I'm Lilian, and I'm looking for 1x1 RP partner(s).
Just to put it out there, I am looking for at least one to start, but if more people reply I'd be happy to do more than one rp with different people. I'll probably just need more time.


As an RP partner, I generally try to write at least three paragraphs consisting at least a few fat sentences. However I usually try to end up mirroring my partner's reply lengths. I also am not natively English, so some phrases I will use will probably seem worded weirdly. I don't usually notice until pointed out.
I generally do third person style of writing, and while I can probably force myself to do first person I'd rather not.

As for grammar, I use basic grammar rules, periods, commas, and all that, though my grammar isn't perfect and I tend to forget to use things like apostrophes. Sorry about that in advance!


My confort level of topics include graphic scenes (sexual or gore), mental health issues, heavy topics, and so on. I can rp sexual scenes, but I am not sure I am good at writing it. I'm definitely willing to try however. I am comfortable rping with gay/trans characters and will probably end up having a few characters reflecting those identities. However I'd prefer to keep the drama not related to their identity/homophobia/transphobia or whatever.

What I'm NOT comfortable with is explicit scenes of rape. Certain non-con elements are okay, as long as it's more about plot and less about purely making people uncomfortable.
I won't rp huge age gaps with a really young character vs middle aged or older character). Huge age gaps however are more comfortable for me if a character is for example 35, and the other is 50.
I will not do incest. This includes step siblings or characters who have relationships that are heavily parental even if they're not related.
I will not do certain kinks, including ddlg or any equivalent to that. I will also not do genderswap sort of things. I also am not versed very well in a lot of kinks so I don't know if I can write about certain things without doing a lot of research. You can always ask me about this, since it's a generally gray area for me and I haven't rped enough diverse kinks to really know what I am comfortable with and what I'm not.


I really love:
Victorian-early 20th century
Supernatural (vampires/werewolves/ghouls/spirits, ect.)
Mafia/organized crime/Assassination/illegal groups(gangs, thief guilds, assassin groups ect.)
Historical fiction (My history isn't very weak, but there might be some things I'm gonna mess up with)
Fantasy (I like Tolkien and all that, but the more different from the clichés the better)
Dishonored fandom rp (OCs only tho, My main will not be corvo/jessamine or anyone else)

What I'm Willing to Do:

Fandoms(But I'm really picky about this since I don't feel confident enough about writing about some characters in some of the fandoms I am in)
Elder Scrolls Universe
Xmen universe
Batman universe
Venom universe
JOJO Bizarre Adv. universe

Viking Historical
Modern day- day to day life
Witches (modern day or not)
Furries (never done this but why not, lol?)

What I'm Not Willing To Do:
fandoms I am not in
college rps where it's about hooking up.ect. ect.
kink rps
porn without plot rps
rps without any room for romance
Horror (I would love to but I'm just not good, nor ever have been)

That being said I am flexible and if you want to try an rp that you are in doubt about, we can talk through it!

Anyways, That's the basics. If I'm missing something, I'll add it in later.

This was copied and pasted from one of the other rp groups I'm in, I just didn't want to write the same thing over and over again.