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Thread: [M] Mystery In Carter Lake (Storm & Bluemoon) (IC)

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    Default Co-post (Poppa Squirrel and Mama Moon)

    Rayne leaves the Sergeant’s home shortly after her phone call with Kevin, her exit a bit awkward as she has no real excuse. Her drive home is short, but she drives slowly trying to think through all that has occured. Once again she has regrets--she lost her temper and let her guard down--but whatever the Sergeant had planned, it wasn’t connected with his sister, and in that at least he seemed sincere.

    With her rental home in sight, she pulls up to the curb and gets out. She places her key in the lock and looks behind her before she opens the door. As this talk of vampires and Federal agents has made her paranoid and as she enters the house she gets the oddest feeling that the danger is not outside, but in.

    As Rayne closes the door, a living room light illuminates, a female voice she recognises all too well speaks in a tone of amusement, “My blind grandma could of beaten you home. I might suggest asking your landlord to put in better locks,” she says while stepping out for Rayne to see her.

    Rayne nearly shrieks in surprise, her hand going over her mouth to stop the sound when she realizes who is in her home. Immediately her fear is replaced by anger...then fear kicks in again. Trying to keep her voice steady she looks at the woman with apprehension. “Agent Nichols...what are you doing here?” she asks, failing to hide the tremor.

    Pam smiles and with a giggle, “Well, right now I'm standing, I crack myself up sometimes,” followed with a more serious tone, “thought we might have some girl talk,” she says nodding at a piece of paper taped to the inside door. When Rayne takes and looks at it, she sees the front page of a college application, the highlighted name the Gazette owner's son. Pam smiles allowing Rayne to absorb the paper.

    ‘She is doing it again,’ Rayne thinks, ’using other people to get to me’. She wonders what it is she is supposed to do...or not do...this time. “I don’t get what?”

    In a light hearted tone, “Oh, just was wondering what I might insert in the kids NCIC record, perhaps that he is on a watch list, give him a drug conviction, I could make it so the only education the kid could get is through Rocco's School of Typewriter Repair. Just think about this when you write your next story. Sheesh, Davy spoiled all my fun with lil Kevin, here I had it all set up where he would of been put in a cell with Bubba the Bald Headed Biker or anyone similar, leak that the kid was an informant…” she starts to lightly laugh, “...then ringie ringie it's wedding bells for Kevie. Think of the blog story the kid would have after that,” she teases, watching with an amused look on her face.

    Rayne sighs. “Okay..okay. Just stop it! You’ve already made your point back at your brother’s house. No stories of federal agents or monsters or whatever. I get it. Just leave my friends out of this.” She walks further into the home and puts her purse and keys on the table. “Is there anything else...or are you leaving now?” She turns to look at Pam, hoping she is not pressing her luck.

    Lightheartedly Pam casually says,“Yea, the wine in the fridge isn't my brand, next time I look around, I can bring you some great wine…” followed by a serious tone in her voice, “What's with you and Dave? I have not seen him take interest in a woman since Kathy. I don't ever want to see him hurt like that again,” she states, folding her arms across her chest.

    The look Rayne gets on her face as Pam speaks is utter confusion. “I don’t know what you are talking about. There is nothing between us. I don’t even like him...and I doubt he likes me either. ..and even if there was something, the only way I could hurt him like that would be to die...and that would work out well for you.” She gives Pam a disgusted look then stops herself. “No...wait. What is the punishment for this one? Are you going to hurt another one of my friends...because I don’t have any family for you to kill. But you know that don’t you? You’re a sick, twisted…” then Rayne stops herself, worried she may already have said too much.

    Pam simply laughs. “Dave doesn't like you? Okay Ray Charles, you convince yourself of that, and I appreciate the compliment you gave me, though I am far more than sick and twisted.” She looks to Rayne for a moment, “...and yea, I know all about you. Kinda disappointed in my lil brother though, when he did a check on you, he stopped with the whole ethical invasion of privacy when I offered to look deeper. Tell you what to show there are no hard feelings, I'll frame Jeff Masters for something that would get him destroyed. Seriously though, Rayne Masters just wouldn't be a cool name, Summers is cooler. What ya say, want me to destroy that ass for leaving ya?” she adds, a rather excited look on her expression.

    Rayne shakes her head, “No...just leave him out of this. I ruined enough lives back there. Let him have his.” If this same question had been posed three years ago she would have jumped on it, but time has allowed her to forgive him in her own way. Mostly, she is beginning to fear for everyone in her life. This woman is truly insane and with Rayne in her line of fire, she isn’t going to be able to do anything that goes against the rules.

    Pam lets out a sigh. “You sound as bad as Dave… Pam… don't blow up that car, Pam, don't do this or that. He doesn't have a clue. He says he wants to protect the sheep … yea … should call em citizens… but he is silly with his stupid morals. Hey, I'm rambling, huh. So miss National Inquirer, you want to know anything that Davy might eventually spill to you? He had that droopy crusader look when I left. Oh yea, tell him he should grow that Army cut out, that is so yuch. You could use a tanning booth yourself, perhaps some blonde streaks through… wait, questions, yea, did you have any?”

    “No,” Rayne replies simply, then reconsiders. “Unless you want to tell me what the hell is going on. Because I’m not going to stop looking into it, even if I can’t write about it.”

    Pam simply giggles again while in thought. Her tone goes low and cold, “Oh girlfriend, trust me, you want to keep your pretty head in the sand on this one. The truly worst thing that could happen is finding what you are looking for. These things are supernatural. TV calls em vampires but hollywood gets it all wrong. They can drink holy water while sunning on the beach. No girlfriend, you really don't want to look for what you are looking for. Would hate for Dave to lose someone he seems to like.”

    It is Rayne’s turn to giggle, although hers is more of a nervous variety. “Vampires...never thought I would hear that world said with a straight face.” Even though she has thought the same thing, she never really believed it. She shakes her head then in confusion over Pam’s last words in regards to her brother. “So does that mean you want me to have a relationship with Dave now? ‘Cause I swear you were telling me to leave him alone before. I just want to be case you decide to knock off someone...or something.”

    She looks to Rayne, “Just because I said he would be hurt if something happened to you, don't mistake that for me telling you to see him. He is my baby brother, I just want him to be happy, he is holding on to Kathy's memory. Anyway, I have places to go, things to kill, who knows, we might have girl talk again sometime. Oh yea, your receptionist Carla, she is embezzling from the paper. Was going to have FBI drag her from her desk tomorrow. That is the one I didn't plant. Anyway, I will leave the paper alone, use that tidbit or don't, up to you girlfriend. Toodles again.” Then Pam casually walks out the door.

    As the door closes, Rayne lets out a deep breath. She has never been so happy to see someone leave. The woman was bat-shit crazy, leaving Rayne afraid what she was going to do..or ‘Certifiable,’ she thinks, trying to decide how she is going to handle all the new rules. She begins by calling the editor and leaving a message asking for a few weeks leave, claiming she is having some issues at home and needs some time off. She also hints at the issue with Carla without going into any details. Next she types out a text to Sergeant Nichols.

    “Your sister was here at my house...and I think we need to talk...again. Tomorrow.”

    She sets her phone down wondering if she is doing the right thing, then dismisses the thought. She can’t risk having anyone else hurt, and Agent Nichols seems to take too much enjoyment in it not to take her seriously. She is just opening her tablet when her front door opens again and she just about falls out of her chair when she starts.

    “Hey doll...steady there,” Kevin says, a playful tone on his face until he sees hers. “Hey, you alright? Kinda looks like you saw a ghost.” At his words, Rayne’s eyes mist up and he reaches over to hug her awkwardly. “Now now...I...geez Rayne, don’t you go and cry on me. I have nothing but good news. It’ll cheer you up.”

    Rayne lets him hold her for a few moments before she wiggles free and wipes at her eyes. “I’m sorry...bad day. I’m just glad to see you are all right.”

    Kevin looks at her oddly. “Why wouldn’t I be? Just a little car the back of a cool. Can’t wait to blog it!”

    Rayne offers a smile, his energy and good mood infectious. “Could I ask you something?” she says, then continues without waiting for his response. “The guy at the Red Cross...did you get a look at him?”

    “Old news Ray, but yeah. He was a gangly dude. Real tall with long black hair. Real greasy looking, like he hadn’t washed it in weeks, but combed out and thin, but not really balding. Oddest thing was his eyes...I would have sworn they glowed all silver like but it must have been a trick of the light cuz only animals have eyes like that. Right?”

    Once Rayne confirms with a nod he continues. “He was dressed all in black, like a suit or something. Real wrinkled and old looking. I really didn’t get a good look at his features..other than those creepy eyes, but he wasn’t good looking or ugly. Kinda..I don’t know...normal...average.” He shrugs then sits down in the chair next to hers. “But enough about that...tell me what has you so sad?”

    Rayne tells him an abbreviated version of her day, leaving out the part where he was set up but mentioning the threats made against her. She confirms the fact that Agent Nichols was the person threatening since there is already a connection between the Fed and him. When she gets to the end of her tale, she omits the almost kiss and the return visit of the agent. All through it, Kevin nods and grunts, most likely filing away the information for his blog.

    “Tell you what Ray, we should go out tonight. Pick up a burger and cruise the town. We might even see our stalker.” He winks at her, hoping for a yes, but not surprised when she turns him down.

    “I’m too tired. Think I’m going to try to get some sleep and look at everything with fresh eyes tomorrow. Ask me again...okay?”

    Kevin nods. “You got it doll,” he responds as he pushes a stray strand of hair from her forehead. “You could use the sleep. Got those dark bags under your eyes again. Kinda look like you lost some weight too. Sure you are okay?”

    Rayne merely nods at him then gives him a brief hug. “Sure am...just tired and a bit off. I’ll be better tomorrow.”
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    Default Co Post - Momma Moon and Poppa Squirrel

    5:03 PM, the sun just beginning to lower in the horizon still as Angela unlocks the back entrance to the Red Cross blood bank. Her digital camera in hand typically used to record her children’s birthdays, school plays, holiday family events however on this evening with a fresh SD card and a different purpose.

    Angela enters the back door locking it behind herself while pressing record. “Hey Ray, kind of feel like Nancy Drew here. Sure we will laugh as I try to narrate this little adventure I am doing. When we watch this together, feel free to point out how I am not an investigative journalist…” a light hearted laugh is audible, she does love to kid her friend as does Ray her. Angela’s voice returns to a little more serious “Thought I would take a look at something odd girl, when we were told of the incident at the blood bank, I put in a facilities request to get the window repaired and the wall taken care of before Monday.” as the camera angle enters the hallway, Ang nararating as she walks “I was kinda surprised when this morning the work order was marked complete in the system, girl, this is where I add the dramatic background music but don’t have any on my phone..” with a little bit of a nervous laugh “ is girl, facilities does not work on Saturdays.”

    The camera pans into the room where the incident happened, a notable gasp could be heard as the camera pans inside. “NO … WAY!” as the camera closes in on the window now replaced “Girl, don’t know what the… No Way… girl … this window should be a temp sheet of plastic. We did not put this glass in!” as the camera closes in closer to the window, heavier breathing is notable on the audio. Another nervous “No way..” as the camera pans over the wall “Ray.. I think... I think I shouldn't be here, someone has repaired the wall, painted it, like NOTHING happened.” the camera notable shaky in the panning. Another gasp comes through the audio as the 52X lense zooms out into the field just past the parking lot “Oh My God, I can’t watch this, “ the camera obviously shakey yet focuses on the outside “but have to for the police, honestly girl, I don’t think I can help her....”


    Outside in the field surrounding the building, Pam dressed in older clothing wanders around the field as though she were looking for tin cans or other trash people sometimes scavenger for. She gets a angered look on her facial expression as she whispers in the transceiver “No shit, keep off the air, I already saw the thing, why the fuck you think I am walking this way, someone slap the fucking rookie for me, k”

    Pam continues in the direction of who her team had been tracking since the incident last night. A tall figure suddenly comes from the woodline in full run toward Pam, eyes aglow a silvery red, a hiss from it’s throat. As the figure is mere steps from Pam, her tattered jacket is dropped as she herself rushes forward, thin blade in hand swinging it effortless at the beings neck. The figure passes Pam, falls forward as the body drops in the field, the head rolls a few yards past the body.

    Pam squeels “SCORE!” before giggling through her transceiver “Clean up on isle 3” while casually walking toward the decapitated being in front of her. She squats close to the body holding her chest, in a light hearted laugh “Oh you are so sweet losing you head over me.” as a white cargo van with the words ‘Carter Lake Catering’ imprinted on the side could be seen. As the van bounces through the field, a team of men in Hazmat suits exit the back as the double doors open. It is a mere minute as the evidence of the encounter is erased and a spray is applied to the area. The van leaves as Pam enters one of the two black SUV’s that also showed up.


    Back in the office, the camera that recorded the whole event still understandably shaky with heavy breathing over the audio. It is a minute after the van and SUV’s leave, camera still focused on the field, Ang finally able to whisper “Ray… I am scared, what did I just see…”. The video ends.

    Angela now in a full run, leaves the room and back down the hall. When she gets to the back entrance, she lowers down, clutches her knees as the incident replays through her mind. She removes the SD card from the digital camera slipping it in her pocket, afraid that someone might be outside the door for the camera when she leaves. It is nearly an hour before Angela finally is able to stand, she cautiously moves to the door opening it an ever so slight crack. No one around, she takes her first breath that is not drenched in fear as she slowly makes her way to her car.

    The drive back to the hospital is a slow one, she finds it difficult to maintain control of her car accounting for the slow speed. Once back at the hospital feeling a little safer in familiar surroundings, she removes her cell phone trying to bring up Rey’s contact info but her shaky hand takes her a few tries. She finally is able to compose a text ~Ray, Ang, need to talk fast~ and presses send.


    Shortly after Kevin leaves, Rayne goes to her favorite place to chill--in front of the television--with the volume on low. She barely has a chance to get comfortable before her phone chimes...the sound of ice cubes...and ‘new message’ pops up. She reads it, then quickly sends one of her own.

    “In person...or on the phone?”

    As Angela sits in the nurses rest area, she isn’t surprised at all that her friend got back to so quickly. Hands still shaking, fumbles to type
    ~Hosp - N room~ and finds the send button pressing it.

    It is only a matter of minutes before Rayne is in her car and on the way to Mercy Hospital. It is actually a relief to get out, even though she had told Kevin otherwise. Her house seems contaminated now that the crazy agent has broken into it and Rayne is doubtful she would have been able to sleep anyhow. She is careful not to speed although she could tell by the texts that something is up with Ang. When she finally pulls in and parks, she jogs quickly to the entrance and makes her way to the nurse’s break room where Ang is waiting.

    As Angela sees her friend, she runs over giving her a hug, obvious trembling through her body, she only whispers “Thank you, I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to be Nancy Drew any more.”

    Rayne returns the hug, rubbing Angela back, the baby bump making the gesture a bit awkward. She can’t help but suppress a laugh. “What is this about Nancy Drew? Are you getting yourself into trouble again. I told you not to over stress yourself,” and then she touches her friend’s belly, “...or little junior here.”

    Ang pulls Rayne into the break room and closes the door as well as locks it “You aren't going to believe this, I have watched this 4 times and I still don’t … and I recorded it.” moving the two to a laptop that the SD card is in, the Wifi turned off, before pressing play stepping back to let her friend watch the video.

    In silence, mostly caused by a sense of disbelief, Rayne watches the video then turns to Angela. “Holy shit...this is great! But you should not have taken the risk.” As she thinks on the video, she realizes her normal avenue for using such information is now blocked.

    Angela tries to force a smile, her friend in reporter mode, she finally forces out “What was it I saw, I have watched that repeatedly and I am still waiting to wake from this dream.” while popping the SD card from the side of the laptop handing it over to Rayne “What do I do, this … is just freaking me out Ray?” looking to her friend to make some sense of this.

    ‘Vampire,” runs through Rayne’s mind but she just shrugs. “I don’t know sweety. It looks pretty weird, but I’m sure there is a rational explanation.” The lie sounds horrible on her lips, but she has no desire to get Ang into trouble by telling her the truth. “I’d tell you to take a valium to relax...but you know..Junior.” She takes Ang’s hand in her own and rubs it gently.

    Angela still trembling however the reassuring touch from her friend calms her considerable, she manages to whisper “a homeless woman taking the head off someone, I can’t think of any rational explanation, oh God, am I turning into Kevin? And what is up with a caterer being so close. I would say hormones gone amuck, but I recorded that hun.” getting a sense that her friend is withholding something, Ray’s reaction of jumping for joy squealing that she has them now was more what she was expecting. Remembering that IT department whispering about funding cuts unless dark clothed people allowed in the server, she whispers “are you being threatened hun?”

    Rayne actually laughs this time when Ang mentions Kevin. “It could be could be turning into the Iceman….but no…” then she sighs and nods. “Something like that...sorry..can’t really discuss it, but don’t you worry your pretty head. I got it.” She leans over and gives Ang a big hug. “I’ll look into it further and let you know what I find. I promise. ...and somehow I will get this out there.” This last part she whispers into her friend’s ear...just in case. She pulls back and gives her a smile. “You know I love you..right? And you be careful, ‘cause I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

    With that, Angela trying to retain some sense of this unfolding mystery offers a genuine laugh “Oh god Ray, you always know just what to say. Yea, you’re right, it could be worse, I could be turning into Icy…” her mind somewhat relaxing “Love you back ten times, you be careful Ray, and I promise no more Nancy Drew for this girl.” giving her a tight hug “I have a new respect for what you do and what you must go through. Have rounds to do, please be careful.” as she heads to the door unlocking it, adjusting her uniform and looking in a compact wiping her eyes before stepping back in the hall, a sense of reassurance her friend gave her.
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    Default Co Post - Momma Moon and Poppa Squirrel

    Sunday, 11:05 PM as the snooze alarm rings again. Dave slowly reaches over pressing the off button this time. His eyes focus on this evil plastic thing on his nightstand whispering “I hate you…” still almost expecting a reply from the clock ‘hate you too’. As he sits up in bed reaching for his phone thinks the only upside to this 2 AM start is that he had an extra hour of sleep … if you could call tossing sleeping. As he browses through his texts, he opens Rayne's and whispers ‘what the hell Pam’ taping quickly
    ~I think we should meet too, please call when you get this no matter the time~ then sends the message.

    Dave slips out of bed and into the bathroom washing the remaining sleep from his eyes before heading out of his room into the living room where he sees Pam flipping through random files on his laptop.

    Dave shakes his head simply saying “would you like me to make you a key?” with a slight sarcastic tone.

    Pam without looking up from the screen “Naaaaa, your lock sucks, your alarm sucks, and didn't tell you that you might want to change your alarm code?”

    As Dave heads into the kitchen, Pam calls out “make french vanilla.”

    After putting on the coffee, Dave walks back into the living room “there anything you haven't gone through yet?”

    Offering a warm smile, Pam simply replies “Nope, but shouldn't you be a busy little bee getting ready for your midnight shift?”

    Dave lets out a laugh “you didn't hack the memo, I had a shift change tonight.” avoiding mentioning the one sided conversation he is trying to get ready for later in the morning. A little more serious tone “Why did you go harass Miss Summers tonight?” assuming if she went there, it was nothing good.

    A smirk forms on Pam's face “Oh my, I visit missy and one of the first people she calls is you, interesting.”

    “Can we be serious for a minute?”

    “I don't think we can Both be Serious, tell you what little brother, you be Serious and I'll be Carla, how does that sound? I crack myself sometimes, okay, suppose I can if you bring me a coffee,nice that you did do the french vanilla.”

    As Dave heads to the kitchen, continues with his sister
    “What did you do to Miss Summers, did you threaten her? Would you please leave her be?” returning to the living room with 2 cups of coffee.

    Pam is sitting on the couch with her iPhone 10 out, contact list open pressing call. Dave's phone rings, the ringtone ‘The Bitch is Back’ by Elton John plays out. She hangs up letting out a giggle “that is so cute.” She looks to his phone, holding out her hand “curious, giv'me.”

    Dave rolls his eyes “ummmm, no.”

    “No biggie diggie, I'll just hack it then. I won't go through everything lil bro, there really is only one thing I am curious about.”

    Since Rayne's text was generic enough, he hands Pam his phone. She quickly enters his contacts. A smirk comes across her lips
    “Really … Cute Reporter? Wonder oh wonder who or what voice mail would answer if I hit call..” as she flips another setting “Oh My Gawd, this is just too precious, ringtone ‘More Than a Woman’ by the BeeGees!” she lets out with a sincere laugh.

    Taking pleasure in Dave's reaction, in an amused tone “Oh my, you are so cute when you blush.”

    Dave has the phone handed back to him, he mutters looking to his cup “don't read anything into that, I am probably her type, doubt she sees me as anything more than an obstructionist cop repressing information from the people.”

    Pam laughs again “Okay Stevie Wonder, it seems that Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are the only ones not seeing this. Hey Davie, humor me, next time you see Cute Reporter..” the last two words with enhanced emphasis “..let her know I called you Stevie Wonder. Curious how quick the girl is.”

    Dave looks to his sister with a confused tone in his voice
    “Ooookaaayyy… so anyway, what brings you by tonight?”

    A sly smile forms on her lips “nothing now, know what I wanted..” after a brief pause “..curious now, you mentioned a shift change. What’s up with that?”

    A quick thought runs though his mind that he should have just told his sister that he overslept, went through the act of getting ready and drive around before starting his shift. All he could say was
    “Just a routine shift change, nothing special.”

    Pam smiles “how cute, still can't lie worth a damn, let me guess, C.L. has a hardon over your explanation earlier this morning, don't they?” Before giving Dave a chance to answer, she smiles “well, toodles lil brother, have places to go, games to play.” as she turns leaving with the coffee cup, in a light hearted tone on the way out “I'll return the cup, and when you get round to it, get a gift certificate for a tanning session, you might understand soon.” closing the door behind herself, her phone accessing C.L. Security so to locate who owns it and where he lives.


    When Rayne’s phone chimes a little after eleven, she looks over in the corner of the room at the floor where the phone sits, its screen shattered. She scowls at it, giving it a cursory glance then turns back to the television, the past events of the night causing her reaction.

    Her evening following the meeting with Angela at the hospital had gone well enough. She had spent a few hours going over the video, fine tuning and editing it until it met her satisfaction. But the time she was done working with it there was no doubt in her mind that the woman on the vid was none other than Pam. She made a few notes, then put the SD card in her pocket. She already had plans on how to get it to go viral. Next, she had called the number on the catering truck, Carter Lake Catering, only to get an answering machine. She didn’t leave a message, but after doing some research she found the business to be only a little over a year old and its reviews were horrendous. Further digging led her to a dead end. Satisfied that she was dealing with a Federal operation that Pam was a part of, she closed her computer.

    Readying herself for bed, Rayne had then fallen asleep on the sofa, tucked in nice and warm for the night, until her phone had chimed. When she picked up her phone and saw the caller ID she groaned. It had been over a year since Jeffry had contacted her and she reluctantly opened the text. ‘Bad news?’... ‘of course’ she thought. Her informant from three years ago had been murdered, his throat slit. But that wasn’t the best part...there was good news too. An engagement...and an upcoming wedding. ‘Oh joy,’ she thought. As if it wasn’t bad enough that he kicked her to the he was rubbing it in her face that she was a she was sitting here in her home alone...not dating...not even looking...he was out there having a good time. It was at that time that her phone took a one-way trip across the room, leaving her to brood on her own with her legs tucked under her.

    By midnight, Rayne can take it no longer. She is curious what the bastard has to say now, and she gets up and retrieves her phone, surprised to see it is still working. She pulls up the text and sighs. ‘Iceman,’ she thinks. ‘I said tomorrow,’ but when she looks at the time, she laughs lightly… It was ‘tomorrow’. She knows he is up, his midnight hours are well known to her, and without further hesitation, she goes to her recent calls and presses his number.

    As Dave sits browsing his laptop History with every fifth or sixth file shown as opened tonight, he jerks a bit as the phone rings thinking he might have forgotten the time till the ringtone brings a smile to his features subconsciously. He quickly slides answer, a slight sound of concern in his tone no matter how casually he tries to sound
    “Thank you for calling Miss Summers, I just want to apologise for whatever my sister may have said or done.. are you by chance available for me to stop by…” thinking it inappropriate to ask her over at this hour, what would she think of him if he did.

    “Over my house?” she questions. “Aren’t you at work?” She looks around her living room and sighs. It is a mess, wine glasses scattered about, take-out containers, and clothes on the floor. She can’t imagine what Pam must have thought, and now she is actually thinking about saying yes to him coming over. She clears her throat. “Um..sure...just give me a bit to clean up.” As soon as the words are out of her mouth she realizes they could be taken more than one way, but rather than try to explain, she remains silent.

    As she allows him over, he feels he owes her an explanation for not being at work first
    “Thank you Miss Summers, I am just doing a later shift tonight, I could leave now and stop by the station for my patrol vehicle if that would gave you time..” as he opens his notebook, more out of habit like his phone contact, without thought he jots down ‘cute reporter’ before continuing “..can I get the address?”

    “You don’t have it?” she asks. ‘Could just ask your sister,’ she thinks. “It’s 3535 car is out front. I’ll leave the door open...just walk in,” She isn’t sure just how much time she will have, so she starts to prioritize the clean-up, deciding to start in here where they are most likely to be sitting. The kitchen next and then her bedroom… ‘Bedroom?’ She shakes her head, deciding it would be better if she left it dirty...less chance of it being used. Then she has herself to consider...pajamas just aren’t going to cut it. “Just how long do I have?” she asks, the humor in her voice most likely misinterpreted.

    As he jots her address down, without thought, his tone with a sense of worry “please keep the door locked, I'll knock, at this hour beautiful women should take precautions” about that instant he thinks ‘O M G, what did I just say, trying to quickly run the next part hoping the beautiful woman part is lost, he does sound rushed in his recovery attempt “shouldhavemy vehiclereadyand overthere within30minutes” biting at his lower lip.

    Rayne smiles at his blundering, knowing he can’t see it, but finding amusement in it none-the-less. “Okay...30 minutes. But you should know I am not a neat-nik like you...even if I am beautiful,” (laughter is audible over the phone). “The door will be open Sergeant...just walk in.”

    For once he is glad he was not on a video call as his face is derp red. He is a loss for words so only says “30 minutes it is.”

    As it turns out, 30 minutes is not long enough to get her house presentable and the best she can accomplish is getting everything off the floor and folding the blanket and clothes in the living room and making a neatish pile of them. She gets the dishes in the sink...unwashed...and manages to get most of the surfaces wiped down. When she looks around, she decides she really is a slob and promises herself she will keep it cleaner...a promise she has made herself numerous times. She hears his vehicle pull up as she is heading for the bedroom, the plan to simply change into jeans, leaving her tank top on.

    As Dave pulls in front of her home, he runs the spotlight through her yard just to check. She did mention in her text that Pam was there earlier and he was not sure what he was looking for but looked just the same. He exits the SUV and heads for the door, knocking just the same before entering “Miss Summers, Sergeant Nichols here” as he steps inside looking around for Rayne.

    “Just a sec,” comes from the bedroom as Rayne pulls on her jeans, fumbling with the button in the dimly lit room. She can barely see what she looks like, but tries to straighten her hair by pulling her fingers through it. She steps out and greets him with a smile, feeling a little embarrassed by everything that has transpired between them these past few days..and she is surprised to realize she actually is glad to see him, even if he does remind her of that fuckhead Jeffry. Slipping her hands into her pockets to straighten out the material, she then moves towards him in her bare feet. It is only when she is a few steps away that she stops, a look coming over her features. “Your sister...she’s a twit...but she might just be right. I think I see it now.”

    Dave stands looking at Rayne, with a soft expression other than the standoffish personna he uses when dealing with the press or City officials, he has his hands behind his back the same way he would when he and Kathy would take leasury walks. A look of confusion comes to his features, asks “see what, is it something my sister said? I almost don't want to ask, but is she threatening … you?”

    Rayne just gives him a blank look. “Of course she’s what she does.” She walks past him nonchalantly and into the kitchen. “Can I get you anything? Coffee? Wine? Just go ahead and sit down. I’ll be right in.”

    Dave steps in taking a seat “coffee if not too much trouble” looking around, ‘I have interviewed hundreds of people in their homes, taken thousands reports in their homes, why then are my hands sweating’ runs through his mind.

    As soon as the coffee is brewed, she enters the living room and hands him a cup, sitting down beside him on the sofa. Now that he is here, she is not sure where to start in regards to her text to him. It all seems so unimportant when she considers all that is actually happening in the town of Carter Lake. She pulls her feet up under her and turns to him. “Listen...I...this thing with Pam...I get what she is doing...protecting the town from the truth and all...and also you from me...I guess...but I was hoping you could keep her away from me. Let me do my job. I’ll keep out the Fed stuff and the ‘monster’ talk, but my editor denied me an extended leave, so I need to keep writing.”

    As he hears the words ‘protect you from me’ those words resonate with a bitter taste. Why is she trying to deny him being happy before snapping back into the current conversation. Holding the cup allowing the warmth of the coffee into his hands, looks to Rayne, seeming to focus on perhaps the wrong part of her conversation
    “She wants to protect me from you?” obvious disappointment in his tone.

    “Everything I said and that is what you are focusing on?” she asks with a slight laugh. “..and yes, obviously I am bad for you, and Pam already has us in this relationship that doesn’t even exist.” She shakes her head in frustration, the conversation not going according to her plans.

    This time his video conference fear has just happened, red in the face, he tries to recover “I'm sorry, tons of things on my mind, I did hear everything you said. I am just lost in what I can do. I am going out on a ledge here, but have just today been given a file on what you are talking about. I am guessing you may already know some if not all that I read and am still having a hard time wrapping my head around. My sister… is … trying at times, and that is coming from her own brother. I wish I had an answer on what we could do, but I will tell you this here and now, whatever help I might be able to be, I will give you.”

    Rayne’s expression softens and she nods her head. “You are so like ex that is. Pam says you didn’t read that part of my file...and I appreciate that...can’t say I would have done the same.” She sighs, then gets up from the sofa and stands near where he is seated. “Have you ever wondered what something is much so that you can’t stop thinking about it...something like what it would be like to jump from an airplane?”

    As Rayne is in front of him, he stands looking into her eyes, he hears her words, yet he seems more focused on her expression, his own heart racing, he only offers in a soft tone “I have.” allowing thoughts drift on why his sister has chosen the way she is, how she will react when he has to go against her, the more he read into the file, the things she casually wrote of doing to people, the more he couldn’t believe he had her blood in himself.

    Rayne chuckles. “The first time I met you, I was interested. Good looking. Confident. Something a girl looks for in a man. ...and then you started working your angle...spinning tales...or saying nothing at all. You were cold...seemingly without emotion. My friends and I even gave you a nickname...Icy. I realized it was part of your job...and mine was trying to get you to open up. But I started to dislike you more every time I ran into you. In a small town like Carter Lake with so little crime, I didn’t have to interact with you often...which made things easier...but now… Just when I think I have you all figured out you go and change. And I see a new light.” She stops suddenly and stares at David with a strange look of apprehension, then leans forward and kisses him softly. She doesn’t hold the kiss, but pulls away in case she has misread him.

    As Rayne pulls away from the soft kiss she gave, Dave steps in softly moving his arm around so she steps back into his hand. Gently resting his hand on the small of her back, steps close to Rayne to hold her tenderly, leaning in pressing his lips tenderly to hers escaping for that moment wishing time and space ceased to exist and allow him to remain in this embrace till the end of time.

    As two become one, Rayne wraps her arms around David’s waist without thinking, his embrace warm and comforting. She thinks briefly of Pam and the consequences of this act, but as David’s lips press against hers again, all other thoughts leave her other than to enjoy the moment.

    Dave feels his heart race feeling her warmth against him. For this moment nothing else exists, the only thought on his mind is how incredibly beautiful the woman with him is. Softly he whispers “I have not been…”

    ~Control Car 34~

    Dave tenses as the radio on his belt seems determined to ruin his life drifts through his mind.

    ~Car 34, 90th and West Center Road
    ~Car 34, 8420 West Center Road, see the woman, prowler there now, Code 2
    ~Car 34, 10-67

    Still holding Rayne, he whispers more to himself, but Rayne could hear “Mrs. Barton, great timing to want to talk to someone.” Dave obviously knowing this call. Unlike other nights where he would start making his way toward any prowler calls, this was the routine call everyone knew so he remains lost in Rayne’s eyes, her warmth, her heart stopping beauty.

    Then a scream over the radio
    ~CAR 34, SIGNAL 100, SIGNAL 100… POLICE OFFICER, STAND WH~ the sound of several shots come over the radio

    Signal 100 .. Officer needs help. As the shots come over the radio, Dave would be out the door and blocks down the road before the next call would come over the air … ordinarily. On this night, with the woman that has his heart, he steps back from the embrace racing for the Microphone draped over his shoulder. Still slightly out of breath and face flushed unusually softly reply's to the radio

    “Car 6, show me 10-8, 10-67 on signal 100”
    ~10-4 Car 6, have you 10-8~

    With that, Dave moves both his hands on Raynes cheeks kissing her softly on the forehead as he would do with Kathy, Rayne now being only the second woman he has such passionate feelings for, softly saying “Have to go…” he could not think of anything else he could say as he turns his focus on the call. Dave starts in a full run to the SUV clicking the remote he removed from his pocket unlocking the doors. In the distance, the morning air has the sound of sirens breaking the silence, in a moment as he starts the SUV and activates the overhead light bar and side strobes, siren clicked over to ‘Wail’ as he accelerates adding to the sirens which are bringing Carter Lake into new chapter in its history.
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    As the radio fills with other agencies also responding, the heart stopping ‘Officer down’ comes over the air. The digital speedometer reading 131 as the call for an additional ambulance and homicide to be dispatched which would include the coroner.

    Slowing his speed as he enters a more likely to be heavier populated area, Dave is mentally mapping out where units are arriving, coming up to Paddock Drive, he turns sharply deciding to come around from the back of the scene.

    As he comes to the intersection of Paddock Drive and 97th, his attention is drawn to a figure running across Paddock Drive and into 98th Plaza. Dave punches the gas and fishtails as his SUV skids to a stop, headlights hit to bright, side spotlight positioned into the dead end alley.

    The suspect at the end of the alley, even though having his back turned, the light clothing he is wearing is painfully obviously covered in blood. Not having time to radio his position as the suspect is turning, certainly intending on fleeing back up the alley, Dave leaps out of the driver side grabbing his flashlight in his non firing hand shining the 1200 lumina beam of light toward the suspect, Glock 22 service weapon in his right while ordering

    “Carter Lake Police! Stand where you are at!”

    Dave rests his Glock 22 on his arm holding the flashlight cautiously moving ever so slowly toward the suspect, the suspect then turns, his eyes a silvery red glow which radiate eerily red when the light shines in them. Thoughts of ‘well just fuck me to tears’ drifts through his mind, not completely taken a shock as he has already read the file Pam had given him, he orders in a firm tone

    “On the ground, hands to your side!”

    The creature hisses “Really?” before starting in a full run toward Dave who fires a double tap pattern, head shot, two chest. It is a mere several seconds however with the adrenaline rush, it seems like a lifetime, the suspect does not seem to even slow, a second shot series is fired as the suspect reaches point blank closeness. The creature raises his arm, a foul stench on it’s breath as it hisses “Bleed HuMon” swinging it’s razor sharp nails level with Dave’s throat.

    Dave does not react as a police officer, life long martial arts kicks in as he throws up a wrist block while thrusting his foot into the back of the creatures knee as it passes bringing it to the ground. The creature comes to its feet hissing “interesting HuMon, now scream for me.” as it is ready to pounce again.

    Dave has already holstered his weapon and removed his flex baton. Watching the creature for its first flinch, it does so, more a twitch before dropping to it’s knees, as its knees make contact with the pavement, the head separates from the body. Still keeping focus on nothing but the creature, thoughts run through his mind on how odd that was, until he heard a humours giggle, his sister's voice

    “Awww, so sweet, going to pieces over lil ol me.” as she emerges from behind where the creature was standing, thin blade in hand, she crouches down next to the head grabbing it by the hair, speaking more to her brother

    “Davie, easiest way to turn these things off is to separate the head…” now standing, looking the head in the eyes “Isn’t that so stumpy?”

    Another few seconds that seemed like another century, Dave finally mutters “What the living hell was THAT!?”

    “You read the file lil brother, put your detective skills to use, and yes, hell is what that was. Oh yea, think that the newsies are going to go simply ape shit with this anomaly entering so far into Town, be a dear and call it a crackhead run amok or something, also make sure you keep miss thang from writing anything silly.”

    As Pam said the words ‘miss thang’, Dave forgets his environment and steps toward his sister, pointing his finger directly in her face, a tone he had not used in years comes out “Don’t you DARE try to do anything to Rayne, leave her be!”

    The 6 foot 6, 250 plus agent that had already come out and grabbed the creature by the ankle and was dragging it toward the black SUV stops before Pam waves him off to continue bringing the body to the awaiting vehicle. Pam lifts the head she is holding looking it in the eye “Hey stumpy, isn’t my little brother just devine?” before looking to Dave, a light hearted laugh in her tone “Oh my, Stevie Wonder finally opened his eyes. Gone from Miss Summers to Rayne... That’s just so cute. Love to stay and hear the story behind that change lil brother, but you know, places to go, bodys to hide and all.” as she walks by, she winks to her brother “Now looks like I have to find someone else to play with, don’t worry lil brother, don’t ever want to see you hurt, still... ask missy to tread carefully. Toodles.” before Pam almost in a skip, severed head held by the hair, proceeds to the awaiting SUV. Watching the woman he recognises as his sister, he gets a sick feeling in his stomach, thoughts of ‘What has my sister become…’ run through his mind as reality starts to set back in.

    Adrenaline rush fading, focuses more on the radio traffic

    ~Car 6, what is your 20?

    *beep* *beep* *beep*

    ~All units on all frequencies, lost contact with Car 6, GPS has unit at 98th Plaza and Paddock Drive, all units, Code 4

    Dave reaches up depressing his radio “Car 6, 10-22 the all units, lost suspect 98th Avenue and Paddock Drive” a thought of ‘just how in the sam hell am I going to write this shit up, lost suspect, more had it taken from me’

    Canceled calls for a help an officer are never truly cancelled. King County is the first to arrive. Deputy Karin Larson is the first down the alley with her shotgun in hand, she walks up and firmly slaps Dave across the face “Just what the fuck you think you are doing!? You had me scared to shit, if anything ever happened to you, just who the hell is my husband going to clean out on poker nights?” She studies his expression for a moment before “Wow, what the fuck happened here.. Just wow..”

    As other units descend on the area, so does the press. Shots fired, officers down, not the traditional calls that Carter Lake police monitors are use to picking up. The theme to Ringley Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus plays in Dave's mind as he thinks ‘Well, let's get this circus act going’.


    While Sergeant Nichols is battling real-life vampires, Rayne decides to investigate them online. She turns on her police scanner as soon as he leaves and listens to the chatter as she starts her research. She compiles the numerous myths on vampire-like creatures from different countries from early times to present, the most notable being the Dracula known from the Bram Stoker novel. Using this information, she creates a list of similarities, the drinking of blood is the most common, but while some vampires drink only from very young children, others consume rotting flesh. The discrepancies make it impossible to create a realistic profile of what to expect from the creatures that seem to be stalking the town, but she draws enough from her research to surmise that they are dealing with supernatural beings that have superior strength and speed. If what Pam has stated is true, then they are not affected by the sun or holy water, which makes Rayne conclude that crucifixes must also be obsolete. As far as she can tell, the only way they can be killed is by decapitation (evidence cited as video by AK). Bullets don’t seem to even slow them down--as witnessed by Kevin. She writes down silver with a question mark, then follows it up with fire. ‘Both will have to be field tested,’ she thinks with a grimace.

    She pauses, listening to the police broadcast, her natural inclination as a reporter is to get in her car and go to the scene of the crime. But instead she sits in her chair and chews on her lower lip, remembering the feel of Dave’s mouth on hers, his hands resting gently against her back. She lets out a breathy sigh then turns back to her screen.

    She types, ‘Sergeant David Nichols,’then pauses, a sharp feeling of guilt rushing through her, but she continues just the same. Accessing his current records is easy enough...address, phone number, place of employment. Even his wife’s obituary pops up dated five years ago. She also has no problem getting his military records, a little computer hacking skills is all that is required to dig a little deeper. ...and she comes up with nothing. She shakes her head then smiles. She really is the black sheep in this ‘almost’ relationship.

    In the same manner, she looks into Pam, suspecting that she will hit a brick wall...and she does. High school and college records are the only things she can pull up--straight ‘A’ student--which she does not find surprising. When she tries to dig deeper, her screen goes black, then the system reboots. ‘Not a good sign,’ she thinks, as she closes the lid and goes into the kitchen for a glass of wine.

    A couple of minutes later she sits back down and over the next few hours, she creates the ‘back doors’ she will need to hack into the Carter Lake PD files and coroners reports. Focusing on the recent missing persons reports, she creates another list, trying to link them together by any similarities--appearance, age, gender, work place, etc. Unfortunately the victims are too varied and none have been found or their bodies recovered yet.

    With a heavy sigh, Rayne sits back in her chair, drumming her fingers on the table as she tries to think what else she can look into to help pass the time. With all the recent talk of the incident in Tacoma, she decides to try her luck there. It is still early...3 AM...and Dave will still have several hours of work ahead before the morning press conference. She really wonders just how that will go...and although she plans to attend, she will go merely as an observer.

    With her decision made, she turns back to the computer. It has been two years since she has opened the files of the department’s officers there, but the door she had created still exists. It’s just a matter of propping it open and walking inside.


    7:32 AM, Dave heads in Curts office

    “Yea, finally got everything written up, what did you need?”

    Curt looks up from his screen and in a frustrated tone

    “Didn't I tell you that the Mayor and I want this written as a crackhead gone crazy?”

    “I remember, and…”

    “Then just what in the everliving fuck do you call this shit?” as Curt reads Dave's report.

    “It is called a professionally written report on the details, on losing a young officer and a sweet elderly woman.”

    Raising his voice, Curt nearly yelling “Change this fucking shit to what the Mayor is demanding!”

    “Look, I don't hate myself too much for giving partial stories making them sound less serious when it comes to the Mayor's DWIs, the shit his kids do and the assorted other things I am asked to withhold, but I could not look in the mirror if I straight out lied.”

    “Look, last chance, have this rewritten after you tell the press at least that a pcp freak killed John and Mrs. Barton.”

    Without a seconds thought, Dave simply and calmly “No.”

    “Just FUCK IT, do the fuckin press conference, we'll talk when you tell those fuckers about the PCP freak, I'll be Goddamned if I accept this report.”

    Dave simply looks to Curt “I'm not going to lie to them either.”

    Curt connects to the front receptionist “Bonnie, get Jennifer in the press room, she has the prepared statement.” before looking back to Dave. “Okay, for your own good, you have two months of vacation banked, effectively immediately you are on ‘Vacation’. For now, take 30 days, and be thankful that you are walking out of here with your badge.”

    Dave looks to Curt while removing his badge from his jacket setting it on his desk “I'll save you the trouble, nothing will change in 30 days, 30 weeks, or 30 Months.” before turning heading out his office having Curt yelling “30 days, that is what you have!” before calling in a rookie instructing the kid on how the report is to be rewritten under Sergeant Nichols name.


    8:02 AM, Jennifer Tompkins enters the press room with a prepared statement

    “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Officer Jennifer Tompkins, I will also be your press liaison for the interim. I wanted to brief you on the events you all heard of in the early morning hours. Shortly after midnight, a tragient on narcotic substances forcibly broke into the residence of Mrs Tammy Barton, age 81, during this break in, the drug addict took Mrs Barton's life. Our officer responding to the prowler call Mrs Barton placed just before the addict murdered her, Officer John McCormick, age 21, lost his life confronting the drug addict. A joint task force between Carter Lake and King County is actively following leads and expect to have the drug addict in custody shortly. For now, I do not have enough information to take any questions.” Jennifer starts to adjust the prepared statement as though she intends to leave the room.

    Although the officer has just stated that she is not going to take questions, the room explodes with noise, reporters pushing forward trying to get her attention. Questions are thrown at her, voices intermingling. Close to the back of the room Rayne stands watching silently as the woman pushes through them. Her only question is, ‘where’s the Sergeant?’, as she tries to digest the conglomeration of lies she has just been offered. “Narcotic substances, my ass,” she says under her breath as she separates herself from the throng. Once outside of the room she searches the area, hoping to catch sight of Dave. She smoothes her skirt over her legs and makes her way out of the building, keeping her head down.

    Outside, Rayne catches sight of the Sergeant as he is getting ready to get into his vehicle. She thinks to call out to him, then decides she can just as easily walk over without attracting as much attention. In the few seconds it takes her, he has already sat down and closed his door, but she knocks on the window, thinking how much this gesture is like one she would have performed if she was trying to get his statement.

    Hearing the tapping, Dave assumes it is some peon Curt sent for his keys or weapon. As he look out the window a broad smile forms on his lips as he pulls the keys from the ignition before stepping out of his car, resting his back against the car, tries to sound upbeat, failing though “Rayne, I am so glad to see you, the press confrence is probably going on if you hurry, I'll hang here, would like to offer you breakfast if you have not eaten yet.” a lack of confidence he usually has.

    While he speaks, Rayne notices several things at once, but the most notable is the lack of his badge. Although her gaze passes over the empty place on his uniform, she doesn’t miss a beat when she smiles and nods. “Already been in’s the same ole-same old. But I’d love to have breakfast.” She also wonders about the events of the previous night, but hopes they will have time to talk over them during breakfast. She has a lot to discuss with him, her night of research bringing up lots of questions...ones in which she hopes he will have an answer.

    As she mentioned she already attended the conference, in a soft tone “Did they offer the PCP story?”

    “Close enough,” she replies. “I was expecting you to be in there...” she continues leaving the comment hanging.

    Sliding against his car, knowing he wants Rayne to know everything about him … good or bad… he lets down his protective shell he is known for, he still struggles with his words

    “I was to have done the conference, rewrite my report on that PCP crap, I have spun things to keep Town big guys looking rosy, this is where I drew the line, I just couldn't go in there lie, I will not write a report full of lies.”

    She nods, but she is surprised both by his decision and his honesty. “So your had to give it up?”

    He looks up to her, looking into her eyes “I gave it to Chief Johnson. He put me on 30 days vacation to rethink lying. Why wait 30 days on something I won't do.”

    “Once this is over...this vampire thing…” and she can’t help but feel foolish when those words come out of her mouth “...maybe it won’t be such an issue anymore. The lying.” She reaches over and slips her hand inside his and gently squeezes. “Come on, I’ll buy you pancakes.”

    As she squeezes his hand, he slowly pushes off his car, holding her hand as well, rests his head on her shoulder, damn the world, he wants to so open up to the woman before him, he softly whispers

    “This hurts… “ he pauses a brief moment before “I will buy though.”

    Rayne laughs and brushes her cheek against his, feeling the bristle of his beard’s one-day’s growth. She presses her lips lightly against his cheek then lifts his head from her shoulder and looks at him with a tenderness she hasn’t felt in a long time. “Deal,” she says simply.

    Tring to get out of the feeling like he was kicked in the stomach in the station, tries to sound humorous as he says “Your car or mine?” as a warm feeling runs through his body, his eyes show a redness to them.

    “Yours...but are you sure you want to go someplace public? I could cook you breakfast at my place. I’m not a great cook, but I can make a killer omelet.” She smiles at him, hoping she can help to alleviate the pain he is feeling.

    A genuine smile forms as she offers to make him breakfast, he is somewhat relieved he did see Rayne when he did thinking he was really in no condition to drive, still not be, softly says “I’d love to try your omelets, if not too much trouble, might we take your car?”

    Shrugging, Rayne agrees to drive and walks with him over to the Nissan. She is relieved he chose to come to her house, their discussion really not something that should be done in the vicinity of the wrong ears. As she unlocks the vehicle she inwardly thanks the gods that she had at least made a habit of keeping it clean. As soon as he is seated, she nods towards the radio. “Do you mind if I turn it on?”

    Dave seated in the passenger seat, reaches over to the radio control depressing the power button, as the radio comes to life

    ‘Good morning Carter Lake, time for your 8:30 news break. This just in, Carter Lake police sergeant Dave Nichols has been suspended from the Carter Lake Police Department for gross misconduct in mishandling of a drug addict who was responsible for two deaths early this morning. Mayor Marquard’s office released that Sergeant Nichols had the drug addict cornered however failed to notify patrols in the area and through his incompetence, allowed the murder escape, further details will be made available later today…’

    Rayne leans over and slams her palm against the control knob to turn it off, the car veering slightly as she casts a glance at Dave. “Christ...wh..what the fuck is that?” she stammers.

    Dave sits in stunned silence as he fumbles through his jacket for his phone, a sincere shakiness in his tone “Has to be a mistake” flipping to Curts number pressing call. Curt obviously waiting for his call, Curt on speaker

    “Jesus Dave, didn’t I fucking warn you, Mayor Marquard went through the roof when you didn’t jerk those press fuckers off. I could only try to keep him from killing any hope for a pension, I am sorry guy, but Mayor’s orders.”

    He couldn’t respond, his shaken hand simply clicks the disconnect button. Dave sits in stunned silence, his phone slides out of his hand before he reaches to get it. Trying to force out something, he tries to make light of this “Have any openings at the Gazette?”

    Rayne glances at him with concern, but doesn’t respond. She is almost home and can’t find the right words to give comfort. She pulls up to the curb then gets out, waiting for him to exit as well. Together they walk to her door and she unlocks it, entering before him. As soon as he is inside she turns to him, unsure of what to do. She swallows, then reaches for him. “I’m so sorry…”

    Dave steps closer to Rayne, reaching to pull her into an embrace, a familiar voice comes from the couch

    “Like ewwww, why don’t you two get a room, wait, you are getting a room” Pam offers with a giggle stepping toward Dave and Rayne.

    Rayne stops dead, her arms falling to her sides. The woman’s timing couldn’t be worse. She takes a deep breath, then turns, her face hardening into anger. “What are you doing here?” she asks, ignoring the gibe the agent sent her way.

    Pam simply responds lightheartedly, having not heard the news release nor her people updating her “Just here to see my lil brother, who has been a bad bad boy. So Davey, it was cute that you streamed your body camera footage to the cloud. We have both killed already. One of my nerds knows of a download to a laptop, so lil brother, where is the laptop, and just what is up with that face of yours, did your pet goldfish die or something, hope you are not bummed about the old lady or kid.”

    Rayne takes a step forward, knowing she is no match for the agent, but her anger is now controlling her movements. “Get out!” she says through clenched teeth, readying herself for the woman’s reaction. It is just this personality trait that has gotten her to the top of her game.

    As Rayne starts forward, Dave steps between the two, reaching to hold Rayne, not the traditional hold her back, but trying to hold her close to him, he simply offers to his sister “This is not a good time sis, please leave.”

    Pam laughs under her breath before ‘Oh, meow, the kitten has claws.” looking to Rayne, then to Dave, she now picking up his expression “Okay Sherlock Holmes…” looking to Rayne now “...clue Big Sissy in.” folding her arms waiting for one of the two to speak.

    Rayne struggles against Dave, turning her head towards Pam and growls out, “Fuck off!” Still in his embrace she is not in a position to defend herself, but Pam has proved to be more mouth than fist. Despite this, Rayne swears she will get her hands on a pistol by the day’s end to protect her home from ‘intruders’.

    Pam ever so slowly paces step by step, watching Rayne’s every movement, studying her every expression, as she is close to her and Dave, she reaches in her jacket offering to Dave “I think I see it lil brother…” while producing a bottle of Penfolds Grange extending it to Rayne “her wine sucks, but I do see her in her. We’ll talk about your being a bad boy some other time, got places to go, people to fuck up, toodles kids.” With that she, almost in a skip, exits the home to look into the weird look on her brothers face, she figures she could always get to his laptop with it’s sucky encryption remotely.

    As soon as Pam exits her home, Rayne relaxes against Dave and lets out an exasperated sigh. She looks at the wine in her hand with mild interest. She does not understand the agent’s motivations, nor does she care for her tactics, but the care she has for her brother, though a bit demented, is obvious. “She’s got the worst timing,” she says in a soft tone. “Are you still hungry?” She pulls his arms tighter around her. “..and I know this is not the best time...but what’s on that body cam?” The last she says with a hint of humor, but she has to admit, her curiosity has been peaked.

    Dave leans in and gives her a soft kiss holding her closer before in a soft whisper “It would be hard to watch, my sister … she … I don’t know how she can find … pleasure in what she does.” reaching in his ammo pouch figuring that would be the least likely place someone would look for flash drives as he pulls out a USB flash drive handing it to Rayne. “Figured someone would go for the video, downloaded it before anyone could, I was thinking that it would be the Department that erased the evidence though.”

    Dave watches as Rayne loads the USB drive to watch, he finally has processed what was happening. It still hurt, he has seen this played out countless times to others that did not do what the Mayor had demanded, yet he is coming to terms with his options. A odd lingering guilt washed over him as to mentally replays all that he has done to cover for the Town, yet feels like a weight lifted from him. A thought lingers through his mind that he probably should have taken a stand sooner. Both to himself and Rayne, he says in a slightly less pained tone “So this is what it feels like to do the right thing?”

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    Rayne has no answer to Dave’s question and she gives him a forced smile before telling him to sit down, pulling out a chair at the table for him. She gets coffee brewing and starts putting together the ingredients for breakfast, telling herself that no matter the situation, they still have to eat. Once everything is cooking, she grabs her laptop and slips in the USB, with the volume on low.

    She watches the video several times, with multiple pauses and rewinds. Other than the voice of Dave in the background and the close-ups of the snarling creature, it is very like the one she posted early this morning on Kevin’s blog page after creating a false viewer account. A shortened version was placed in the comments, with the headline, “Heads or Tails?” and had already gotten several shares and the comments were coming in regularly. Making sure it could not be traced to her was a bit more tricky, but she had placed in several safeguards and false connections to fictional names. All and all she thought she was safe, but as an extra precaution, she had even blurred out Pam’s face so she could not be recognized.

    With the picture of Pam slicing off the vampire’s head burned into her memory...probably for all time...not to mention the look of pure elation on the agent’s face, she sets breakfast on the table. She transfers the computer to the table, placing it by Dave with the video on Kevin’s blog set on pause. “You should watch this…”

    As Dave sits watching Rayne prepare everything and watching the bodycam video, when it got to the part of Karin slapping him in the face, dave offers a narrative with some lightheartedness in his tone “and here we have the Sheriff deputy reminding the police sergeant the importance of always calling in your location before exiting your patrol vehicle…” as he watches her expression during the part of Pam taking such pleasure in doing such a horrific thing. Her expression not as bad as his own the ten times he watched the video himself.

    As the laptop with Kevin’s blog video is placed on the table, he reaches over and presses play. As the video plays, a pained look comes over his face, hoping for an answer, and dearly wishing the answer is no … even though blurred face or not, he already knows the answer, Dave looks up to Rayne “That is… my… sister, isn’t it?”

    Almost nonchalantly, Rayne says, “yep, that’s her. I blurred the the picture...hopefully it will keep her off my back. Although I’m hoping she doesn’t figure out that I posted it.” She neglects to tell him that she did not record the actual video, knowing her promise to Angela is on the line, and as such, she is not ready to come completely clean with him as she has too much at stake.

    Dave sits for a moment, having a hard time coming to terms with what his sister had done in the alley, not so much the act, these … things… after all are not stopped by firearms, more the glee she seemed to take, the grabbing of the hair, he cringes for that moment “how could someone be so callous. I am not an angel myself, I have had to discharge my weapon … but this… “ looking at the video of his sister fist pumping after dispatching the vampire in the field “I … just I …” a worry coming over him that the woman who has his heart might associate him like his sister “My very being knows that is my sister there, yet I am having a hard time accepting she is … like … that.”

    “She’s not you...maybe she was dropped on her head as a kid..” she says with a hint of a smile. “There’s no reason to dwell on it...she is getting the job done, just in her own way. I don’t agree with her methods...or rather with the way she seems to enjoy them...but we have to put that aside if we are going to beat this threat.” She realizes after she has spoken that she has included herself in this little venture and hopes he doesn’t remove her from the equation.

    Dave taking a bite of the omelet in front of him offering “this is wonderful, love it…” while pausing, closing his eyes in thought. He seems to laugh slightly “I am probably going to regret this, but I think we might need ‘expert help’ if we are going to do this. I never in my wildest imagination ever thought I’d be saying this… how close are you to Kevin?” giving that a moment to register before continuing “given our history, if I show up, first thing he will probably think is that I am there to ticket or arrest him. He probably still thinks I am a CIA plant sent to spy on Carter Lake, I still remember the first blog the guys at the station showed me, came in and everyone was calling me Secret Agent Man. Kev had apparently hacked my records and wrote that no human could be that clean, and that I must be a CIA plant sent by the Man to spy on us.” lightly laughing thinking of the years Kevin still seemed determined to prove Dave was a CIA or IRS plant.

    Rayne smiles at the compliment, then laughs at his comment regarding Kevin. “Yeah, he is a bit obsessed about the ‘Iceman’. You are his lifelong goal, even if he seems a bit paranoid, he does admire you. Him and I are pretty tight though, so I think I can get you an interview…” She gives Dave a wink, then stands up and grabs the bottle of wine Pam had given her. “I know it’s a bit early, but I think in light of today’s events so far, I would like a glass. Care to join me?”

    As the bottle Pam gave finally register, a worried look comes over his face as he suddenly springs from his chair moving to Rayne while at the same time pulling his phone out accessing a home screen app he loaded years ago when Pam would routinely bug Kathy and his home.

    Running his phone around the bottle waiting for the familiar squeal, lets out a relieved sigh wondering if Rayne realized yet what he was doing. Now with an almost laugh “Speaking of paranoid Kevin, now there paranoid is me, I just would not put it past my sis to bug the bottle, and no, it is not too early.” with a smile.

    The oddest look disappears from Rayne’s face as Dave explains what he is doing. “I honestly thought you had lost it for a second there,” she says, shaking her head as she grabs two wine glasses. She fills them both almost to the top, knowing she will need to refill hers too soon if she does the customary half glass amount. “I can be a bit of a lush,” she apologizes, then takes a sip. “Mmmm...your sister does know her wines.” After she sits back down, she starts eating, enjoying the rare meal she has actually cooked. Her culinary skills are lacking, but breakfasts are her specialty, if one can have a specialty and not be good at it. Putting her head on her hand, elbow on the table, she watches Dave with interest. “Never thought I’d have you over here….with me...unless it was with handcuffs and the SWAT team.” She laughs, “...and all it took was vampires...if I’d known that, I could have conjured them up years ago.”

    A grin comes to his face, with a light laugh still thinking of how Kevin has been obsessed with proving he was a CIA plant “or perhaps the vampires are part of my secret CIA cover story.” A slightly more serious tone “and I think I agree, the only good this vampire thing has done is allow me to be with you. I will hate myself later, you think you can call Kevin, and you think he really thinks I am okay? I always thought he was obsessing to find a way to drive me from town. Villagers with pitchforks stuff” the last with a laugh.

    She can’t help but laugh with him, his improved outlook contagious. “He’ll be okay...once he gets over the shock that you are actually at my house.” She chews on her lip, then scoots her chair closer to his, leaning to whisper in his ear. “He has a little thing for go easy on him.” ‘Oh God he smells good,’ runs through her head as she picks up her phone, frowning at the cracked screen. “I’m going to replace this once I know it’s safe...funny how they throw themselves across the room.” She frowns as she hits Kevin’s number and waits for him to pick up, wondering idly if this might be a rebound attraction for both her and David.

    “Yes, those phones do have a tendency to … all by themselves jump and break, I have owned a couple that have hurt themselves” with a smile all too well remembering his own phones that have flown across the room before looking to his phone thinking ‘and you are lucky to be alive, if we were alone at the 8:30 news break, I would be in the Sprint store now getting your replacement.’ Without thought on the ‘has a thing for me’ lets out “how can anyone not be interested in you, but I'll behave myself” with an awkward smile rethinking his words ‘be obvious why don't I’ drifts through his mind.

    Rayne quirks a brow at him, then laughs. “Oh, I have the ability to chase off a lot of suitors with my aggressive bitchiness--took years to hone that skill. I’m sure you were caught up in it also. I saw the look you always gave me...probably the same one I reserved for you,” she says with a smirk, then puts her phone down after the call to Kevin goes to voicemail, not leaving a message. “He’ll call back...always does. Probably on his blog with headphones on.” She gets up and clears the dishes, sticking them in the sink without rinsing. “While we wait, I wanted to show you something I noticed while ‘surfing’ this morning.” She sits again and pulls the computer to her and flips through a few screens until she gets to a line of code. She gives Dave a sideways glance as she enters easily into the database for the coroners office using what looks like a digital door. She types in Tammy Barton and John McCormick and pulls the two death certificates up next to each other for comparison. The cause of death on both are identical--blunt force trauma. The attached pictures show A) Mrs. Barton’s throat torn open with her trachea exposed, her skin a livid white; B ) Officer McCormick’s throat obviously chewed with several claw marks across his chest. “I have been having the computer take screenshots of these every 30 minutes and each one is different. They are in the process of altering them. I assume photoshopping of the pictures will be next.”

    Looking at the pictures having numbed himself as best as he could over the years of looking at those types of crime scenes, sips the wine saying “Yep, by tomorrow they will be fully doctored, I trust you already have downloaded the originals?” a grin forms, jokingly “and since the Mayor seems to now be in love with me, don't surprised if my badge is cropped in the picture with one of them holding a placard saying ‘he did it’ “ with a smile, somewhat impressed at how she has such skills, normally he would be lecturing about due process, established guidelines, and other types of things, yet with her, nothing of the sort even enters his mind.

    “Uh huh,” she remarks, hitting a few keys and bringing one of certificates to the forefront. With another strike of the enter key, several more copies of the same form appear, the changes obvious on them. “They didn’t even bother to use the same handwriting. Never hold up in court.” She is about to say something else when her phone rings, the tone similar to that of an old fashioned ringer. “That’s him,” she says and grabs it up. For at least a minute she is just listening and muttering, ‘uh huh’, in response to whatever he is saying. Finally she interrupts him, “Kevin, can you come over?” she laughs, “, don’t bring the weed.” Another pause. “Okay, ten minutes...oh and Kevin, Sergeant Icy is here.” Even with the phone held to her ear, the words, ‘No fucking way!’ can be heard clearly. She laughs again. “Okay. That’s fine. Yep. Soon.” She hangs up and turns to Dave. “He’s on his way. ...and he’s bringing the weed.”

    Dave smiles, an amused tone “as long as it's not a DNA test kit to try and prove I am some kind of CIA clone. As long as I said I was going to behave, I won't tell him I am waiting for the black helicopter to pick me up.” with a laugh “thanks though, for everything…” looking toward her laptop.

    “Don’t thank me yet,” she laughs, “...Angela, my friend from the hospital, is with him too. They were having a bite together...or so he says. I swear that girl has issues.” She gets up and grabs the wine, putting it on the table with two more glasses. “As long as there are going to be four of us, might as well make it a party.” She also grabs a bottle of grape bubbly--non-alcoholic. “This is for preggo. She’s feels left out if she doesn’t get a fancy glass.” She comes behind him and puts her hands on his shoulders, her fingers gently kneading. “I guess you are becoming one of ‘us’ now Sergeant. Welcome to the investigative team.”

    As her fingers massage his shoulders, his whole body relaxes. As Rayne mentions being part of the investigative team, Dave - in a highly relaxed tone “Would seem that I still have a job after all…, somehow I suspect this one will not hand me written scripts to feed people.” with a slight laugh.

    “Mmm...not at all. We encourage the truth.” She bends down and kisses his neck then comes around to sit in his lap. “Do you mind?” she ask teasingly, then takes his face in her hands, a gesture which he had only used with her the night before. But unlike that night, when she leans forward, she places her lips on his.

    As Dave feels the warmth of her lips against his, the warmth of her body against his, he moves his arms around her taking her into a soft embrace, his breath short as he softly kisses the beautiful woman his life belongs to.

    They have only ten minutes together before there is a knock on the door. Rayne, lost in the moment and enjoying the feel of a man against her, moans. ‘It’s been too long,’ she thinks, too long since she felt this way. She gumbles under her breath when the knock is repeated and pulls away, her face flushed. “To be continued…” she whispers as she straightens her sweater and skirt. She teases her hair into place as she walks to the door. When she opens it to let them in there is a pause before Kev and Ang start laughing.

    “Girl, what you been up to?” Ang asks with a laugh. She hugs Rayne and peers over at the Sergeant, pinching Rayne and squealing.

    “Oh God,” Rayne responds, “..nothing...keep your heads together.” She gestures with her hand. “Get inside and close the door.”

    Kevin is the last one to enter the house and his expression is more difficult to read. “I thought you were kidding,” he says. “Maybe I shouldn’t have brought know.” He has a laptop with him, something he rarely leaves home without, and a collection of different devices. He leans towards Rayne and asks a little too loudly, “Did you check him for bugs?...a wire?”

    Ang lets out a little laugh. “Strip search?” she suggests.

    “Come on guys,” Rayne intercedes, “...we’re not ten. Let’s just get this stuff set up and Kevin...can you run a check on the house?”

    “Got it boss,” he says with a serious tone as he sets about the task.

    Dave still trying to catch his breath sits watching Rayne, Ang and Kevin. He almost in a breathless laugh thinks as Kevin mentions 'the stuff’ thinking ‘damn it, don't make me laugh’ failing miserably trying to have the appearance of simply have been there talking, exposed by his flushed face and lopsided name plate.

    Angela, ever the obnoxious one, enters the kitchen and rubs the top of Dave’s head. “Hey, big guy. Nice to see you chillin’.” She gives Rayne a look then starts going through the cupboards. “Got anything to eat? ‘Cause Junior is hungry girl and I forgot to grab snacks.” She is still wearing her nurse’s uniform, the material pulled tight over her expanding abdomen. To the Sergeant she had always been the ‘nice and professional’ nurse, but that is her work persona, her true personality rather bubbly and childish. After some rummaging she finds some chips and brings them to the table, smiling at her friend’s new beau. “I bet if I took your BP and pulse right now it would be elevated.” She winks at him then tears into the bag, chips falling onto the floor in her rush.

    From the master bedroom Kevin calls out, “Yep, here is another one. You have a spy Rayne.” He walks into the kitchen and drops two small microphones in front of Dave. “Watcha got to say, eh?”

    Without a seconds thought, he mumbles “damn you Pam” while reaching over to the listening devices picking them up dropping them in his glass of wine. Looks to Kevin
    “Have no idea, at least they aren't going to pick anything up now.”

    Obvious frustration on his face as he wants to call his sister and tell her not to do what she had always done to his other love. A smile comes as he process the thought of other love.

    “Who’s Pam?” Ang chimes in, looking directly at Dave as she asks. She purposely ignores Rayne whom she knows is giving her a look. “If you want us to accept him Ray...and I suppose that is what is going on here...then he has to be honest. No secrets...except those really bad know.”

    Rayne sighs and slaps Ang across the back of her head. “Pam is Agent Nichols, and stop being an ass.” She gives Kevin a look. “What the hell you two been up to? She’s higher than a kite...jeez...not when you’re pregnant Ang.”

    Ang just sticks her tongue out and goes back to her chips. With an apologetic look, Rayne sits down next to her and looks over at Dave. “Well, we are all gathered, some not in the right frame of mind, but all here. We actually work really well together, each bringing something different to the table. So, what is it you had in mind?”

    Dave looks to Kevin, wondering if he is going to have to say this multiple times in the event Kevin might have the impression he is being given a hard time as so many officers have done over the years. ‘Damn, I've even given the kid a ton of trouble’ drifts through his mind. After the couple seconds of silent thought, Dave finally looks to Kevin thinking that the nurse doesn't know the true nature of what is happening.

    “Kevin, you heard the news this morning on what happened over night. I trust you would not be surprised to know that the media events are not accurate, that what you faced the other night is more accurate. Me, I don't know what we are dealing with, and I hope you can lend your expertise in helping us.” Dave sits waiting for the ‘nice try, what ya really want’ he expects to hear.

    Kevin’s first reaction is to look at Rayne. “What? Is he for real? Isn’t he the one who told the ‘press’ that it was…”

    Rayne puts out her hand to interrupt, seeing the tension rising in Kevin’s face as his cheeks start to turn red. She gives him a stern look, trying to stop him from venting his frustration over being ignored and ridiculed for so many years. “Water under the bridge Kev. We need to start fresh. Sergeant Nichols….David is here to help us. We can help each other with these...vampires.”

    As Ang lets out a gasp, Kevin gets to his feet. “Why?” he asks in a softer tone. “Cause you’re fucking him?”

    Rayne turns on him, angry, ready to deny his accusation, but when she sees the look on his face she softens. “No..I’m not...even if I’s not…” she feels the heat in her cheeks rising. “Jesus guys, this is not about that...this is about the threat. David quit his job today and he wants us to help him get the truth out there.”

    With Kevin focusing an accusation toward Rayne, he remembers her warning him that Kevin likes her. Dave could understand how anyone could fall for Rayne. All Dave starts with “It's true, I did turn in my badge today.” keeping a focused tone much like he does on domestic disturbances “I don't expect the water under the bridge. Things I have said do cause pain…” a look of genuine pain on his face, one Kevin might mistake for regret at what he said to the press about him all the while feeling a knot in his stomach for how much hurt he caused Rayne with the cheap shot he took during that first night's press briefing. “..I can not undo what I have done nor unsay things I've said, I can only try to fix things now and the days to come.” all the while focusing not on Kevin, but Rayne.

    Rayne looks at Dave while he is explaining and sees his gaze turn to her. She wants this to go well. but feels there may be too much animosity between the two men--part of it her fault. She feels a fluttering in her stomach as Dave continues and looks down, suddening embarrassed. She isn’t concentrating on his words anymore, more on him...and the desire he is causing her to feel. She comes back to the discussion only when she hears Kevin again...voicing his concern.

    “How much of what I heard this morning is true?” he asks, his attention now directly on Dave. “Did you quit or get fired? And what about the it your fault he got away?” He doesn’t really believe the whole idea of it being a person under a narcotic influence, but he wants to hear Dave say it. “Was that a vampire too?”

    Dave looks to Kevin “the morning news was correct in parts, that it was 8:30 and there were two victims. I was there as the creature fled, any proof that would satisfy you has been erased by … people, by now I would suspect my report I submitted has been rewritten still under my name. Yes, I did turn in my badge when I would not alter my report or lie to the press this morning. That is as honest as I can be.” he was not going to put Rayne in a position having to tell anyone she had the body camera video.

    Kevin nods, chewing at his nails as he digests all that Dave has said. “Lying to the press, eh? So you admit that is what you have been doing all along...and all of a sudden you get a conscience? Right. Okay, say I agree to help you...not because I like you or trust you...but because of Ray. What then?”

    Dave looks to Kevin, responds without any heightened emotion
    “The why isn't important, the what we can do is what matters, isn't it?”

    Kevin mumbles, “Yeah, I guess,” then looks first to Rayne then Angela. He offers them both a smile then puts his hand out to Dave. “Deal! But I’m heading this...with everyone’s help of course.”

    As Kevin holds out his hand, Dave shakes his hand figuring Rayne would rein the kid in if he goes all gung ho like the departments lieutenant, “deal boss” giving Rayne a side glance. “I assume your first order of business is to draw up a chronological timeline of unexplained disappearances and to see about obtaining encrypted phones for everyone, correct, and if not overstepping my bounds, I might be able to find a few.” seeing if Kevin could be handled like the Lieutenant. Dave already has plans on contacting a buddy working CID at Ft Lewis but wanted to word it so Kevin could feel it was his doing.

    “Yeah...yeah...that’s can take care of that. Rayne already has our timeline with the missing done. She likes to do that shit. ...and hacking...that girl can go almost anywhere,” he lets out a light chuckle, starting to get into his groove now that he feels he is still in charge and not threatened. “Ang is our medic---haven’t needed that in a while--and also pretty good with a camera. So, what else do you have to bring to the table?”

    Not wanting to disclose the file in his possession, he will let Rayne read it later, “I did hear some chatter that holy water and sunlight does not affect these creatures, firearms do not slow these things down either. Perhaps silver nitrate laced pre fragmented rounds might have some effect on them…” having read the tests on recovered bodies, never field tested on active creatures, deciding to take a chance that Kevin does not know every complete blog entry he makes, hoping he would take credit for what was in the file Pam gave him, looks to Kevin “was it your blog I read that on?”

    Kevin can’t remember everything he’s written, hell, a lot of it was written while high, but he gives a solid nod. “Yeah, probably. But you had me at silver nitrate rounds. Can you get those? Course, having any firepower would be cool. Ang has a Glock but she’s the only one. Maybe you could get us guns?”

    Rayne shakes her head, having been content to listen for a while, but now chiming in. “He already said bullets don’t make a difference. What good will it do us to have guns? What we really need is something to slow them down. I mean there are a lot of heavy duty tranquilizers out there. Maybe Ang can get some for us to try?”

    Ang, happy to finally be part of the conversation, nods her head. “I can try. ...but I also have handguns and a couple rifles at home. If that’s what everyone wants.” She looks mostly at Dave, the fact that he is an upholder of the law and what she is proposing is illegal making her a little uncomfortable with him here.

    Dave looks to Rayne “Tranq darts, awesome idea..” one of the things not in the file apparently not tested yet, then address Kevin's excitement over weapons and Ang's worried expression, certain he will be visited by Pam since her bugs were no longer transmitting “I might be able to find some silver nitrate rounds boss, I am sure you meant for me right? After all, we would fall apart if the boss were hurt, and we need the medic in the background..” slightly cringing expecting an argument from Rayne on his last part “..and our tech support, can't risk losing her.” expecting Kevin to help support the last since he has a crush on her.

    Kevin feeling he is in his element here, nods again. “All good points, but I should be out there with you too man. You’re gonna need back-up. Obviously you’re the best choice for the field being a co...police officer and all and we can’t risk Ang with her bun in the oven.” He gives Rayne a look and sees the expression she has on her face, ‘amusement or frustration?’ “But maybe what Ray should do is interview people...she’s good at that. Talk to the victim’s parents. Keep up with the press conferences. That sort of thing. Plus she might hit me if I put her behind the computer all day.” He laughs lightly, winking at Rayne. He looks to Dave, hoping he has made some valid points. “I was thinking maybe you could even take me to the range or we’re pals.”

    Knowing he had to speak fast before Rayne could object, he chimes in “Fantastic then everyone, as the boss said, I will try and scrounge around for rounds, the boss will command from the rear and be ready when I give the code word ‘which I will never give you’ and he will run tactical back up ‘right after we have a snowball fight in hell’, our medic will be at the ready when needed and our press liaison will bring us valuable intel she gathers. As soon as I am off suspension, boss and I will go to the range ‘right after the snowball fight’. Did I miss anything boss” his words slow and paced enough dearly hoping Rayne had lowered the anger she must be feeling, he simply does not want to lose her.

    Ang is the first to pipe in after Dave finishes his run-through. “The phones, Sergeant, you were supposed to get those.” She gets up quickly and gives Rayne a sheepish look. “I gotta use your bathroom and then Kevie promised me lunch--my treat. You can come...oh...never mind that. You can’t come--not invited.” She slaps Rayne on the arm as she moves down the hallway then calls out to Kevin. “Get the stuff in the car love...I have to be home before the sitter gets back from shopping...and I am hungry.”

    From her place at the table, Rayne watches the interactions, but mostly she watches David. ‘Sneaky bastard,’ she thinks, ‘...paybacks are a bitch.’
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    As soon as Kevin and Angela leave, Rayne starts cleaning up in the kitchen, passing by Dave in his seat without saying a word. She drains the rest of the wine from his glass and grabs the two devices that spill out from it before placing them in a concave mortar and beginning to pulverize them with the pestle. It is obvious even with her back to him that she is putting a lot of effort into the task, more than would be necessary. When she has finally made them unrecognizable, she turns around, putting her hands behind her on the edge of the sink. “I’m sure your sister will be back to pick these up...maybe I should gift wrap them for her.” Although trying very hard to keep her composure and her temper, between the hard set of her mouth and her furrowed brow, her displeasure is obvious.

    Standing from the table, Dave walks toward Rayne reaching to hold her, expecting either an embrace or a slap across the face, he offers in a soft tone “or we can save her the trip and be the ones to show up out of nowhere. It was Carter Lake Catering on the video, right?”

    Rayne turns away from Dave, moving across the room and giving him a reproachful look. “It is...and don’t try that hug and make up shit with me. You can play Kevin all you want, but I know what you are doing. I will not be kept in the background. I am a forefront kind of girl. Either accept it or move on.”

    Dave looks to her, steps toward her again, this time with his hands behind his back, his tone still soft “What I did with Kevin was for his … and honestly … everyone's safety. What I had said of you, it was not trying to play you, I know that you are a strong independent woman evident with the number of coffee cups Chief Johnson has thrown after trying ‘no comment’ anytime you call with questions. What I asked Kevin to do related to you was nothing less than my being selfish. I do not want to see you ever get hurt, I have no intention to let you go into such danger and I have no intent to ever move on. I know you are the verbabial lone wolf, will you at least allow me to have your back? What we are going against are dangerous, the vampires are too.”

    Rayne sighs. She wants to stay mad, but his words are calming and she allows them to comfort her...even amuse. She can understand his concern--it seems bred into men to try to protect women, but she has done alright by herself for many years. She smiles despite herself. “I might hold you to that--keeping my back against the mayor, Pam, even ...vampires.” What she holds comment on is his admitted devotion to her..something she finds unusual, yet almost familiar.

    Dave takes another step forward “I think we might look into if there is any connection with the catering van..” having not done any background check himself “ case it might have some clue where to locate my sister,” he says, moving closer to Rayne and looking into her eyes.

    Rayne’s gaze drops as Dave closes the distance with each step, only to look back up at him as she feels his eyes on her. “It’ cover...the van.” ‘Close enough,’ she thinks as she puts her hand against his chest, stopping him from getting any nearer, although she applies no pressure to push him back. “I feel like you are stalking me Sergeant Nichols.”

    Dave’s heart races, even through his jacket he feels a comforting warmth in her touch. Even though she has no pressure in her hold, he respects the boundary thinking he once again spoke without considering how Rayne might react, how she would perceive what he said, how it might hurt her, and he doesn't know how to respond to the stalker comment, all he could think of, “Stalking, no, more I think I am falling for you.”

    Rayne takes in a deep breath, her chest rising and falling rapidly with his words. “You can’t,” she says softly. “I’m not who you think I am. I’ve seen you...on Kevin has always said, too perfect. I’m not like that. I won’t be able to meet up to those standards.” She regrets the words as soon as they leave her mouth, but the truth is often like that. “Your sister is right, I will only hurt you.”

    Dave reaches up to caress Rayne's cheek, still looking to her, heart still pounding he softly says, “Yes you might. I might hurt you. Nobody can write a perfect life's story. The only thing I can say to you with my very being, is that not having you is the only way I think you ever will be able to truly hurt me.”

    Rayne puts her hand over his on her cheek, removing the other from his chest and shakes her head gently. “You can’t mean that Dave, you don’t even know me. I’m bitchy and pushy. all kinds of places…” a soft chuckle “...which I suppose you will find out if you keep up this romantic talk.” She reaches over and takes his other hand in hers and brings it to her lips, kissing it softly. She doesn’t want to play the game anymore, she just wants to feel the warmth of him against her. “Stalk me some more,” she says barely above a whisper.

    Stepping closer and reaching his arm around her back so to gently pull her to him, Dave’s face feels hot as he slowly lowers into a tender kiss. He moves his hand gently up her back and along her neck, his fingers moving softly through her hair. Breathlessly he whispers “I don't think I am just falling for you, I am falling in love with you.”

    His words, so softly spoken hit Rayne hard and she fears that she may be falling for this man too. She holds him close, her hands slipping to his waist and the bulk of his utility belt. Almost groaning with frustration, she circles to the front to unfasten it...then allows it fall to the floor. “Better.” she whispers then slips her hands a little lower.

    Pulling into her body and caressing her neck, Dave reaches his free hand to the zipper of his jacket, unzips, then presses his own chest to hers. He longs to feel this closeness and breathlessly whispers, “I know in my heart I love you, I want to wake every morning looking into your eyes.”

    With his words of devotion spoken once again, Rayne feels herself slipping deeper into his trance. Her hand slips between them, gently moving Dave back enough so she can pull her sweater off, then she reaches behind her back and undoes the zipper on her skirt, letting it slip off her hips. She smiles, enjoying what her body is doing to his. Then she moves in again, her lips seeking his as she presses her nearly nude body to his.

    Dave follows her lead as he lets his jacket fall to the floor, grabbing the top of his shirt and pulling to the side as the velcro separates, his shirt being the next to drop alongside the jacket. He slows his desires as he softly wraps his arms around her back, his body trembling, his palms sweaty against her back drawing gently against her.

    The moments stretch and Dave and Rayne continue to hold and caress one another tenderly, Rayne finally pulling away with a groan as she looks at him and offers a soft smile. She lets her hands roam over his bare chest softly then reaches for his hand, leading him down the hall.

    Dave follows moving behind her, pressing his chest and trembles feeling the warmth of her back against him. He tenderly kisses her neck following to the door to the dimly lit room. Years of absence drifting away as he follows this woman he feels one with.

    Rayne leans her head against Dave’s bare chest, her finger circling on his skin. She scoots herself closer, her body spooning into his side as she pulls the sheet over their naked bodies and sighs. “That was incredible,” she says, looking up at him with a smile. “Maybe later we can do it again?” She laughs then flops onto her back, looking at the small pile of discarded clothing near the end of the bed. She tries to remember the last time she slept in this bed...the sofa her main retreat since she has been alone.

    Rolling to the side, Dave looks softly into her eyes, a soft smile on his lips, whispering as he reaches around to hold the woman he plans to remain by no matter what else comes their way

    “I never thought I would ever be happy again,” he says, resting his head against her shoulder.

    Eyes drifting closed, Rayne snuggles in for a few minutes, then reluctantly forces herself to get up before she falls asleep. “We need to get moving,” she states with false authority as she sits perched on the edge of the bed. She allows herself to fall back, her head landing against his legs and snickers. “God, I just want to stay here all day…” she complains. She puts her hands behind her head and stretches, the cool room causing a chill to run along her sweat glistening body. “Shower?” she asks him with a grin as she rolls onto her stomach and looks at him sheepishly.

    Also wanting to remain in their escape from the world, Dave still mesmerized as how breathtakingly beautiful Rayne is, smiles and says “Shower is a good idea, should really stop by my place after, going to be kinda hard to move about doing the investigation thing with that..” nodding to his uniform shirt half between the skirt she once wore “..nothing screams hide the evidence than a uniform,” reluctantly sitting up. He rolls himself off the bed, holding his hand to her, “about that shower” through a soft smile.

    Toweling off, Rayne smiles to herself as she walks to her bedroom. She can’t remember the last time she has felt so clean--having someone else lather your entire body so thoroughly was quite the experience. She picks through her clothing before selecting form-fitting jeans and a low-cut blouse--perfect for a casual date, ‘if going to find Pam could be considered a date’, she muses. She glances back at the bathroom and watches Dave with an amused expression. “You almost done in there? Or do I need to work around you to get ready?”

    Having dried, still holding the plush bath towel, her lingering scent on the towel, he slips on his uniform shirt velcro closing the front. He smiles and looks toward Rayne, “Just two shakes of a lamb's tail and I’ll be ready,” he says, stepping out of the bathroom. He slightly tightens his jaw, “well, ready for the unmedicated tooth extraction commonly known as going to find my sister?” he offers with a hesitant laugh knowing their last encounter was not a good one.

    “Funny,” she comments without humor,”...but maybe it will be better when we are on her turf...if we can find her. I’m surprised you don’t have an address, she is your sister.” She shrugs as she slips into the bathroom again to brush out her hair and apply some lipstick. “Do you think we should bring a gift?” Laughing, she grabs a light jacket from the living room and goes to the door. “After you...unless you want me to drive?”

    Having placed his jacket back on and placing his pistol belt back around his waist and slipping the belt keepers evenly spaced around holding pistol belt to his belt, he has already removed his car keys pressing the remote starter “I’ll drive …” stopping at the door realizing his car is still at the station parking lot.. He lets out a slight laugh “or you can drive. As far as my sister, with her job, she doesn’t stay in one place long enough to keep up with her address. She would just show up at the most unusual times.”

    “Well, hopefully we can repay the favor,” she says as she pulls out her keys. “I could stop at the station if you want to pick up your ‘van’ before we go to your place. I could follow you there.”

    Dave smiles “Don’t think they would tow my car, well, unless the Mayor wanted it towed, if that were the case, it would be a wasted trip to the station, you mind going straight to my place?”

    “Of course not,” she replies, as she slips behind the wheel and starts the car. “I’ll start the fare as soon as you engage your seatbelt sir,” she continues with a laugh, reaching over to turn on the radio. As Queen blasts out of the speakers she asks, “Classical, rock, or rap? God, I really know nothing about you. And I hope you are not one of those guys who sings over the lyrics.”

    Adjusting the seat belt, in a dead serious tone “Mam, I will be watching the meter AND watch if you drive past first and vine repeatedly trying to run up the meter..” unable to hold the serious expression he chuckles “..rock is fine, and I can put your fears to rest … I am federally prohibited from doing sing alongs, that would be grounds for cruel and unusual punishment.” with a laugh. “Well, I’m not quite that bad, but I will hold off on the singing thing. So, how are your Karaoke skills? If you haven’t been, you think you might be up for it?”

    Rayne groans, “Oh God no...I’m horrible. Can’t carry a tune to save my life. Never could. Ang and Kevin actually do a pretty decent job of it though--nice duets. I’d love to go and listen though, especially if you are singing.” She winks at him, then pulls into traffic. “Tell me something else about what do you like to do other than press conferences and pulling over speeders?”

    “Nope, that is all there is about me, we CIA plants are so one dimensional” Dave offers with a laugh “but seriously, I bowl a mean game, I sometimes imagine that the Mayor is the 1 pin and usually strike with that. Odd as it sounds, I relax at Kim’s Taekwondo studio. I do sometimes like to just drive out in Rainier Park and look at the mountain. Besides that, keep pretty wrapped up with work. My turn, what are your interests?”

    Rayne laughs, “Yeah, pretty one dimensional, but still better than me. I don’t bowl or do that martial arts stuff, but I like the mountains and the park. I really don’t have a lot of hobbies. Hacking?” She smirks, then adds, “I guess walking. I walk a lot, especially at night. It’s the only time I feel I can get some alone time. Work really keeps me busy.” As she pulls into his driveway, she stops, putting the car in park. “I can just wait here.”

    As the car is put in park, he unbuckles the seat belt opening the door “I’ll be two shakes, there is orange juice in the fridge if you would want some, and please don’t wait in the car, relax on the couch,” while waiting for her to exit.

    Shaking her head, she gets out of the Nissan and follows Dave up to the house. “You really have some old-fashioned views Sergeant…’don’t leave the house’s door open…don’t wait in the car,’ I suppose that is something you learned in the academy--women’s safety 101.” She really thinks he is a bit overprotective, but it is kind of charming. “I don’t suppose you’d like to give me a handgun, hmmm? Then I could protect myself.”

    As they reach the front door, he doesn’t respond to the handgun question, only in a light hearted tone “So, you don’t want to enroll women’s safety 202? Suppose I do tend to go overboard in the role of protective spouse,” almost without thought. He inserts the key in the door unlocking it stepping into the entry tapping the code onto the alarm pad. He looks toward the living room then as he steps further in, looks toward the kitchen. He quietly walks to his bedroom opening the door clicking his light on. He lets out a sigh of relief before turning to see where Rayne was. “Was kinda worried my sister might already be here. I’ll get changed in two shakes, orange juice is in the fridge, keep the coffee in the fridge too, seems to stay fresher with the keeping the can cold. Make yourself at home.”

    With the offer made, Rayne goes into the kitchen, more to browse than actually get anything. She opens his frig and takes out the orange juice, more for appearances sake than because she is thirsty. Everything was organized and easy to find. He really was a neatnik, but she supposes that comes with military training--everything just so. She starts going though his cupboards looking for a glass, then pulls out two. “Did you want something?” she calls from the kitchen, already pouring the juice. She walks down the hall towards his room, thinking they have gone a little too far for her to worry about privacy while changing. On the wall in the hallway hang two framed awards, the bold ACLU catches her attention - ACLU and Police go together as well as ice cream and vinegar she thinks. On closer examination, they are both for Pacific Northwest Lawyer of the Year and bear the name Kathleen M Nichols. The most recent dated four days prior to her death.

    Inside his room Dave removes his uniform, folding the pants then folding the shirt and setting them on the side of an end table. Pulling a pair of relaxed fitting jeans from his dresser, puts them on before heading to the closet. Hearing her, he calls back “OJ, thanks” before taking a thin bullet proof vest out putting it on and removing a second. He pulls a dark blue sweater off a hanger putting it on then gets his waist holster clipping it on his jeans. Lastly he removes his service weapon from the holster and slips it in the waist holster. He turns to head back out and stops, a smile comes to his lips, not being able to resist teasing, in a cute tone “Well hello stalker” before a soft tone “do you realize just how beautiful you look?”

    “With a shake of her head, Rayne walks into his room and sets the juice glasses down. “And you look like a cop dressed as a plain-clothes man. But nicer.” She leans over and kisses him. “Bullet proof vests and your gun. Are you expecting trouble?” She asks as she takes this opportunity to look at his room, noticing the small details--the clothes which he just removed neatly folded, the picture of his wife on the nightstand, even his closet neatly organized with a notable empty space on the end where two simple hangers rest on the bar. But a woman’s touch is missing, not that Rayne is an expert on such things, but it reminds her of a man’s place. “I might need to hire you to come clean up my place...I’m a slob in comparison.” She says, hoping he doesn’t realize how closely she is scrutinizing his living space.

    Ordinarly Dave would be attentive with anyone he interacts with, the waitress at the diner, the clerk at the grocery store, people casually striking up conversation, always subconsciously analysing their mannerism, their words, their motives. However with Rayne, he only focuses on how incredibly lovely she looks. With a smile “Well, long as I’m not a cop now, I’ll take the job.” softly biting at his lower lip, a slight concern drifts through his mind on if she saw Kathy’s picture and how she might perceive it.

    “If you’re done making yourself look all normal,” and here she quirks a brow, “...then we should get going. Otherwise Pam will beat us to the punch.” She grabs the juice she poured and takes a sip. “Home squeezed--why am I not surprised.” She walks out of the room, then looks back at him. “Stop looking at me and get your butt in gear.”

    A smile on his lips, he oddly asks “Do you by chance have a quarter?”

    “A quarter? Really?” she looks at her purse which still hangs on her shoulder. “I could look…” she answers as she starts rummaging.

    Not a quarter, but a dime that Rayne finds, Dave takes it kissing her hand, still thinking about her talk of obtaining a handgun, not certain if she was serious or not, nonetheless, he speaks as he walks over to the side of his bed .. the side obviously not slept on.

    “ATF makes it harder if these are not purchased, with purchases, licensing and obtaining conceal carries are quicker, I could even have you licensed by the end of the day…” as he crouches to the side of the bed, unlocking the panel board and removes a slender lockbox.

    He sets the lockbox on top of the night stand and unlocks the box. Inside the first thing he pulls out are two slender holsters “The larger one is to clip onto your waist like this one..” showing her his waist holster “The smaller is more designed to clip on the inside of a handbag..” tapping the other holster. He then removes a Glock G43 subcompact 9MM handgun setting it on the nightstand “...and I do accept your dime to complete the purchase. Just can’t carry till we get you all licensed though.” while he removes two 6 round clips loaded with soft lead hollow point low grain personal defense rounds. Lastly he sets the second bullet proof vest on the nightstand “this vest is one of the thinnest but most durable on the market, light weight and concealable under clothing.” it would be obvious the vest was designed for a woman.

    Dave steps back extending his hand to the weapon, ammo, holsters and vest on the nightstand looking to Rayne hoping that she would accept her ‘purchase’ at the same time, silently praying to God that she never finds the need to use the Glock.

    Rayne looks over the items, her hand running lightly over the pile he has made. In the back of her mind she knows to whom they belonged, and unconsciously she turns to look at the photo of the woman on the nightstand. She is met with a visage that could be a sister--the dark hair and eyes, attractive face, and pale skin similar to her own. She smiles at Dave, a trace of sadness in her eyes. “All this for a dime....” She leans over and hugs him, then looks once more at the handgun. “You said by tonight...for the license?” A nervous look comes over her, however fleeting, as she considers the options. “What if I say I ‘might’ not pass a background check? Could we skip that part?”

    Without a moment's thought, as he had already considered that possibility, or that she might straight out refuse to go through the process, he simply matter of factish states

    “These are Federal ATF and Homeland Security requirements..” with a moment's hesitation “..which I know someone at the State Police that runs licensing, he owes me, just if it ever comes up, you did go through and pass the licensing.” holding her softly running his fingers softly through her hair.

    She hmms softly, “Of course,” all the while waiting for the inevitable question that should follow. When it doesn’t come, she lets out her breath, unaware that she had been holding it. Already his concern for her and the way he treats her surpasses that of her ex-fiance, and thoughts of this being a rebound relationship slip from her mind as she squeezes him tightly to her.

    Dave leans in softly pressing his lips to hers closing his eyes nearly ready to lean back in the bed as his heart races. He resists knowing that soon his sister would come visit them if they do not do so first, softly “to be continued, think we should pay my sis a visit before she does us the visit.” his face obviously flushed, desire in his eyes.

    With a smirk on her face due to the line he just gave her--her line--she takes his hand in hers and starts to lead him from the room. Pausing, she reaches out and gathers up the things he had set out for her, tucking everything under her arm except for the gun and clips which she shoves into her handbag. “All set, let’s go find this sister of yours.”

    As he and Rayne start out of the driveway, he is already tapping away on his phone and sends a message, a moment later flipping through his contact list and presses the dial.

    “Sean, Dave, did you get the file I sent you?”

    “Good, … yea, I know it is not complete, you remember the night behind the commissary six years ago, you knowing that I took the bullet meant for you, I really need to call that favor in on this, can you push this through for me, just name and address, I can vouch for the background”

    Not aware Rayne already has figured out who the handgun belonged to, cringes a second, not wanting to be too obvious

    “Yea, it is… was, it is a litgit sale too”

    Obvious chatter in the background, Dave trying not to laugh

    “No, I am not a UFO clone impersonating myself, it’s .. “ trying not to be too obvious that his friend is totally shocked that he would be asking this “well, it’s complicated.”

    “All done, thanks, I now owe you one.”

    With more chatter on the background

    “Okay, agreed, I own you more than one.”

    As he disconnects the call, a ‘message received’ comes in, looking at the test, looks to Rayne ‘When we get to the address, will give you your license number and your concealed carry permit number.”

    Rayne nods, her attention on the buildings along the right side of the road. She couldn’t help but hear the one sided conversation and her curiosity is piqued, but she plays dumb as she searches for the address on her phone. She hits the breaks, pulling over, then looks behind her. “Damn it...I must have passed it.” She looks at her phone again, then double checks the numbers. “ should be right here.” She gives Dave an apologetic look. “I should have driven by here and checked first. I just assumed…” and the saying for what it means when you assume goes through her head. “I know...I’m an ass.”

    Dave smiles “Smoke and Mirrors as Pam likes to say. I would be surprised if any public records lead to anything but open fields, perhaps a swing by the Red Cross might find something those ‘caterers’ might have missed. Doubt it, but couldn’t hurt to check.” turning on his bluetooth “but before we go further, let me transfer your licenses to your phone.”

    Rayne sits and waits, watching him with amusement. “I think you are breaking the law Sergeant...all for a crush.” She laughs then considers the one remaining problem with her carrying a gun. “Um...I know this is a bad time to tell you this, but I umm...don’t know how to use it.”

    Dave lets the breaking the law comment alone, with a smile “Well, you’re in luck, I am a qualified range instructor. I hope you didn’t think I was going to throw you in the deep end and tell you to sink or swim, did you? We will make time to go to the range. For now…” sliding his weapon from the holster letting the clip drop out, he pulls the slide back letting the chambered round drop in his hand. He lets the slide go forward placing the round in his hand back in the clip. He inserts the clip back in the weapon “just slide the clip in like this..” as he pulls the slide back letting it go forward, the metallic sound on the round sliding in the chamber obvious “you are now loaded..” angling the weapon to the side showing her the safety placing his thumb on it clicking it in place “this is the safety, to fire when loaded, just place your thumb on the safety, push down, aim and gently squeeze the trigger. If you prefer, just skip the initial chambering of a round and do the chambering if you need to defend yourself, though it is much quicker to have a round already chambered” looking to her, his words coming smoothly as it was perhaps the thousandth time he has given the quick rundown, usually it is in a classroom with police cadets.

    “Okay…” Rayne says with a nervous laugh, “...sounds easy enough.” She runs through his instructions in her head then nods. “Just point and long as the safety is off. Right?” She pulls back onto the road and turns around, heading for the Red Cross as Dave had suggested. “I promise I won’t use it until I get some practice in...maybe.” She glances at him quickly wondering if he takes her joking as it is intended. Having the gun in her purse will make her feel least against those it will work on. As the Red Cross comes into view she slows, the catering van at first not visible. She feels disappoint run through her until she has almost passed the building.

    “Shit, there it is…” she exclaims.

    Instinctively Dave unzips his black leather jacket and loosens the weapon in his holster. Looking to Rayne, he says “pull around, we can fine a good place to observe the van from…”

    Rayne puts her hand over his. “ have an idea that might be easier. Just wait for me in the me.” She doesn’t give him a chance to react before she steps out of the car, pulling out her phone and a small kit. She leaves her purse on the seat. “Just keep case I need you.”

    As Rayne steps out of the car, Dave under his breath mutters “Damn…” knowing from experience at the various press conferences that she will not back down once she is determined, he simply steps out of the passenger side reaching for the flashlight along the side on the car instinctively biting at his lower lip as his hand passes over nothing. Dave moves behind the car, hand on the grip of his weapon watching Rayne as she moves forward.

    Rayne glances back once at Dave and offers him a reassuring look before she moves to the front of the Red Cross Blood Bank, knowing she is now in plain sight of the Catering van. She holds up her phone and flips through the screen, coming to Kevin’s blog and hits play. Kevin’s voice filters through, a commentary about the recent video uploaded to his site. With a confident air, Rayne starts walking around the grass, focusing on the area of the vampire attack. She gets on her knees and takes a few pictures, then reaches into her pocket and pulls out the kit she had grabbed. Forceps and small plastic bags appear in her hands as she proceeds to take both grass and dirt samples. She is just brushing off her knees when she sees the familiar ‘suit’ come into view. She stands to her full height and looks at the man as though he is the intruder and asks in a bitchy tone. “Can I help you?”

    As the man moves towards her she sees him reaching towards his ear, pressing against it as he talks to whomever is on the other end. “I’m going to have to ask you to vacate the premises miss,” he states in a stern and authoritative tone.

    “Not private property...and as a reporter I have a right to be here…” she lets the sentence hang as he talks into his earpiece again.

    “This a crime scene miss, I need to insist that you vaca…”

    “Oh...shit,” she exclaims, “..I know you. You work for Pam, right? Oh God, I should have recognized the gorilla suit.”

    An expression of anger fleetingly crosses over his features before he starts towards her again. ..and just as suddenly he stops and gives her a closer look. He nods, the conversation he is having obviously getting heated.

    Rayne watches, smiling. “Is that Pam? Tell her Rayne says hi...oh and Dave too.” She turns around and looks to where Dave is waiting and waves him over. Before Dave has a chance to come out from around the back of her vehicle, the man steps forwards again.

    “I’ll need accompany me.”

    Dave comes from behind the car locking it before starting toward Rayne and the bulky guy not aware of the conversation they have been having. As he gets closer, uncharacteristically he looks to the big guy “I would ask you please step away from Miss Summers… unless you have a good medical and intend on eating through a feeding tube for a bit” looking to the guy with a ‘go ahead, touch her’ look.

    A bit amused, Rayne moves to Dave and puts her hand gently on his. “No need for violence dear...the nice man was just offering to give us a ride.” She can see where this is going to lead if left on its own...and a small part of her feels elated that he is willing to fight for her, but she keeps her hand on his until she sees his anger lessening. “See..problem solved,” she says softly, for his ears only.

    As the bulky man directs them to the back of the van, Dave steps in after Rayne and the doors are closed. The windows have an outer film pulled over to prevent from seeing out, and as the van starts to pull out, Dave looks to the electronic eavesdropping equipment, several blades attached to one side and the assault rifles on the other. Through a grin, he asks their handler which sits in the back with them “For those difficult to please catering parties I suppose?”

    Dave is rewarded with a cold stare, which causes a giggle from Rayne. “I was kinda hoping for food...wouldn’t mind something to eat.” She bends down, making sure her blouse falls open with the movement, and adjusts her pant’s leg. When she sits back up her phone is in her hand. “Mind if I take some pictures?” she asks innocently, then turns her phone towards the equipment.

    A hand reaches out, snatching the phone from her and she laughs. “Well, I guess so.” Sitting back she stares at the man she has referred to as a suit and gives him a sweet smile. “I don’t suppose you want to give that back?” No response, just the dead stare again. “Okay then. I think I am going to call you Gorilla. Is that okay?”

    It is obvious she is trying to bait the man, but more so she is trying to see how far she can go before he gets out of his seat. She reaches over and squeezes Dave’s hand before she stands up, moving towards the weapons along the wall. “Now these are co…”

    Her words are cut off as a hand clamps around her wrist, pulling her back to her seat where she is physically put back into her chair with a firm pressure on her shoulders. She chews her lip and shrugs. “ playing with swords for cutting off heads, right?”

    As the man grabbed Rayne setting her firmly in her seat, Dave is oddly quiet, in a low tone simply says “Want to keep your hand, touch her again.”

    The man turns to Dave as though he is going to accept the offer when he has apparent chatter in his earpiece, the man then turns to Rayne in the same authoritative voice “Remain in your seat, no touching, no looking.” as he sits back watching the two, Dave still ‘fidgeting’ to get a good camera angle with the camera pen still streaming to a remote account.

    It is only then that Rayne realizes what Dave is up to and she goes back into her ditsy reporter mode as she removes her jacket, her thin low-cut blouse barely covering her bra. “ hot in here. Are you hot Gorilla?” She stretches out her legs and leans back, pushing her chest outwards. “You wouldn’t happen to have any drinks in here...would you?” She quirks her eyebrow at him and although he is staring straight ahead she knows he is listening and perhaps catching a peek.

    Rayne again stands up, this time heading straight at the man. “You know that other guy you work with? I call him Gorilla too...he has this thing he does with his hand… “ and she puts her hand straight out, her palm only an inch away from touching his chest, “ stop me from moving around. Is that a thing?” She is close to him now, her legs almost touching his and she hopes Dave is getting the shot he is after because she begins to lose her nerve when the suit starts clenching his jaw muscles and twitching his lips. Then he stands up, dwarfing her. Somehow she manages to keep her ground, waiting for a repeat performance of being placed back in her seat.

    Having gotten all the angles he was going for less one, Dave is rather impressed how Rayne is able to work the man into keeping his trained eyes forward till the end. With Pam advising the man what Dave is capable of, he is ready to firmly order Rayne back down as Dave stands “Miss Summers, perhaps the heat would be more tolerable seated..” he says, while acting to lose balance at a bump he was waiting for, thinking ‘let’s see if my performance is as convincing as hers’. While he staggers forward reaching out and grabbing the van wall along one of the rifles, his camera positioned where he knew the serial number was, he waits a beat, giving the camera time to acquire the serial, then pushes off the wall saying, “How embarrassing would that be to cut my head against the wall”. This time he moves closer to Rayne, “be any trouble if I sit with you Miss Summers?” wanting to let her know he has the perfect shots. Before any answer, the van stops, a moment later the back door opens, several other suits there “Please follow us.”

    Rayne takes Dave's hand as they are led into a white block building...seemingly ordinary from the outside. They pass through glass double doors into a large reception area. Metal girders frame the two-story ceiling with large skylights overhead. Rayne is impressed, but there is not enough time to appreciate the grand splendor the room has to offer before they are taken through a door which leads into what could only be described as a conference room with banks of computers lining the walls.

    Pam leisurely strolls into the conference room, in a excited tone “Davie, Kay Kay!” Dave’s face cringes at the name he had not heard her use in five years “Oh Davie, okay, let's go with Ray Ray. What a quinkie dinky, I was thinking about you two bad kiddos. Seems someone killed a poor defenseless bug, oh I wonder what the ASPCA would thing about that.” she giggles “Bug, ASPCA, I just crack myself up sometimes. Was that conspiracy theory boy I heard on the other end before buggies went die die?” swaying back and forth waiting for either to say something.

    Rayne actually laughs, shaking her head. “You never fail to amuse Pam and I would like to thank you for bringing us into your home.” She pauses then adds, …” or rather I guess I really should admit that this time we picked your locks to get inside.” She gives Pam a sarcastic look, not having missed the little jab when she was referred to as Kay Kay. She can only assume that was actually Dave’s wife’s nickname. “..and yeah, that was Kevin you heard searching out your little insects...I recommend you try better next time...he’s pretty good at being the Orkin man.”

    An odd sincere smile comes to Pam, looks to Dave “I really see her in her..” before back to Rayne “Just let Mr. O, yea, that sounds cute, make sure Mr. O doesn’t write too high a bill, bugs can get rather nasty, I could easily see him in Federal Prison married to Bubba the Bald Headed Biker. Seems that my lil brother has a fan club, lil ol Mayorie, what oh what should I do with him.”

    Dave interrupts her flow “Sis, sometimes I can’t tell when you are acting and when you are serious.” which she replies

    “You are just the nicest, told you before lil brother, it is only important that I know, and sheesh, thanks for blowing my flow, now where were we..”

    “You were doing smoke and mirrors.”

    Pam looks to Dave “Well, doing the Mayor is going to be easy. Damn, those records that they are doctoring, even Stevie Wonder could see what they are doing. Oh, and he has been such a bad boy in so much other stuff, I don’t have to do a single frame, he is going to crash and burn all on his own, be a dear and fix yourself a coffee, already have french vanilla brewed..” looking to Rayne “..Ray Ray and I have to have some girl talk, you know, fix each others hair, watch old movies and talk about boys and stuff..” holding her hands to her chest “We are going to be such life long friends” with a giggle before looking to Rayne “This way..” walking into a small office.

    Rayne’s guard goes up immediately with Pam’s suggestion of more girl’s talk. She is afraid Pam has found out about her and Dave breaking ‘her’ rule this afternoon. She casts a quick glance over her shoulder at Dave as she follows Pam, worrying her lower lip as she enter the small room. “What’s this about Pam” she asks, keeping her voice steady and controlled.

    Pam sits behind her desk as the door is remotely locked, Rayne would obviously know these rooms are sound proof. Pam looks at a flat screen computer monitor, her tone surprisingly civil, looks toward Rayne, not that as a cold blooded bitch she puts up, but as a sister concerned for her brother

    “Told you I could read my brother like a book. I will not pry into how far he has gone with you, tell me one thing, does he know everything about you … Emily?”

    Rayne freezes, every fiber of her being screaming for her to deny the name is hers, but she only stares back at Pam, squaring off her shoulders. “I think you know the answer to that,” she says simply, knowing if Pam has Emily’s records, she knows everything. “You should know that Emily died in a fire almost ten years ago. She is not anyone’s concern...not anymore.”

    Pam stands from behind the desk having watched her reaction, steps around and pulls up a chair now sitting directly across from Rayne. Shocking as it may be to her, Pam reaches out taking her by the hands gently, looking into her eyes

    “Look Em… Rayne, I will not pretend to know what you went through, I just want to say this, my brother is a good decent man. When you are ready, talk to him. Secrets will tear you apart hun, he is understanding, he will not hurt you when you feel you can talk to him.” she reaches in her pocket removing a business card softly placing it in her hand “hun, if you ever need an ear to talk to, please call me on my private line the agency is not monitoring.” almost a smile on her lips as she continues “not sure if you were aware, Kathy was a civil rights lawyer, cop and civil rights lawyer, mismatch made in heaven. Only mention that to let you know that on the job, they always kept up the us vs them mentality, at home they were always supportive on one and other. Hun, I am sure you have a great life as R, when ready, do talk with my brother.” offering her a soft, almost sisterly squeeze of the hand. “There is only one thing I need now…” as she starts to stand helping Rayne up, a soft smile forming “slap me, after all, Dave probably thinks we are in a cat fight, I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine that I might be human after all.”

    Rayne’s face does not hide the confusion and surprise she is feeling throughout the talk Pam has with her. She never expected her to be so understanding and human. For once, Rayne is glad she did not try to deny the existence of her ‘other’ self. And if her surprise wasn’t complete, Pam threw another wallop her way when she asked her to strike her. She looks at Pam directly. Any other time and she would have been happy to slap the woman, but now she can not bring herself to do it. “I can’t,” she says. “Even if we were fighting, I am not sure I would be able to do it without you intervening first. Surely Dave would know that.”

    Giving her another soft squeeze of her hands “Hadn’t thought of that, guess he would catch on too quick” as she lets loose of her hands “Put your skills together, when you are ready to walk out screaming at each other, let me know Ray, and I hope you find as much happiness together as he and Kate did. If it means anything, you are the only other one that has my private number, got it when Kay and I use to talk. Cops wives do have it hard.”

    Rayne nods, truly perplexed by this new side of the agent. She almost expects Pam to start giggling and yell out ‘surprise only kidding’, then plunging a knife into her chest. She offers a smile then says, “Thanks...I think I am ready now.”

    With that, Pam leans on and gives her a supportive hug before moving to the door unlocking it, as soon as the door is open starts yelling “Just get the hell out of here reporter action Barbie *giving her a wink* before turning for Dave to see her storming out of the office. Steps in front of Dave “Barbie has me just too mad. We’ll talk about your breaking poor lil buggie later, toodle kiddos” looking to Gorrellia nodding to bring them back to the Red Cross building.

    As Pam walks away in her pretend huff, Rayne just shrugs her shoulders at Dave and sighs. “I think she hates me,” is her only comment. She is not up for the charade and decides it is better to just act as if she is brooding. She does not need another thing to worry about and yet, here it was. She leans into Dave and his arm slips easily around her waist as they walk back outside to the waiting van and get in. When they reach their destination, Rayne’s phone is returned to her, the pictures she had taken already erased.

    Once in the Nissan, Rayne pulls onto the road and heads to the station to pick up Dave’s vehicle. She turns into the lot and parks her car next to his and then sighs. “I still have some things I need to get done tonight, but maybe I can see you in the morning?” she asks. Her mood has not improved since they left Pam, and Dave suspects she is still thinking about the argument she had with his sister. He pulls her into an embrace and kisses her lips lightly. It was something they could discuss later. “Yeah, that sounds good,” he replies.
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    Default Pam Nichols - The Other Side

    As Dave and Rayne leave the building, Pam turns to several security types as well as the techies tapping away at their workstations, several looking back toward her.

    As she runs her fingers through her silky blonde hair, in a laugh “Awww, come on boys and girls, what do you think this is, a Kodak moment? Nerds, keep that stuff coming in on Mr Maryorie..”

    One of the techs asks “Should we send it to the FBI yet?”

    With a soft smile, which alarms the tech, a look like someone that just stepped on a rattle snake waiting for it to strike, Pam walks toward the tech with a slight skip to her step, in a humorous tone “Dearie, when you get a chance, check your pay statement, unless there is a line that says ‘Thinkity Pay’ … don’t try to think.”

    Another asks “That Kevin guy still has the video up, want it scrubbed?”

    Pam lets out a light laugh looking over to the other tech “Wow, did you have thinkity pay on your pay statement? Don’t bother looking, no, don’t kill his little blog, that would only encourage him to write more. Just keep the fake accounts writing bad reviews on it, make sure you create a profile claiming to be a video editor and flood him with posties saying that the video is doctored. Now boys and girls, be good nerdies and get mommy a nice pretty package with all those icky doctored reports from the coroner's office so I can spank Paullie … hummm… Marqo… nawww, that doesn’t sound cute enough, what - eveh, mommy is drifting again kids, huh? Anyway, get me a pretty package to completely destroy lil Mayor kiddo. Well toodles kids, mommy has things to do, people to fuck with.” before turning and heading to her office.

    Once inside her office, she slowly walks to her desk falling back into the plush chair leaning back closing her eyes. Putting on the ruse of the psychotic bitch her staff thinks she is becomes draining at times drifts through her mind. Taking a few moments to allow her mind to rest, she opens them and sits back straight focusing now on the flat screen monitor in front of her. Down in the right corner is a red notification icon she missed earlier.

    As she clicks the icon, it pulls up a bill of sale. She immediately notices the description of the item, it was Kathy’s Glock. She had eight years ago put a flag on the serial number, any activity on that, she would be notified. Her first thought is that someone had broken into Dave's home and stolen her friends gun. A genuine unrehearsed look of anger and hate draw upon her facial expression. As she starts to open the bill of sale file, she has such a hardened look of determination on her face, her nose even wrinkles. ‘Oh no you poor unfortunate soul, my people are not going to visit you, hell no, You - Belong - to - ME … you are going to experience such things that you will go home and slap your own mother for giving you birth!’ runs through her mind. She doesn’t care about the details, she just needs the name and address of the next guest who soon will be admitted into Carter Lake Hospital.

    Once she looks at the name on the bill of sale, her expression softens, a sincere smile comes to her as she elatedly “Oh … My ... God … Dave, you dear man, just … wow.” to herself as she sits back for a moment. Looking further into the bill of sale, a beaming smile come as she sees that registration has been done and a conceal carry permit issued. She looks to the conceal carry permit with a look of bewilderment wondering how it was issued, if some records nerd bypassed something that would come back to bite Ray down the road. Looking further, a smile comes again seeing ‘Background conducted and passed by David C Nichols’ with his Federal Certification for Background Review license number on the doc. She leans back in her chair closing her eyes again drifting into thought ‘I really would of lost the bet on this one. Dave, you dear boy, this has to be serious for you to actually do something not in the regulations. Don’t fuck this up little brother, the girl you have is good, had a hard life, something others might not be able to handle, you and her will blend well.’ another ding brings her back up to look at the monitor. A second hit on the serial number. Opening that one she narrows her eyes. She slips her phone out of her pocket, flips through the contact list and dials.

    After a couple rings, Sean answers “Well hello ghost, what has it been, two years now? How are ya Pam, funny thing, I was planning to call you later. Kinda worried about something.”

    Pam smiling “Let me guess, Dave and the licensing thing?”

    A laugh “Damn you’re good. Yea, seriously hunny, if it were anyone else, I would chalk it up to stream lining something they are doing as a favor to someone. I still can’t wrap my head around this, you know, we are talking about the last boy scout doing something that could lose him a merit badge.”

    “Can you trust me darling?”

    “Dave, with him doing something that is soooo far outside his nature I simply could not trust His judgement, I had to look into this, but you love, I do trust if you look into this, this Summers woman would have had the most anal scrutiny humanly … even inhumanly possible. Yea love, I do trust you.”

    “I am sure I don’t have to give you the news flash, especially with boy scout trying to lose a merit badge, but Dave has a thing for this Summers woman, I have been already doing my own digging, not as PB, you know, Psycho Bitch, but as a big sister looking for anything to bust the woman in my brothers life in the face with. She has had a tough life, had some bad breaks, but I met the woman today, genuinely sweet girl that tried to put up a hard shell to keep people away.”

    A laugh on the other end “Like someone else I know.”

    With a smile “Oh hush you, anyway, be a dear and shut down your record check.”

    “You aren’t going to kill my connection?”

    “Anyone else dear, yea, not you hun.”

    A moment of silence “There, all gone, seriously though, Dave and her?”

    “Yea, they do look like a cute couple.”

    “So how long you in town for?”

    “Tell you what darlin, talk about it over dinner? I’ll get the reservations at the diner at the Space Needle, we do have a lot to catch up on.”

    Sean responds with a chuckle “You know love, one of these days you are going to have to let me take the lead.”

    “We’ll see, anyway sweetie, 8:00 sound good?”

    “See you there lovely lady.”

    With that, Pam disconnects the call, sits up at the keyboard tapping some subroutine commands and in seconds is hacked into the Space Needle revolving restaurant reservation system adding one additional dinner for two reservation. After all, why bother calling when just as easy to put your own in.

    With her evening now planned, she returns to matters at hand. She still has Emily Mitchell’s records and fingerprint file pulled up. On the split screen, she has Rayne Summers file, decent file, smiles thinking she could have done far better, but she wouldn’t have know her then. No fingerprint records for Rayne so the transfer was relatively easy. With the program she was running, it was a rather easy drag and drop. Emily Mitchell fingerprints now belong to Rayne Summers. She will not have time to create a history for Rayne before age 17 yet, after all, she does have a dinner date with her friend at 8. That is something she will take care on in the morning.

    Pam sits back another moment before opening the last file. Jane Doe file from 10 years back, Pam was careful to go far enough back that the Jane Doe would not have any family that might be looking for her. Another drag and drop, Jane Doe’s fingerprints now belong to Emily Mitchell.

    She shuts down the PC while thumbing through her contact list. Lets out a light laugh as she changes ‘Annoying Reporterette’ to ‘RayRay’ and presses ‘Save Changes’. She then sends a quick text hoping 1) she could take her seriously after all the crap her outside personna gave the woman and 2) she would understand the content figuring Rayne would already be aware of her computer skills when the trojan picked up Rayne doing a records check on her.

    ~Ray, PB here, you know, Psycho Bitch *Pam inserts a wink emoticon*. Em is gone, Ray is legal to 17, 2mro will be completely legal. tt my lil bro when time right, secrets even if gone will still tear at u~ then taps send.

    It’s been two years since she’s seen Sean, she hopes that he is still as sweet as when they were last together, perhaps one of the only other people she could be herself around. As she leaves her office, puts on her PB personna “Okie dokie kidos, Momma has got places to do, things to be … gee … I crack myself up, any hoodles, toodles till the wee hours kids.”
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