So I've had this idea in my head for a long time and have had a hell of a time trying to implement it. Basically I want to create a DC Universe from scratch, utilizing pre-existing characters, concepts, and storylines, but adding our own unique twist on them. We would start by introducing Batman and build on his story for a few (in-RP), years, and then introduce Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and the other main heroes of the Justice League. Along the way we would begin branching out and exploring the more obscure or lesser known characters, and eventually explore the multiverse.

Please keep in mind that this will be a long term project, it might move slow at times because I prefer quality and consistency over quantity. This will be story based and will have basic plot points planned out, it will just be up to us to explore them and flesh out the plots.

There is a ton of opportunity for creative freedom and to write as classic characters and put our own spin on them, but as I said before, it will be a long-term project and I need a core group of committed partners to help.

If interested, respond here or PM me. I look forward to building a whole new world with you!