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Thread: (M) Rogue's Gallery IC

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    Default Revenge

    Mynx awoke with a start, hearing the sound of Tris and Adam yelling for everyone to wake. She grumbled, letting out a soft hiss as she threw back the fur and reached to shake Jamon. She stiffened, aware of his absence before her hand fell upon the empty space. She let out an angry huff, grabbing for her clothes and armor and hastily slipping into them before attaching her weapons. There was only one place he could have gotten off to, and with a narrowing of her eyes, she pulled back the tent's flap and stepped outside.

    The ocecat tilted her head upwards, unable to miss the strong coppery scent of blood. Already lives had been taken and she had yet to get started. 'Soon,' she thought as she detected an odd she associated with magic...and with a wrinkling of her nose, she squinted into the distance, seeing a flash that could only mean unknown mages were inside the camp. Such warfare was not practiced among her kind, and as such she had no way to defend herself against it. Ignoring the mystical threat, she lowered her head, searching out targets and drawing in on her ward instead.

    "Jamon," his name spoken under her breath with a snarl as she saw the Jezibel woman that was close to him, the boy on his way to the stream. It was as she expected. She locked in on the three men that were posed to attack, their sights on the prince. Going rigid, her muscles bunched as her instinct to attack the intruders kicked in. Her wounded pride changed that directive. She overrode the signal to protect and in a sinuous movement turned in the opposite direction, running for the perimeter and searching for a new set of targets.

    It didn't take her long to find her quarry. Her body low to the ground and concealed by the tall grasses, Mynx stalked two men that were circling the camp. She had picked up on their scents easily, the odor of their sour sweat familiar to her sensitive nares. She felt the ghost of their pressure upon her back, their fumbling hands against her wrists. She never should have let them walk away...should have followed them into the forest after Tris had spooked them and convinced them to drop their trousers. With a smirk, she closed in, remembering the sight of their shriveled manhoods as they scampered away like frightened deer.

    She stopped their steps with a growl, pushing through the natural cover easily as she charged forward. Claws extended she swept her hand towards their ankles, feeling the soft skin split like butter under her attack. The first man dropped, clutching his legs, and she tackled the second, her elbow catching his chin. She allowed them to regain their feet, watching them intently, her teeth exposed in a threat, waiting for them to recognize her. As soon as the spark of recollection was ignited, she sprung, hitting the larger statured man carrying a club solidly in the chest. She opened his skin with tooth and nail, driving her hunter's knife deep into his chest. With a twist she extracted her blade, leaning forward as he took his last breaths. "For bruised ribs," she snarled close to his ear, leaping from him to the ground.

    The remaining bandit held his sword before him, just the slightest tremor in his arms. In her current condition, the ocecat was fierce, not a predator to be trifled with. She had been caught off guard the previous day, worn out from her heavy burden and set upon by three men, one of which weighed the equivalent of her twice. The lucky strike of the club into her side had tilted the odds in their favor. Now, no such advantage existed, and the man knew he was in over his head. To his credit, he stood his ground, prepared to fight the feline to the death. His death.

    Mynx was growing tired of playing with her prey and as she drew her short sword to parry with his larger one, she let out a low growl. She ducked under his first swing, cutting into his shins as she rolled from him. Her roll brought her back to her feet, her axe appearing in her other hand in a flash of movement. Before he could turn to face her, she threw it, the head burying itself into his shoulder. He didn't have a chance to fall on his own, the cat pouncing on him as soon as her weapon hit its mark. She crouched upon his back, tearing his sword from his fingers as she pulled both of his arms behind him. She wrenched them upwards, smirking at the sound of his scream. Putting his hands together, she pushed hard against them, using his own weapon to pierce his palms then drive the blade through his body into the ground beneath. His death came soon after and with a bounding leap, Mynx dove back into the grass.

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    Default Co-op Between Koti and P.K. the start of a good duo

    After the She-orc had fallen asleep, vel had taken another swig of her booze before gently setting it beside the sleeping women. Standing she picked up the pot and hefted her axe, glancing once more at Shel before she went once more about her rounds through the camp. Fortunately all was rather quite accept for the whispered talk among among guild members and the crackling of fire.

    As the embers died down, and folks started crawling into their tents to get some shut eye Vel glanced up at the sky to determine about what hour it might be. Adam would likely start their second shift soon which meant Yn and herself would be patrolling outside of the camp. She watched as Adam and su lin made their way into the camp and went their separate ways. Tris was still up fiddling with that lock box of his as Vel passed through the camp to the other side.

    By the time she was rounding to come back Adam was already coming to make sure she was ready for her next shift. Since she'd be with someone who had a voice Vel decided it be a good idea to drop the pan, so she carefully set it aside out of the way and shouldered her axe as she went to go meet Yn.

    Yn was not sure what to expect for the night, even as a large yawn rattled his body. While pulling a night shift wasn't uncommon for him, waking up was still a pain. He had gotten used to getting a full night's rest on the road. Now though, he was teamed up with the strong yet silent Vel. Jezi had informed him that the girl couldn't speak and it meant most normal conversation would involve geetures and hopeful guess work.

    The few people he did see carrying on talking with her had her responding with written word. It meant she could hear at least. His normal means of communication were shot then. Even with the moon he wouldn't be able to read most of what she wrote. So should he even try speaking and hoping she responded, or just go with pantomonk and see how that worked out.

    As he finally caught up with Vel he raised his hand and waved, using that as a chance to stretch. Now caught up with the woman he gave her a smile as he had decided upon what to do. Giving a moment to let the moon brighten he tapped his chest above his heart twice before point to her then the moon. Hopefully she would understand that he was asking how she was doing that night.

    Vel returned the wave with raised hand, a shy but open gesture of greeting from her. She would have returned the smile but he wouldn't see it so she simply faced ahead. the night was quite and the moon was fairly bright. She shifted her attention though when she saw Yn's movement and watched his gestures for a moment puzzled. was he trying to tell her something? She wasn't familier with the gesture and no one had tried to sign to her before. After a moments hesitation Vel hesitantly shrugged, almost seeming apologetic that she didn't understand him. Her book and quill would be no use, she'd be the only one who could really see the writing.

    “Well.. I feel like a right mule. Should have said something.” Yn spoke after she gave him a shrug. He had tried to talk with her without once giving her any context clues on it. He gave a sigh and refocused his thoughts.

    “I was trying to say how are you tonight. I know you speak by book, but now might be a bad time as I can't see that well.” Yn offered up with a smile.

    Ah, so that's what it was. She was still confused but vel smiled under her scarf, though he couldn't see it. She nodded in agreement that her written word would do them no good and thought for a moment on how to respond to his question. signing was not something she was overly familier with, and even if she was she didn't know if he would be. After a pause Vel shifted her axe to her other hand. Was there was good way to respond that she was well? Of all her time being a mute Vel had never really learned hand signals as she usually worked by herself or with Ash and they could both see in the dark. She gestured to herself and thought for a moment before finely just giving him a thumbs up. It wasn't much but it was the best she could come up with. She then gestured to him.

    “Okay. So we are getting somewhere.” Yn said with a smile. From her actions he could see she meant she was okay. He gave her a smile in return. She had at least tried, which was more than he could say. Giving it some better thought he looked around camp, and came up with an idea. If he wanted to make a form of communication, he would need to put actions with words. He was kinda glad then that no one would see him acting like an idiot when he did it.

    “How do you normally do patrols?” Yn asked. He moved his hands while speaking, taping his head to imply a question followed by moving his hands in a circle with two legs to denote walking. It would take some time to make a working language, unless he could learn sign language within the next minute or so.

    Vel cocked her head to the side and watched intently as he put actions to his words, it didn't take long for her to catch on to what he was trying to do. Vel thought for a moment before pausing by a tree and looking into the shadows for brief moment before she turned to Yn and rested her axe. Since she usually worked alone she could only say they were doing exactly what they should be. Vel gestured out into the dark woods before she pointed to her face, or rather her eyes and then her ears before making his circular patrolling motion pausing before giving the slightest shrug. after a moment she held up one finger and then slowly tapped herself trying to tell him that usually she was alone, and then made the same patrolling motion. After a moment she picked her axe back up and took a few steps before turning back to Yn.

    “Kinda unfair having you guard alone.” Yn spoke, hopefully giving the right answer. It only made the most sense from her actions. Looking again at the camp he glanced just in time to see Jezi slink off the wagon top, which another look revealed a lost looking Jamon. Already knowing where this was going he glanced over towards his sleeping friend. As much as wanted to avoid that potential rock slide, it was a great spot for a sneaky person to enter. Giving a smile he motioned towards the sleeping giant.

    “We should probably patrol the area around them, to be safe.” Yn spoke, motioning again to them before making a circle around the area with two fingers. Hefting his hammer atop his shoulder, he began moving that direction, thinking of other motions for them.

    “I used to work night patrols back home. Never enjoyed them.” Yn spoke up, taping first the pin then thumbing over his shoulder. He followed this with the walking circle before motioning to the moon. The last he did was make an X with a facial grimace, to show his disdain. The snores were loud but comforting, reminding him some of home and the great beasts that slept there.

    Vel shrugged as he commented that it was unfair but she couldn't complain. How could she tell him this was really the first time she was in such a large group? as he motioned in the giants Direction Vel nodded in agreement and followed along as she shouldered her Axe. glancing once more into the darkness beyond the trees before looking back as Yn Spoke. She watched the signs he made as he spoke about how he didn't like night patrols. Vel let out a small chuckle sound through her scarf at his grimace, It sounded slightly raspy and gurgled, strange, making Vel stop short and turn her head away in embarrassment. Usually vel didn't make much of a sound what little of her voice was left sounded foreign and unpleasant to her. She was hopping their approach to the snoring beasts might have covered it up but she was to Close to Yn for him not to have heard.

    Fortunately or unfortunately Vel turned as she heard a shout come up somewhere behind them in the main camp. "WAKE UP YOU LAZY SHITS, WE HAVE COMPANY!" which was followed by a uproar of shouts from what she could only assume where the attackers. She could just make out Adam's roar as she shifted her Axe into both hands in front of her. She could see in the darkness the movement just across from them on the other side of the clearing Balder was sleeping in. Magic. Masso was the first one to retaliate out of the two, Balder up not long after.

    Vel's usual shy demeanor seemed to change mid step as she charged head long through the darkness not waiting to see Yn's reaction. With her eyesight Vel didn't worry about the trees nor blundering about, though her approach was anything but silent it was covered up well by the crackle of braking trees and branches and the thud of falling hammer and stone. Vel closed the distance between her and the nearest Mage. Her axe rose and fell cutting his chant short as her weapon met his shoulder cleaving the man in half, effortlessly, with the sickening crunch of bones before he even knew what was bearing down on him.

    Yn had to pause as he heard the gurgled chuckle from Vel. It sounded like she was choking on her own spit. Given that he heard from the others that she was mute and that may have affected her voice. He wouldn't push it, nor would he have the time as Tris roared the call to arms. The bandits were somewhat ready as they began attacking they already had magic users attacking the giant and mammoth. With the girl leading the charge she moved and took out one of the mages.

    “Shit! Faur!” Yn both bellowed and shouted it to hair brother, waking the beast. Yn charged on the beasts, pulling his hammer and taking down one of the meager bandits before colliding with a brute of man. If not for his palish skin, he could've sworn the man was part troll. Ugly enough to be one.

    He swung the hammer down on the man, bashing it against the wall of meat and muscle, the two dueling it out with weapons. That was before the 900 pound deer rammed the man from the side. From the sounds of it, the ribs on the bandits side were broken and a snapped neck. Running after him, Yn cracked the mans jaw, dazing him while leaving him alive, if not in great pain. Rushing over he spun his hammer, covering the distance between himself and Vel.

    “Faur, go help Jezibel and Jamon. Vel, I'll stun them while you finish them. I don't want to kill these men.” Yn offered up as he looked at the bandits.

    Vel hefted her bloody axe but only paused enough to realize it was Yn baring down on her and gave a sharp nod at his words. Though she didn't understand them there was no time to think further. Most warriors might let out a roar of a battle cry but Vel remained silent which might have seemed more eerie to some. Chaos had exploded in the main camp, things seemed only slightly less Chaotic over here but that was only when the Giant's hammer wasn't crashing down right beside you.

    Vel wasted no time nor effort in the fallen Yn would leave behind. They were dead quickly and with out much pain. There was no hesitant manor about Vel's movements now, no Shyness as she struck men in twain. She almost cold and she moved in such a way that spoke of not caring about peril or damage as she stepped in the way of a charging man and catching the swing of his sword with her axe, the loud clang seemed to surprise him as he'd been aiming for Yn.

    “Mother of the lands, daughter of the trees and bearer of feast, grant me your gifts and guide my flesh.” Yn spoke softly to the earth, pushing magic into the lands. He didn't have long, so it wouldn't do to use his full magic, but right now a shield would be best. He felt the earth form a sleeve around his arms, the non weapon arm moulded into a shield. Now set he charged forward, the heavy rocks taking the sturdier blows and moves he couldn't while his hammer swung free, breaking bones and flesh as he did.

    He didn't bother to catch everyone, allowing those he missed to meet Vel’s axe. It was a show as the bandits met his wall, broken arms and legs to fall to her axe. Not the best work, but it got the job done. He was surprised though when Vel managed to catch the man who had tried for his side, being stopped by Vel matching his swing. He smiled to her before bringing down his hammer on the man's wrist, hearing the man scream as he shattered the bandits wrists, rendering him useless in a fight.

    “We make a pretty good pair here.” Yn offered to Vel.

    Vel couldn't help feeling a slight aversion to the sight of Yn's magic. but there was no time to think about that right now. As the man reeled back with a cry Vel pushed forward driving her axe into his shoulder and then further until his crying stopped. She yanked her axe from the Corps and looked to Yn as he mentioned they made a good pair, Vel might have blushed if she was alive but as it was it did make her pause but before she could nod in agreement a spell whispered by an icy spray of sharp shards blew at them. Fortunately Vel was in a position mostly in front of Yn taking most of the sharp icy shards. She brought her arms up one shard shattered off her axe while another few buried themselves into her cold flesh and another dozen flew past her.

    Vel's axe swung to the side as several shards dislodged at her movement before she gripped her axe in both hands and charged the mage before he could inact another spell. He back peddled as fast as he could but his back met a tree. Her Axe buried itself into the tree, slicing into the man's shoulder but the tree's tough trunk didn't allow her to go any further.

    Yn was surprised to see Vel take the ice shards that had been launched at them. Her strength was commendable, but her defensive skill was strong. He followed after her as she charged the mageun, backing him into a tree trunk. The bandit remained alive thank to the large trunk, but not for long. Yn brought his hammer down atop his head, crushing the mans skull in. One could see the life leave his eyes as the bandit dropped dead. Yn grimaced as he pulled the hammer free, studying the bandit as he slumped down the tree trunk.

    “Gah, I didn't want to have to kill him.” Yn spoke after studying the dead man.

    Vel yanked her Axe free of the trunk, laving a rather nasty chunk out of the surviving tree, and glanced down at the dead man before looking at Yn as he spoke. She pulled a shard out of her side and dropped it before she hesitantly reached out and touched his arm with an apologetic gesture. It had been the agreement that she finish them off, for whatever reason Yn didn't want to kill them. After he'd seen the gesture Vel hefted her axe quickly and glanced around not wanting to be taken off guard again.

    “It's not your fault. You're worth way more than thousands of bandits.” Yn said with a smile, patting her arm in return. He was beginning to understand her a lot easier. With a nod he began to move to the main camp, making sure that Vel was following into the fight. Balder would have this fight by now, and it would be better to help the rest of the team.

    He didn't get far before instincts kicked in, his body tensing as he could feel something coming to strike them. He didn't even time to call out Vel's name as he brought his shield up to catch the switch of a hammer. He had to force the earth to cover more of Vel, but Yn managed to stop the hammer blow before having to dig into the earth. Before them, glaring down with tusks curling from the corners of his lips. An orc stalled their path, hefting a two handed hammer that was just above a rock on a stick.

    “Finally, some good looking people to fight.” The orc said with a growl, looking ready to fight and smash anything that came in reach.

    Vel blinked at his words knowing her face would be a bright red if she could blush. She didn't even have enough present of mind to hope that he didn't notice how cold she was when eh patted her arm. She followed behind him as he started heading to the main camp where the sound of battle was still prevalent. For bandits their numbers seemed to be rather great and they seemed to be better trained the the ordinary Robber relying on numbers and intimidation. their spells were not for flash and show, Vel had the suspicion that there was something else going on.

    Vel came to a sudden stop as Yn and the earth covered her from the mighty blow of a hammer with in an orc warriors hand. A blow that likely would have shattered some of her bones, but wouldn't have killed her. That impact must have been jarring for Yn! even with his earthen shield. Something of a Grumble passed through her lips as the orc warrior spoke. He had no idea...

    Vel stepped around Yn's side and brought her axe in an upward Arch making the warrior step back, a grin twisting around his tusks. "Good!" He bellowed clearly happy to find foes that didn't tremble at the immediate sight of him. Vel shifted her stance and brought her Axe back down at the Orc clashing with his hammer. Unlike men, Orcs possessed far superior strength. But not to the undead. He seemed surprised at the impact of the weapons from the small hooded figure he and most men dwarfed.

    Yn took the thankful moment to rest his arm, checking to see if anything had broke anything. His arm had gone completely numb, and if he had removed the shield, it would be bruised. Thankfully Vel has been covering for him and matching the Orc blow for blow. Problem was they were just matching. They would need to break his attacks before moving in and finishing him off.

    The girl was light and strong, could probably take the orc with one strike. He could easily break bones and flesh, but could he stall him long enough. Looking down at his shield he placed his hand, drawing on his souls and increasing the size of his shield. It was a similar moment during training, a young boy had used it to launch himself over the large boy and get behind him. It was an idea that could work, and he did have much more mass than before. Standing. He could already feel the weight drag his arm down, the shape pointing towards the ground.

    “Vel! Duck!” Yn shouted as he took the time in, deflecting the blow of a hammer and bringing his hammer to the orcs side. He traded blows with the orc, guarding where he could and pelting his opponent with the hammer, to anger the orc.

    “Just stand still to get smashed!” The bandit shouted as he swung down to take Yns head. Yn smiled, having angered the orc enough to grab his hammer with both hands. Yn dodged as best he could and wrapped his arms around the orcs wrists, shield up.

    “Vel, shield jump.” Yn shouted out as he did best to hold him in place for Vel to make her move.

    Vel dropped into a roll, coming to her knees just at the side as Yn stepped in taking the Orcs attention. She got back to her feet and made room while hefting her axe preparing to jump back in as soon as an opening presented itself. She didn't have to wait long as Yn seemed to have a plan. pinning the Orc up and extending his shield he shouted at her to jump. Vel did not need second bidding. She dashed over and leaped up on the extended shield Axe arching around her head as she came to eye level with the orc warrior and swung. The Orc bellowed in anger but it was cut short as Vel's axe met his neck. Vel landed heavily on the other side of the Orc as his body went slack and his head rolled at Yn's feet.

    “That, worked out a lot better than I thought.” Yn said happily as he pulled the body, allowing it to fall to the side. He gave a sigh and stumbled back, relaxing his hold on the magic and making the shield smaller. Feeling his numb arm he looked back over to the camp, knowing that the night wasn't done yet.

    “Well, that's one ugly bastard down. Shall we see who else we can bury?” Yn asked rhetorically as he began making his way to the camp.

    Vel picked herself up and turned to Yn. Approaching to make sure he was alright as he stumbled back. He looked worn but the fight was still going on in the main camp. for a moment at least they had a second to breath, not that she needed it. Yn seemed to recover quickly, though she imagined his arm may still be throbbing, she'd almost forgotten what the felt like it been so long. But as he started making his way back tawords the main Camp vel matched his steps and looked up at him before nodding once more.

    She turned her attention back to the main camp, axe by her side prepared to finish off whatever unwanted guests might be left when they arrived.
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    Default Koti / Storm Co Post (Jamon, Jezibel and Faur)

    As the first shift was completing their rounds, Jamon dressed and slipped his sword into the sheath across his back. If nothing more this week he learned that if Mynx or that other awful girl caught him without a weapon on his person, he would be punished for that. As Mynx slept, he slipped from the tent knowing that Jezibel would be on camp watch for this second shift. If nothing more than a simple hello, he wanted to speak to this woman.

    As he stepped out of the tent and cast his sight about, he could see Adam and that awful girl returning from the parameter patrol. He watched as Su Lin seemed to disappear someplace just outside the campsite which usually worried him not knowing what shadow she might appear out from. He focused on Adam as he and Tris were speaking. Not long after, Adam had retired. Now he would look about for Jezi and mayhaps speak with her for a short while before he retired himself.

    Jezibel let out a rough yawn, sitting Indian style on top of the wagon. She did not enjoy night shift, and while she could see clear as day, it was still annoying. Even more now was watching Jamon walking around the place. It was clear at least to her that he was hunting her down. Why else would he leave the tent of his mentor, after copulation. Even more when she forbade them from talking.

    She wanted to scare the boy, even with the blade by his side. Slipping from the top of the wagon she stalked him, keeping in his blind side. Pulling boa and Lupin from her side she finally moved to strike. Boa moved first, jamming on the hilt of her blade and Lupin pressed against his neck, bringing her body up close to his back.

    “This foolish boy is looking to greet the demon of the night, is he? Should you not be keeping Mynx warm in her sheets?” Jezibel whispered softly as she awaited his reaction.

    Jamon had lost sight of Jezibel for just the slightest of moments and then she was gone from sight. He was making his way in the direction of the wagon she was atop a moment ago.

    Without warning he felt a jabbing sensation followed by cold steel against his neck. As the unknown predator spoke of a night demon, he was sure this being behind him would kill him. As Mynx name was spoken, his mind already had gone numb, he was going to die without ever speaking to the pretty woman.

    His eyes watering, in a whiney tone begged
    “Please don't kill me.. you may not know this, if you do harm me, my protector General Falstskog of his majesty's royal guard will hunt you to the ends of all lands. Miss Mynx will hunt and kill you, there will be a wicked assassin who will set upon you too.. please, don't kill me and I shall not speak of this attack to those who protect me..”

    His tone dry and hoarse through tears while his body trembled. About that time he urinates himself.

    “Wow. That's… that's sad.” Jezibel moved away, surprised by the reaction. The young man had responded far worse than she expected, even with how Su Lin had been training him. Looking at him in exasperation, Jezi placed her weapon back in her holsters.

    “First off, any mugger or bandit won't just run off from a name or two. Secondly, you didn't even attempt to defend yourself.” Jezibel started as she allowed the man to turn around.

    “Either way what are you doing out of Mynx's bag. More so why are you looking for me?” Jezibel demanded of the young men.

    Jamon looks to the ground, his face red with embarrassment, he softly mumbles

    “I'm Mynx’ property, as she and that awful girl once said, I'm a trinket. I am sure this will not shock you, but I am out of my comfort zone out here. As to why I was looking for you, I just wanted to speak to you.”

    He finally looks up as thoughts drift on why he agreed with Father and Mother to venture off. They seemed to fill their roles without much question. If Sir Faltskog were still by his side, certainly he would have him commission passage back to Father and Mother, they should have secure their role by now. Finally he mutters

    “Do you find disfavor with my obvious inability to fend for myself Miss Lupin?”

    “In truth, yes. Any man your age should just be able to handle a sword to keep his skin, or at least move away from danger.” Jezibel retorted to the young man, placing her hands on her hip while looking him over. If he wanted to woo a woman down the line, he needed some strong muscles to defend his name, not just money. At least by her profession.

    “I mean it, how do you think people would react if the first time you handled your sword you caused more damage to your allies than yourself.” Jezibel started in on him. It was good to train him to hold a sword, but it did little if he couldn't handle a fight.

    A shy smile forms across Jamon’s lips as he offers

    “I see your point Miss Lupin. The awful girl that teaches me had spoken that I was likely to take my own head off rather than a foe when she first started teaching me. The past couple days she has gone from me being a dead man walking to at least telling me I might give a foe amusement before they kill me. She does not coddle me as Fathers serva... those my Father asked to show me things, yet as mean as she speaks, I oddly feel better after things she teaches me. I will never speak these words to her, but I don’t think she really is as awful as she acts. Don’t get me wrong, she still frightens me, but... I don’t know, like she is a human or something.”

    His smile remains “Is that why you snuck up behind me as you did? To help me learn? And I do mean something, about Mynx, I am her property, I do as I am told. When I no longer belong to her, I do have someone I would like to know. There is so much that I am confused about, this is nothing like Father told me it would be like when he told me... “ he bites his lower lip also recalling Father telling him no one could be told of what he was doing “... Miss Lupin, I do not think I want to return home. I am not as stupid a boy as many take me for. I never spoke against Father however I believe him not to be, how does the awful girl put it, an honorable man. The Guildmaster said I needed to enter this quest as an apprentice, I for the first time am looking upon things with my own open eyes and don’t like what I see.”

    “Part that. I did feel like giving you a right scare, but it's more trying to figure out what you are thinking. I know Mynx owns you and have to follow her directions. So sneaking out in the middle of the night is a really dumb idea.” Jezibel scolded the man. She didn't want to risk getting either of them mauled by a pissed off Ocecat. It made a good training point. She looked around the camp, noting the people around the camp, including Tris walking around as well.

    It was a few minutes as Tris walked from view before Jamon looked to Jezi, a smile forms offering
    “I suppose I could admit that the scare was a bit much.” still feeling the warmth around his pants. “I think the first thing I should do for now is go to the stream and rinse off.” as he starts in the direction of the stream.

    A short distance he hears Tris yelling for the others to wake because of company. He also hears Adam yelling to kill any not wearing a Rogue Pin. As Jamon turns to run back to camp, there is a large frame man to his front. Since he does not recognise the man, he draws his sword swinging it wildly at the man’s chest. The man simply steps back allowing the wild swing to harmless pass in front of him. Jamon pauses a brief second to compose himself as the awful girl had spoken to him many times, this though seems to be the real thing. The man to his front simply starts to laugh, in a deep tone chuckles
    “Drop the fruit sticker boy and I promise you a fast death.”

    Slightly trembling, Jamon starts to step back trying to remember the front stance he had been practicing. He then feels a stinging pain on his arm as another who was behind him strikes his arm with his fist sending his sword to the ground while a third grabs him from behind. The larger man to his front chuckles.

    “Don’t worry little one, I will not cause you pain, your death will be fast”

    “Fuck off!” Jezibel bellowed as she snuck up behind the brute that had first taken upon Jamon, deep red lines along his throat as he fell. Even with her announcement made, she had slipped away without a sound. Given the sudden battle lust raging about them, mixed with the camp confines, Jezi was almost invisible to them.

    “Bloody wench, where did she go!” The man near Jamon swore, looking around the campsite, holding his blade tight. Jezibel creeped behind them, sliding in next to Jamon and grabbing his weapon for him. Handing him the weapon back she jumped away in time to miss the next blade.

    “Damn girl! How is she so damn hard to catch.” The bandit shouted. One could hear her laughing from around them.

    “I'm a Redscar bitch, the night is my playground. Jamon, keep that sword strong and time to prove you're actually worth training.” Jezibel ordered the young boy.

    Having watched the larger man have his throat opened up brings a shiver to Jamon. In almost no time he feels the hilt of his sword back in his hand. The man behind him tightens his grip so tight around his chest it is becoming hard to breathe. The man whispers to Jamon

    “Try to be cute with you lil poker, you will die painfully. When you are dead boy, I am going to pleasure that lil bitch over yer dead body.”

    The initial shock has subsided as he focuses on the week of training that horrible girl has put him through. ‘distract then strike’ drifts through his mind. It was always with a broken off branch when she would do it to him and his chest is still tender where she stabbed him with the sticks. Now it is for real now.

    Like he did with Jezi, he cried out “Please don't kill me!” however unlike with Jezi, he raises his leg straining with his hand to grasp his boot dagger. He lowers his leg over emphasizing a whimper “please please don't kill me..”

    The man starts to loosen his grip letting out a laugh
    “Damn, listen to this little…” where Jamon - as like shown numerous times - pivots his hips while thrusting the dagger into the man's side. As the man gasps, Jamon raises his arms breaking the grip taking a step then spins. Jamon thrusts the dagger into the man's chest targeting his heart. The thin steel blade easily enters the man's chest before he jerks the blade back before stepping back.

    The man drops to his knees, his lips moving but no words come out. Jamon stands a moment with the realization that the man before him is dying and he is the one who took his life.

    The third man grips his own sword grumbling “You are so dead lil pup..” starting toward Jamon.

    The man began to advance, his body tense as he advanced. The woman was a risk, and he didn't want to be caught unaware if the woman tried to kill him. The boy seemed lucky to kill the other fighter by using the fact that he was wimpy and small. It would not due to underestimate the man.

    “Screw off!” A gruff voice bellowed over the din of battle, drawing the man's attention. He turned just in time to see a 9 foot deer charging the man down. He may have strength, but not much could stop a charging deer with 600 pounds of muscle and sinew. The bandit didn't have time to fully scream before getting rammed and tossed into the air.

    “Are you okay?” Faur asked Jamon as he stopped next to him.

    Jamon’s eyes were absent expression, a dullness as he looked to Faur. There is a queasy feeling in his stomach but an odd sensation keeps him from throwing up. He looks weary to the deer he has come to respect, his tone with a mix of remorse and almost ... pride

    “I think so master Faur... “ looking now toward the man he had stabbed in the heart and lay dead mere feet from him, oddly Jamon does not tremble, he simply tilts his head looking to the deceased “... I think I killed that man Master Faur... why then do I not feel remorse for this act?” as he slowly slides his sword back into the sheath already replacing his boot dagger before looking about the darkness trying to see where the pretty girl was. Not thinking of the man he had just killed, more thoughts run through his mind, a concern, would this pretty girl disapprove of his taking a life?

    Jamon starts to glance about to the sounds of battle, the screams of those losing their lives, the lights in the night sky not realizing that was magic use, the distant glow in the direction that Su-Lin and Sheva were, all this drifting in his mind as a thought takes hold ‘Killing isn’t hard, killing is ... easy. Begging and being fearful is hard ... why be fearful when I can kill what frightens me... ‘ starts to consume his thoughts.

    “Killing is an easy act in the moment, yet you will remember that man, more than any you have before.” Faur spoke to the young man, noting the deadpan look on his face. Jezibel thankfully returned, making sure the two of them were okay, before noting that look on Jamons face. She bit back a shudder at his eyes. She knew those eyes, or at least close to them. The dead look of one who had given up their emotions. She reached up and smacked him gently across the face.

    “Jamon, it's not time to dream, there are still people fighting around us. Until they are all dead, we need to stay alert.” Jezibel ordered the man with sharp words to get him to focus.

    As Jezibel gets his attention, Jamon seems to snap back into reality. There were potentially others around that might try to do them harm. With that, he reaches to the sheath strapped to his back once again removing the thin short sword. This time however, the sword does not shake in his hand. Still not fully able to focus on what threats he needs to be looking for, he steps closer to Jezi and Faur
    “Miss Lupin, thank you for bringing me back to what I need focus on. I will try to be watchful though I may not need speak this, but I am not familiar with what I need be on watch for. Jezibel, Master Faur, do help me in what I need do and watch for.”

    There would seem to be a slight difference in his tone, his demeanor. For the first time, he seems more focused on fending for himself opposed to waiting for a servant or protector to come to his aide. Also obvious to both Faur and Jezi, the boy still has much to learn, but at least in this time, he is not screaming for his servant or protector.

    “Good,and just about anywhere. Just… stick with Faur and we'll see what we can do.” Jezibel spoke, giving him a pleased smile that he finally got his nerves together. She would wait until tomorrow to see if the shock wore off and the knowledge that he had killed people would break his mind.

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    The moon had risen by the time everyone was getting ready for bed, and taking their leaves to sleep. As people retired, and the cleaning of the dishes was done he turned to look at the moon that was illuminating the night sky. Ashvels eyes widened when he saw a ring around the moon, and that was a sign of danger. Something bad was going to happen tonight. So, he would have to be careful during his hunt tonight. Moving over to a tree he removed his cloak, and the rest of his clothing down to a pair of shorts. All of his skin had a reddish hue to them and would look like a sunburn to the other races. It wasn't far from the truth. Except to a Vampire having injuries like this can eventually kill them if not taken care of. Placing his belt back on that held his dagger he gave a slight sigh. He just hoped that nothing truly happened this night.

    Leaving the camp he quickly and silently moved through the trees as his vision wasn’t encumbered by the lack of light. All of the undead races didn’t have troubles seeing in the dark, that is what made them so useful in night operations, or in his case hunting. Seeing a deer in the forest Ashvel slowed down and when he got close enough to catch the deer he ran straight into it. Knocking them both to the ground. It only took a minute or so before he had the animal pinned and dug his fangs into its neck. The deer continued to fight and scream as its life was taken away from it. This was kind of barberic to some of his kind since animals don't have the same reaction as feeding off of humans do. Humans become dosel after being bit. However, animals continue to fight through the whole process.

    Once he finished his meal the deer laid lifeless on the ground, and the area around is legs had been dug out. Blood covered his mouth and the burns to his skin were healed. Wiping the blood from his face as he looked down at the deer. This was the only part about his chosen life he didn’t like. Seeing the aftermath of the struggle. Lucky he was a couple of miles away from camp so they more than likely didn’t hear the animals screams. Turning his back to the creature as he began making his way back to camp.

    However, as he was beginning his return the smell of human blood struck him hard. There was orc as well. He couldn't hear over great distances but the smell of blood was coming from the camp. Beginning to run in the direction of the camp he was suddenly hit hard from the side causing him to stumble and role from the impact. HItting a tree Ashvel didn’t waste any time getting up to see what rammed into him. To his surprise there was nothing there. As he looked around there was nothing around. Whatever hit him was lost amongst the darkness. Maybe it was a wild animal that hit him.

    However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched from inside of the forest. What was he missing? Though it didn’t take long for the smell of blood to bring him back to his senses. Turning towards the camp he began running towards the camo once more. A strange man walked out of the trees and moved into the moonlight. Watching as the young Vampire moved towards the camp where the bandits were fighting the rest of the the rouges.

    “What a pathetic Vampire. Still trying to play the good guy, and keep from killing. Even denying your true nature. You should let that inner demon come out.” The mysterious man said as a smile crossed his lips. Soon very soon he would be inclined to make his appearance, and bring the child back to what he should be. Until then he left a little surprise in the young Vampires pocket. Turning towards the opposite direction he began to walk towards the east.

    Ashvel made his way to where the others were. All he could hope not to many people are hurt.

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