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Thread: War on High Interest check

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    Default War on High Interest check

    I have this concept I've been tooling around with that essentially uses Supernatural for inspiration but is set in a world very similar to our own that begins with breaking of the last seal, a fight between Lucifer and Michael and then the following war of angels. I genuinely have no idea how I'm gonna write it suffice it to say I have a couple of ideas and its 100% depends on the amount of interest.

    If I get some its very possible I could GM two Rps, not really something I haven't done before and I'm kind of bored as of late. I don't have a lot of information on it outside of what I listed above, the plot is slowly coming together but again depending on the number of people there are multiple routes I could go.

    Bullet Points:
    1. Lucifer and Michael have been caged
    2. The apocalypse happened in a modern setting but was derailed
    3. We'd be fighting a war in heaven, on earth, and in hell.
    4. Important Angels would be listed although the characters would be of your own creation.

    Obviously this isn't my standard interest check usually I damn near write the OOC but I don't wanna put a lot of time into this one if no one is interested.


    "And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day."

    And so hath the day of judgment arrived

    On Earth, they look to us as guides, to give unto them unity, prosperity, love, kindness, warmth, the list would rival that of our doctrine if I were to continue.
    In the void, they seek us, for answers that we will never provide. It is their damnation to wonder endlessly looking for the light or the pyre.
    In the pyre, they fear us, our holy power to erase them from existence even when they have given so much to gain what little they have.
    And finally, in Heaven, where there is no guide, no law, and where even the words of the doctrine are cast aside much like our father cast us aside, It is they that erase us and we that erase them.
    When and Angel sins it will be our fiery blades that remind them of order.

    In Heaven, we have long since forgotten our purpose though somehow we have taken great stride to see that we stay the course set before. That meant that our way of existence was put to stone and that no one could deviate from what we had been etched by the creator, the writer, and our father. However, our father, the only being who could keep us in order, has long since abandoned his flock and left us to fend against the thing we fear most. Ourselves. For millennia we have done what we thought to be true, much like him, we abandoned Earth and kept to our seats on high, only appearing when the stones dictated we were needed. We did not question, we did not falter.

    But, the story has ended and there is nothing more written for us to follow. We and for the first time in our existence we do not know what to do...with the stones gone and with no guide we seek answers, like those we left in the void. Some of us, some names that have long been there before us have raised their blades to assume the right of God's throne, they have taken up the mantle to end the strife, to end the chaos that is in Heaven, but where there was one, now there are many and Angel is pitted against Angel, brother against brother, sister against sister.

    And our battleground extends far beyond our borders,

    Some of us have fallen to Earth where we may hide, others have been cast into hell where we still fight against Angel and Demon, though...those names have sense been lost. Angel blood and wings alike have been scarred into every corner of this world and their seems to be no end in sight.
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    Definitely interested to see if this gets off the ground
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