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    The night was coming upon them and it was time to set up camp. They were getting closer to their goal and the closer they got the more Ashvel was becoming nervous. The Library was in a big town, and one not know for their acceptance of his kind, and it worried him to enter the town. It would only take one person to find out what he was and then he would find himself on the run or worse.

    It didn’t take long for the leaders to decide who will be on what duties this evening. Lucky for him he wasn’t on patrol duty tonight. It had been a couple of days since he was able to have a successful hunt. He was needing to be free from patrol tonight. He was excited to get to do some cooking. It is something he has never done before and he wanted to at least learn.

    Placing his weapons in the back of the cart as he walked over to where the rest of the group that would be cooking was gathered. The sun was still too high for him to take off his robe. So, he would have to cook in his robe for now. Then the group was split into different groups as well. He was teamed up with Sheva, and Balder. He knew the Giant a little, but the human he hadn’t met before.

    This was a good opportunity for him to be able to get to know more members of the guild, and maybe another friend. As he began to work as Sheva approached him and began to speak to him about Jamon, and how people pick on the young man. It is true that he is one of the ones that is the but of most peoples’ jokes, but if he didn’t think he could handle it he shouldn't have come along. Then she mentioned Velaire, and how she was being put on guard duty with little sleep. Giving a sigh he just smiled and stopped what he was doing and looked at Sheva.

    “The young man might have more of a reason to be tagging along with us on our mission.” Ashvel said in a relaxed tone as he thought about what he would say next. “We all come from different backgrounds, and because of that we all have different reason for becoming members of this Guild. I believe that he is stronger than we all take him for. I am sure that when the time comes we will understand his reason for being here.” Ashvel said as he looked down at his own hands before looking back up.

    “As for Velaire. Don’t worry about her. She is stronger than you know.” Ashvel said as he looked over at the young lady. Even though they had been traveling together all this time she hasn't spoken once. Though she really didn’t need to for him to understand what she is. She was an undead. A cursed race like he was, hated and feared by most people. Though it is not his place to tell anyone what she is. This made it difficult to communicate about it with the young woman.

    “Vel is stronger than you might think.” Ashvel said in an upbeat tone as he went back to working on dinner. “If she had a problem with being on guard duty she would voice it. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.” He said as he pulled back the base of his glove to see his reding skin. Shaking his head he looked up at Sheva. “I am sure that they will be great companions, and don't worry so much. People will be people and if pushed too far they will push back.” Ashvel said as he tilted his head to the right smiling.

    “I wouldn’t use the term ‘voice it’ you know”, Sheva gave a bitter smile as the ironic words played some kind of a joke in her head, “I feel that this girl will agree to do the impossible if requested. I wonder what drives her to do as she is told, and blindly so, if I may add”, Sheva nodded and sighed, “I used to be like her you know… I used to think I had so much to lose and I would be willing to do all that needed to keep my position… but nowadays? I feel like every little thing can draw my ire and make me leave. You won’t see me missing hours of sleep, unless the situation is dire”

    While the two were talking, Tris has returned with his loot, throwing his mind about Sheva milking the cow and she in return put her step down, knowing that it was another way for Tris to tease her. She was looking at the giant, who was probably the one who was going to give the final say in the matter, as he was in charge of both Ash and Sheva duties regarding the work on the food making.

    Balder had always been one to focus on the task at hand and ignore stuff going on around him. But he couldn’t ignore Tris strolling up with a cow, two chickens, and a lock box. Three of the four were ok, but as the man made jokes about Sheva milking the cow before they cook it the large male hurumed low in his chest and put down the side of meat he was preparing. Kneeling down the Quartermaster lifted the cow off the ground and began studying her like a person does a dog.

    He soon shook his head and placed the animal back. ”She is too old for milk, and too skinny to eat.” He said simply before moving to his wagon fishing around he pulled out a jaw filled with blue liquid and a brush. He began painting intricate symbols on the old cow’s body, going from her head to her tail. Once he was done he clicked his tongue and slapped the cow’s behind and with a surprised moo the cow trundled off. He watched her go then turned back to his food prep. “The symbols will keep her safe from any sensible human and some of the less tenacious predators. As for the chickens and lock box the chickens are yours Master Archer and the box is for the company. Now go back to the woods, we have work to do. Master Ash help me with these sides of beef, Mistress Sheva bring the spices.” With that he lifted the heaviest chunk and carried it to the central fire.

    Sheva was thankful for the Giant’s wise words and his collective judgment on the matter, and with a glare at Tris she turned to follow Balder along with the vampire. Looks like she won’t be spitting into Tris’s food tonight.

    “So back to what we talked to before we were interrupted by the crude man… My opinion on the matter is as I’ve said. Her growth will mature in her ability to find her voice again. Just because she can, doesn’t mean she is gotta do as she is told….”.

    Ashvel didn’t understand why Sheva was so intent on Vel. Why would he be concerned for her when she has never said a word to the fact of being unhappy. Then she mentioned that she used to be like Vel. Willing to do anything to get what she wanted. This is something Ashvel was not accustomed to hearing. People never agree with him. Chuckling slightly as he looked back at the woman.

    “If all people could be as open as you were just a moment ago maybe this world would be a better place.”

    “Perhaps… But often words of sincerity leads to demise… and betrayal. Maybe it’s good that she can’t speak then…”, Sheva looked far at the distance and sighed. What that sighed signified however, remained a mystery.

    It was getting late, and they still had so much to do. Moving over to the meat Ashvel picked it up and moved it over to the fire. He then looked up to the Giant. He never knew what to think about him. He kept to himself more times than not, or at least that is how it seemed to him. A man of few words. However, Ashvel didn’t know how to start a conversation with the Giant. He looked at Sheva who was searching through their begs while speaking with Balder and waited for her to return the fire with the spices.

    “That would be all for today”, Sheva showed him a small plate with some red vegetables and onions. “Balder says we need to keep a modest ration as we running low on them, and we still have much way go before we reach a city to buy more”.

    The Giant nodded slowly taking out his long knife and began cutting chunks of the meat off and began tossing the bits into the big stew pot. “Vel is unable to talk actually, but she has proven a most valuable ally and one of best guards we can ask for.”

    “Master Balder. If I may ask. According to the guild master, you and the other captains have been with the guild since the beginning. I am guessing the others are rather new as well, but Vel probably being longer than the others? There seems to be a bound… strong connection between you four. I know you appreciate and value her… but certainly… I see her on her feet more hours than the others… Why is that?”, Sheva looked at the Giant surprised, “Is it really okay for her to do such labor? Even the strongest of men, has to sleep… and I’ve hardly seen her resting since the beginning of our journey. I am worried about her”. Power and might was one thing. Hell even the Giant seemed to constantly awake… but Vel was still human…. Or… was she?

    Sheva considered this for a moment, “Never mind. I misspoke”. She suspected they knew something, and if nothing was said until now, it was better not to ask unless she was told. But she was still curious nevertheless, “Today we will server the same ration? Or shall we wait for the hunters to return”. The meat they used until now was still in good shape, but maybe the Giant wanted them to serve something else, for moral purpose.

    Balder chuckled putting the rest of the meat into the pot. “Well when you spend the whole day riding in the wagon there is a trade-off and for Vel it’s guard duty. But if she wishes for a change she can give us a sign of her displeasure. But enough of this talk we need to focus on dinner before it gets too late and we need to feed fifteen people and refill our stores of dried rations some.” He cleaned the blood off his blade and began shifting through the spices.

    “Indeed”, Sheva said slowly. The excuse of “a trader for sitting in the wagon” was unsatisfying, but she figured she won’t get any other answer for now (if it all). What more, the Giant seemed bent on changing the topic so she decided to comply and not to press further on the matter. Instead she turned her attention to the handsome man before her, “You are really good with handling the meat, Master Ashvel. The blood is nonexistent too”, The stench of the hot liquid of life was almost lost, which indicated of him knowing his work around the meat and flesh, as it could have been achieved by thoroughly draining, enriching the meat in the process, “Not that I think that you drank it dry, mind you”, she smiled softly. While not knowing about Vel, it was hard not to see what Ash truly was. His energy also seemed somewhat richer than the ones projected by the other vampires she came across (which she wished she haven’t, as the experience almost cost her life). None of them had the same level of power, which made her to believe he was either a special case, or prephas the highly regarded higher vampire. “As for myself? I was never much of a cook. I’m surprised to see that my craft is of any use around here”.

    As the sun lowered even more it was dark enough to finally take his hood off. The conversation was going in a direction that he didn’t want to get involved in. So, he just kept quiet as they proceed to continue to cook. Once the conversation changed he was now once again the center of the conversation. When she mentioned that the meat was well drained. Giving a soft sight he set down the knife as he looked at the meat.

    “I am just accustomed to dealing with things that are dead. It comes with the territory.” Ashvel said as he kept a happy tone, even though he was a little uncomfortable at the moment. He understood how she felt about learning to cook.

    “Master Ashvel. You seem like… You do not belong here…”, She considered her words, not wanting to offend him. She clearly didn’t mean that he shouldn’t travel with them because he was a vampire, but was afraid her words will come across as such, “Let me make this statement more clear… Everyone here seems akin to some adventure or another. Probably needing the coin, or simply bored. You seem like someone who is above all this… Why travel with us? what do you hope to gain? Or to find?”. Such gentle hands doing such labor and on the road. Dealing with dead things or not, he looks like the type to rule a kingdom, not scrap for food or make one.

    Shaking his head as he chuckled slightly. “Don’t take my words as anything more than continuing a conversation. I have nothing to hide, and I don’t take an offence to anything that is said. At least you are talking to me like an equal.” he said as he looked to the stew. “We all have reasons. I am here to try and show people not all Vampires are as evil as people seem to think we are. Besides, people are not as open minded as they claim to be. They like to judge before they understand.”

    Sheva held herself from laughing, but she couldn’t hide her amusement, “Rather big display for such small bands of scoundrels. You don’t think you can achieve something like this on a mission that will probably be hidden from the messes. I appreciate the idea and your will, but I doubt this will be the way to approach this. The only ones to know about your courage will be us. Forgive me, but I cannot see how this will affect anyone else”, Sheva considered for a moment, “There are many kingdoms that are recruiting warriors for their petty wars. If you want to be famous, shouldn’t you prove it in battle, rather in a mission such as this?”

    “Changing the minds of a couple of people is better than nothing. Besides, I am not a major fighter. I am a medic, I want to heal not kill. That is if I can get away with it. I don’t feed on anything on two legs. I only feed on animals.”

    Balder chuckled again working his selected spices into the stew. “By Father Sky’s beard you two are chatty. As for being in battle many of us have been fighting for much of our lives Mistress Sheva. Master Ash included, you don’t join our group coming from a place of safety and comfort.” He though back at Jamon. “Well most of us don’t, but those that do join do so to grow and learn and if they find fame and fortune along the way so be it.”

    “You are right. Everyone has had horrible things happen in their lives. The loss can become a driver to set you on the right path. At least for me.” Ash said as he then looked to the Giant. “You are a wise man.”

    Sheva considered the Giant’s words. While things still made no sense to her, she decided to trust the Vampire to know that he was doing what he considered to be best for him and his goals. Maybe it was not all black and white, with one direction to lead life. Maybe… It was still left to be seen after all. “

    “You may have a point”, Sheva nodded at the Giant and looked at Ash, “Maybe finding your idea laughable was a mistake on my end, and I apologize for this. It is true that I do not understand how this will unfold in your favour but… If and when it is be possible for me, I will lend you my power so that you can achieve your noble goals”.

    The job seemed to be done, and the food seemed to be in a presentable shape- more or less. All that was left was for everyone to be back to dine.

    With the prep itself down Balder lifted the large stirring oar and began mixing the stew. All that was left was to let the stew and ingredients cook. “You are a noble woman Mistress Sheva, but you sit inside your head too much. Just like Adam, it must be a human thing.” He chuckled changing the direction of his stirring. Can you two gather the wood from Jamon and Faur please? We’ll be needing fires to keep our guards in decent light.”

    “Words are powerful but actions are stronger. I will hold onto my beliefs no matter if I suffer for them. We all have to hold onto what we believe. However, on a bright note he could be proud of at least helping do something he had never done before. Cooking was a lot of work but it was rewarding in the end. As the Giant gave them another assignment he walked beside the young woman. “I appreciate your help. It is a longer journey than one hopes to watch. The one thing you can help with is spreading the word that not all of us are monsters.”

    “I will”, Sheva nodded as they both went to the direction of the giant deer and the young boy. While they unpacked the wood, Sheva couldn’t ignore Balder’s comment about how she and Adam were alike. It was most definitely ill made error on his judgment, as they both couldn’t be any more of a different people. Luckily there was too much work to be done to keep thoughts on such a small matter.
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