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Thread: I can get pretty political if you let me.... lol

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    Default I can get pretty political if you let me.... lol

    End of March, living in the USA...

    Sadly I'm in Alaska and I don't get to experience these things personally but I do watch a lot of different news and youtubers covering some of these topics. Or see it on twitter or something...

    In no particular order....

    1. Cardi B - Made a video a few years ago about drugging her ex-boyfriends and robbing them. Multiple videos apparently, because I saw one that "joked" about also having a "Tranny" sleep with them in a 'threesome'. Someone made a picture comparing what she did to what if a guy drugged a girl to rape her and got a lot of flack for it because it's not the same thing. Yet both are wrong, both are stealing and both are rape *if including the "Tranny" part knowing the guy isn't into that.

    2. Russia Collusion - Mueller report denies any evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia. I've seen many people upset about this. As a supporter of whoever is President, I'm happy that it means Trump wasn't treasonous by using Russia. Why would anyone want a president to be bad? Just because they don't agree with everything about him and don't like the things he says (or they hear what he said in bits and pieces picked out of context)

    3. Abortion laws - I think there are 2 big things people fight about when it comes to abortion. When does human life begin? Who gets to decide to keep or end the pregnancy? Some states are outlawing abortion past a set number of weeks, like 6 weeks when the heartbeat generally starts. Some are extending it all the way up until the actual birth if you have "health problems" which is pretty general if you ask me. If women should be the only one to decide to end the pregnancy.

    4. Democrat Exits - Blexit, LBG(t)exit, maybe more. But groups of "minorities and people of color" are making a statement to exit the democratic party because of various reasons. Be it feeling oppressed by their ideals (like just because you aren't white, you should be a democrat), not being into socialism (which a lot of people feel the democrats are all becoming), or not believing some of the things the left stands for which can be so hypocritical.

    5. Green New Deal - I've heard so many different things about what is actually in the GND, like trying to get rid of cow farts, getting rid of or at least lowering use of planes and getting more trains, getting rid of cars and making people use electric... Either way, they put it up to a vote recently and lost 57-0, with 54 people merely voting present so they didn't vote yes or no on it.

    6. MAGA hat craziness - Not the people who wear the MAGA hats (Make America Great Again), but the people who see the hat and go crazy. I've seen many videos of random people with these MAGA hats just chilling be it in class where the teachers have gone nuts, in restaurants where randoms strangers have gone nuts, or college campus' where other students have gone nuts. Most of these encounters are filled with the crazy person trying or succeeding in taking the hat and then yelling about how it's bad and why it's bad.

    7. Gun rights - 2 parts
    A. School Shootings, Religious place shooting. Other countries are banning guns, making crazy laws on guns because of recent shootings where the media blame conservatives and white supremacists.
    B. Certain states or small counties of States are making laws to become gun sanctuaries in case of federal laws trying to take guns away from people. Mainly meaning that city law enforcement won't follow federal/state laws on guns, federal and state law enforcement would have to be called to be able to come take guns and stuff.

    8. Speech - Free speech VS 'hate speech'.

    9. The Wall - Trump got 1 billion for the wall. 100,000 people are headed for the border through mexico.

    I'm always open to discuss politics and the different sides of things. I try to be centrist, but I do have a lot of conservative views that I try to keep to myself unless asked.

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    My political views are literally all over the place since I judge on an issue to issue basis. These days I'm not very political, though. It just stresses me out and depresses me.

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    I don’t think a lot of people like this topic.

    Sorry, Paganpaige :o

    I’m not the best person to ask, either. I wasn’t paying attention to politics when I lived in the US, as I was a child and teenager back then, dreaming about the outside world. And now I am really detached from it, as I’ve not lived there in a decade. So I don’t pretend to know what is going on.

    But here yeeee go

    The Irish President, Michael Higgins.

    He looks like a hobbit, hah, and is much loved here in Ireland.

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    I can be quite political too though other times I choose avoid it as I find a lot of discusion on the internet just ends up with people having a fight. I won't go into detail on what my views are but most of them are fairly liberal.
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    I like to think of myself as more or less centrist in terms of politics; on some issues I lean to the left, on some issues I lean to the right, and on most issues I prefer to balance the two sides as fairly as possible. But with how toxic politics has become nowadays (and don’t even get me started on the MAGA hat craziness you just mentioned), I’m trying more and more to just get away from it all, which is easier said than done when my YouTube recommendations nowadays keeps giving me politically charged news stories and political commentary mixed in with everything else.

    P.S. :: If anyone knows how to make YouTube stop sending me those recommendations, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve tried clearing my watch history of political videos among other things, but so far it hasn’t worked.
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    What are uou subscribed to? Anything newsy or political is likely gonna result in those mind of recommendations. Subscribe to a bunch of other stuff you enjoy or pick a channel as far from politics as possible and bit play on a video with auto play turned on and just click one similar to that. And watch those for a few hours. Should start s3eing recommendations similar to those.
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    Here are my thoughts on a couple of political things.

    American Healthcare-

    Call me Bernie Sanders if you want, but I think that government-funded healthcare should be a thing in the United States of America. Yes, it might raise taxes a little but let's face it. Insurance companies these days are money-hungry, and they don't give a rat's butt about the people that they are supposed to help pay for medical bills. Some people can't even afford healthcare insurance to begin with. If the American Government would put price caps on medication, then we might be able to do government-funded healthcare.

    Gun control-

    The keyword there is "control." As a Democrat myself, I don't wish to take away the second amendment. I am okay with mentally-stable people having a hunting rifle or a small hand gun in their homes for hunting or self defense. I hate to break it to the gun nuts, but you, as a civilian, don't need a AR-15 or something amongst those lines. They are not good for hunting animals and are solely meant for the army to kill people. Going back to the process of actually buying or obtaining a gun, I want to see thorough mental health checks and background checks. Can't pass those and you can't have a gun. That simple. Here is a interesting video that I found relating to my thoughts on gun control that pretty much sums up my thoughts on it.

    I will warn that this video may not be for some people.

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