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Thread: [IC REBOOT] Calling All Creepsters! [PG-13]

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    Ze’ev watched as the one witch took off to do who knows what. She did not even say a word. Maybe those two were on…turf wars? No…bad relations…right. As such he noticed that things seemed to have gotten much more quiet around here. He was tempted…he was hurt but maybe if he surprised her…he banished the thought. No it would at least be wiser to heal first, plus if she would help him…maybe this would go more quickly. His pack mentality started to kick in as well. The more people he surrounded himself with the stronger he would be. No one had accepted him as more than something that did not belong and while she would probably be using him as much as he her…well there was benefits.

    He reached up to crack his neck and walked casually over to the lady witch before him. He did not get to close after all they did not know each other but he also did not feel like screaming everything. He felt his wounds leak a little which meant he would need to tend them sooner rather than later but it was not the worst experience in the world. She asked him what he really wanted and a name. Names were something he was never really quite certain about. As an animal turned man it seemed weird to him. As for his purpose well maybe he should not tell her outright. He tempered his bloodlust so he come off more…delicate?

    “I am attempting to find the one who made me as I am…I have found it difficult to meet with someone on talking terms…I would like to seek assistance in this front.” He shifted a little. He knew he was not speaking terribly well or clear but for someone who only picked up language by hearing it…he did pretty well he thought. “My name is Ze’ev as I have been called…I suppose.”

    He gave a small bow to the one before him…he had seen this done as a greeting on a little electric box in a window and figured that was the best thing to follow. “What is yours…What do you want?”

    He had certainly not intended to be crude but the way it came off might be taken in such way. Conversation would be a side effect of spending time with this witch. Something he needed if he wanted to blend in more. “Should we move to a more private location?” He once again looked over at the pharmacy…he knew that was a place he could get patched up…
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    Aradia’s lips turned up in a wide smile as she giggled at her new companion. His speech was so formal it just made her feel more endeared to the creature. He was certainly doing well for a creature who had previously never used human languages. It was rather.....cute if not a little crude, but it would suffice.

    “It won’t be very easy you know,” she said crossing her arms and raising a well manicured eyebrow, “you’re absolutely covered in all sorts of magically charged um....I suppose ill will would be the best description of what I can see. I take it communing with most of my kind has only earned you new battle scars and a general distrust of us. A pity. You are clearly worthy of more note than just a few low level spells flung carelessly over a shoulder. Not many can boast such a clear kill count.”

    Perhaps this creature could be of use to her, and she certainly felt bad about his current position. It was cruel to give an animal such faculties and leaving them to fend for themselves. The least his creator could have done was stick around and teach him a language and how to operate in his new form.....and then he bowed. Aradia pressed her lips together and gently closed her eyes at the motion. It was comical seeing such an antiquated show of respect even with a creature who clearly had no real concept of human greetings and customs. Where had he learned such a thing?

    “Please dear you don’t have to bow to me,” she chuckled, “it’s a rather outdated tradition actually. Where did you learn such a thing? We may move to a more intimate setting if you like. I must say though I’m sure you’ve been aptly named for what you once were, you have certainly adapted to your surroundings in a much more formal and respectful manner than most would wolf or no. You may call me Aradia as most do. Though I suppose I’d likely answer to most anything you might call me. I’ve been around long enough to have been called nearly everything. As for what I wish of you.....well I haven’t quite decided yet. You seem the useful sort. Why don’t I just call it a favor for now and should I think of something you can repay me then? A favor for a favor sort of thing. Fair enough?”

    Holding out a slender manicured hand she smiled letting the sincerity of her words be displayed in her expression. She spoke true, but any who had knowledge knew that owing a witch a favor could truly have any meaning. Everything from a simple token to ones own soul could be on the table. It truly depended on the whim of the witch. Fortunately this wolf had found a friend in Aradia anyone else might have steered him toward his demise.....

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