I've been on a vampire kick lately. Any fans of The Originals/The Vampire Diaries here? I haven't finished the TVD but I finished TO and I am so disappointed.

Anyway, I've been inerested in forming a group roleplay set in New Orleans. If we have vampires, witches, hybrids, werewolves, ghosts, sirens, siphoners, travellers, etc. why not fairies too? The short version is a group of siphoners come to New Orleans in pursuit of a fairy(ies) and need the blood of an Original, a human vessel, etc. to return their witchy queen to life. Said queen has promised them the ability to gain magic of their own rather than drawing on the power of others.

If it sounds remotely interesting to anybody, I'd love to start it up. I'm open to a one on one or a group.

I'm also totally down for something inspired by From Dusk Til Dawn. (The series.)