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    Default Hello!

    Hi! You can call me Kokichi! It痴 a boys name but I am a girl. I知 currently using the full website on an iPhone until I get a computer. I知 18 and my graduation ceremony is on Sunday. I love roleplaying almost anything (I avoid scifi and high fantasy) and I have too much free time to be here. Hope you guys can welcome me and we値l have lots of fun, ok?

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    With a sudden squeal of its brakes, the unofficial welcome wagon comes to a stop near you. The driver of the ancient Ford Phaeton is a huge creature wearing a translucent cone of shame - it's not clear how he can see to drive.

    "Eh, Boss?" says a voice weakly from the back seat, "I think Mongo found another new person."
    "Yeah?" someone groaned back.
    "Boss, do ya think we could get some seat belts back here?"
    "Later, let's see what da idjit found, first."

    The rear passenger door opens, and a badger wearing a Zoot suit crawls out from the tangle on the floor. Somehow, a toothpick has managed to stay in the corner of his mouth.

    "Mongo," Toothpick says, dusting himself off, "I think we need ta get dem brakes checked or you need ta stop stompin' on dem."

    Behind him, another Zoot-suited badger slides out of the pile, leaving one who climbs up onto the seat.
    "I'll just stay here," he says.
    "Okay, Shark," Toothpick nods, then reaches into his jacket to produce a pair of index cards.

    "Ahem!" he says. "'Welcome ta Roleplay Adventures, where anything can happen 'n' does. And we like's da new people whole bunches. But because yer a new fish, we gotta warn ya that yer under re... re... re-strict-ions, and can't do a lot. Youse gets two emails, so delete yer sent mail so's you can get replied back. And you can't look at anybody's profile, not even yer own.'"

    "Dey ain't much ta look at mostly," the hench-badger behind Toothpick says.
    "Buttons! I am talkin' here!"
    "Sorry, boss!"
    "Ahem! 'Dis is nothin' against youse, we just don't want dis forum filling up with dat type of guys dat try ta sell ya a five dollar gold watch that ain't worth the paint on 'em.'"

    "Hey boss, I think I found a place across da river...." the badger in the back seat yells out.
    "Not now, Shark!" Toothpick scowls. He holds up the other card. "Ahem. 'Ta get yerself outta Dutch, ya just needs ta be active. Go play some games Downtown, get yerself involved with one of da roleplays. When da Management sees ya being active, dey will make ya a member...."

    "Yeah, dey throw Crash, da membership Goldfish at da back of yer head, bowl 'n' all." Buttons grins.
    "It's not as bad as it sounds," Toothpick shrugs. "Da swellin' usually goes away after a week."
    "What about da double-vision?" Button interjects.
    "A few days, a week tops. Anyways, we're glad ta meet ya. We'll be on our way now."

    "Good job, boss," Buttons says, waiting by the door. "Ya think da judge will like it?"
    "He better," Toothpick says as he steps up. "Dis community service stuff is murderin' me!"

    Buttons gives you a quick nod as he scrambles in, and the car suddenly speeds off.
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    Hello and welcome to RPA! There's a wide selection of games other than scifi and fantasy, so I hope you're able to find something you like! See you around!

    ideas? . Hogwarts . WTRT: Side Roads
    my life is still a mess pm me if you want to check in
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    Spoiler: Dna's Welcome Center located inside 
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    Hello and welcome to RPA Kokichi! I hope your graduation ceremony is lots of fun! Here at RPA we try to have all kinds of fun too. If you enjoy relaxing in a laid back environment, I recommend popping into the Downtown area and chatting with a few of our members. There is also a throng of unusual characters hanging out in the beware. You have already been greeted by our Badger gang, but there is also a horde of zombies out there...and ninja cats, working squirrels, and dragons.

    Have a good time, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask...we are here to help!


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