Sometimes I come up with little random things, but other times I can come up with big and cool things when I’m motivated, so here are some copies I pasted here!

•-:From here on out are a few randomly and not so randomly selected writings:-•

There are two wolves in me...

one is drunk, the other has a taser ( too long I think )

Vincent chuckled to himself, raising his machete blade towards his foe, “hey, you aren’t getting away with that” he said calmly, “no route of escape” he stepped closer, and his red eyes were narrowing as he focused. The large dragon growled deeply down at Vincent and curled his tail tighter around the sack of extreme valuables and prototype technology that he stole, spewing some smoke as a warning, but Vincent had nothing to fear since he could easily predict what most foes were about to do.

”get yourself together and there will be no need for blood spill” Vincent said taking another step forward, the dragon suddenly inhaled and snapped open his mouth. Vincent instinctually jumped back just a second before fire was spewed, burning up the patch of ground that he was standing on just seconds ago. “Woah, that felt hot” Vincent said, watching the snarling dragon closely. Vincent was quickly thinking, trying to decide on what to do next. “Heheheh, eh... you nearly took me by surprise, but that’s the closest you can ever get!” Vincent was now grinning and allowing his own teeth to show while raising his machete again. The dragon then lunged forward, some fire spewing from his mouth.

There was quick movement from the two of them as they both fought to stand their ground. Fire was thrown nearly everywhere and claws were scratched against the machete’s blade, it had soon come to a stalemate though. Vincent was panting a little and the dragon was breathing heavily and spewing a lot of smoke. “This can’t be a draw, no, it can’t be” Vincent said chuckling a little. “My own heart is on fire, it gives me energy to keep going on this” Vincent growled, lightly putting a paw onto his chest. “Let’s see, end this now... or soon...” Vincent growled, raising his machete again...( this is very recent and he’s badass! Anyway, this is Vincent, an OC of mine )

Tomatoes are going to tomate, and there’s nothing we could do about it

( this is all for now )