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Thread: Pioneering, Dystopia, and a little containment (Kortaga X StormyNyte)

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    Default Pioneering, Dystopia, and a little containment (Kortaga X StormyNyte)

    This is the Story of the Founders! The two first Magicians!

    The world was a peaceful place, until a large eye appeared in the sky. Everyone around the Kingdom of Herrion watched in horror as it stared down unblinking. Some believed it to be God’s eye while others watch with malevolence. After a few hours and the Kings guard had appeared, the eye started to bleed and as the blood dripped a large being of blood and gore torn through the city. A being who could do the impossible and break the very physics of the world. It was referenced as Divine…Judgement…but mostly…it was simply called Magic.

    Herrion was the first and strongest Empire to be attacked and it was decimated within days. Ever since then man talks about these Djin. Supremely magical being who hunt and kill for the sport of it.

    While some have managed to learn how to combat such creatures…it is a losing battle. Only Magic can fight magic. A guild known as the Slayers appeared and began to work coordinated attacks against roaming Djin. Their fights keep some peace and eventually small cities began to develop…but it was only a matter of time before the Djin…were going to strike back.

    One day the town of Jiszek was attacked when no Slayers were around to save them…this is the story of what happened after its destruction.

    Character Tenplate:
    Nothing too crazy but just so we have something to follow:
    Character Name:
    Physical description or Picture:
    Mental Description:

    I will be working on mine over the next day or two but feel free to continue to discuss things.
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    Currently looking for friends and Rp's if you think I might fit please let me know!

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    Piecing everything together, should be ready to rock after this weekend.
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