The rest of the night the two of them enjoyed each others company though they didn't play around with the Possession Link, Esme not feeling up to it. Vanessa seemed curious about exploring around in an erotic way but Esme couldn't get used to how it felt. Maybe in time but right now it was just too strange. In the morning when Vanessa was getting ready to leave Esme stood there with her hands clinched. Tearing her clothes and dirtying her clothes wasn't what bothered her but when Vanessa suggested they hit her and their supervisors agreed. It took everything in her not to start pounding on them. When they were finally done and Vanessa was on her way she finally calmed down and was led to the room she usually was in for missions. It was small with only a desk and computer in it. There were no decorations in the room save for far more cameras than one would expect in a room this size. Esme often wondered if they were there to study her or to make sure she didn't do anything they wouldn't like. She was used to having a bunch of cameras on her when she worked so it hardly bothered her anymore. Perhaps it would if she knew about the ones in their apartment but thankfully she didn't know about them.

Esme didn't need the computer yet so she paced the room. It worried her that Vanessa was in enemy territory and she couldn't do anything to help her. She thought of sitting down but she was too nervous. She always hated this part of the missions. When there was nothing she could do. The times she was in front of her computer she was able to focus and push the nerves aside. Times between were just unbearable. She felt Vanessa through the link and it helped ground her a bit. She reached out across the link mentally rubbing her lip. She wasn't using the Possession Link but rather going on the memory of just a little while ago. “Always.” Was all she said, letting her feelings go across the link and answer for her.

They were dropping Vanessa off a couple of miles away from the embassy so there was less of a chance to have any Helix personnel seeing her get out of a military van. Judging by the pace Vanessa normally walked she should be arriving soon and the test would begin. This time they weren't trying to fool their own people where there really was no risk if they failed. If Vanessa couldn't sell it who knew what would happen. She could be imprisoned or killed. Esme looked over to her computer pulling up the cameras in front of the embassy. She would have visual of Vanessa until they went inside. Per international agreements they weren't supposed to monitor the embassy but it was a rule that no city followed completely. They all bent the rule pushing it as far as they could. Esme could see the outside street and a little inside. It mostly allowed them to be able to see who was going in and out.

Part of the communication with Vanessa's handler was she was to arrive at a certain time where Helix would set off a small EMP that would create a surge that interrupted the feed. Knowing this would happen their techs had installed shielding so they wouldn't lose video. Esme's job was simulate a black out as it was common knowledge that Helix had tapped into cameras. They did the same thing with the embassy in the Helix city. She looked over to the clock then to the camera seeing the power surge go through it and sent a blank feed to Helix. On the unaffected camera she watched Vanessa walk into the frame. She could see the damage done to her and it made Esme angry again. The Helix guards stopped her and looked her over seeming to buy the disguise as they led her into the compound. She was able to watch for a little while but quickly Vanessa was out of sight. Esme waited about a minute more then restored the video feed along with the data that a diagnostic was run. Hopefully it would be enough to fool Helix. “I'm right here if you need me.” Esme said, across the link.