Dar'Valah wasn't what one would call sociable. Even among the Khajiit caravan he hired onto the Pahmer-Raht kept to himself. Even now he was alone, crouching at a point on the wall that allowed him to see the town, and the potential battlefield. Dar'Valah didn't know why there wasn't a guard stationed in this spot, but that was the least confusing thing the humans had done today. This day was busier than Dar'Valah had expected.

Which was only another element of confusion. Dar'Valah's icy blue eyes drifted across the population going about their daily lives; As if a pair of armies weren't about to clash just outside their walls. Those eyes then turned to the massive fort that had supposedly held a dragon recently; And Dar'Valah wondered why the non combatants were not safely locked in that room. This was the second dumbest thing he'd seen the humans do today.

Dar'Valah turned his head back to the dumbest thing he'd seen them do. His eyes moved across the various corpses waiting for their final dance, and again Dar'Valah questioned the intelligence of the Imperial General. With walls like those around Whiterun they stood a better chance atop them, then they did in a field; Whatever magics the other side had, they weren't wielded by all the soldiers. And once you knew where the real threats were you'd focus there.

Dar'Valah shook his furry head and left his place on the wall. He drifted through the town until he reached the place he had seen Do'Magazo head. Pushing aside his mixed feelings created by his confusion he instead focused on his duty. Seeing Magazo outside the building made things easier. Approaching the Khajiit, Dar'Valah said. “The caravan should leave and quickly. We won't make more profit here in the next few days.”