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Thread: Looking for a few new fantasy friends!

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    Default Looking for a few new fantasy friends!

    So let me start by saying its been awhile since I've roleplayed! So if you find that I'm kinda lacking please be patient! I always have a million ideas but hardly anyone to talk to about it. My last few rp experiences left something to be desired, to say the least, so I stopped for awhile. Hopefully I can find some like minded people here and have a great time! Oh, one last thing is that you may notice this is a lot of 1x1 and the other one is a male. (I feel most comfortable playing female because I don't do a realistic male haha.) This is just because I want to ease myself back into the swing of things.

    Also, and to some people's dismay, I love long replies! I don't want three sentences and DONE (unless it is just needed, for example, when there is a lot of dialogue to get through or fight scenes). So along with paragraph formations I don't use * to express action. I thought I would put this out there so if that's how you write I don't waste your time.

    Some of the ideas I have include:

    God/Goddess x Human:

    These are always fun! I'm open to playing the Goddess or the human because the story that I have started thinking of is a human's town/village is being attacked by demons/corrupted spirits after the supposed fall of their god. (I will explain the backstory more in the rp) Long story short there is a being slaying gods and goddesses for some reason. While most are just reborn there are a few lesser known that just disappear. Because of this evil seeps in and takes over human minds and twists them and the souls to do unspeakable things. Or lesser evil just causes bad luck and bad crops.
    Either way, the main human can see/sense the evil and prays to their god. When they don't show up they start to get desperate and pray to any god listening and pops in a very old, almost forgotten god who says they will help if they become a follower of them so they can rebuild their status and become a great god once more. Hilarity ensues! Traveling to see which gods are still alive, trying to help people believe in your new friend/god, romance!? and finally- Who is slaying gods?

    *Does this sound really close to Noragami? Because it is based off this great manga! Haven't read it? I highly recommend it.

    Outcast x Girl:

    Okay, hear me out! It follows the same sort of 'Bad things are happening and the heavens are being affected' BUT the story starts in a small town that worship the Goddess of Love, Marriage and Family, known as the Mother or the Mother of Gods (because she along with her sister of earth and brother of the stars, created the lesser gods and even humans!) anywho. A lot of lore later, our town goes by this belief that women are connected more to the Mother Goddess and she gives them visions of who they should marry. Our mian girl has a vision of who she should marry and, guess what!! It's this outcast boy who his half human half 'monster'. Monster is a broad term that includes all 'bad things' that aren't your normal elves, fairies, or any of those other pretty things. (If you have a monster in mind you get to choose but I ask we discuss it! I will also go in more detail of why he is half and half and why he is outcast).
    So our girl goes against her family's wishes (because you don't have to marry whoever you see, it's just prefered) and asks this outcast for his hand in marriage...or at least to give her a chance because she can feel that there is a reason the Mother Goddess chose them to be together.

    Finding Lost City:
    A world renowned historian and archaeologist has the adventure of a lifetime for anyone up to the task. Many would think finding any sort of 'magical kingdom' would be the biggest laugh, but after years of searching this man thinks he has cracked the code to find it. The catch? His daughter will be in his place during this adventure for more reasons than one.
    This is a sort of Atlantis The Lost Empire and Earl and Fairy wrapped into one.

    Do you have any ideas of your own?? I would love to hear them! I'm not only a big fantasy fan but a history and supernatural/spooky fan as well! I just thought fantasy would reach more people haha. Want to discuss any other genera I would love to talk!

    I hope to hear from you soon! Have a wonderful day!

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    I would be interested in either of the upper two stories. They both have potential.
    Activity Dates: I am most frequent Monday, Wednesday through Saturday. I am rarely free Tuesdays and Sundays though may be able to find some time.

    Currently looking for friends and Rp's if you think I might fit please let me know!

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    I would be interested as well.. I have an idea I would like to try out.


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