Post for Zillack:

A peaceful tranquility had fallen over Zillack. His mind laid bare to himself. No memories were coming to mind, only the feeling that everything was finally at rest. The coolness of water holding the body floating, still and without any cares.

A flash across his mind’s eye, brimstone…a turbulent firestorm…searing pain in one’s chest. Just like that Zillack would find consciousness. His body not moving to the commands in his head. Light showing where up was…where air would be. Suddenly feeling a need for it. His struggle would be in vain and another painful death of choking would quickly befall him.

A sudden splash in the water was all he would feel before his vision dimmed once again.

Waking again once more, the feeling of sand on his torso and water at his feet. A soft lapping of waves against his skin, a gentle caress to wake up. Solid land now under him giving him stability. Around him he would feel a temperate summer breeze.

Near him lying in the ground would be a small feline. Its coat was brown like chocolate and it seemed to be sleeping. Curled up against his side. As Zillack would look at this small being he would catch a brief glimpse of teeth and struggle as he was pulled from the waves. In the open serenity of this…island? Zillack would find he was beginning to feel strong again. As if the area itself was nourishing him. Looking around he would see to his west mostly tropical trees and plants, ahead of him a small mountain towards the center of the island, and to the east…just barely in range was a small coastal village.

Nothing like this had ever been seen by him before. With nothing but vague memories, hazy just on the tip of his tongue he would need to make a decision on where and what he would do.

Post for Patches:

A peaceful tranquility had fallen over Patches. His mind laid bare to himself. No memories were coming to mind, only the feeling that everything was finally at rest. The coolness of water holding the body floating, still and without any cares.

Coming to terms with a waking breath, Patches would feel his entire body leaving the numb safety and slowly would begin to ache and pain him. At first he smell something along the lines of candles. The thick hard feeling of stone against his body. Smooth and yet rough at the same time, he would even find a cloth, which provided little in terms of comfort.

Once full conscious he would look about his room, noticing that his armor and weaponry were nowhere to be found. Upon inspection though he might find something else bothering him even more. The candles were not the only thing giving off a smell…incense…and not just any…the smell could only be from one thing. A church…and where there were churches…

Inspecting the room further it looked like he was either about to be sacrificed or even worse put to rest with the other clerics. The room was made from solid limestone and the only way out was through the wooden door before him. Locked of course.

As he would continue to look around the room he would be able to find ointments, some holy medallions, but nothing that could be used as a weapon and nothing that could be used as a lock pick. The sacred alter was also just that with no hidden pathways to find. Lame clerics…

As soon as bashing the door down became an option for Patches he would her the smallest clink at the door, however instead of a person, a small slightly fat brown rat would poke its head in. It would look towards patches and then out the door, as if this little friend picked the lock. Impossible…yes but luck seemed to be favoring him. That or the rat was a trap…though a certain bond might be felt somewhere in patches towards this rat.

Getting out of the door he would find he was in some basement, he would be able to run up the stairs for two flights before coming to the top. He could either continue up the stairway or out into a hallway that pointed either left or right. To the left he felt like he could hear voices…to his right he saw another door with what looked to be dragged marks on the floor. His choice down the three paths would determine his fate.