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Thread: Richmond High. Recruit and ooc chat.

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    Recruiting Richmond High. Recruit and ooc chat.

    Read EVERYTHING please before entering, this role play will be limited to only 8 open slots, one already obtained by myself.

    {Richmond High}


    Richmond High is a school that sits just outside the city of Los Angeles California, far enough away from to much hustle and bustle, but close enough to go to the city during lunch. There is a group of five misfit friends who basically run the school here sense the beginning of High school who have a dark dark secret. They hung together, smoke, drank, and even spray painted the sides of bridges. Misunderstood, and hated by some, but adored and envied by others. One night while going to their usual hangout, a class mate that has always wanted to be apart of their group followed them. They told him that he could be apart of their group if they put him through initiation, and he did what they said. They all got way to drunk, and dared the boy to jump off the ledge to the water quarry a good thirty feet off the ground. The boy refused, but two of the friends as a joke pushed him. It's when he resurfaces face down with a bloody bust open skull that everything went crazy. Scared, and unsure of what to do they got all the evidence they could and left. Making a pact that none of them under any circumstances would tell, or speak of what happened that day ever again. Luckily when he was found, they ruled it out as him "accidentally" falling wrong while swimming on his own. It is now a year later during their senior year of high school....will their past come back to haunt them or will they make it through and change for the better?


    {The Leader}
    The leader is a hot yet little bit of an asshole who basically calls the shots in the group. He can be selfish, but deep down he just wants to be a great leader and accepted by everyone. Deep down he is actually a really nice guy, and unfortunately one of the two who helped push the boy. He is dating the Queen Bee, but is secretly falling and being changed into a better person by his best friend the Joker.

    {The Queen Bee}
    Sassy, bitchy, and dressed in all the finest things. The gorgeous queen bee Is with the Leader, but their relationship has been slowly seeping down the drains ever sense the incident happened. She looks down on pretty much everyone except her best friend the party girl. However, ever sense she acquired a job at a nice restaurant, she noticed a nice looking older gentlemen who seemed to come around quite often. She finds herself becoming a lot...softer.... Yea, she could defiantly become a better person for him.

    {The Joker}
    The Joker is a cute fun loving guy who always has something funny to say to his friends, he is a calmer version of them and is the nerdiest. He does have tendency to become super depressed sometimes, he wasn't like this until after that horrible day. During that day, he supplied the alcohol and is in as much trouble as the rest if it's ever found out. He has always been gay, and has been crushing on the Leader sense he first met him. But would never over step the boundaries of The leaders relationship with the queen bee, however he has noticed their relationship is falling maybe now is his chance.

    {The Party Girl}
    Drinking, hooking up with guys, and always up for dancing, this pretty girl is best friends with the queen bee. Though don't get her wrong, she looks down on other people and is especially bitchy towards other females for some reason.... But when she meets the preachers daughter.....something new ignites in the pit of her stomach, and makes her less afraid to show who she truly is.

    {The Hot Head}
    The hot head is the second one who helped push the boy, but it was only a joke they didn't mean to hurt him. The pain of what happens seems to follow and bother him the most. He lives on the poor side of town compared to the rest of his friends. This handsome boy has a temper, and the fuse is SHORT. However, he does his best not to take it out on his friends. The reason he is so hot headed is something no one really understands. Perhaps its the abuse that goes on at home from his father that he's never been able to speak of. But when he meets the new girl, somehow she is able to calm the beast inside.

    {The Older Gentleman}
    This man is suave and debonair, and a bit of a high and mighty rich young man just out of high school/in collage(about 19-21)who is learning to become head CEO of his father's company. While still attending the high school as part of the school board. No woman has ever been able to catch his attention until he meets the sassy Queen bee while she is working one afternoon, ever sense that day he knew he had to have her. There is just something about her that makes him less...arrogant, and more humble.

    {The Preachers Daughter.}
    She is just as sweet, kind hearted and friendly as you would think, with all the cute looks to go with it. She dresses well, and is always kind to those she meets. But being the preachers daughter is not all it's cracked up to be, if only he knew her preference for a lover then he would flip. She has to deal with her father being to much of a tight ass, which in turn pushes her to want to rebel. But not to much. She envys the Party Girl in more than just one way, she wants to let loose and join in on her fun....But there is much more there than the excitement of being free.

    {The New Girl}
    This girl is shy, timid, and the type of girl who is beautiful and doesn't know it. Having been bullied all her life, she just knows this new school is going to be bad. Even though she is shy, she has a fiery passion for drawing, and the track team. Once you get to know her she goofy, and down to earth. The hot head scares her at first, but when she gets to know more about him she realizes that he has a very soft gentle side that she can't resist.
    -Ashlyn Murco-<Detailed Character Profile)


    1. First and foremost, only the group of friends know what happened. The Older Gentleman, preachers daughter, and new girl do NOT know about their dark past. You constantly live in fear of anyone finding out.
    2.Realistic Characters only please.
    3.This is a Literate rp, two+ lengthy paragraphs are a must. Any less is not accepted, more is encouraged.
    4.Cussing, and drama IC is fine, cussing and drama with each other ooc is not.
    5.Anything past hugs, kisses, and butt touches needs to be taken to pm.
    6.I will not change the sexuality of the characters, read them well and choose wisely. They are set up like this to make things easier.
    7.Don't join if you aren't going to be active, if you are inactive for longer than two days without telling me why before you take your leave, then I WILL kick you. Period.
    8.Obviously lgbt is allowed, don't like it leave. But what character you pick is what you will end up as. so again CHOOSE wisely.
    9. DO NOT instantly fall in love with your ship, let it have time to blossom and for a relationship to grow. Also try not to be to much of a loner but try to interact with others.

    -Character Sheet-(pretty simple)


    Char Name-

    Pic of Character-

    Thank you all who take the time to check this rp out, I am super excited to give it a try,
    and I hope you are too. I will only be around for about an hour to add those who apply, then I will need to head to bed. The role play will start tomorrow, around lunch or so. Thanks again and have a goodnight!
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    Wow this looks like an awesome and really well thought out RP!

    Looks like you've got an awesome roleplay started! If you would like to advertise for more members, here are some ways to do so!

    First off, there's the Roleplay of the Week. This is displayed on the website's home page as well as on the side bar of the forum. If you think it might help then we implore you to do so! We are always looking for new RP's to advertise. (No, really. We are. Always.) If you would like a little bit more information, or even an example, you can view that here.

    One of the requirements for a RP of the Week submission is that you have a banner. If you're not artistically inclined, however, do not fear! We have several amazing artists on the site who will make one for you. Simply post here.

    Next, you can post in this thread and the staff will display your role-play in their signatures.

    Also feel free to post in the Roleplay Directory. This is a thread that anyone can view at any time to see roleplays that are currently seeking and accepting members.

    If you have any questions or need any help, just let me know! And good luck!

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    Hey, I'm not claiming to know everything about GMing, but you might get some more interest if you make the characters a little more open-ended. People like making their own characters, so maybe you could go with the basic ideas of how you want the characters to be, then people can create their own version of it. Like, if you just keep the title of each role and just a few general plot points for them, it might be easier for someone to make the character their own.

    Just trying to help. Looks like a fun story, it's just that it might be a bit too strict. Of course, you are the GM here, so it's up to you if you want to take my advice or not. Either way, good luck.

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    Is this still open? I would like to try out for the Queen Bee (If that position is still available).

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