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Thread: Pokemon: The Fallout

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    Default Pokemon: The Fallout

    A bit of an odd one here, I'd love to do a Pokémon and Fallout crossoever with someone who is familiar with both universes. I'm looking for a good action/adventure storyline with a romance subplot.

    In the desecrated world of Pokémon that I'm imagining, the Sinnohans and Kantonians had a full out war, where the Sinnohans wiped pout all of Kanto with 'nuclear' bombs made from sucking the energy out of Pokémon. Yes, we will play in Kanto. You may play as a vault dweller, or wasteland wanderer, be a ghoul or a supermutant for all I love the freedom of choosing! I will play as a vault dweller named Summer Travers, her stats will be put in a spoiler below. PM me if interested and leave any questions below, thank you!

    Name: Summer Travers
    Race: Human
    S: 4
    P: 8
    E: 4
    I: 6
    A: 6
    L: 5
    Traits: Four eyes, Small frame
    Tagged Skills: Speech, Barter, and Lockpick

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    I might be interested, but I have a question. Which Fallout game are you using as a base for this crossover? It seems like you are using another Fallout game besides Fallout 4, but I am not sure. I am most familiar with Fallout 4, but I have played Fallout 3 as well.
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