Hi! This is my first thread. My name is Kara. In a roleplay im looking for a rp in private messages, with my OC Thelo. Female or male. Thelo has both versions of a gender. It may get edgy and slightly violent, involves sensitive topics such as suicide, bullying, self-harm. It may lead to an erp if the roleplay calls for it- I prefer to roleplay with guys, no older than 18, no younger than 14. Thelo has a very submissive side to (Im going to say "him" because thats what i mostly use for Thelo) him during nsfw scenes. I do like to roleplay as gay Thelo- but if you are a male with a male oc who wants a straight roleplay, Thelo can be female. He's very sensitive and hurts easily. He likes dark blue, tennis, and is kind of introverted. He likes to go to bars to drink, but he doesnt lay anyone, (until he meets you of course.) I want someone who can play as someone whos never met Thelo, and can be persistent when Thelo tries to push you away. I do want kind of a temper in you, and a very dominant side. If you are interested, just pm me.