Some very important things to consider if planning to meet someone you met online:

* Watch out for scams—Is the person from the internet truly who they say they are? Ask around and be wearied by vague details. You can never be too cautious.

* Bring friends or trusted ones—There is definitely power in numbers, and bringing friends along ups your ante. Extra people can always give you distance if you need it, but it's nice to have them around.

* Meet in a public place—People with bad intentions are less likely to act in crowded areas. Stay public. The mall. A concert. [insert random, always-full-of-people place here].

* Tell a trusted adult—It's always a good idea to let a trusted adult know where and when you'll be meeting someone you know from the internet. If this person doesn't have it already, supply them with a number to reach you and an emergency contact, if needed.

* Avoid drinking alcohol—Way too many bad experiences are linked to alcohol as it is. It's best to avoid it when first meeting someone. If not for safety's sake, for dignity.

* Meet multiple times in these conditions, until you are absolutely certain of the person they are.

* When in doubt, DON'T :stare: —Any reservations should stop this meeting in its tracks.

* Take your time—Meeting RIGHT NOW is not important. Take your time in getting to know this essential stranger.

* Don't give out personal information—This includes, and not limited to: home address, emails & passwords, credit card information, social security number (...why would you do this anyways? >_> ), etc.

* If you decide to meet anyone from RPA—we are unable to moderate or control situations that do not take place on the forums. Therefore, RPA and its staff take no responsibility for what may or may not happen during meet-ups.

This guideline is to help ensure personal safety, and to protect RPA and its staff. If any risky behavior is seen on RPA, staff reserves the right to interject.

Please be safe.