"Just because I haven't blown stuff up doesn't mean that I'm not eccentric." Kyo chuckled, looking Eve up and down. "And you look absolutely lovely." Kyo told her, leaning in and giving her a quick kiss. "Hopefully I'll get a little free time with this job, I don't want to be working all the time." Kyo stated.

Oliver gave Kimberly a wicked grin. "Oh, that's confidential information Kimberly, I wouldn't want to give you anything else to worry about. With Kyo finally off your hands, you could even settle down." Oliver stated, glancing at the call on hold, knowing it was probably news about Sebastian. "It might be safer, I bet this job is wrought with danger." Oliver sat back smugly, looking over to Vicky. "Ah good, would hate for him not to pick up."