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Thread: Joahuas Adventure; A Nuzlocke Little Cup Run [M]

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    ==START ELITE 4==

    It was finally time take on the elite 4. The first stop was Ever Grande city, a small place with only a pokemon center around. It is only accessible through the waterfall and fly HM as far as I can see, but that wasn't my concern. What was was the large cavern behind the place. There led to the greatest challenge I was bound to face. Feeling as confident that I could be, I headed in, already feeling my nerves tense. The fights in here were brutal, but I managed to battle my way free and advance through the cave. I also caught myself an aron at the start of the place, but I didn't feel he would add all that much to my team as of yet.

    The cavern was long, but I managed to reach the end, where I was confronted by Wally, that young boy from the very early days of my adventure. I agreed to the battle he asked for, and was even surprised to see the mega gallade he had with him. The match was very enjoyable, and great practice for the next stage. Wally even gave me a copy of the mega stone he had for gallade, which sadly I did not have with me. Parting ways at the exit, I headed towards the pokemon league, ready to make my starting debut.

    I decided to do some more training inside the cavern and talk with the people there, getting a few hints about the matches up ahead. I spent a few days building up my nerves and strategies. After three days camped out, I began my trial. I purchased a good amount of hyper potions, full heals and full restores. They would come in handy.

    First up was Sydney, the dark type elite 4. My plan for him was simple in execution. Sola was out first, and he sent out his mightyena. The battle began with me getting my speed up with flame charge, building up my speed and taking down both Mightyena and Absol. After that was Sharpedo, which I dare not risk. He managed to get in an aqua jet and do some damage, but I hit it hard with U-turn and switched out to Tick-tock. The Sharpedo didn't last long to thunderbolt, and with that down, brought out volley ball against his Sableye, which went down rather quickly.

    His last two Pokémon, Shiftry and Cacturne were brought down by Sola. The first member was down, and it was time to move on. Ghost type Phoebe was next and I set Lulu to begin against her Dusclops. It wasn't able to hit me, but it did get me with both a curse and confuse ray, so I had to switch out for Volley Ball. The fights continued with this vein, but Volley was able to solidly wash them away, having water spout and surf to just knock them out easily. I had to switch out into Larvesta to fight that dusknoir, but that was the hardest part of the fight due to the power and defense of the dusknoir. A quick heal up and I was off to the next match.

    Glacia the ice type user was up next, and she didn't pose much of a challenge. With Sola’s flame charge and Tick-tocks mirror shot, none of the ice types were able to stand long against us. I had some troubles with keeping them down with her healing them, but otherwise it was a quick and fast fight, Sydney's being the easiest leader so far.

    Finally it was time to battle Drake, and for Volley Ball to shine. With his surf and ice beam he helped take down the main group. Tick-Tock was very helpful in killing off both Salamance and Kingdra, though I nearly lost the poor fellow at the end due to a critical hit. It was a very tense fight, but I won, and it was finally time to take on the champion, Steven stone. It was time to put my master plan in action.

    Steven was a real challenge, but I was ready for him. I started with Sola, but immediately went for the U-turn immediately, breaking it's sturdy and shifting into Tick-Tock, allowing me to avoid the toxic. Unfortunately I didn't expect it to be faster than I, or to not hit it out with one shot, so he managed to get two layers of spikes up before I took her out.

    His next was aggron, who I immediately switched Volley in and had to heal immediately. I managed to knock it out in two turns, it's special defense not helping it out at all. I was surprised when it didn't heal, so out came cradily. I immediately switched for Mushi, managing to avoid a giga drain. What I wasn't ready for was the sludge bomb that hit me next turn, taking a decent chunk out of my health. Knowing how this would go, I switched in Tick-Tock again, it's morrow shield easily taking care of the pokemon.

    After that he sent out Claydol, to which Mushi was able to thrive. I managed to stun the Claydol,and used that time to heal up the rest of my team before taking it out. Armaldo was up next, but he was flushed away with Volley Ball quickly. But now it was time.

    Now was the time to battle his Mega Metagross. I knew that this would be a harsh fight, but I had the perfect plan. Just as he launched his giga impact, I sent out Lulu to take the hit, sadly knocking out the young Pokémon. It was sad to see, but I needed the turn to stall. After that I sent out Wibblez, able to get off a charm during the recovery turn.

    After that the match was mine! Wibblez was able to survive the hits and return with counter, able to push through the stalling of Steven and mega Metagross. But it was finally over, and I won the championship title! I was now the regional champion of the Hoenn region. May was there to meet me as we headed back home, challenging me to one last battle before we turned to rest at home. She was a good relaxing battle before I finally managed to get the time to rest.

    My team has earned their rest, the biggest being Mushi.

    I'll have to check in later on, but for now,my journey has come to an end.


    -Stone Badge
    -Knuckle Badge
    -Dynamo Badge
    -Heat Badge
    -Balance Badge
    -Feather Badge
    -Mind Badge
    -Rain Badge

    Mushi- Shroomish (F) lvl 75
    Tick-Tock- Klink (N/A) lvl 79
    Sola- Larvesta (F) lvl 74
    Lulu- Happiny (F) lvl 76
    Volley Ball- Wailmer (M) lvl 73
    Wibblez- Wynaut (M) lvl 73

    Stephanie- Zubat (F) lvl 21
    Gunk- Grimer (F) lvl 14
    Postal- Wingull (M) lvl 27
    Zora- Horsea (F) lvl 52
    Tantrum- Whismur (M) lvl 40
    Sly- Zigzagoon (M) lvl 37
    Misty- Corphish (F) lvl 35
    Glacie- Spheal (F) lvl 40
    Shade- Shuppet (F) lvl 44
    Shimmer- Clampearl (F) lvl 30
    MooMoo- Munna (F) lvl 38
    Drifter- Drifloon (M) lvl 45
    Nugget- Aron (M) lvl 20

    Skipper-Mudkip (M) gym leader Brawly
    Breeze-Taillow (M) gym leader Brawly
    Reyn- Makuhita (M) gym leader Brawly
    Tuna- Magikarp (M) gym leader Brawly
    Duckie- Lotad (M) trainer
    Oscar- Poochyena (M) trainer
    Prism- Tentacool (M) trainer
    Legos- Sandshrew (M) wild Pokémon
    Fluffball- Swablu (F) wild Pokémon
    Pearl- Spoink (F) trainer
    McGregor- Machop (M) trainer
    Myrrha- Lileep (F) Trainer
    Little Prince- Cacnea (M) wild Pokémon
    Streak- Electrike (F) wild Pokémon
    Dream- Duskull (M) trainer
    Ash- Pikachu (M) Matt
    Bleu- Marill (F) Archie
    Nomu Nomu- Gulpin (F) Archie
    Conduit- Magnemite (N/A) Archie
    Plasma- Chinchou (M) Archie

    ==END ELITE 4==

    (This is the final post for the Joshua story. His adventure ended here, as I did not pick up his story after this adventure. For those who may be interested, I am currently working on a new little cup challenge for the White 2 game. If anyone is interested upon reading that, just let me know)

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    Wibblez op

    Also Yes I loved reading this...I got so much work done >.> haha...

    White two sounds cool considering I have never played that one either
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