Amanda looked at the entrance to the hive, turned and went back up the elevator. taking the time to go all the way back to comms, she managed to hack the terminal and place a call to the Colonial marines.
the ship arrived, the marines filed out in perfect sync. Sweeping through the rooms, all the way to the hive, every alien was either killed or contained via blasting off their limbs. upon it's arrival,an evac ship bought Amanda back home.

Presenting evidence of Apollo's faulty AI and Special Order 939 the company was trapped. if they confessed, heavy legal fees would ensue. if they lied, Amanda would just bring more evidence. they decided to Eliminate her, a week before the indictment. they sent 4 facehuggers and a captured alien into her room. Amanda was sly, she had hidden a camera in the vents. everything was on record. She locked down the room, rerouted gas to filter into it and opened the door just enough so that the company executives could escape. with the vents welded shut and the air shaft too small,the alien died of Monoxide poisoning. Amanda presented the recording to the Judge in charge.

Within a week, Weyland Yutani was bankrupt, Amanda having also downloaded all the logs from the AI. Sevastopol was labled as hazardous and Amanda was reunited with her mother. Taylor was given a proper burial and Samuels was rebuilt with a few modifications. an armored vest and the engineers made him explosion resistant and EMP resistant. they then sent Samuels into the now thoroughly screwed Alien hive where the queen was messily torn apart, bit by bit.