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Thread: [M] Galactic Empires II

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    "Do we know how long this is gonna take?" She turned away from the Lyran to address the group, speaking rapidly. "I mean wouldn't it be better to launch the shuttle, run away and then retake the hanger bay on some kind of signal? If you try and hold there you'll just attract more and more Berserkers."

    Gaea looked to Sayori and her eyes flared in anger for a second.

    "Thats. . what I said. Weren't you listening?"

    A hand slapped down on the womans shoulder, causing her to flinch. Davrry was suddenly behind her.

    "You weren't exactly clear, boss. Sayori raised a good point, we don't want to attract attention."

    Gaea visibly deflated, before slumping back into a chair. Davrry caught Sayori's look and shrugged.

    "If the command crew did not return, perhaps they will assume we're just trying to escape?" Iona offered. "They may not stay in the hanger deck after we depart. Or perhaps consider it a distraction and check other areas?"

    "They might." Davrry watched as Gaea, shaking her head, stood and left the room. "But I wouldn't bet on it being that simple. they'll probably stash at least a couple of drones on the deck, they aren't short on numbers."

    "We could try to communicate with the survivors," Iona suggested. "But our re-entry position will not be optimal for that."

    "That's putting it lightly" Garrick sighed. "Only direct line communications would be secure, and currently, we are in the wrong orbital position. The shuttle doesn't carry a laser powerful enough to cut through atmospherics"

    "If we do attract more of this freaks can we space them again?" She asked looking around curiously. "I mean taking the ship is very important...can we do it while taking off and get the engines going while floating around like a balloon?"

    "We'll need to vent the hanger to launch." Davrry sat in Gaea's vacated chair and put his boots up on the table, ignoring Garricks scowl. "We should be able to dock the damn thing anywhere to get back aboard. What we need to do. . . we need a beater."

    Davrry's boots came down of the table and back to the deck. "Initial orbit will just be float and wait, if handled correctly, a pocket calculator could handle that. But. . .Sayori, could we hook a drone up to Sinclair here, and have her remote pilot a shuttle as a decoy? Launch it at the same time as the stealth lander, and use it to draw out any Beserker drones floatin' around out there. And hell, that shuttle gets to die, eject some corpses, convince the bastards they got us. . ."

    Garrick nodded. "Based on our observations, it should work. Dr Sayori, if you could work with Cicero, our pilot Sinclair, and Iona, I'd appreciate it. Davrry, I think Gaea would appreciate sitting this one out. Can you lead a groundside mission?"

    "Thought you'd never ask." Davrry chuckled. "Be good to shoot something that dies properly for a change."
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    Iona's child eyes grew huge as she realized she was finally being paired with Cicero, the only other Sentinax who'd survived. The acting Alpha.

    Better processor. More extensive databases. Huge storage capacity! As a Beta, understood management. How would Cicero interact with her?

    Would it be... critical of her appearance? Would it accept as a speaker, assuming a form pleasing to the Biologics allowed her greater acceptance among them? Or was it aware she did it for her own... pleasure?

    Perhaps not - they were forbidden to interact directly with the network.

    Iona blinked. Was she actually contemplating trying to deceive a superior, supervisory unit?
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