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Thread: [M] War in the Shadows - Patriots IC

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    Enki was rather nonplussed as the action began, easily tuning out the noise of baseline voices to focus on weapon signals and sounds. The massive Magos seemed oddly…bored by everything that was going on. A benefit of having a fully mechanical form was how heavily armored he was particularly against heat and explosives. He tilted his head up at the sound of the voice directed at him and remained impassive as Zahir responded to the immediate threat to his master, sending a blast of electricity accompanied by two voltgeists that disrupted the attempted attack on Enki.

    The Magos Reductor threw his arm out to the side, segments clicking and whirring as a heavy rotating canon of his own shifted out of his bulky arm. He swung around and brought it to bear against the floating woman.

    In a shadowed corner of the chamber, Vizkop (or rather the poor soul wearing his face and memories) watched the unfolding scene before him. He was gauging when best to intervene himself, if at all, once his head stopped spinning. The headaches lately were getting worse but so far had not interfered with his actions. He scanned the battlefield and noticed the hulking tech-priest swinging his unfolded weapon arm around and firing a searing volley from the rotary gun normally hidden in his limb.
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