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Thread: ~New to Roleplaying~

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    New ~New to Roleplaying~

    I'm new to roleplaying...I actually haven't done anything yet but I would really love to.
    I love reading and writing, especially dialogues with friends. I'm looking for a roleplaying group or even a roleplaying partner but only if you are willing to take a newbie under your wing.

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    Welcome to RPA Element!!!!

    I am sure you will enjoy your time here, there are so many who will guide you around our little corner of the internet.

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    "Acorns...." you hear as someone shuffles behind you, "Acorns....!"

    Turning, you see this enormous miserable creature that someone's poured olive-green paint on - and it's still dripping. When he sees you, he instinctively moves his paws to cover his most vulnerable spot, and screams "Boss! Boss!"

    "Hah!" someone says. "Ya owe me $5 Shark! I told ya dis would...."

    Three badgers standing waist-high, wearing pinstriped Zoot suits round a corner and come to a stop, staring at you. The two on the sides are carrying Thompson submachine guns, while the one in the middle has a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, bouncing angrily up and down like a cat about to strike.

    "Mongo," the middle badger says, pointing at you, "What is da meaning of dis?"
    "Boss, dey came outta nowhere!" the paint-covered minion says.

    Toothpick sighs, burying his face in his palms for a long moment, then looks up glaring at Mongo.
    "I sent you out as bait ta find zombie squirrels! I even bet $5 with da Shark here!" he says, pointing at the badger on his left. "Cause of you, I gotta pay 'im!"

    "I'm sorry boss!" Mongo blubbers. "It's just... dey're new."
    "What does 'new' have ta do with finding zombie squirrels?"

    "Eh, Boss," interrupts the badger on the right, "I dink wot Mongo is sayin' is dat we gotta do dat 'community service' da judge wanted us ta do."
    "Oh, is dat so?" Toothpick growls. "Is dat wot ya all think?"

    The badgers all nods their heads.
    "Right!" Toothpick grumbles, spinning to face you. He reaches under his jacket - and pulls out some index cards.

    "Ahem! 'Welcome ta Roleplay Adventures!' Smile...."
    "Uh boss..."
    "Can it, Buttons! Yer always interruptin'! Ahem! 'Welcome ta Roleplay Adventures!' Smile!"

    He pauses to glare back at his hench-badger, who winces.

    "Right! 'Anything can happen here, and usually does. And we like's da new people whole bunches. But because yer a new fish, we gotta warn ya that yer under re... re... re-strict-ions, and can't do a lot. Youse gets two emails, so delete yer sent mail so's you can get replied back. And you can't look at anybody's profile, not even yer own."

    "Yer better off," The Shark says. He's kneeling on the ground playing a quick pickup game of solitaire. "Some of dem profiles I wouldn't let me Mam see."
    "Shark, do you mind? I'm takin' here!"
    "Sorry, boss."

    "Dat's more like it! Ahem! 'Dis is nothin' against youse, we just don't want dis forum filling up with dat type of guys dat try ta sell ya a five dollar gold watch that ain't worth the paint on 'em."
    "We're runnin' outta room ta bury them," the Shark smirks, playing an ace and cleaning up a stack. "Maybe that new game's got some room somewhere...."

    "Can it!" Toothpick growls. "Ahem. 'Ta get yerself outta Dutch, ya just needs ta be active. Go play some games Downtown, get yerself involved with one of da roleplays. When da Management sees ya being active, dey will make ya a member...."

    Mongo squeals, rearing back and pointing past you. "Zombie squirrel! Zombie squirrel!"

    The paw holding the index cards shoves them back into his jacket pocket, then Toothpick hauls out a nickle-plated gun.

    "Er, sorry! We gotta ourselves a prior engagement what with roundin' up all dese zombie squirrels what escape from da April contests. Be seein' ya!"

    Toothpick pauses, "Hey, whatya want, an invitation! Go get dat squirrel!"

    With a roar, the badgers go running off.

    "Hey boss, what about my five bucks?" The Shark wheezes.
    "Get it from Mongo!"
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    *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* Those are infinitely amusing, Enigma.

    Also, welcome to the site, Element. As the welcoming crew has already made clear, things are pretty relaxed here, just communicate and you'll develop your skills in no time!

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    Hello and welcome to RPA Element! We are always happy to take on a new fish in our pond! If you enjoy writing, this is a great place to hang out! We have lots of friendly folks and a little spattering of odd characters. You have already been greeted by the Badger Gang, but there is also a zombie horde, pesky squirrels, ninja cats, and a dragon roaming the halls of the site. Many of them can be encountered in the Downtown area where they enjoy relaxing in some of the lounges.

    So take off your coat, kick up your feet, and enjoy yourself. If you have any questions, just ask, the staff is always willing to assist as needed!

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    Howdy! There's a group I'm in that's looking for players.
    If you're interested, here's the link to the OOC:
    We just need a few more, and then we'll get the IC up.
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    Welcome! Glad you found us and joined. We were all new once, so jump in and have some fun!

    Please ask away if you need anything while you're figuring things out.
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