she was a great one at that.

    Eric watched as her eyes glazed over and her body fell still. It was a horrific sight indeed and Eric wiped away the tears moving his hand over her eyes to close them. "Elise, Don't worry. It's all over now." He spoke and brought a small blade to her eye socket driving it in quickly leaving her set with the blade beside her. This was his second confirmed kill. The first was the attacker.

    The man quickly stood up adjusting his figure. He couldn't bear the sight behind him but it was something that had to be done. He collected himself as quickly as possible and peeked out the door seeing the empty halls. It was a quiet sight and there was nothing but a few dead ones on the ground from the attack.

    His mind raced back to the moment in class where it all began. Shrieking from the halls as a man attacked a woman instantly feeding into her. The classroom door was opened and students from his class filled the halls. The lady was being eaten alive and the moment didn't stop there. The individual rushed the students attacking them only to find out he was not alone. Two more were now in sight striking others.

    Eric's mind pictured the moment when one of them attacked Elise. And without a second thought Eric jammed a piece of glass into the creatures head. It fell and the two rushed into the Janitors closet. Three hours later here he was in fear of everything.

    Four Hours into The Outbreak

    He made his pace quick and fast, silent as possible as he rushed from the building and into his dorm room. Only running into a few creatures on the way. Luckily he was able to get away without a mark on his body but it was still a struggle.

    Here he was, his so-called home. Eric fitted himself with a bag and supplies he kept in his room. The two climbing picks set up on display above the bed, the handgun his father passed down to him from his own collection for protection purposes of living on campus. Eric knew if they had ever caught the gun in his room he'd be screwed but there was no reason to search him unless he gave them one.

    As he rummaged about, Eric found his favorite hoodie. Etched across the hood was "Tech Master Brains." It was a joke from his best friend, as she even sewed it up herself. He loved the jacket and couldn't leave it behind. His search finished with a staff and a blade he had purchased online just for show.

    In all his years, Eric never believed he would actually need the sword and the staff. The gun maybe, but not the rest. He slipped the blade in a sheath on his side, and the staff was held between his back and his bag in it's own strap. The firearm was placed in his belt on his back for quick access and he was ready to go. The two climbing axes were both in their own slot on the bag with a quick release strap that would unstrap with a snatch of the objects. His final choice of items he would grab was his trusty Ipod Touch. It wasn't much but if he was going into the madness he might as well had one way to enjoy himself. More of a guilty pleasure then anything else. Not to mention he forgot the item at home so it was fully charged and ready to go.

    Seven Hours into The Outbreak

    Eric sat on the roof of his dorm. The scale up to the top was just through a flight of stairs which he locked shut behind him. It had been hours since the first sight of these things, and he peered out below at the campus and watched as the dead walked the earth. Sketch pad in hand he made a rough sketch of each and every different form he saw. There sure was a few different ones in view and damn were they ugly.

    There were students below and he watched the sight of them dying from the different types. First, he noted the basic walking undead creature. It wasn't fast and was easily outran. Yet they didn't match another group. Their appearance wasn't much different but they did hold a bit of a different appearance and attitude. These ones were quick, agile, deadly. The one who was really calling the shots. These ones emitted a loud noise from their throats. Everything in the area came running just to the sound of their voice. "Pack leaders..." He said quietly and continued jotting his notes down.

    And just when he didn't believe there to be anymore that were frightening, here it was. Just at the exit, a large man. Someone who looked as if they had just got done pumping weights for three years straight. Body builders to his knowledge. Blocking the way destroying everything in their path. Now before him everyone was dead and he could do nothing on the situation.
    Spoiler: Eric's Notes 

    Eight Hours into The Outbreak

    The time passed and the coast looked clear. A few of the basic straggler zombies but that was all. Eric quickly made his way down the stairs and into the corridor. Yet was quickly stopped, just before him was nothing more then three total Zombies. Eric dug into his bag and quickly found a glass bottle and filled it a quarter of the way of Drano. It was a basic creation and he had two whole bottles in his bag so this was a waste but it would save him for the time being. He crumbled up tin foil and quickly stuffed it inside the bottle shaking it up to speed up the process. After a moment he rolled the bottle out into the group and hid back behind the wall. "3.....2.....1...." At the end of his sentence glass shattered and exploded impaling the zombies.

    Peeking around the corner, he was at amazement. The bottle actually ended two of them while the other stood there looking rather angry at the matter. Eric motioned a fist pump in success and pulled his climbing axe out of it's holster, quickly he rushed out and made little to no effort in driving the axe into the mans skull before him.

    With the falling of the figure before him Eric quickly examined the three bodies and searched them quickly. He found little things that would assist in his matter but nothing of complete importance. Yet he would keep them just for safety sakes.

    After searching the bodies, Eric made his way between the bodies using the blood oozing from the shattered glass to coat his figure in the blood. It smelled absolutely terrible but he knew the smell of the dead might assist him. Or so he saw on Television and in games. The blood was always good to use for these purposes now if only he could use it to his advantage and make way.
    Spoiler: 3 Bodies 

    Ten Hours into The Outbreak

    He heard the intercoms of making it to the airport. But paid it no mind. If he was going to survive why would he risk it by going where EVERONE else was heading. That was asking for him to be slaughtered and brought to death. There would be large amounts of people, some wouldn't care and just start killing for the fun of it, others would already be infected and turned for the worst. There was plenty of things that could go wrong at that time.

    Here he was in the midst of the city and he had confirmed himself a total of ten dead. One was a living individual who attacked him over the stupidest thing in his opinion. All because he had a fancy looking axe. The man was ended with a single round of his handgun. Eric had made his pace quick out of the area and into another.

    Eric's small adventure led him around different areas, many people were dying and the infection was spreading. Only Ten hours later since the first encounter in his area and here he was already counting at least a hundred dead. He would not! be one of them. He would survive this hell hole and make it somewhere. If not he would roam the streets and find a spot where he could stay safely.

    Fourteen Hours into The Outbreak

    The path through was long but here he was. Just in the doors of a small home. It wasn't much but it was evacuated. It was a silent area too. The family who lived here must have escaped through to the evac area. Yet here he was using it to his advantage. He quickly ran through the house rummaging it as clean as he possibly could. Re-filling his bag with different supplies that could possibly explode. All he had to do was rig a few things together and boom. It explodes. It weighed his bag down severely but he was able to carry it. He'd carried much heavier explosives when he was on the work sight. And that was with climbing buildings.

    Eric looked at his new found watch checking the time and nodded in agreement. He was exhausted on the matter, and he had given in. "Alright quick nap, evac area, clear to go." He said and reached into his pocket slipping out a phone that was newly acquired. With this he set a quick alarm through the settings for a few hours later and hid in one of the bedrooms up stairs blocking it with a Bookshelf and a desk staying near the window for quick access and escape.

    Spoiler: Scavenger #1 

    Seventeen Hours into The Outbreak

    The alarm went off jolting Eric awake. He quickly shut the sound off and looked around the area scanning it for any signs of tampering. Nothing. Nothing was in sight and nothing had moved. That was perfect. Yet now was the long haul straight to the evac zone. When he made it there he could decide what to do from that point.

    He moved the things from in front of the door and scaled down the stairs picking up a set of keys he had found earlier and quickly made way into the garage. Right in front of him was the truck that matched the keys before. With a grin he hopped right into the front seat and turned the key. "Click....." He frowned and tried once more. "Click....." The man stared at the car and struck the steering wheel. "Fuck!" he shouted. It was a good idea but it failed terribly. He still popped the hood and examined the truck on the inside.

    After a few moments of examining the hood he stared it down and blinked realizing the battery was dead. And to his amazement there was a mobile battery charger in the garage. but it would take some time to charge. "This sucks...." He muttered as he thought about what all he could do with a truck this size. It was a fun idea he had in mind only to have the dreams crash in on him.

    "Finally!" The man shouted as the engine revved up high with the push of a pedal. The truck started right up and now he was ready. Eric gazed at the garage door a smirk crossing his lips at the closed doors. Something he always wanted to do and the truck had a steel guard over the front. So the damage would be low. Quickly he put the truck into drive and hit the gas.

    A crunch of metal was heard as the truck ripped straight through the doors. Eric laughed maniacally as he slowed down quickly after busting through. Eric had lived in the town for many years and had a grand idea of where everything was. Making it to the airport would be nothing, but it would still take some time.

    As he rode through town, he was going a quick distance of Twenty miles an hour, flipping through the channels of the radio. Repeating the message every few minutes across the different stations. Hoping he would get some form of response. He was a good Forty minutes away from his location but would continue through each channel at some point. "Broadcast, this is Eric Monroe, coming to you on Rook Avenue. Airport Forty minutes away." While his broadcast wasn't much, he hoped it would reach somewhere and at least hold him to a spot on the way out the door. Not to mention the lovely radio he held only reached a long distance of 2 miles max. Or to his best knowledge it had

    Eighteen Hours into The Outbreak

    Thirty minute passed and here the truck was spitting and sputtering. He was still a good ten minutes out. Eric looked to the guage on the gas and saw it well below the E mark. The radio he held was turned off a while back giving him some form of communication for the later road. This was the end for the truck adventure but he would give it no attention. It gave him some distance.

    He reached beside him and grabbed his bag slipping out of the truck quietly and shut the door, the bag was slung over his shoulder and he readied his sword in hand. Hopefully the matter wouldn't escalate where he needed it but it would come in handy if he came face to face with one of them.

    His silence was short lived as he took sight of a man who was feeding on the body of another man. He looked almost normal, aside from the blood stain covering his shirt and the bloodshot eyes. He paused his steps and looked directly into the mans eyes as they stared. Both eyes locked without a single budge. Eric hoped the blood on his jacket would cover his scent but it was old blood and was only put on hours ago so he was sure it was rubbing off.

    The two stared dead locked for what seemed to be a long hour but only lasted two minutes. The creature slowly stood up and eyed him down taking a few steps. Eric in response took steps back keeping the distance. This was truly the most terrifying moment in his entire life.

    As the two took multiple steps, it came crashing down. Eric stepped onto a body and nearly tripped only to naturally catch himself. "Shit!" He spoke aloud and halted in his tracks. His heart raced harder as he locked eyes with the creature once more. In response, it stood tall and cocked it's head to the side. Eric's mind racing with his own thoughts for the few moments. Shit shit shit shit shit please don't...No No No No......Damnit... At that moment the man reeled back with an inhaling motion and the sound escaped. "Fuck." He said and quickly rushed the man driving the sword into his throat to stop the howling.

    With the sound silenced, he took no moments to pull out both his climbing picks leaving the blade in the zombies throat rushing to the closest building. "Brick! Good." He spoke and instantly jumped driving the first axe into the brick Seven feet high. He heard it crack from the impact driving directly above him. He quickly matched the next pick with a foothold on the edge pushing himself upwards driving the second one into the brick this one in a two foot radius of the previous. He scaled the 10ft tall building with quickness and slipped onto the roof.

    Eric watched below as a crowd followed up around the howling zombies' dead body. They all searched the area for Eric but would fail. He ducked each time one looked in his direction and continued to watch them from a distance. "This is great. Stuck on a roof with everything wanting to kill me." He spoke gently and laid down on the warm roof. His hands pulling out the radio from his bag turning it on once more. "This is Eric Monroe. Broadcasting 10 minutes out from the Airport. I'm on Elm Avenue on a brick building. Could use some help...." He finished his sentence and looked up to the skies. Help would be here soon right? Or he hoped so in the matter.

    Personal Kill Count: 5
    Eric's Madness level: Sane
    Stability: Normal
    Heart Rate: Average
    Hunger: 60%
    Thirst: 50%

    Spoiler: Eric's Encyclopedia of the Dead 
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