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Thread: [M] The Uncanny X-Men

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    This RP has been featured as RP of the week

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    I might be interested, but my knowledge of the X-Men (and Marvel lore in general, for that matter) is passable at best, so most of my character ideas involve OC’s, including one with a character arc idea that I would need to run by you through PM’s first to make sure it doesn’t deviate too far from the main plot.
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    Thanks for the set, Kicks!

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    Name: Wade Wilson

    Code Name: Deadpool

    Age: Appears to be in his late 20's

    Appearance: A tall, muscular man, whose skin is covered in painful-looking scars, their placement and quantity constantly in flux. His eyes are blue, and his hair (what little remains) is a light golden-blond. His smile is rather frightening, even when he has the best intentions (which is rarely). He is usually seen sporting a full-body red and black suit, accompanied by two katanas and the odd gun, but occasionally dons a hoodie and jeans.

    Personality: An obnoxious smartass with a predilection for violence, Wade is generally quite R-rated (literally), but will veer into more innocent and childish behaviors. He is pretty guarded about his past and his inner feelings, and only opens up to a select few. Wade has severe undefined mental issues.

    Bio: Deadpool's past is decidedly murky. He, diagnosed with cancer and unable to find a cure, entered the Weapon X program in the hopes of survival. But the procedure went awry. The cancer spread across his entire body, and while it could no longer kill him, it left him terribly scarred and in a constant state of pain. Regarded as a failed experiment, he struck out on his own, finding work as a mercenary.

    Powers: A powerful healing factor, along with above average strength, agility, and stamina.

    Other: Has a crippling fear of cows. Has died multiple times. Is pansexual. Produces a line of villain-themed trading cards.
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