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Thread: [IC] Kingdom Hearts :: Shattered Remains [PG-13]

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    “It looks like you need some rest if you are feeling a little lightheaded. Don’t worry, Alexiel. Lets just sit down so I can let you relax until you feel better.”

    Alexiel blushed again a bright multiple shades of red in color. In spite of feeling embarrassed she felt Vanigx’s sadness and saw his tear. She felt a wave of his sadness and she gently and softly wiped his tears away and spoke softly, “Please do not be upset Vangix. I will be ok…I do not deserve your tears.” She then gently gets out of his lap and smiles softly, “Thank you very much Vangix.” She then bowed slightly and then walked towards Raziel.

    “Betrayal is not something that is easily forgotten nor is it ever forgivable. Alexiel, you may not know my suffering or my circumstances to the fullest. However, you understand betrayal, and that is something that not many people can comprehend. Thank you.”

    She could sense that his anger was subsiding and almost completely gone. She then bowed to Raziel, “Thank you Raziel-san. You are correct that I do not know everything and more than likely it is something that is not any of my business; in spite of that… please know that I do not think it is right for what happened to you...and I am sorry that you had to endure that.” she paused and then continued, “Withal that being said, and you may not ever take advantage of, if you wish to talk about anything. I’ll be more than happy to listen. I have been told that sometimes it is good to know that someone will. Even if I cannot help, sometimes having someone listen can be more helpful than one may realize. I do really hope Raziel-san, that we can be friends.”

    Then Alexiel remembered about Luna. “I’m Luna Lovegood, though most call me Loony.”

    Alexiel was surprised that she seemed ok with being called that. “Hello Ms. Luna, I am Alexiel. Alexiel Hikari. Why would anyone call you ‘Loony’ you seem perfectly sane to me. It seems like they do not wish to get to know you, and it is unfortunate.” Alexiel then felt the slight movement of air, from Ryu-kun’s wings, for he was still on her head. ‘Sometimes I do not know why you like to lay on my head Ryu-kun.’ Electricorn not being seen by the others approached Luna to sense her aura. Pegaslick did the same curious about this human. As they were eyeing Luna, what appeared next to Luna’s feet was a Majik Lapin. It was bouncing around her feet happily without a care in the world. It was trying to get Luna’s attention. ‘Hey now little one, she may not be able to see you. After all, you know you cannot interact with us directly due to this not being a sleeping world.’ She then kneeled down trying to coax it over, trying to get it away from Luna’s feet. Although Luna would just phase through it, the Spirits could still feel it, and it caused them pain.

    Kairi sighed more outwardly and loudly then she intended. She was glad that Raziel seemed to calm down, and Alexiel seemed like she is slowly getting better. ‘It must be hard to be empathic.’ Kairi thought to herself. She then could understand what Raziel was saying, but also in some ways, she felt bad for him. “Well I think that we can agree that we will need everyone’s help. I think Alexiel is right about one thing. The forces of light must see something in each of us, that we need to stop whomever or whatever is trying to end the light.” Goofy placed a gloved hand on Kairi’s shoulder and smiled, “Yup I agree with Kairi. Yeyuck.”

    Rocial was still hiding in her illusions and shadows, she raised an eyebrow, was Raziel able to sense her presence? Well it didn’t matter to her. She was not interested in Raziel, but welcomed the idea of messing around with him and the others. However, she decided that she needed some distance from them all. She then leaped up to the top of the buildings; however, she was ready to do something if she felt she needed to.

    Alexiel would have loved to speak with Ardeth more, she didn’t think that she was correct about him, but maybe she was simply wrong about what language he speaks. However the air although calmer she felt bad and her anxiety was holding her hostage from being able to speak the words that she wanted to say to him, what she could manage was simply, “Forgive me, I didn't mean to offend you.” She spoke it in what she hoped was his correct language.

    Alexiel then remembered about the Spirit of Traverse Town, ‘Spirit, what do I need to do to reveal the keyhole?

    She then heard them speak, and then pointed up, ‘Ring the bell times three, it will reveal thee.

    Alexiel then was looking around, ‘Where is a bell?’ When she noticed that there was an emblem of a bell towards the top of a building, where the spirit was pointing. She then was thinking of how she should get up there. She then turned and looked at what the best possible way to get up there, reveal the keyhole, and then if it went well, form a bond with the Spirit of Traverse Town.
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    Vanigx sighed happily from Alexiel talking so sweetly to him as he smiled and blushed heavily before going over to her. “Alexiel, I hope this isn’t too much to much to ask, but I was wondering if you and I could be partners that we could work together more efficiently and also get to know each other better.” Dark Bahamut visibly appeared behind Vanigx, but he was in a smaller form than his normal size yet he was not attacking. “Vanigx, are you sure? She could be frightened of us, but it’s because of me.” Vanigx then shook his head. “It’s fine. I can trust her since she’s an ally.”

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    Ardeth glanced toward Alexiel again, more freely this time. He hadn’t realized until just now how rude it must have been to simply ignore her before. At the time he thought he’d had no choice, since the Medjai and their secrets were not to be shared so openly with outsiders. But now that he’d just revealed his heritage openly to these people, including the Medjai’s darkest secret of all, there was no need to avoid the subject any longer.

    “No offense was taken.” Ardeth said first in Ancient Egyptian, then switched to the Arabic with which she had originally addressed him. “I was merely surprised that an outsider would know of the Medjai, so I did not know how to respond.”

    With that settled, he switched back to English, which he assumed she might understand better.

    “But now that you all know the worst of my people’s secrets, there is no more need for me to avoid the subject.” He said simply. So far they had taken that particular revelation much better than he had expected.


    Meanwhile Luna thought she could feel something at her feet and looked down.

    “Was that a nargle?” Luna asked, continuing to examine her feet. “Sneaky little blighters... but no, this is different somehow.”


    Ardeth and Luna both sensed someone else nearby at roughly the same time. It was Luna who spoke up first, looking directly at the one who’d called himself Umbra.

    “You’re not like the rest of us, are you?” Luna said rather bluntly, yet still with her usual serene tone. “Nothing wrong with that. We’re all a bit different, in our own way.”
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