TL;DR Looking to join an ongoing game of Numenera, or someone start one that I'll join, with a Focus I designed myself.

So, I heard about Numenera from a friend about six months ago, and he still doesn't have a thread that I can play the character I created in and he doesn't wanna start it himself. So, I'm here, hoping that someone else already has an ongoing game of Numenera/NinthWorld/TheStrange that I can join with my character.

If I have to edit my Foci, then I will, but I'm not going to change it- it's based on a combination of Blue Magic (Final Fantasy series) and Cardcaptor (Card Captor Sakura). My character herself is a combination of her focus and Casey Jones (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) fighting style. I'm starting her off with one Card only, which has almost no value (she found a strange jar that has the same effect as a mood ring, so she has an EnMood Card that can make any other item reveal the emotional state of whoever is touching it for a limited time).

I can post the link to where I described the Foci if anyone asks. It's on GITP. Or I can describe it here better! Up to whoever asks.