"Yum." Kate muttered looking the no longer squiggling bag of critters.

"Prince!" She called out. Her voice echoed up and down the cave. "I've got questions. And you're gonna answer them. First, were we forced into this? Were we abducted and forced to do this, or did we stupidly AGREE to this plan. Second, we're your baby makers right? Us ladies are supposed to bare your children for the sake of reproduction, or am I misunderstanding that part? Third, what do you know about this planet and the dangers we may face. Lastly, how do we get home and does it involve killing YOU? Because I'm all for it." She hadn't moved from her spot, but her voice carried daggers she wish she held in her hand. Suddenly something clicked.
She marched towards the prince, up until her face was an inch from his. She looked him dead in the eyes, unafraid of him. She spoke softly and seriously. More than anything, she enunciated the menacing tone she intended. "Where. Can I get. A sword."