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Thread: ~ 1x1 with HoleyPaladin [M]

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    Seeing Heinrich look at her she smiled at him, her ears perking up. She was about to say something when the profesor walked in. Hearing his words, and recalling the words heinrich had spoken earlier she blushed. Of course, that then soon turned to anger as she glared at heinrich, her ears flattened. Though after a few moments it was clear it was a joke, she still shot daggers at Heinrich.

    Deciding she didn't want to hear such foul humor, she got up and headed for the door, deciding maybe she'd take the opportunity to explore the academy a bit. Walking along she hurried out of the classroom. Though she didn't go far, figuring Heinrich might follow her. Besides,he knew his way around this place. Maybe he could show her around. From what she could see, it was extremely different than any of the Kitsune learning enviroments. Theirs tended to be outside, it open meadows or by waterfalls.

    To be honest she missed those days, when they didn't have to run and hide. It was peaceful. She would've loved to have shown Heinrich around her small civilization of kitsune, but.... it was homew now. Speaking of Heinrich, where was he? She froze up at the recollection of something he had said about other kitsune. She walked back to the classroom peering through the window in search of Heinrich.
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