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Thread: [OOC] NYC Noir [M]

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    Default [OOC] NYC Noir [M]

    Rated M for Mature themes, horror, gore, etc.

    ~Still Looking~

    New York City 1956

    Charlotte O'Connell
    52nd St. Apartment B9
    8:30 AM

    The sound of honking horns and tires pulling water up from
    the asphalt and splashing it onto the sidewalk interrupted the pitter patter of rain against her apartment building now and then. Besides those small disturbances, Charlotte couldn't hear much else from her apartment on the third floor of the brick building. With a sigh, the slender woman pushed herself up from the bed on one arm and gazed out of the window. It was a sad, dreary day. Rain continued to drizzle from grey clouds hanging low in the sky. It didn't seem much brighter now at 8:30 AM than it was at 8:30 PM the previous night. It felt like she'd been living in the darkness this past week. The weather hadn't lifted nor changed from the last Wednesday. It seemed like the rain was never going to end.

    The woman lifted the comforter off of her body, and her
    eyes instantly landed on the dark dried substance that covered almost her entire torso. She felt instantaneously nauseous. It didn't take a scientist to figure out what the iron smell accompanying the mess was. Avoiding looking into a mirror or too long at her filth covered clothing, she stripped and entered the shower. She didn't wait for the water to warm, so the shock of the cold spray stole her breath. She recoiled until it started to heat up, and then once again immersed herself.

    While she showered, she intentionally tried to keep her
    mind blank. She didn't quite remember all that had happened last night, and she wanted to keep it that way for her sanity's sake. Charlotte could never forget the first time she had...fed. It sent a shiver up her spine each time she allowed the thoughts to flood to the front of her mind. The guttural, gurgling last scream of her victim haunted her. Each time she closed her eyes, she could see the life draining out of his. Every time she caught the scent of blood, she could feel the hunger pains coiling in her stomach. She would lick her lips and narrow her eyes. Sounds would suddenly become much louder. She could hear things then that she couldn't usually. Even now, she could feel herself starting to let go of the tight rein she held on her control. On her humanity.

    Gritting her teeth, she opened her eyes once again and
    started furiously scrubbing the blood off of her body until her pale skin was clean once more and rubbed raw. Her hand reached for the tap and turned it off. Once again, the deafening silence enveloped her. Here she couldn't hear the drizzle of the rain outside, but she could see the water rolling down her shoulders and hair and hear the drops splashing onto the bottom of the porcelain claw foot bathtub.

    She took her time getting out of the bath. Covering
    herself in a silk robe that was left by her partner when he disappeared, she sauntered back into the bedroom. She got the sensation of disconnecting from the scene in front of her. It felt like an out of body experience as she watched the young woman start to clean the room. She couldn't smell the blood anymore, couldn't feel the sheets she grasped with her fingers, and couldn't hear anything but the rain against the window pane. The detachment of mind and body seemed to be the only thing that was keeping her sane anymore.

    Nearly two hours and a whole bottle of bleach later,
    Charlotte seemed pleased with her work. A small smile pulled her lips upwards, but the movement didn't touch her eyes. She scrubbed herself in the sink once more, trying to cleanse her skin of the blood that no longer covered her. "Out damned spot," she muttered the first words she'd spoken all day to herself and the noise seemed to startle her out of her trance. Again, the ghost of a smile touched her lips at the thought of she being Lady Macbeth.

    With her bedroom spotless, she walked back from the
    bathroom and into the bedroom to get herself dressed for the day. Today, she wore a matching black skirt and jacket suit combination over a white blouse. Her short, dark red hair had dried and started to curl on its own accord. Before she could place the ever-present, dark-colored sun hat over her head, she took care in setting her curls correctly around her pale face. She rimmed her hazel hues with black eyeliner and brushed a couple of coats of mascara on her lashes. To complete her look for the day, she lined her lips with a red pencil, then filled the outline with a slightly lighter shade of red. Gently, she pulled the dark, wide-brimmed hat over her curls and tilted it to one side enough to mostly cover her eyes.

    On her way out the door, the woman picked up a matching
    black clutch purse and made sure the slip of paper with the address was still within it. She verified that the other scrap of paper with her only clue was also inside. She slid her feet into a pair of short, strappy black heels and closed the door to 'her' apartment behind her.

    Waving down a taxi in this part of New York was relatively
    easy. Within moments, she was out of the weather and seated in the back of a yellow Dodge Meadowbrook. She told the driver her destination and sat silently with her hands in her lap as she watched the world whiz by her window.

    Hi all!

    I hope this starter has caught your interest. This story is about Charlotte hiring a PI to help her track down her old boyfriend. The one that changed her into the monster she is now. She wishes to hunt him down and kill him. [This is the basic plot, and I don't want to say too much as this is a mystery/thriller genre RP as well as horror.] I have two roles available for this RP, though I am open to others being a part of my world so long as your character makes sense to the RP.

    Role 1: Male private investigator

    Spoiler: General Character Sheet 

    Role 2: Male demon
    Spoiler: General Character Sheet 

    If you are interested in either of these roles, please PM me with a sample of your writing. Depending on the amount of interest this thread generates, I will message you back as soon as I can answering whether or not you've got the part, at which point you can post your fleshed-out character bio here in the OOC thread.

    Questions, comments, tips, ideas, etc.? Please don't hesitate to comment here or PM me. Thank you so much for your interest and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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