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Thread: The Long Road [OOC]

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    Default The Long Road [OOC]

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    The Long Road

    DECEMBER 27, 1235
    You step forth from a blood soaked battlefield. The snow crunches beneath you, your ragged breath visible before you. Everyone is dead save a few curious villagers who have come out to strip the fallen of any valuables. You’re family, dead. You’re mates, dead. You’re company captain, dead. Well shite, you are in a bad way. Its to be expected though, you are a mercenary. Now you have a few options stick around and look for work in the village nearby or head back east. You heard of a Mercenary company looking for recruits. As you begin to things over, a villager screams. You turn to see the source of the outburst as a headless chain mailed corpse starts to rise up, followed by several other slain warriors. Looks like you’re headed east after all.

    Hey all its good to be back after a long break, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it
    In this RP you are portraying a mercenary in the Daemon’s Bane company, or a Imperial Inquisitor hunting the company. The rules are simple for this game, the GM’s word is law, and have fun

    Important information

    In the year 1220 of our Lord and Savior Mi'tilarro, the Helmlein Empire launched an aggressive campaign to subdue the kingdom of Midland and to cleanse the land all the worshippers of Mi’tilarro. While in the early stages of the war imperial troops made significant gains, the deeper they pushed into Midland the more staunch the resistance became. Fever pitched battles began over strategically insignificant towns and villages, and by the winter of 1235 the war had reached a standstill. A temporary armistice has been called as peace negotiations begin.


    Daemon’s Bane (merc) – man, woman, elf or dwarf suits the company just fine, however other humans may not be as receptive of you. The company is made up of warriors from all walks of life, and backgrounds. Its part of what makes them so effective.

    Imperial Inquisition – Zealots followers of the god-emperor the Inquisition are the religious paramilitary group within the Imperial armies. They root out all non humans and believers of Mi'tilarro. They also act as elite bodyguards for the Imperial Family when so needed.

    DECEMBER 29, 1235
    You make it back east to a small yet busy harbor village called Grolen, the place reeks of fish and dried blood. You ask around about that mercenary company looking for recruits, and get directed to the towns center. A large crowd has been drawn, A warmly dressed man stands at the center. “As it stands now the kingdom of Midland is loosing the war, and will become partially if not fully annexed by the end of the peace negotiations. The kingdom of Midland is prepared to empty its coffers for any willing to join my company Daemon’s Bane on its daring quest into Helmlein. Most will not come back alive, but those who do will be rich indeed. See my sergeant Oelfwine for recruitment”

    A grizzled sergeant sits at a squat table at the entrance of the mercenary camp. “Sign up ‘Ere to join the companie” his lack of teeth do wonders for his speech. The sign up sheet reads...

    Equipment:*Armor, personal stuff, ect…
    Appearance: *optional

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    Looks like you've got an awesome roleplay started, Emperor Tiberiu!! If you would like to advertise for more members, here are some ways to do so!

    First off, there's the Roleplay of the Week. This is displayed on the website's home page as well as on the side bar of the forum. If you think it might help then we implore you to do so! We are always looking for new RP's to advertise. (No, really. We are. Always.) If you would like a little bit more information, or even an example, you can view that here.

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    Next, you can post in this thread and the staff will display your role-play in their signatures.

    Also feel free to post in the Roleplay Directory. This is a thread that anyone can view at any time to see roleplays that are currently seeking and accepting members.

    Go vote for RPA!

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    Hi there, I'm interested in joining, but I have a question. What do the Daemon's Bane do? Or more specifically, what will they be doing in the RP? Is this some sort of low fantasy zombie apocalypse kind of story? Or will it be a DnD-like questline?

    Currently on hiatus (possibly for good)


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