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Thread: [IC] Kingdom Hearts :: Shattered Remains [PG-13]

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    A soft humming begin to be made, coming from a alleyway nearby everyone with Udine. And was soon followed up with a brief flash of light, that cast a beam of light from the source down in the alley. The light fades away within moments after being formed, within the seconds of the bright light fading. A faint echo of footsteps were being made as a tall lean, yet muscular, man with long white hair exit the alleyway.

    "Hm...guess that crystal did work, because this is certainly not Metal Works." Lowell declared after he made a surveying glance of his surroundings, while pocketing the mention crystal to safe keeping. "Now where to go from here, hm...perhaps they might know." Lowell turns his head to see a group of people down the path, soon making his way over to them.

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    Now that they were free from Noctis at least for the time being the strange being that saved them decided to critique their battle. This to say the least was not the best maneuver on the being's part. Nothing good came out of the critique, and needless to say, the reactions of each of the warriors was not to be unexpected. Each of the warriors took the information in a different way. Some choose to not react at all, some were getting angry, and others were able to hide their reactions well. As for Raizel he remained a blank book. It was not the first time he has heard words like this, and it probably won't be the last.

    Where he was from you had to be able to not only fight on your own, but to work as at least a two-man team. If you were unable to work together… well, you would have received the same reaction that was given now. Yet he knew it was not easy to be able to work together as a team in just one battle without knowing each person's strengths and weaknesses. Yet even then it would take time to be able to work cohesively with one another. Shaking his head was the only thing he could do at the moment. He was not interested in this journey whatsoever, and he really didn’t want to become a member of another team. With his experience anyone can stab you in the back, and that includes people that you trust. For now he allowed each person to answer the question that was asked of them, and speak anything that was on their mind.

    As each warrior replied to the question and any of their concerns with the comments that were spoken to each of them Raizel notes that most of the warriors had the same thing in common. Each of them had something they wanted to protect. From protecting their homes to all the people of the worlds or even both. Not one of them didn’t have something that they didn’t want to protect. Even the girl in black armor that had sided with the Darkness had something she wanted to protect. Yet there was nothing that he wanted to protect. There was nothing that was important to him. He hated his home world, and most of all the people that lived there. To allow such atrocities to accrue just because it helps them live a better life. They are willing to sacrifice the few for the prosperity of the many.

    Undine listened to each person as they spoke in reply to what they had said, and to answer the question that was posed to them. Yet not one took the criticism that they spoke to thought. The warriors thought that they were attacking them in some way or another. Undine knew that it would not be possible to be able to see one's own faults. Even they have to have them pointed out by someone. That is why they said such words. Well they could only hope that one day the warriors that have been chosen would be able to see the truth in their words. However, out of all the warriors one of them has yet to answer or even react to what was said. Undine was about to say something when Raizel the child of the moon decided to speak his mind.

    “With all do respect you know nothing about any of us. To work as a team takes communication and understanding. Yet none of that exists between this group. We have only just met, and that was the first time we have fought together. So, don’t speak as if we should be able to understand one another.” Raizel said at first. He was keeping his emotions under control, but one would be able to tell he was upset.

    “I am my own person. I have no interest in wielding a blade that is as fragile as glass. To wield a blade is not something that I am ever going to do again. I use my skills for what I want. Besides I have a powerful blade that is mine alone. This Key shaped blade is not worth me using. I refuse to use it so don’t think that I ever will. My power is enough to deal with the creatures of shadow that some of you called Heartless. On another note I have no interest in this battle. This war is not mine and I have no reason to fight.” Raizel said as he turned to the group looking at each of them before continuing.

    “I don’t care what happens to my home world or any of the worlds to be honest. I have nothing that I fight for any more so why should I go and fight for people that I don’t know, or with people that I don’t know? You might be able to trust people, but that is something that I am no longer able to do.” Raizel said as he just looked at the warriors.

    Ardeth could hardly believe what he was hearing. Raizel’s earlier attitude was one thing, but for him to show such blatant disregard for the lives that were now at stake was out of the question. There was no shame in the sorcerer having an independent streak; to blindly follow orders without question would make them more likely to ignore the truth of this mission. But Ardeth could not allow Raizel’s callousness to go unchallenged, or else the others may also lose sight of what they were fighting for.

    “If you have nothing to fight for, then don’t fight at all.” Ardeth said aloud, keeping himself as composed as possible. “Too many lives are at stake in this war. Innocent lives. But if that is not reason enough for you to fight… if you truly don’t care about the lives you were called to protect… then stop holding back the ones who do care.”

    Raizel's eyes went straight to Ardeth as he once again spoke up about his disagreement. He shook his head as the man told him to just not fight. He had mentioned before that he didn't want to fight, and that he had no interest in this war. He just wanted his freedom. Giving the man a scowl he spoke once more.

    "This light that chose me to become a warrior chose the wrong person. At one time I trusted that people were innocent: that they didn't know any better. That was until they turned a blind eye to the suffering of others just so that they can live better lives. Yet, I am sure that each of your worlds don't have such people in them." Raizel said the last sentence sarcastically as he took a step towards the man.

    "I tried to leave earlier, but one of you convinced me to stay." Raizel said as he was holding his temper but like this man said he had nothing that he was willing to fight for.

    Undine looked at the two with an angered look across their face. They knew that this group of heroes were all important to being able to stop Noctis from succeeding in his plans. Knowing that the light wouldn’t have chosen any of these warriors for no reason. Each was important, and not one of them is expendable.

    “You are all going. You might have your differences, but the light chose you, and that is all that is important. Each of you has something important to you even if you don't think so.” Undine said looking straight at Raizel. They needed to stop this before it got too far. “Even if you have nothing you think you need to protect, your heart knows different. So, don’t think that you were chosen for no reason. The light needs each of you to be able to have one another's backs. You must learn to work as a team, or the Darkness will destroy all of the innocents that exist in all worlds. He will pull everything into the Darkness if you don’t work together. So, put aside your differences, and try to see the bigger picture. Raizel, we are sure that you must have something you want to protect. Since you were chosen you have a strong light. No one with a strong light has nothing that the light doesn't want to protect.”

    Undine then looked to the group as a whole as they spoke their next words.

    “Our criticism of your performance was not meant to discourage you, but to help you grow. One can’t grow if they believe that they have no room to. Growth is important, and all of you must grow. The Darkness will try and confuse you, but you must stay strong.” Undine said as they hoped that the warriors have heard the message that they were trying to emphasize.

    (Meanwhile in the realm of Darkness)

    The violet portal opened in the realm of darkness about fifteen feet from the castle doors. The cloaked figures that left their masters’ side appeared from the portal. Each of them had their own missions that needed to be attended to, and two of them were assigned to find Riku and make sure that he doesn't get any closer to the castle.

    “Time is short, and we need to get to work. Noctis is expecting us to play our parts and make sure the chosen of the light dance to his plans.” Ra said as he remained covered. “The time to prepare for the Darkness to finally condemn the light into oblivion is upon us.”

    “No need to be so serious Ra.” the female from earlier said as she placed a hand on his shoulder. “We know our parts in this little play of our masters. Besides, there is nothing that the warriors of light can truly do to stop us.”

    “Stop taking this so lightly Avaritia. The warriors of light may be nothing more than a nuisance, but they are still going to be a pain in the side. So take this seriously, all of you.”

    “Now don’t ruin all of my fun.”

    “Just get your jobs done. You two either throw this rat out or convert him to our cause. I don’t want him getting close to where we are keeping ‘him’. He might even be the one protecting Riku from the darkness consuming him. So, do what you need to do.” Ra said as he looked to the others. “Now get going.”

    Each of the warriors of darkness nodded their heads and opened their own portal to their own destinations and left the realm of darkness. Now only three remain.

    “Remember, don’t let Riku get too close, and don’t play too much Avaritia. Karan, make sure she stays in line.” Ra said as he entered his own portal, leaving the two warriors to complete their mission.

    They each shrugged their shoulders as they turned their backs to the elaborate purple, black, and gold decorated castle and began walking into the void that is the realm of darkness. It shouldn’t take them too long to find Riku. He would be the only one in the realm of darkness that would be brave enough to come this close to Noctis’ castle.

    No matter how long Riku spent in the realm of Darkness, he would never get used to the way time seemed to drag on. An hour felt like a day in this place, a day felt like a year. He couldn’t begin to fathom what it must have been like for Master Aqua. Yet, for him, this place so full of danger didn’t feel as threatening as it had before. He had made peace with what was inside him. He would never be full of light, as cheerful and optimistic as Sora, but that didn’t resign him to the fate of being consumed by darkness. He was his own person walking on his own path, and that was more than enough. The battle against the thirteen Darknesses had shown him that. Whoever had drawn him back to this place was no doubt preying on his insecurities, his fears and temptations of the powers of darkness; but they hadn’t done their research. Riku was confident of that. This place held no power over him anymore. He was at peace with himself.

    The master had walked on along the trail before him for a long while before he had sensed any life besides his own. Even the heartless seemed wary of greeting him. He was growing restless. If this was in fact a trap as he suspected, he wished that its orchestrator would trigger it already. Still, onward he walked with each moment being as uneventful as the last.

    It was then that he noticed the castle in the distance.

    “Sora,” he said solemnly. “What have you gotten yourself into *this* time?”

    Each of the Wraiths walked without saying a word as they took looking for the little mouse that had wandered into the realm of darkness. Granted they could talk but in this part of the realm of darkness it was extremely quiet, and if there was anyone that spoke they would be heard quite a bit of distance away. They didn’t need to have their target to know they were coming. So, they kept quiet and continued their search.

    Then out of the silence, they heard the name Sora being spoken, and then a question followed asking about what he had gotten himself into this time. A smile formed on both of their lips as the sound wasn’t that far off. Quickening their pace they approached Riku quickly. Rounding one corner they saw their target looking at the castle in the distance.

    The first to speak up was Avaritia.

    “Sora is not available here in this realm. You might want to look in another world. That is unless you would like to become my little pet? Then, by all means, why not stay a while.”

    “You never listen, do you? Our job doesn't entail you recruiting a new pet.” The man said as he looked to Riku. He took on a different, more responsible personality as he took another step towards Riku.

    “Sorry about my companion. She is set in her ways, and she loves to collect what she considers pets. My name is Sheon, and welcome to the realm of darkness. I am curious why you're here. Granted you have been invited into the darkness a couple times before, but why come this deep down? No warrior that is associated with the light has ever come this far into the darkness. Not even Master Aqua. Did your darkness bring you here?”

    Riku cursed himself inwardly for managing to get caught off guard so easily. He spun on his heels to meet the strangers. He felt the darkness radiating off of them instinctively heightening his alertness. His cheeks flushed as his eyes narrowed into a glare.

    “Who are—-“ the master was cut off by a feminine voice. When Riku caught sight of her, he was a little taken aback to see that she seemed around his own age. Her words made him tense up. His brow raised. Pet? Just what exactly was that supposed to mean?

    He shook his head.

    Now a man was speaking. From the way he talked, Riku deduced he was the higher-ranked of the two, and it seemed like there might be some dissent between the pair. Riku logged that into the back of his head for later. He also logged what the man said. If this Sheon was to be believed, he really had fallen into Darkness. Further than ever before. But then, what was this castle and why had he been drawn here? Was the man lying? No, Riku could feel only the truth in Sheon’s words. However far down he had fallen, he had his work cut out for him, but there was only one thing on his mind right now.

    “I have my reasons,” Riku said coolly. He wasn’t about to tell these two potential enemies that he didn’t exactly know why he was here himself.

    “You tell me,” he began his retort. “How it is that you know Sora. Your partner mentioned him by name. How do you know him? Who is he to you?” Riku asked in a tone more interrogative than inquiring.

    He didn’t like the look of these two. It wasn’t just that they were shrouded in darkness, though that was definitely part of it, but the master had a feeling his forceful descent into darkness and their sudden arrival were not mere coincidences. They were connected, the master had decided, and they were likely tied to the threat that the Undine had warned of.

    Both of the Wraiths looked at Riku as he was pondering what they had said. Avaritia watched as he was taken aback by the fact she called him a pet. She would love to take him home and break him. Turning him into an obedient little puppet. However, Karan was right. Now was not the time, but maybe she could talk Noctis into letting her have him.

    Karan, on the other hand, was watching the young master's reaction more deeply than his companion. He would already know Riku would not take kindly to being called a pet but his lack of showing any reaction to the other words told him that this man was going to be hard to read unless he was rattled. However, when he did answer why he was here it was vague as his earlier reactions. Yet, this didn't stop him from coming back with questions of his own, and now came the time of truth. Would he use these questions to rattle the young master, or should he lie?

    He figured it really didn't matter how he answered his questions since the young master might be accustomed to the darkness, but this deep down even he would have a hard time fighting them. His strength would fade especially if he summoned his Keyblade. This was their master’s domain not the normal level of darkness. So… he doubted that Noctis would mind how he answered these questions as long as Riku was not allowed to enter the castle.

    "You have a lot of questions about Sora." Karan said as a large smile formed on his face as he took yet another step towards Riku. “That is a simple question to answer.” He said nodding his head towards Avaritia.

    "Sora is a welder of light, and a child blessed by the Keyblade just like you. Right now he is a guest of our master, and is being entertained at another location." Karan said as his eyes narrowed as he changed personalities.

    "If you ever get the chance you might want to teach him not to pick a fight that he has no chance of winning," Karan said as he shook his head as he continued to approach Riku. “You should also learn not to pick fights that you have no chance of winning. So, watch your tone, and you might just survive this little encounter.” Karan said as he stopped about five feet in front of Riku. Even if the young master tries he wouldn't be able to see the man's face.

    “Now, now. No sense getting so worked up. He only wanted to know how we know his young friend. I can understand that. Though his tone was a little off-putting he will still make a great addition. He will just have to learn some manners before he can be tamed.”

    Riku’s eyes narrowed as he listened to the man. Just what had Sora got himself caught up in? If he wasn’t at the castle up ahead, was this trip into the Darkness for nothing? Where was Sora?! No sooner had he pushed the thoughts from his head, he was being threatened.

    How many times had a seeker of Darkness or a member from the Organization taunted him similarly? Riku has lost count.

    “Seems to me, you should follow your own advice,” Riku said calmly. “Whatever you’re doing to Sora, I’m giving you a chance to stop it. I don’t want to have to fight you, but I’ll do whatever it takes to save my friend. I won’t hold anything back!”

    Riku pushed his weight onto his back foot and bent his knees slightly. If these strangers decided to attack, he would be ready.

    Laughter broke out as Riku took a defensive stance and threatened Karan in the same way he just threatened. Just the fact that Riku was able to stand in this level of darkness was something to be concerned about, but right now his light hasn't fully come out. The fact he used to be connected to the darkness is the only reason he is able to even move.

    “Don’t make me repeat myself. You have no chance of winning where you are. Hell, you don’t even know where you are, you little mouse. Yet, you have the gull to try and threaten me. Let me tell you something. You are nothing more than a speck of darkness in this land, and that darkness is the only thing that keeps this world from swallowing you whole.” Karan said as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning to face his fellow Wraith he scoffed as he shook his head.

    “Calm down. He is just a child that needs to learn that he is at a disadvantage. Besides it is not like he would be able to fight us here anyway.” Avaritia said as she stepped in between the two with her back towards Karan.

    “You never really answered the question of why you are here? So, that must mean that you have no idea whatsoever. With that being said how about you and me have a civilized conversation about the reason you think you were brought down into this darkness.” Avaritia said as she approached him slowly reaching out her hand to gently touch his chest. “Then maybe later we can have a more adult conversation as well.”

    Riku didn’t bother to give any more attention to Sheon. His focus was on the lady. His eyes traveled from her hood to her hand as it reached out for him. As soon as it touched his head, Riku took a step back. His fists clenched and his cheeks blushed red. Just what was this lady’s deal?

    As much as he hated to admit it, he didn’t have a lot of options. Running around aimlessly would get him nowhere. If there was any chance this woman was going to lead him to Sora, he had to take it. He would just need to remain guarded.

    “I’m listening,” he said reluctantly.

    Avaritia chuckled lightly as the young master's face turned red and he took a step back from her touch. Had he never had someone of the opposite sex talked to him like she was, or even have interest in him? Well, this was interesting in her eyes and she decided to play on this even more.

    "Well, then." She said taking a couple of steps towards Riku closing the distance between the two. She placed her index finger on his chest gently as she started to walk around him, her finger following the same path tracing a line around the young master.

    "Since you are in the darkness there must be a reason. So, do you believe you were summoned by someone or something?" She said stopping behind Riku running her finger from the center of his back up his spine to the base of his neck. From there she moved her finger to his shoulder and opened her hand placing it on his shoulder gently. Waiting for the young master to answer.

    Riku did his best to remain composed as the woman traced him with her finger, but he was still visibly uncomfortable. His eyes met hers and followed her as she circled around him. “I thought you were the one who had the answers?” Riku managed to quip. “Or do you know less than I thought?”

    She could tell in Riku’s eyes as he followed her gaze that he was trying to keep his composure. Something that Avaritia was not too happy about. However, it was something that she could work around, but for now, she had only one goal. To keep his attention on her and keep Kaan from getting his way. If it was him she knew that Riku might not survive Karan’s temper.

    Avaritia moved in close to Riku’s ear and whispered into it. “Well the little one, it looks like you have a head on your shoulders.” she said as she moved away from Riku stepping in front of him. “I have my suspicions on why you are here, but I want to know why you think you are here,” she said in a sly voice.

    Riku was most definitely uncomfortable. The redness returned to his cheeks as the woman whispered into his ear. He felt a chill go down his spine. Riku shut his eyes and took a deep breath before reopening them.

    “To rescue Sora,” he said as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. What other reason was there? It was always Sora. The two of them were linked in that way. He would go into the deepest depths to save Sora, just as Sora would do for him.

    “Loyalty to the end. That is something that the light holds so dear. Well, I have to say that it is not uncommon in the darkness as well. However, your determination is quite annoying.” Avaritia said as she turned her back on Riku. “What would you be willing to do I wonder to know the truth of the situation you and your little friend is in?”

    Before anything else could be said Karan looked at her with anger in his eyes. “What in the hell do you think you are doing?”

    “Nothing much. Just asking a simple question.”

    “You seem to know me well,” Riku responded coolly. “If that is the case, then you should already know the answer to the question. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Sora safe. Though…” he paused and looked to the woman’s partner. “I don’t think the two of you are on the same page.”

    Avaritia chuckled seductively as she tilted her head. She was enjoying this but all good things must come to an end. Yet, do they really? Well, that was yet to be seen.

    “Well, sometimes we are and sometimes we aren't. For now we just have a slight disagreement. Though, at least he hasn't tried to kill my new pet as of yet. So, with that said If you are truly wanting to help him then you will need to leave this place, and never try to return.” Avaritia said as she approached him once more. “Are you willing to leave to protect him?”

    Riku couldn’t stifle his laugh. “Is that all? You almost make it sound as if I enjoy being here. But why do you care one way or the other? Weren’t you just going on about how much weaker I am here? If you really are my enemy, shouldn’t you want me here instead of out there?” He shook his head. “And I’m not your pet.”

    Stopping just short of reaching Riku she shook her head. He was right in one way but not in another. Though, he was going to become her pet no matter what.

    “You are my pet, you just don’t know it yet. Having you here is more advantageous for me, but that is not my orders. Yet, you are more interesting to me than anything my superiors could offer me. So, I am willing to let you stay. Though, you might have to fight Karan for the right to stay here. So, make your decision. Stay and fight, or leave and live.”

    Was there even an advantage to staying? If so, Riku couldn’t find one. He would only be wandering aimlessly without a goal in sight. It would be an inefficient way of finding his friend. He didn’t trust these people one bit, but something told him there was truth in their words. If Sora wasn’t here, then there was no use in fighting them.

    “Fine. I’ll go.” His words were venomous, but his posture relaxed slightly. “Keep your friend on a leash. Next time, we’ll see how much of a “nothing” I am,” he said to the woman, but the last comment was pointed towards the man.

    Karan was not a bit happy with his tone and lifted his sword and pointed it at the young master. He didn’t like his tone, and he wanted nothing more than to show this little worm that he was nothing to write home about.

    “If you want to prove your worth I am more than willing to show you the difference in power,” Karan said in a threatening tone as he took a step towards Riku.

    “Now, no sense killing him here. Besides, I want him as a pet. I will not let you kill him.”

    “Like you have a choice. Now don’t get in my way.”

    “He only wants Sora. Can’t you at least let him have a chance in finding him? Besides, what a waste it would be to have him die here.”

    Riku shook his head. “I have nothing to prove, especially not to someone like you,” Riku spun on a heel. With his back turned to them, it seemed like he was leaving himself exposed. Truthfully, he was baiting the man who had shown such an inability to control his temper already. He would charge Riku expecting there to be an opening, and that was when Riku would counter.

    Karan was pissed that Riku decided to turn his back on him and disrespect his challenge. He was not going to let this boy treat him like this. He was going to show him who was more superior in terms of strength. He could care less what Noctis or Avaritia had in mind for the young master. He wanted to kill him no matter what.

    Raising his sword he charged at Riku's back as he reached him he slashed his sword down to try and cut the young master in half.

    Avaritia could only watch as Riku provoked Karan into attacking him. This personality of Karan's was the most hot-headed and aggressive. Giving a long sigh she just watched since she was not strong enough to actually stop him from attacking Riku.

    Noctis had finished his business with the warriors of light and was pleased with the outcome. However, as he appeared in the realm of darkness he could tell that Karan and Avaritia had not gotten Riku out of the realm yet. He quickly made his way to where they were just in time to see Karan attacking Riku while his back was turned. Right now he only watched to see what was going to happen.

    Hearing the quick footfalls behind him was all Riku needed for a smirk to spread across his face. The man had lived up to his temperament after all, and Riku wasn’t the least surprised. The ones that talked the loudest were always the most reckless, and their bark was always worse than their bite. Riku hadn’t even needed to lift a finger.

    ‘That’s it...just a little closer,’ Riku thought to himself as he clenched his fists. As Karan closed the distance and reached him, Riku readied his posture. He bent his knees slightly and pivoted his hips. When the sword blow came downward, Riku changed directions on a dime, turning so that he was hip-to-hip with his attacker and safely out of the way of the swinging blade. In the same motion, Riku delivered a vicious uppercut to the man’s solar plexus. The punch had been powerful enough, but given Karan had still been in a full sprint, his breath was knocked out of him. He collapsed down to his knees without so much as an oof. Karan, no doubt still full of anger, would no doubt be feeling like he could vomit.

    “You’re so full of anger you can’t see straight; relying on darkness as a crutch instead of facing the pain inside your heart. Your power? Your strength? They’re just imitations, cheap tricks. I’ve seen them before. And the road you’re on? I’ve already walked it. It leads to nowhere. Pick a different path…” Riku’s voice was cool and steady. He left Karan there and walked back over to Avaritia, noticing her new companion.

    “I’m done here.”

    Karan was unable to respond to Riku's words as he was trying to catch his breath. His anger was his downfall in this instance and even he knew it. Yet this child infuriated him to no end.

    Avaritia just shook her head as everything happened. She knew something like this would happen, but to happen so quickly it was a shock. If this personality was not in control the outcome would have been very different. As Riku spoke she hadn't noticed Noctis' arrival. So she acted normal.

    "Well looks like you are ready to go. Too bad. I was looking forward to playing a different game with you…" she said before she could finish her statement the newcomer spoke.

    "Well, I didn't expect to still see you here. Yet if you are ready to leave then trust me I won't stop you."

    Avaritia quickly turned to see Noctis standing not more than five feet from her. She instantly turned and stepped back a couple of times.

    "Master Noctis. We didn't expect you back so soon." She said with a hint of fear in her voice. She didn't know how much he had heard, but she knew that if he knew she wanted Riku as a pet he might not be too happy about it.

    Noctis looked at her with a smile and nodded his head. He could tell she liked Riku and that didn't bother him. There was no way he would turn him into a Wraith so…

    "Don't worry. If you want him as a pet I will allow it, but you better ask your master if that is okay." He said as he then turned his attention to Karan.

    "As for you Kudja. You need to watch your temper. How many times do I have to tell you this? As my second strongest Wraith the only thing that stopped you from being the strongest is this temperament of yours. Sheon is stronger than you know. So, get lost."

    Karan cursed under his breath as he relinquished control to a different personality. A small cough could be heard as Karan shook his head to get himself back in order.

    "Sorry master. I didn't think… letting him out… would result in this. My apologies " Karan said as he struggled to keep his diaphragm from spasming and the bile from coming up from his stomach.

    Shaking his head he returned his attention to Riku. Examining the young master and seeing that the darkness has yet to affect him. This must be thanks to the darkness he has within himself, and since he hasn't summoned the Keyblade he hasn't used the light. He was smarter than he gave him credit for.

    "Well since you are ready," Noctis said as he opened a portal of black and lavender. "You may leave. I will give Sora your regards." Noctis said with a smile. He may have wanted Riku out of his darkness, but since he was here he might as well make the man an offer. If he was willing to bite.

    “You,” Riku narrowed his eyes. This was the master they had spoken of? And not only that but that name...this was Noctis! The threat that Undyne had warned against! And he was the one who had Sora! “Where is he?! What are you doing with him?” All thoughts of leaving were banished for now. His focus remained fixated on this master.

    Noctis smiled as he watched Riku get a little agitated about the fact that he had his little friend. If only he truly knew what he was doing to his best friend. He would definitely become angered enough to make a mistake. He would love to see the depression and anguish on his face to see his friend. His smile turned into a smirk as he contemplated what he was going to do and say.

    "Oh don't worry your little head about him. He is being taken care of. Though his accommodations are a little different than you might expect." He said with a chuckle as he took a couple of steps towards Riku. "Though if you want to see him there will be a price to pay."

    Avaritia, on the other hand, walked a couple of more steps away from Noctis. Even though he told her she could have him as a pet as long as she got approval from her master then all would be well. However, she didn't want to get involved in this if it turned into a fight.

    Karan stood up and was finally able to breathe properly. The blow had done a number on him, but in the end, it was not something that would keep him down for long. He slowly moved closer to Riku wanting to get within distance just in case Noctis wanted him to do something about the young master.

    Riku turned his head and leered at Karan as if to warn him that he was being watched. Then his full focus returned to Noctis. Of course, there was a price, there always was. “Cut to the chase. What is it?” He was pretty sure that he wouldn’t like the answer. If this went bad, it was three-on-one and he was without his keyblade. He didn’t like those odds. Best to at least hear out this, Noctis.

    Karan stopped moving when Riku looked at him with a glare. It seemed the young master was not a bit happy at the moment. He waited for Noctis to say something before he got too much closer to the young man.

    Noctis chuckled at Riku as he seemed to be interested in his offer. However, would he be willing to go through with it was another story all together. Well, there was only one way to find out. He stepped even closer to Riku and stopped about five feet from the young man.

    "The price you would have to pay is your light. Give me your light and then and only then will I allow you to be able to see Sora. Are you willing to lose your light for the young man you call your friend?"

    “My...light?” Riku was a bit perplexed. Just what exactly was Noctis playing at? “What are you talking about?” The master watched Noctis warily. Whatever game this was, Riku wanted no part of it. And yet, what if it meant being able to save Sora? He owed it to his friend to hear Noctis out...didn’t he?

    Noctis gave a sigh as Riku seemed to not understand what he was talking about. He must think the light that he has within him is something that was not a tangible thing. The light and darkness in all things are tangible if you know how to remove them. To think something like that was just a part of who you are is ludicrous.

    "Yes your light. The light of your heart and the power that is sleeping within you. I want that light, that power. You can think of it as the power that attracted the Keyblade to you. Give me that light, and I will escort you to where I am entertaining Sora."

    “I do want to see Sora,” Riku started. His heart yearned to save his best friend. He wouldn’t abandon him for anything, but that wasn’t what Noctis was offering. “But he wouldn’t want me to do that. Besides, you are only offering to let me see him, not to take him home. I’ll get Sora back, but I’ll do it my way. I’ll use the power inside of my heart and bring him home.”

    Chuckling after hearing Riku tell him how he would bring Sora back with his power. It was a hefty goal since soon Sora will no longer be Sora. Well his generosity was scoffed at, but it really didn't matter. It was just a way to take this master of light out of the picture and bring him to his side. Though he really didn't need him at the moment. Out of the two Sora was the one with the most hidden potential.

    "If that is what you believe then so be it. Sora is in my care, and he will not be that easy to rescue. He is mine, and there is no way I would surrender such a prize to you or anyone easily. So, come with all of your strength and try to rescue him. I assure you that you will fail." Noctis said as he continued to smile. Nothing this master could do would affect him.

    "If you are not going to bargen then I will assume your business is done. I am sure your other friend is worried about you. Though she might not be too happy to know you didn't do your best to free Sora." Noctis said as he turned his back to Riku and began to walk towards his castle.

    "The darkness will consume all. This will include your little friend and the worlds you so desperately want to protect."

    ‘Hang in there, Sora,’ Riku thought to himself. ‘I’ll find a way.’

    Riku couldn’t help but laugh despite himself. “If you know me as well as you seem to think you do, then you should know how much I’ve heard your little speech. We’ve stopped Darkness plenty of times before, and we’ll do it again. Count on it.” Riku stood tall with his fists clenched, defiance in his eyes and a hardened smirk on his lips.

    Noctis paused for just a second as he turned around and faced Riku once more. His eyes seemed to gleam as he chuckled once more. Deciding to walk up to Riku. Once he reached him he began to walk a circle around him. Looking as if he was sizing him up.

    "You have only disposed of the darkness of the people that were being used by the darkness. You have yet to face the true darkness and win against it. The minor light you carry is nothing that I fear, nor am I going to let you think that this war is going to be the same." Noctis said as he stopped in front of Riku.

    "The light will see the truth once they experience true loss. You might be cocky now but what would happen if you lost one of the people you care about? Would you still be as cocky?"

    Riku’s eyes followed Noctis as the latter paced a slow circle around him. A fight didn’t seem imminent, but Riku stayed on alert just in case. As Noctis stopped in front of him, Riku stared daggers at Noctis.

    True loss? Riku tensed, his fists clenched and his lip fidgeted. He was angry, but he was able to keep himself in check. Yet another sign of just how much he had grown over the years. He took a step closer to Noctis, defiance blazing in his eyes.

    “You talk all this talk about how small and insignificant the light inside of me is next to your darkness, and I’m the cocky one? Get real. The power of light is spirit, glimmering hope even in the vastest of darknesses. Even in loss, I would mourn, but I would persevere and see it through. Because that is what anyone I care about would want from me! But let me throw your question back at you. When your plans start to fail, as one by one your servants are defeated, will you still be so cocky?”

    Noctis just shook his head though his smile was no longer present. Now he was slightly irritated, but the child made an interesting observation. There was a slight sting to his words but he didn't show it.

    "Well we will see who is right in the end." Noctis said as Avaritia interrupted their conversation.

    "If you think we are going to be pushovers you have another thing coming. If I truly wanted to I would remove you from the equation right here and now. It is only by Master Noctis' order you are still breathing. I may want you as a pet, but I will not sit idly by as you insult Noctis." Avaritia said with an angry tone. Her playful nature was gone as well.

    "Now, now. There is no need for that my dear. He is not destined to die here, but I just might make an example of him for the others to see." Noctis said as he smiled once more. Maybe that would be the best course of action.

    “Young Master Riku. I know you think that the darkness is something that needs to be feared and hated. It has been the same over many different worlds. I thought you might have been different since Darkness is a part of you even if only in a minute amount. However, in the end it is all the same. Now what should we do about you? Should I send you home, make an example out of you? Or should I take you under my wing? Oh the decision that needs to be made.”

    “Take me under your wing? Like I’d ever join you.” Riku shook his head. “I don’t fear the darkness inside me. It defines me, just as much as my light. But that doesn’t mean I’ll let you plunge light into darkness!”

    Noctis shook his head as he just looked at the young man. Even if he didn't fear the darkness he still doesn't accept the darkness either. If he did he wouldn try and suppress the darkness that he has. And his words hit a nerve. People are always protecting the light, and forsaking the darkness just because they don't understand. With those words Noctis' demeanor changed.

    "Well so be it. If the light is so important then you are no longer welcome here." Noctis said as his eyes narrowed. Raising his hand pointing it at Riku.

    "May the sins of the damned return ten fold and desimat the one standing before me." Noctis said placing a curse on Riku. This specific curse causes the muscles in the body to constrict and cause a great amount of pain to the one the spell is cast on.

    Riku let out an agonized yell. His eyes went wide as he fell down to a knee and punched the ground. He would not fall. He would not fall. He would not give Noctis the satisfaction of seeing him fall to the ground. His howls of pain grew louder as his vision went blurry. He felt like he was going to be sick. The muscles in his stomach constricted and threatened to squeeze the breath out of him. His free hand moved to cradle his stomach. “You...won’…” he managed through gritted teeth.

    As the sounds of pain filled the darkness Noctis only smiled as the young Keyblade Wilder fell to one knee. He suffered greatly under the curse he placed him under, yet he was still holding back just a little. Even if he did hate him, Riku still reminded him of what he lost so long ago. That was the only reason he just didn't kill the child right here and now.

    "You may think that, but I will. I will destroy the light that corrupts all beings. Light which shows no mercy to those that are different…" Noctis stopped himself from speaking as he looked at the young man once more. "I will take from the light as they took from me. That is all."

    Riku fought through the howling pain. He would not fall. He would not fall. He would not fall. “ darkness...must...corrupt...light…? Is...that...the way...of it…? You’re...a….hypo...crite…” The boy twitched and seized as his muscles spasmed. “You’ll...see...before….this is...all over…” Another yell of pain. Riku gasped. The pain was nearly unbearable.

    Noctis didn't flinch at Riku's words. The child was a warrior of the light through and through. Shaking his head he walked over to Riku and grabbed a hold of his hair forcing him to look up into his eyes. The hatred in his eyes was clearly evident.

    "I may be a hypocrite, but I didn't strike first." Noctis said as he released Riku's hair. He turned his back to the young man as he took a couple of steps away. " The Light is as evil as the Darkness, but you don't see that. One day you will, and then you will have to make a hard decision."

    “We’ll...see…” Riku grunted. He couldn’t stop Noctis from pulling him by his hair, and he couldn’t attack him when he turned his back. Riku was seething with anger as much as with pain. He’d find a way. Stop Noctis. Save the Light.

    Noctis only sighed as he calmed himself down his back still towards the young man. This child was determined and willing to do what was necessary in order to make his wish a reality. This reminded Noctis so much of himself that it pissed him off even worse than he already was. To what end will this child go in order to prove him wrong? A question that only time will have the answer to. Well that was if he survived long enough. Maybe he was strong enough in the light to be worthy of becoming a Wraith. A small smirk appeared on his lips as he turned around to face Riku once more.

    “You are as stubborn as Sora. That child is still trying to get in my way. You see he was the one that brought you here using the last of his strength to fight back. Thanks to you my task will be easier. Now suffer as you leave your friend behind once more to fight alone.” Noctis said snapping his fingers. This one action increased the strength of the curse as a black portal opened up behind the child. “I will be seeing you around.” Noctis said as he nodded his head in Avaritia’s direction as the women approached Riku and grabbed his arm.

    “You are lucky he didn’t kill you.” She said as she drug him through the portal to the destination of Traverse Town. The warriors of light should still be there. They can see how the young Master was no match for him. Yet everything was falling into place one pebble at a time.

    With Riku on his way to the world the spell he placed on the child will last a bit longer, but he would live through the curse. He never meant for it to kill Riku, just make him see he is powerless compared to him. Though if that is what Riku took from the attack would be another story. Turning to face his castle he made his way back to his home. He knew that his Newest Wraith was almost ready to be born, and he needed to be there.

    A few minutes passed and he and Karan reached the doors of the castle.

    “Do you really think it wise to let that young man live?”

    “Karan, you have no reason to doubt what I am doing. He is not something that we need to worry about. I have taken care of his future like I have the others. Everything is going according to plan. Besides ‘he’ will be able to take care of that little Master once the time is right.”

    Karan didn’t say another word as they entered the castle. He knew that it would not be in her best interest to question Noctis further on the matter. Once inside the castle both of them went their separate ways. Karan opened a portal that would take him to his home world. It was not too good for him to be gone for too long, and his Guest would more than likely need to be attended to. There was so much he needed to get finished before the warriors of light came to that world.

    Noctis went deeper into the castle going down a set of stairs that led to the basement. There was his lab. His place for taking warriors of light and striping them of their light, and turning them into Wraiths. It was a long process to begin with. Yet, for warriors that have a really strong light it took even longer.

    Entering the room through the large double doors he looked at the large but bare room. There were four pods within the room, and only two of them were currently in use. There were a couple of tables with strange pieces of equipment on them, bottles filled with different colored liquids, and several different sized syringes. There were two chairs in the room. One was a normal rolling chair. While the other was bolted to the floor, and was made to restrain whoever was placed in the chair.

    Noctis’s eyes fell to a single man standing in front of the two pods. This man was just staring at the young man within one of the pods. The boy was unconscious floating inside of the dark purple liquid.

    “So you are here again Canus. Why worry yourself over something that you have no control over.”

    “Just because I have no control over it doesn't mean that I don't feel for the children of the worlds. I watch over all the worlds even though I don’t interfere in their affairs.”

    “I know, and because of that little policy is the reason all of this is happening.”

    “I don’t take responsibility for what you and Undine do Noctis. Though, I have asked you several times if this is really worth it.”

    “You are my guest. Don’t push your privileges.” Noctis said as he walked over to one of the pods. This pod was different that the one Canus was staring so intently at. This warrior of light was ready. It had taken longer than Noctis had expected, but he was now ready to be released. The liquid the man was in was now clear compared to the other pod, and you could clearly see the young man floating inside of the liquid. He was well built with short white hair. At the moment the only thing he was wearing was a pair of shorts.

    “The time is right for him to awaken.”

    “Noctis, you should stop this before it is too late.”

    “That time has far passed, Canus.”

    “These children had nothing to do with what happened.”

    “These children all think of the light just. What more evil could there be in the world. Besides, all the light will fall to the same darkness. Whether it be now or later. I still have several warriors that will begin their transformation soon. Undin has their warriors, and I need mine. They will not stop me from my goal.”

    “All children have the right to grow. It is not our right to try and force them one way or another. We are guardians of our respected areas. Undine the Light, Noctis the Darkness, and Canus the worlds. That is how it is supposed to be.”

    “These are words you should have told Undine during that time. So, don’t lecture me you should have lectured them.”

    Canus didn’t say a word more on the matter. The guardians of both Light and Darkness were both stubborn. All he could do was hope that in the end they both would come to their senses.

    As they were speaking the liquid in the pod drained allowing the man to settle on his legs. Once the liquid was gone the man opened his eyes looking at the two men in the room. Noctis walked up to the pod and touched the glass. It disappeared allowing the man to fall to the floor. As the man was trying to stand up Noctis was weaving a spell that he placed on all of his creations. They needed to be loyal no matter what he asked of them, and have a way to control them if they didn’t.

    (Back in Traverse Town)

    Undine just stopped trying to make the others understand what they were going with their analogie. They would just allow them to believe what they will for now. They might find the truth for themselves in this process.

    Undine was about to say something more when they felt the presence of yet another warrior coming to this world. They were not maneuvering the corridors of light. Yet they were able to sense their approach. Wondering exactly who this new warrior was, and if they were a chosen of the Light or the Darkness? This was something that they would need to find out.

    “Well it looks like there is another that has come to this world.”

    Undine said as they turned towards the direction that they appeared at.

    “Young warrior. Would you please come and join us? I would like to know how you got here.” Undine said as they addressed the man that came out of the alley.

    Just as the new warrior made his appearance a dark portal formed behind the group as Avaritia drug Riku through the portal. She didn't care what was happening in the world nor the fact that the whole group of warriors were looking in a different direction. She only cared about compleating her mission.

    Pulling the young Master away from the portal and then dropping him to the ground. She turned to walk back into the portal.

    "You should learn to watch your tongue. It just might get you in worse trouble."
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    ďYou donít understand what I had to go through. Do you have any idea how hard it is to let go of a past that constantly follows? I want to forget it and even better, I wish it didnít happen, but itís still following me. If I have to stop obsessing over my faults, so be it. Donít try and rush me about it, then, Luna.Ē
    Alexiel could feel Vanigx's frustration from his words, she wanted to help him if she could provide any sense of comfort. She tried her best to hide the pain that it was causing her.

    "...On another note, I have no interest in this battle. This war is not mine and I have no reason to fight.Ē

    ďI donít care what happens to my homeworld or any of the worlds to be honest. I have nothing that I fight for anymore so why should I go and fight for people that I donít know, or with people that I donít know? You might be able to trust people, but that is something that I am no longer able to do.Ē

    "...That was until they turned a blind eye to the suffering of others just so that they can live better lives. Yet, I am sure that each of your worlds doesn't have such people in them."
    Raziel-san's words cut deep, even if he didn't know it. She started to feel nauseous again, and she thought that she had an empty stomach by now. However, she knew that it may take some time, but she knew she should say something now, "Raziel-san...," Alexiel paused her mouth feeling dry,

    "Raziel-san, I know you think that you have no reason to fight, and although I don't know you well. I can do have a reason to fight for.," She paused again, now tears of blood falling from her eyes, although she waited to speak until Ardeth-san and Raizel-san were done speaking, their words still hurt,

    " You are fighting...for something that not many usually have to fight for, something that many take for are fighting for your freedom...for your right to do what you wish...not to be told what to do. To be your ruler not to be controlled like a puppet. It is something that only a few understand the struggle of not only having, but also keeping. It is something always worth fighting for..."

    She looked down for a moment and then looking back up to Raziel-san, more blood tears falling, "Although I do not know how that feels...but I can see that it has greatly affected you, and all I can say is that a good person like you does not need to feel that kind of pain, suffering, struggle...even though I know I didn't cause it, all that I can say is that I am truly sorry that you have had to endure such things..." She then bowed slightly to Raziel-san.

    "All worlds have people who live to be selfish...that they don't care about how others feel, and they care not if what they do, hurt another person...people do not take change easy...they want to be comfortable and are willing to have others hurt or even killed...I may not know the complete story but I have a feeling that my words ring some truth." Alexiel then felt she needed to stop. She knew the words could cut. However, she didn't want to possibly make Raziel-san anymore angry than he may already be feeling and she didn't want to get him any angrier because of what she said.

    She took a few steps away from Raziel-san when she felt a familiar icy embrace, 'Thank you...Shiva...' She then placed her right hand on her shoulder, feeling Shiva's presence.

    'Of course my summoner...' Shiva spoke, when she started to sense something really bad..., 'My summoner?'

    Kairi looked on wondering how she may be able to help out, the air felt tense, almost as bad as before. However Kairi listening to Alexiel's words to Raziel...she did not know if they were true, but if the words rang with any truth, she could empathize with Raziel. 'Aww man I wish Riku was here...the tension feels like you could cut it with a knife. I think we could unite with Riku...once he has had a chance to explain things...'

    Goofy then placed a hand on Kairi's shoulder and gave her a big smile, "Gosh, don't need to look so worried Kairi...everythin' will work out..." He then looked over to Alexiel, "Hmm...looking like something is wrong with Alexiel..."

    Kairi and Goofy then looked over to Alexiel and saw that she was bleeding from her eyes, nose, and mouth. "Gosh, you ok Alexiel?" Goofy and Kairi attempted to rush quickly over to her.

    Meanwhile, Alexiel then heard whispers in the dark, but it was only an echo...,

    "...desimate the one standing before me."
    She then felt intense pain, Alexiel felt like that she could collapse into herself, however, she knew no one else would be affected, 'It must be because of how close we are to the darkness, and although she was not there, and not in this world, I felt it like a ripple in the water...'. Also in turn it was causing now not just her eyes to bleed, but her nose and mouth were doing the same thing. She sensed familiarity in that voice, it was Umbra/Noctis.....however, who was he attacking? She then sensed the presence of two new people. She then felt that someone was hurt, she passed by the new male, with his long white hair, she quickly spoke as she walked past him, "Forgivemefornotintroducingmyself,butsomeoneishurt andIneedtohelpthem.Sorry."

    Then a few feet away, she found the young man, his short white hair, and she felt it worse as she got closer to him. She was trying to stop her continued bleeding, however, she then kneeled beside him, she then placed her left hand, and she felt that he was warm, but just drained. 'It seems Noctis' spells are strong...I have to at least try...' She then let go of him, and then pulled out what CS had given her, just as she did that Kairi and Goofy caught up, "Riku!" Kairi called out and kneeled on his opposite side, "You're here...I am so glad..." Kairi said.

    Goofy stood beside Kairi, glad to see the young master was here as well. Alexiel then looked to both Goofy and Kairi, "May I ask for your help again...Kairi and Goofy?"

    Kairi and Goofy nodded Kairi spoke first, "Never hesitate if you can help, and if we can help, just tell us how."

    Alexiel smiled and nodded, "Thank you, both of you..." she then opened the container, and it was filled with the same blue cherry blossom petals, she grabbed a few and threw them above Riku, and then she thought of the words to say,

    "O~h child of the light
    come back to the fight

    I'll save your heart from sorrow
    Let us fight for tomorrow..."
    Alexiel then looked to Kairi and Goofy, and they, in turn, followed suit. Kairi first spoke the words followed by Goofy. The petals absorbed into his skin. The entire time Alexiel was trying to put on a confident front, but inside she knew her singing voice was nothing compared to Big Sister Wilhelmina, but people thought she was a decent singer; she of course didn't think so.

    When she felt that he stirred, she then quickly scooted back, what she didn't know was she accidentally caused a gentle wind to blow, but she felt her back against the wall.

    "Riku? are you okay?" Kairi asked him, but she was equally concerned Alexiel scooted away quickly like she had seen a ghost. Alexiel from a distance shook her head 'no'. She gave a less than confident thumbs-up, but her way of letting Kairi know she was ok.

    Alexiel then felt her back burn slightly, it was her phoenix telling her that she was overdoing things and that she needed to release the held back feelings. 'Thank phoenix.' Alexiel thought to herself. She then felt Shiva being summoned, "I hear your call...I will help my summoner."

    "Shiva..." Alexiel spoke but then Shiva placed a finger upon her summoner's lips, "The phoenix called us...but I can sense it as need rest my summoner, go to your happy place in the realm of sleep, your body will slowly heal from what has been inflicted upon you."

    "But what about..." Shiva again shushed her summoner, "You are too kind to those who have yet to prove they deserve your help. I know your heart is big, but you need to be selfish once in a while. Now, please...sleep."

    Alexiel then felt her eyes get heavy and then she fell into Shiva's arms and Shiva held her bridal style, letting Alexiel's head fall to her shoulder. Shiva then glared darkly to the others. She not knowingly dropped the temperature of the air around her and slowly reaching everyone else.

    Shiva then yelled to everyone, with clear anger in her voice, "Look what you have done to my summoner! We hope you are all happy, no one comes near her, for you will deal with us. We don't make threats, but we make promises!" She was frustrated that these mortals showed no compassion. 'My summoner, you are too good for these mortals.'
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    Vanigx looked around as he saw Riku and was also startled by the mysterious new warrior that had shown despite noticing what was going on with everyone and was completely frustrated by the fact everyone was fighting with each other as he walked over to Alexiel’s side while looking at Shiva as if showing that he wanted to help her and smiled warmly. “I know that you said nobody comes near her, but I assure you. I want Alexiel to be okay. Please, allow me to help so that she may have a pleasant recovery. If I must stay by her side and help her, so be it. I refuse to let her suffer while everyone bickers amongst themselves.”

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    “I know that you said nobody comes near her, but I assure you. I want Alexiel to be okay. Please, allow me to help so that she may have a pleasant recovery. If I must stay by her side and help her, so be it. I refuse to let her suffer while everyone bickers amongst themselves.”
    Shiva with Alexiel still in her arms leaped into the air, Shiva’s eyes changed from her normal sapphire-colored eyes to a dark cobalt colored eyes at Vanigx’s words. She then lifted her hand which was now a fist, glowing a bluish-white and then formed ice stalagmites all around him and freezing him in place.

    I said NO ONE!" She then softly growled, " You are only proving your ignorance…you haven’t even considered that YOU are also part of the problem!” Shiva then pointed at Vanigx, “You have made my summoner uncomfortable since she arrived; however, my summoner is too courteous, unpresumptuous, and well-mannered. She would not tell how she’s feeling to anyone to make others uncomfortable or hurt the feelings of another on purpose.," Shiva took a breath and continued, "It is mortals like you that take advantage of my summoner’s kindness. I truly hate those that try to take advantage of other people's kindness...” Shiva paused, she felt her blood boiling.

    Even if you have the power of Dark Bahamut behind you and at your disposal, I will warn you mortal of this, if you continue to hurt my summoner, I will not hesitate to put you in your place. Also since it seems that Dark Bahamut did not take my hint and relay it to you, I am telling you directly…also consider this your only ever warning from me. You EVER hurt my summoner, know that I will protect my summoner with my life…I will even protect her from the likes of you… If it is anyone that hurts my summoner, be ensured that fire is not the only element that can burn you...” Shiva then had formed another fist ready to unleash another attack.

    Shiva then felt Alexiel hug her tighter, “My summoner?” Shiva felt hot tears on her shoulder, coming from her summoner. She then unclenched her fist.

    Alexiel opened her eyes slightly, however not completely conscious. “Please,” Alexiel paused, “forgive me, Shiva…”

    Shiva then returned Alexiel’s hug, “My summoner…you need not ask for my forgiveness, you have done nothing wrong…” Shiva then placed a clawed hand on Alexiel’s head.

    With a quick cast of Aero, Alexiel was able to stand slightly in the air; however, she was still not completely conscious getting out of Shiva’s arms, she shook her head no, “I have done quite a few things wrong…,” Alexiel paused and then continued, “In my trying to be selfless, I have have been only selfish…I have hurt you…I have caused you to get angry on my behalf, I just don’t want you to do something that you may regret later…You don't need to...I am not worth defending...” She then hugged Shiva again, as more hot tears fall from her eyes, “I hope you can forgive me, Shiva. Thank you…for what you do, Shiva.”

    Shiva then shook her no, "My summoner, I know you try to make everyone happy, you try so hard." Shiva hugged Alexiel closer to herself, one clawed hand behind Alexiel's head, "I just don't want you to get hurt. You have told me before how other mortals have hurt you... We don't want to see you like that...because it, in turn, hurts us. We never want you to say those words again, of course, you are worth defending my summoner..."

    Shiva smiled, Lifting Alexiel's head and wiping Alexiel’s tears away, “You never need to thank us…We will always be by your side…and we will always defend you… Even if you feel that you have no one, you will always have us…We will never leave you, my summoner.

    "Thank you...Shiva..." she said, her head returned to Shiva's shoulder. "I need to clear the air about something...Will you stay by my side?" Alexiel asked Shiva, feeling very small. "Of course my summoner...."

    Alexiel instructed Shiva to take her over to Undine. On the way, Shiva dispelled the sleep spell that she cast upon her summoner. Shiva then placed Alexiel on her feet and then stayed close to her summoner. Shiva's sapphire eyes staring into Undine's own eyes. Alexiel kept her distance but then bowed her head.

    "Undine-sama," Alexiel let go of a deep breath she didn't know she was holding, "You should know something..." She then heard her sister's words from the earlier ring in her ears:

    "So tell me Alexiel-chan, who was the one responsible for the current situation hmm...?"

    "That's was completely your fault! no one would have to fight if you didn't bring that Umbra fellow...that is the truth. Isn't it sister?"

    "Admit it, your naivete will be the reason that these warriors will fall."
    "This situation was completely my fault! Everyone got hurt because of the fact I am too trusting, I didn't know...I couldn't sense any emotions, I didn't sense any evil from him..." Alexiel then had more tears falling from her face, she then placed her hands over her heart, "I want to believe that people are good! I give my word, I will in the future be more careful, but I cannot and will not ever give up my wanting to believe in people! If that is expected of me, I have no choice but to refuse...and if I can't form trusting bonds... I didn't know what he was going to do...but I didn't want anyone to get hurt...I would have rather been the only one to get hurt!" Her hands covered her chest tightened, she couldn't bring herself to say the words, her purple eyes changed to a stormy grey, her voice became a mixture of hers and Lady Elsinore, "Everyone has a chance to voice that If anyone here says that they refuse to work with me, you may send me back to Spearia, but know that if you will never be able to call me again. For if you try, your call will go unanswered. Why should I try to work with others who do not trust me?"

    After the words came out, her eyes returned to normal, and she felt herself crumble before Undine-sama. "I have to take responsibility...but I didn't know that he was working with the dark..."

    Shiva picked her up, placing a calming clawed hand on Alexiel's cheek. "We were there, my summoner speaks the truth. Even I, an Eidolon, did not sense his dark presence. Even now we sense nothing from the likes of you... " Shiva pointed at Undine, "Even the likes of you understand that mortals make mistakes, my summoner is trusting of all, it is in her nature. I shouldn't have let her do this, but my summoner is honest to a fault. If you fault her for it, ALL of you would be hypocrites. My summoner would NEVER intentionally put anyone in harm's way."

    'I already know the answer to one of them, it is clear as glass...' Alexiel then hid her face in Shiva's shoulder. Shiva was doing her best to calm down her summoner.
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    Vanigx looked extremely angry at Shiva before summoning Dark Bahamut. “You honestly believe that I would take advantage of Alexiel, huh?! I’m not some damn monster only looking for personal gain. So don’t go acting like a high and mighty dictator over what I can and can’t do. I want to help her just as much as you, but you’re just too stuck up and stubborn to let her accept my help even though I have showed nothing to take advantage of her. It’s almost like you don’t understand other mortals besides Alexiel.” Dark Bahamut then broke the ice carefully before Vanigx continued forth and completely reached Alexiel’s side as he gently held his hand out to her. “I know I’ve got light shining in my heart, but I’ll do my best to make it burn brighter than the sun through the darkness.”
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    Riku gritted his teeth and stared Noctis down. He would not give the man the pleasure of seeing him break, no matter what. He bit down on his tongue so hard that he drew blood. Noctis would see him around alright, and next time things would be different. He hissed as he felt Avaritia tug on his collar. Still, he maintained his silence. He would give her no more satisfaction than Noctis. He hadn’t noticed yet that he had balled his fists so tight his fingernails had begun to break the skin of his palms. He had never felt a pain like this before, so intense, so--so--so excruciating.

    He thought he might blackout when suddenly he was found himself being thrown through the portal into Traverse Town. He hit the ground with a thud. His ears were ringing, but he could vaguely make out the sounds of unfamiliar voices, some pleasant and some not so much. Were these the warriors of which he was to lead? There seemed to be arguments and infighting already and---

    He heard Kairi’s voice, but he couldn’t hold it back any longer. He let out a tortured scream and writhed on the ground. The portal had shut behind him. Noctis wouldn’t know. That woman wouldn’t know. He screamed, and he screamed, and he screamed as the muscles in his body seized and burned, spasmed and stabbed, stung and throbbed. It was so intense that he was sure he would be sick. His eyes scanned his surroundings. Everything was blurry. Was that Kairi? It might be Kairi. If it was, he hated that she was seeing him like this. There was a spell, he could vaguely feel it, that had been cast on him. A healing spell. It faded as quickly as he had noticed it. Noctis’s magic was far too powerful for whatever healing magic had been cast. Riku finally screamed himself into unconsciousness. He passed out and the world around him went black.

    The Keyblade Master was laid in a heap on the ground. Even in sleep, his body twitched and convulsed as his contracted muscles sent shockwaves of pain throughout his whole body like some constant electric current briefly animating what looked like a corpse.

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