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Thread: [IC] Kingdom Hearts :: Shattered Remains [PG-13]

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    Default [IC] Kingdom Hearts :: Shattered Remains [PG-13]

    RATING INFO :: This RP is rated PG-13 so as to give players as much creative freedom as possible without losing the spirit of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. As such, this RP may contain action/fantasy violence, mild/infrequent instances of inappropriate language, partial or implied nudity, mild sexual references/situations, etc.

    Once upon a time, on a website called Roleplay Adventures, a site member named Dracodeathtalon created a Kingdom Hearts RP called "Kingdom Hearts: Heroes of the Light". The RP was off to a slow start at first, but eventually attracted a small but faithful group of RPers, making it a modest success. A few pages into the RP, however, something changed; I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say that a few players ultimately ended up losing touch with the RP, and the RP itself carried on for a time before eventually slowing to a halt and meeting its end in the Parody/Fanfic Recycle Box.

    Some time later, those few members who drifted away decided to create their own reboot of DracoDeathtalon’s RP, having truly enjoyed the essential storyline of the RP. A few distinctive changes were made, but the basics of the plot remained more or less the same, and thus the RP “Kingdom Hearts: Renaissance” was born. GM’ed by Lady Celeste and Yamimoon, this RP was also a success, and even earned the Staff’s Choice for Roleplay of the Week at the time, but it also eventually met an untimely end in the recycle box due to several factors that I won’t bore you with here.

    Now comes the third chapter in our little saga. After a long hiatus from RPA, DracoDeathtalon has returned to the website. Lady Celeste contacted DracoDeathtalon and Yamimoon to see if they were interested in another reboot of the Kingdom Hearts RP, and sure enough, they both agreed.

    And so, this thread was born.

    Spoiler: Plot 
    Thanks for the set, Kicks!

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    The sounds of small waves crashing against the sand of the beach could be heard on the small island that the Keyblade wielders call home. Well at least Kairi and Riku. Sora was still missing after he brought Kairi back from the sleeping worlds. Now, Riku and Kairi were alone waiting for Sora to one day make an appearance once more. They both had faith that day would come and he would return to them. Until then they would continue to wait.

    Kairi looked out to the what seems like to be a never ending sea, she placed a hand over heart and wondered unknowingly out loud, “Sora, you lazy much longer will you make us wait.” She then looks down to her own feet and then continued, “besides I want to show you how much I have improved.” 'I know I am not as efficient as you or Riku, but I will get better.’ She then turned her head slightly and saw Riku and then said, “Hey Riku,” she then placed her hands behind her and then continued, “Do you think that Sora is going to appear soon?”

    Riku gave Kairi his best reassuring smile and spoke with that same soft confidence that he had come to be known for. “He’ll be back,” said the young master. His eyes turned from Kairi towards the outstretched horizon. In truth he was warring within himself. He did not doubt Sora’s eventual return, but rather its timing. It had taken Master Aqua over a decade to return to her friends even with help from him and the King. Riku shuddered at that thought. Would Sora, wherever he was, be gone that long too? The master did his best to hide his troubled thoughts from his friend. It would do Kairi no good to see his distress. “He’ll come home to us as soon as he can,” he reiterated. His arms folded. “Until then, we’ll just have to wait and be his guiding lights back home.”

    Undine had been watching over these two since the disappearance of Sora. They have been coming to this beach everyday since that time looking out at the vast ocean. Waiting for him to return. It was something that even they couldn't bear in watching. They knew what has happened to Sora. Because of what is happening they would need to break their vow and become involved in this fight. They have already had to intervene several times now in order to preserve the light. Undine has chosen new wilders of the Keyblade, and removed them from their home worlds. Now They needed a master to teach them how to use the Keyblade.

    Walking out of the light onto the sands of the beach, though she wouldn’t be able to be seen.They walked on the sand towards the two stopping about half way they waited to see if Riku would sence them. Since only a master of the blade would be able to feel their presence.

    Kairi nodded, “Yeah, we will be his guiding light,” she smiled to Riku, “Thank you Riku.” She then looked back out to the seemingly endless ocean. She placed her hands over her heart. “I hope Sora doesn’t keep us waiting too long…” Kairi did not want to say anything out loud, of course she trusted Riku completely, but she had a feeling that Riku was not telling her something; however Kairi knew that he was likely trying to keep her calm. “Riku…” she then took a side glance at him, “are you keeping something from me?” Kairi couldn’t help but smile slightly she was never one to be too mean, but she liked to poke fun, not just at Riku, but Sora as well. She knew that Sora would get it big time when he gets back.

    Riku nodded at Kairi’s words at first, pleased that he had eased her mind. He was caught unprepared though at her questioning. Sometimes it was difficult to tell whether she was teasing or being for real. Right now he hoped for the formed and quickly went on the defensive. “What? No! What would I be hiding?” He retorted with clumsily with a nervous laugh and smile. Suddenly though his mood shifted.

    Riku quickly grew serious. A somber expression took hold of his face as he turned away from Kairi and summoned his keyblade to his side. He walked a few steps towards the unknown and came to a stop. He was still in a relaxed stance for now. He sensed an unknown source of pure light energy. Though it remained just beyond his sight, he appeared to be looking directly at her. An inquisitive look showed on the master’s face as he waited for the light source to make itself known to him and Kairi.

    Meanwhile, in Disney Castle it was a typical day, and a anthropomorphic dog, wearing armor and carrying a shield, with the King’s symbol. He went to his usual favorite place to take a nap, since Disney Castle was often quiet, except from the occasional loudly spoken disagreements between Donald and Daisy. Goofy was just getting comfortable listening to the sound of the wind gently blowing. Unfortunately for the poor captain, this peace would not last very long because before the poor captain could take complete advantage of the peace, he heard his name called from the court magician, Donald. “GOOFY!”

    Which after hearing his name called and saw that Donald was behind him, “Gosh Donald, you don’t need to yell, what’s going on?” Goofy first covered his ears to reduce the noise that Donald was making, then was trying to clean out his ears, ringing from Donald’s shouting. “The King needs to see us!” Donald said. Goofy then nodded and followed Donald to see what the King needed of them. When they reach the throne room, they walk into the very large room, at the throne was the King and Queen Minnie. “Do you really have to leave again? You just got back.” the Queen said sadly. “Gosh, I’m sorry Minnie. Master Yen Sid said that he needed to see me, something has happened and the light needs us again.” The King said as Donald and Goofy approached them. “Not to worry your highness, we won’t let anything happen to the King.” Goofy said and stood at attention, “Captain Goofy ready to help in any way that I can.” The King smiled, “Thanks Goofy, your a real pal!” he paused and then continued, “But this time I need you to be there for Riku and the others, Donald and I are going to investigate other places, So I need you to help Riku and the others as much as you can.” Goofy although slightly disappointed that he couldn’t go with the King, Goofy always trusts the King’s judgement, “Yes, your majesty.”

    Queen Minnie looked on and then placed a hand on her King’s shoulder, “Be careful, all of you and make sure that you return to us.” Donald, Goofy and the King nodded. They all set off, and the first stop was to Traverse Town, “Here Goofy, everyone is supposed to meet up here. Be careful Goofy…” “May your heart be your guiding key!” Goofy said. The King smiled and nodded and then Goofy went to a light to be transported to Traverse Town. Of course not much has changed. “Gosh not much has changed in Traverse Town...wonder where I should go.”

    Undine watched as Riku caught wind of her presence, and a smile formed on their face. Even though they are a being of light he still was on a slight defencive since he summoned his Keyblade. Yet this is what she expected from a Keyblade master of both the light and darkness. Riku was definitely everything they hoped he would be.

    “Well done young warrior.” Undine said in a voice that sounded like many people were talking at the same time. As she spoke those words they allowed their form to take shape. A female shape took form. With long black hair with two horns coming out of each side of her head curving to the front. A long white dress with gold striping at the top, and piercing golden eyes.

    “Now if you would please put your Keyblade away. It wouldn't work on us any way. Besides we are not your enemy. Though we are pleased that you were able to sense us. However, we don’t come with glad tidings. The realm of light needs your skills, as well as the young lady behind you to fight the darkness.” Undine said getting right to the point. They knew there would be some questions that would need to be answered.

    Kairi was surprised when what seemed to be a orb of light, was transforming into someone; however Kairi could tell that she was definitely someone or something that she never met before. “Riku, I don’t think she’s here to hurt us...if she was she would have already done so.” she then walked a little bit closer, “You can call me Kairi, so you are not our enemy and you say that the realm of light needs us, what are you able to tell us then?” Kairi was partly surprised that she was not able to sense this presence; however it was likely due to the fact that she was still learning about her keyblade.

    Riku’s eyes widened in surprise at the figure that emerged from the orb. She was unlike anything he had ever seen. Her voice spoke as a multitude furthering the young master’s confusion. How did she know him? And what did she mean his keyblade wouldn’t work against her? What sort of creature was she?

    Riku’s eyes went to Kairi as she reassured him. He gave a slight nod and allowed his keyblade to disappear as he walked alongside of Kairi. He had his own questions for this stranger and her sudden appearance.

    “Just who are you really? And are you talking about Sora?!” The master’s voice wavered from concern of his friend. He had not sensed Sora since Sora had gone searching. Even with Kairi returned, Sora was still out there somewhere. Only this time, it felt...different. Despite his efforts to hold onto hope, Riku felt a stronger sense of danger than he had ever felt in all their adventures. He felt a strange void whenever he reached for Sora in his heart. Something about the way that Sora left and the way the King had felt heavier...permanent even. Riku felt deep down that this time it would be harder than ever to bring Sora home. “Is this about Sora?!” He asked again with a greater heaviness in his voice that bordered on desperation.

    Undine smiled to see that the disappearance of Sors didn’t change his friends whatsoever. Each of them had their own questions and they knew that some of the news would cause Riku and Kairi pain. They need to explain as much as they could without telling them too much. Even they are not allowed to modify people's destinies or the destinies of the different worlds.

    “We are Undine, an being of light that has connections to Kingdom Hearts, and the keyblades that you both hold. Because of that I know both of you very well Master Riku, Kairi. We have been watching you through your adventures.” They said as Undine closed there eyes for just a moment. They wanted to postpone the question about Sora till the end. Opening their eyes they looked to Kairi.

    “We are here because a being of Darkness named Noctis has upset the balance of the worlds. Far worse than Xehanort ever did. To a point that we have had to get involved. He is trying to plunge all the worlds into darkness” Undine said as they didn’t know exactly what Noctis had planed, but they knew that if he was getting involved it must have not been good.

    “Young Master, you must have faith in your friend, and never lose that faith. For if the darkness is triumphant then Sora will never be able to return to the two of you.” They said as they took a couple of steps towards the two Keyblade wielders. Knowing the truth behind Sora’s disappearance. However, they didn’t want to burden the two young warriors with his predicament.

    When the being called Undine said that Sora may not be able to return to us. That thought was something that Kairi did not want to believe in. She knew Sora always kept his word. However Kairi could sense the desperation in Riku’s voice and then she placed a friendly hand on Riku’s arm, trying her best to hide the concerns running through her mind, of course she wanted to express the same feelings, but she knew that it wouldn’t get them any closer to getting Sora back home if they acted irrationally. “Riku, I want to find him just as much or even more; however we can’t give into our fears. Sora maybe a goofball, but I have faith that we will find him, and then we can scold him for making us worry so much.” She spoke it taking everything in her to not shed tears, “I know you feel the same, we will never give up on Sora.” she paused and put her hand over her heart, “We might just have to drag him back home with us, hmm?” She smiled a goofy grin almost similar to Sora.

    Riku’s first reaction to the Undine’s reply was extreme disappointment. All the time spent waiting on the shoreline for Sora’s return had welled inside him at the Undine’s appearance. Hope had stirred in his heart, he had expected this stranger’s arrival to be the start of a quest to get his dear friend back. Instead it was yet another battle against the Darkness, one that was seemingly not connected to Sora at all. Still, he had swore his life to the light. Whether or not Sora was tied to this battle was irrelevant. Darkness still must be stopped.

    Riku turned to Kairi. She too had grown so much. With Sora gone, Riku needed Kairi’s hope and wisdom now more than ever. Her smile set things right inside his mind and quieted any lingering doubts. “Right,” he nodded in agreement to her before turning back to Undine.

    “So what exactly is it that you need us to do?” The master asked dutifully. His composure was back, the fierce concentration returned to him. If this Noctis was worse than Xehanort, Riku was more sure of this mission than ever. “How do we stop Noctis?”

    Looking at the two young people would normally put a smile on their face. Unfortunately what Undine was about to put them and the others through was not something that would make them happy. Young little Kairi was not too far from the truth of what they were going to have to do to bring Sora back. Shaking their head Undine returned her attention to what Riku was saying.

    “You both are bright young Keyblade wielders, and Sora has great friends. I am sure he will return to your sides. As for Noctis he is going to be difficult to defeat. He is more dangerous than Master Xehanort. In fact we have no idea on how to defeat his darkness. However, we have gathered more warriors of light from several worlds to to help. However, they are inexperienced, and need a Master to guide them through their journey. You both are worthy of teaching them to used the light, and Riku some might be like you. Warriors of both light and darkness.”

    Kairi could tell that her words seem to help Riku, for this she was glad. Now although she didn’t quite expect to save Sora so soon; however she felt that it was finally time for her to prove that Sora could depend on her. Kairi was listening to Undine’s words. “Undine, can you tell us how this Noctis person is more dangerous opponent? I know Master Xehanort he was dangerous in his own right. Where are we supposed to meet these new warriors at?” Kairi couldn’t disagree that Riku would be a good teacher, even Kairi might be able to learn something from him. “Undine, I am not a keyblade master so I cannot teach the new warriors, but I’ll help however I can. The only one that can teach, is Riku.”

    Riku listened to Undine with a mixed expression on his face. On the one hand he was determined to stop this new threat to the light regardless of the cost, but on the other hand...he wasn’t a Yen Sid by any stretch. Who was he to teach anyone? He had only just earned the rank of mastery himself, and despite all that had transpired, he didn’t feel he necessarily deserved the title anyway. It wasn’t until he heard the Undine’s last thought that he became certain of the task.

    “I won’t let anyone fall to darkness…” He said with conviction. His eyes went to Kairi as he placed his hand on her shoulder in support. “You’ve taught me, Kairi. If it weren’t for you, I would still be in darkness. You can help these new wielders just as much as I can…” he said with a warm smile and a confident nod. His eyes returned the Undine.

    “When and where will we meet them?” He asked.

    Nodding their head as each of the two warriors asked their questions, and they would answer them the best that they could. Two of the questions were easy to answer. The third would be more difficult. Since Noctis is more complex than Xehanort was. Smiling Undine knew that at least they would be able to give them some semblance of an answer.

    “The young warriors chosen by the Keyblade have already been gathered in Traverse town. They are awaiting your arrival, and we will take you there shortly. Once our business here is concluded. You both will make great teachers. You both have the determination to make right what has gone arie.” Undine said as they moved closer to the two young warriors of light.

    “As for Noctis and how he is more of a threat. Master Xehanort was a warrior of light that had been tempted by the darkness where Noctis is a being of pure darkness that seeks to destroy the light. He was born in darkness and resides in darkness and is far more powerful than Xehanort ever thought to be. He was the one that tempted the Master with darkness.” Undine said purposely not telling them everything.

    When Kairi heard Riku’s words she couldn’t help but smile. “Well it was not just me that helped you, Sora helped as well. However, I appreciate that you say that I helped. Although I honestly believe that you would have been able to defeat the darkness, the darkness needed you. Sora and I just helped you realize that.” She then wondered and then internally agreed. “I will do whatever I can to help the new wielders. I can tell Riku, you more than likely feel that you are not worthy of teaching, but deep down, I believe that you can and you will do your best.” She almost didn’t want to believe that Master Xehanort was a warrior of light because of his previous experiences, but maybe there was something to what Undine was saying. She did not want to judge Xehanort; however it would be hard to defend him based on his previous encounters. “So, what other business do we have Undine?”

    If anyone was capable of understanding Xehanort, it was Riku. In a sense, the former master represented what Riku could have turned into if his friends hadn’t intervened. It was with this knowledge that Riku had felt the tiniest bit of sympathy for their old foe. What was more, Riku had always imagined that Xehanort had been the pinnacle of dark power. The master had split himself apart and grew entirely new life from his own existence, all of those lives powerful on their own merit. He had even defied time, and very nearly realized his goal of Kingdom Hearts. It was extraordinarily difficult for the young master to imagine anyone more dangerous than Xehanort.

    Riku remained silent. His expression was one of determination. He awaited to hear from the Undine. What further business did they have?

    Looking at both of the young warriors that stood before them the tow were so willing to return to fight that darkness it made Undine proud. They had hope that the events of Sora’s disappearance didn’t diminished the light within them. If anything it made them stronger. They hoped this strength would be enough over time with the others to banish this Darkness back into the Void. “That is all we ask of you young warriors. I am sure the Light will guide you back to your friend. Now we shale open the way for you warriors.” Undine said as a maniacal laughter filled the air around Destiny Island.

    “You are such gullible fools. Come, and bring the light with you. That is if you think it will help. My Darkness will consume all worlds, and there is nothing your Light can do about it.” The mysterious voice said.

    Undine quickly opened a portal of white and gold that consumed both Kairi and Riku within its light, ushering them to Traverse Town where the others have been taken. “They will defeat you Noctis.”

    “We will see!”
    Thanks for the set, Kicks!

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    (QUICK NOTE: Underlined dialogue is in Arabic, and Italic dialogue is in Ancient Egyptian.)

    The winds were calm tonight, as they seldom were in the City of the Dead. Atop a black horse, Ardeth rode slowly around the mostly barren landscape before him. The only hints left to betray any trace of Hamunaptra's existence were a few small remnants of carved stone scattered throughout the otherwise empty sands, but the Medjai knew better. The Creature still lay buried somewhere beneath these sands, and it would still fall to the Medjai to make sure he stays that way, guarding the necropolis as they and their ancestors had for more than 3,000 years. But for now, thanks in no small part to the treasure hunters who'd recently defeated the Creature, all seemed to be calm.

    "Ardeth." Called a voice not too far away. Turning to face the source, Ardeth quickly recognized his father riding toward him on another horse.

    “What is it, Father?” Ardeth asked as Sohail Bay slowed to a stop next to him.

    “It’s getting late; the people are becoming worried.” Sohail replied. “Is something troubling you?”

    “The Creature stayed safely buried for more than 3,000 years, because we were willing to do whatever it took to keep him buried at any cost.” Ardeth said thoughtfully after a moment, just as a faint breeze began to pick up. “But it was all for nothing in the end. When the Creature finally did rise, the foreigners defeated him without shedding a single drop of innocent blood.”

    Sohail sighed quietly, realizing now what Ardeth was talking about.

    “Tell me, Ardeth. And answer honestly.” Sohail said calmly. “Why did you not kill O’Connell three years ago, even though he could have revealed Hamunaptra’s location?”

    “I assumed the desert would have killed him anyway.” Ardeth said first, but then continued after a thoughtful pause. “And even if he did survive, I thought he would never want to return to Hamunaptra again either way: not after the Creature’s image in the sand frightened him away.”

    “And when you and the men attacked the treasure hunters’ camp,” Sohail continued, “why did you withdraw from the camp with only a warning?”

    “Because to stay would have been pointless.” Ardeth replied, though not entirely understanding this line of questioning. “There were too many casualties on both sides, and eventually I realized no amount of bloodshed could convince the treasure hunters to leave.”

    “And finally, when the Creature did rise and the plagues began, why did you not attack the treasure hunters then, or later when they walked in on your meeting with Dr. Bey?” Sohail asked. “Why did you save one of them before the Creature could kill him, and why did you let him and the others leave unharmed?”

    “What good would it have done to attack them when the Creature had already risen?” Ardeth asked, now even more confused. “They were never truly our enemies; they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

    At that Sohail smiled, placing his hand on Ardeth’s shoulder.

    “Do you see now, my son?” Sohail asked. “All three of your answers were the same: that you did not kill when you knew it would be pointless.”

    “I don’t understand.” Ardeth said.

    “The Medjai’s past is stained with innocent blood; that cannot be denied.” Sohail began. “But our people’s true calling has always been to protect, not to murder needlessly. We’ve lost sight of that calling over the centuries, but I still believe we can reclaim our true heritage.”

    Ardeth smiled wistfully at the thought, though it faded a bit as he looked down at a few jagged stones protruding from the sand.

    “What I wouldn’t give to erase the sins of our past…”

    “If a man does not embrace his past, he has no future.” Sohail replied, shaking his head. “You have learned a great deal from this experience, Ardeth. Now you must use that knowledge to shape your future. Our future.”

    Ardeth looked up again, the smile slowly returning to his face.

    “Thank you, Father.”

    As they both left Hamunaptra and began to ride home, Ardeth couldn’t help but chuckle to himself.

    “It’s incredible. The treasure hunters were guided by the two sole survivors among the Legionnaires three years ago, and three of them defeated the Creature when we could not.” Ardeth mused. “It was pure coincidence that saved us in the end.”

    “There is a fine line between coincidence and fate, my son.” Sohail said, smiling as well. “Come; your mother is waiting for us.”

    As they continued to ride, another breeze picked up, this one stronger than before. Ardeth noticed the night sky becoming just a little darker, as though the stars themselves seemed to fade away one by one.

    A lone figure stood at the cliff overlooking the City of the dead. The resting place of the Pharaohs of old, and a reminder of what he had lost so long ago. Looking down to see a set of horses and riders standing in the middle of the ruins of the old city. He couldn’t hear what they were speaking about, but he could tell they were of the Medjai tribe, for only the Medjai knew of this location, and the significance of this place.

    As they were beginning to ride off into the night he caused a dark wind to blow. He then opened a portal and walked into it. A portal appeared before the two men hane he walked out from the darkness. His mere presence would cause the horses to side step, but he didn’t miss a beat as he slowly walked towards the men.

    “Well, well. What brings two warriors out to the middle of the desert?” The man spoke in a calm tone. “Are you perhaps looking for something, or maybe you are lost? This desert can be confusing to those not accustomed to her treachery.”

    The figure that blocked their path was shrouded in the dark of the night, but the Ancient Egyptian language he spoke was unmistakable to a Medjai. Could this be a lost spirit from Hamunaptra? It would hardly be surprising, given Hamunaptra’s nature. The rest of the world saw the necropolis as nothing but a giant treasure chest, but the Medjai had known and respected Hamunaptra’s true mystical nature for thousands of years.

    “We might ask the same of you, spirit.” Sohail replied politely in the same language. “What is it you seek that binds you to this world?”

    Ra chuckled under his breath at the older man’s reply to his question. It seemed the Medjai haven’t fallen too far from their traditions. They were treating him like a wandering spirit. This could work to his advantage. If they were off their guard then he could capture his target, and bring him to Noctis. Though the only thing inside of this deserted ruin was Bloody Ultima his Keyblade. However, he doubted there was a way to actually reach it.

    “What I seek is to retrieve the weapon I sealed inside Hamunaptra by the Pharaoh’s command.”

    “A weapon?” Sohail asked, his voice softening a bit as he contemplated the thought. Digging up such a weapon was virtually impossible now, especially for just the two of them with none of the necessary equipment.

    “This weapon…” Ardeth began, thinking of something. “Did it look anything like this?”

    He summoned the key-shaped sword that had saved his life in these ruins not too long ago: the sword that until recently would not so much as let him hold it. Could this be the weapon the spirit had lost?

    These two were way too easy to fool. Such pure hearted fools. Believing anything a stranger said. Let alone thinking that he was a spirit. This was almost too comical, it was hard for him to refrain from laughing and blowing his cover. Then the youngest of the two revealed that he was the one chosen to become a warrior that fought the darkness. A smile hidden in the darkness crossed his lips as he examined the Keyblade. If he didn’t know better this blade seemed like it was incomplete. He wondered why, but that really didn’t concern him. Though it might be fun to bring it up.

    “That blade. How did you get it? I sealed it away. How did the seal break?” He said in a surprised voice as he took a couple of steps forward. Though this was not his Keyblade he figured if he got it out of the Medjai’s hands he would be able to attack him without worry, and kill him before he could become a nuisance.

    “I’m not sure.” Ardeth admitted. “When I first saw it, it disappeared out of my grasp. Only recently was I able to grasp it, and summon it at will.” Nevertheless, he started to hold out the Keyblade toward the spirit. “But if you are its rightful owner, I am honor-bound to respect that.”

    “Wait, Ardeth!” Sohail interrupted, pulling Ardeth’s sword arm back before he could give the Keyblade to the figure. “Something’s not right… did you ever notice any seal on this sword when you first found it?”

    “I… don’t remember…” Ardeth said slowly, withdrawing the sword away from the spirit for a moment as he tried to recall if there had been any seal in place at the time.

    “This man was a Medjai: one of our past kin.” Sohail said, noting the spirit’s tattoos and clothing in the moonlight. “Yet he is more than just a lost spirit. I sense a darkness inside him…”

    A devilish smile crossed his face as Ardeth was pulled back by his father. The older man could sense the darkness inside of him. It was amusing that the one destined to be a warrior of light was fooled by him, but not his father. He began clapping his hand and took another step forward.

    “You are quite perceptive elder. Yes, I am not just an average wandering spirit. I am far more than just a ghost of the past. I was one of you once, long ago. Before my master took me under his wing.” The man said in their native tongue rather than ancient Egyptian. The wind around them picked up as the man took yet another step forward, knocking both Medjai off of their horses and frightening the horses away, then surrounding the three men to form a prison of sorts. The wind picked up the sand, creating a sandstorm that encircled them.

    “Now if you don’t mind I would like to make this as painful as possible for the young Medjai leader the wilder of the Keyblade.” Ra said in ancient Egyptian as he pulled his sword from his side.

    Sohail drew his sword as well, with a grace and speed that few would expect from a man his age, and stood defensively at Ardeth’s side. Ardeth, meanwhile, moved his key-shaped sword into a defensive position and at the same time drew his Medjai sword with his free hand. After obtaining the key-shaped sword, Ardeth had taken to practicing with this dual-blade fighting style to make use of both his swords at once, especially if faced with supernatural foes like this one.

    “Who is your master?” Ardeth asked directly.

    Ra busted out laughing as the two men took out their weapons and looked as if they were wanting to fight him. Were they really serious about trying to take him on. Neither of them were strong enough to take him on. He wanted nothing to do with the old man so he snapped his fingers as five Neo Shadows appeared between Sohail, Ardeth, and himself. They knew what the Wraith wanted, and they would keep the formar cheiftan bussy while Ra took care of the Keyblade wilder.

    “Now that I have taken care of the dead weight it is time to play little Medjai.” Ra ignored Ardeth’s question about his master and attacked him with his sword. Aiming to strike the keyblade. He had no fear of the normal blade in the Medjai’s other hand. He was working to disarm the chieftain.

    Ardeth crossed both of his blades in front of him to block the blow, but the force still pushed him back a short ways. He and Sohail tried to fight their way toward each other, but there were too many of these yellow-eyed shadows here, and both were soon overwhelmed. But Ardeth recognized the creatures’ inky black skin and beady yellow eyes, even if these particular creatures were much larger. And as far as he knew, they all ultimately served the same master.

    “Show yourself, Imhotep!” Ardeth called out. Ordinarily speaking the Creature’s name like this was a bad idea, but if he could pinpoint where the Creature was hiding, then maybe they could stop this threat at its source.

    Ra pushed down on the blades as Ardeth called ot Imhotep’s name. Had he thought that himself and the Heartless were servants of that thing? On this Ra couldn’t contain his laughter. How could this man be so ignorant of the truth.

    “We don’t serve that thing. He is nothing more than a bug compared to my master. No, I serve a higher purpose than his. Besides, the darkness doesn't serve him; he serves the darkness.” Ra said as he pivoted his sword and ran it down the blades to hook into the teeth part of the keyblade. He continued to push against the blade to try and pry it out of Ardeth’s grasp.

    “I wonder why the Keyblade choose a weakling like yourself? I don’t see strength when I look into your eyes. I only see weakness, and doubt.”

    Ardeth gave no thought to what the assailant was saying; now was not the time for that. Instead, when the man tried to wrench the key-shaped sword out of his hands, Ardeth quickly countered with a quick thrust forward to free the blade, then immediately attempted to backpedal and swing the blade away so that it couldn’t be hooked again.

    “The Medjai’s calling is about more than just one man.” Ardeth answered simply, continuing the battle without hesitation. In truth he had wondered why the sword would reject him one moment and then accept him the next, but such questions were not important in the long run. It didn’t matter why he was chosen, but now that he was, he would fight this evil to the death.

    As the blade came towards him Ra stepped back and to the side freeing the Keyblade form the lock. He looked at the weakling as he could tell he was thinking of a way out of this mess. He shook his head as he raised his hand towards Ardeth. Electrical current popped around his hand. Raising the hand into the air clouds gathered and then a bolt of lightning came crashing down.

    “The calling of the Medjai has changed from what it was when I was leader.” Ra said as he just shook his head and changed the subject. “Don’t think you are going to be able to get out of this alive. A weakling like you could never be able to wield that weapon to its full capacity. Back in my day someone like you would have never been chosen. The realm of light must be hurting.” Ra said in a condemning tone as he began to walk backwards towards the spinning winds. “Will you step up and be a man, or cower down and hope that I will just let you live.”

    Ardeth’s attitude sobered on that note. How had the Medjai changed so drastically? But Ardeth soon remembered his father’s words to him before this all began.

    “But our people’s true calling has always been to protect, not to murder needlessly. We’ve lost sight of that calling over the centuries, but I still believe we can reclaim our true heritage.”

    Drawing strength on that note, Ardeth drew himself to full height and readied both his blades once more.

    “‘Til Death!” Ardeth shouted, continuing to fend off the stranger while still fighting his way through the Heartless to reach his father. It was a traditional battle cry of the Medjai, who were trained and sworn to do everything in their power to stop the emergence of evil, and this time would be no exception.

    Ra just looked at Ardeth as he seemed to find his second wind. As all Medjai should he choose death over being a coward. Placing his sword in the hand that had electricity running through it it allowed him to add the element to his sword. As Ardeth tried attacking the Neo shadows Ra ran up to him, and slashed down his sword.

    “Now that is the spirit.” Ra said in excitement. He was ready to finish off the Keyblade wilder. To eliminate a thorn that would hinder his masters plan. Even though he had to hold back. His master wanted to push Undins hand, and force her to interfere.

    “Fight and struggle. Try to survive. It is a pointless act. I will kill you now before you become stronger.”

    Ardeth turned around and managed to avoid the strike, but just barely. The assailant’s forward momentum from running was enough to force Ardeth back a short ways, but this brought him dangerously close to the Neo Shadows behind him.

    Sohail, realizing as much, ducked and rolled through a gap between two Neo Shadows to reach Ardeth. Now father and son stood back-to-back, Sohail pushing the Neo Shadows back and keeping them at bay for as long as he could, while Ardeth stayed focused on the assailant and attempted to slash both the key-sword and his Medjai sword at the assailant at the same time.

    Ra jumped back to dodge Ardeth’s attack to keep him from attacking. He watched as Sohail fought his way to reach his son. It was something that he couldn’t understand at all. He rolled his eyes and then smiled. However, this could be used to his advantage. This man could be used to hurt Ardeth bad.

    “So, your father is important to you?”

    Ra snapped his fingers as a black portal appeared under Sohail. The Darkness started to drag the older man into its clutches. It would move fairly quickly, but it would allow Ardeth time to see the look on his father's face as he disappeared.

    “Your father is now mine. So, what are you going to do now?”

    Ardeth had turned around mere moments too late, catching only a fleeting glance before his father vanished into the darkness. The stranger clearly said ‘your father is now mine’, and that alone gave Ardeth reason to hope that his father was still alive somewhere, but now the stranger had crossed a line, and their battle was far from over. With a wordless shout, Ardeth went on the offensive, locking swords with the stranger once more.

    “Where is he?!” Ardeth demanded, not letting up in the slightest.

    In an instant Ardeth was on him. They each pushed against the swords in a deadlock. Though little did Ardeth know that this was nowhere near him at full power. However, he believed this Medjai was not worth him going all out. Chuckling at the man’s question as they continued to push against one another.

    “Your father is safe and sound. As for where he is. That is my little secret. He is my prisoner, and he will become a stepping stone for the destruction of this world. Yet if you want to save him drop your weapon, and surrender to your fate.” Ra said as he began to push a little harder.

    Ardeth stepped back, seriously considering his options, or rather his lack thereof. He could tell that the stranger was holding back and could easily overpower him anyway now that he was alone.

    Live today, fight tomorrow.

    It was an old proverb, but it was true nonetheless, especially now. Without a word, Ardeth stood down, dispelling the key-sword and slowly lowering his Medjai sword to the ground.

    Ra smiled with triumph as Ardeth dismissed his keyblade, and lowered his real sword. The sand storm calmed down and now it was time to finish what he had started. However, the saying that Ardeth used brought back some memories. Of a time that has long since past.

    “The Medjai still live in the past. Such a shame that you will not live past today.

    Ra held out his blade and pressed the tip against his chest right at his heart. He began pushing the blade deeper into to cloth and deeper into his flesh. However, suddenly a flash of light pushed Ra backwards. As a female figure appeared behind Ardeth as they placed a hand on his shoulder.

    “Your Master has pushed his luck Ra.” the female said in a voice that sounded like more than one person was talking. “Tell Noctis that we will no longer sit idly by and allow him to manipulate the light to destroy it. Now leave and return this man’s father.”

    “My master is not as kind as you make him out to be, and neither am I.” Ra said as he remembered what happened to him. “I will not free his father. If he wants his father freed he will have to earn it.” Ra said as he disappeared into the darkness that opened up underneath him.

    Ardeth could only watch as his foe vanished, and as the shock of the moment subsided, he turned to face the supernatural figure who had intervened on his behalf.

    “Thank you.” Ardeth said, bowing his head in respect, before his eyes wandered once again to where his assailant had stood mere moments ago.

    “What did he mean by having to earn it?” Ardeth asked. “Do you know?”

    Undine just shook their head as they turned to look at the young man that had been chosen by them. They didn’t know what would calm the Medjai’s mind about the matter. What would he think if they told him the truth about what Ra could possibly mean by earning the right for his father to be freed. Giving a sign they removed their hand from his shoulder. Then stepped in front of the Medjai.

    “We don’t know what Ra has in mind for how you can earn your fathers freedom. However, what we do know is you have a higher mission to attend to.”

    “A higher mission?” Ardeth asked. The full weight of that statement soon hit him. The Medjai were once the Pharaoh’s bodyguards, but ever since Imhotep’s curse and the fall of Ancient Egypt, the Medjai as a group moved on to protecting so much more than just the Pharaoh. But what higher mission could this particular spirit be referring to?

    They didn’t know how much Ardeth will be able to understand without actually seeing the possibilities of worlds that are beyond his. This world is so closed minded to the possibility of other worlds, but they would explain as best they could. However, there was a line even they knew that couldn’t be crossed.

    “Ardeth you have been chosen by the light to become one of it’s champions. That is all we can tell you. Now we are sorry, but it is time for you to go.” Undine said as a bright light encompassed the young Medjai. This light would take him to Traverse Town.


    The next thing Ardeth saw was a strange new land. There were English signs in various places, and the general climate and the structure of the streets and buildings in this place were all a far cry from the deserts of Egypt.

    “What place is this?” Ardeth asked, still somewhat in awe at his strange new surroundings. Was this where the ‘higher mission’ was to take place?

    Alas, as the saying goes, ‘only the journey is written, not the destination,’ so Ardeth could do little more than wander aimlessly around this new city, searching for the first sign of why he had apparently been brought here.
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    Vanigx was still thoroughly confused from trying to adjust to his now human body because of the blue fairy. He then sulked before rising up and fired his mako rifle still consistently making headshots on the target practice. It didn’t help though. It felt like he was still missing something, but he didn’t know what. His watch then alerted him to say that the darkness was coming before sighing and typed in coordinates on the watch before teleporting to the unknown location and looked around. “What the hell is this place?” He then revealed his keyblade that he called Wing of Darkness.

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    After his revival Rafe had wandered lost in the fragmented world that was the Keyblade graveyard until he was found by Yensid and the King. They had their own mission but assisted helping him to find Merlin and the three good fairies. The lost woods were an isolated location for the Wizards hut since he'd left radiant garden after the operation that slew Xemnas in the world between.

    Merlin had thought moving his tower to this lost forest would have been the perfect place to train other keyblade wielders. It's isolated nature and lack of native populace meant they would be relatively safe and the chosen keyblade wielders could hone their skills in due time.

    But Rafe it seemed after his revival refused to take the time necessary to retrain himself.
    Rather He through himself head long into forcing his body to remember all it's old skill by force. Merlin vehemently advised against this method as it would be hazardous to the Rafe's health. But Rafe wouldn't listen to his wisdom which did not encourage much faith in the wizened sorcerer.
    Leaving him to his training upstairs Merlin sat at the table downstairs as unsavory musings crossed the ageing wizards mind as yet another bout of dust fell over the table he was trying to sip his tea at. Above him he could hear the three good faeries fussing after the boy.

    Above Merlin in the sealed room Rafe was facing off against an animated suit of armor. All around him furniture and dishes were broken, burned or just generally destroyed. Except for three very worried fairies dressed in Blue Green and Red.

    "You have to stop, you're going to destroy everything."
    "That's right you have to be more careful magic shouldn't be abused."
    "Girls you shouldn't get so close to-"

    Rafe ignored their protests and readied his restored keyblade channeling his magic into it to strike at his sparing dummy.

    another muted explosion rocked the room before there was finally silence and the three faeries came floating out of the training space Rafe was using.
    "I take it the lad is unconscious again?" Merlin asked striking a match for his pipe.
    "Yes, though honestly if it wasn't for our own magic he'd probably be dead." One of the faeries replied, Merlin wasn't really paying attention as his head was tilted up toward the ceiling. "Jehosophat, this lad is the most stubborn I've seen in an age. One has to wonder what can drive someone to this level of self destruction."

    "He does mention from time to time a "Master of Masters" apparently he sees this person as an enemy... or at least a villain I'm afraid we aren't really able to take his mind off of it."
    Flora offered shaking her head.
    "ever since we used our powers to reforge his keyblade he's been like this."

    Merlin paced about the room puffing on the pipe before he rapped his wand against a table. "I'll see to the lad personally first thing in the morning then if he want's to destroy himself with magic then I suppose I'll just have to lock his power away until he can learn to use it."

    Unfortunately for the well intentions of the wizard, Rafe wasn't actually unconscious only winded from the latest failed attempt to cast a spell. "No way old man, I can't let that happen." He muttered to himself grabbing his keyblade again. He was sure he had enough power to open a gate but he wasn't entirely sure where he would go, as the light overwhelmed his vision Rafe passed out from exhaustion as he heard the sound of running water echoing off stone walls.

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    As the moon was rising on yet another day in the forest clearing. It began illuminating a small cottage in the center. There were flowers surrounding the house, and a garden to the left of the front door. The beauty that surrounded the small cottage was breathtaking, and the illuminating plant glowed softer as the moon rose. Night was all that covered the land of the moon was this world's sun. Stepping out of his acutage Raizel was ready for the day. HIs lavender eyes almost glowed in the moonlight

    Moving to the small river that ran by his cottage sitting on the same rock that the man was sitting on the day he was left here. As he looked at the water as the iridescent fish swam in the water he remembered the words of that hooded man.

    “What a weakling you are. Allowing people like them to get the best of you. You should be ashamed of yourself. How could you… Well never mind. You need to be ready.”

    What did he need to be ready for? A question Raizel has asked himself over the last five years since that day. Since his world was turned upside down, and his life became forfeit. The last five years have been difficult since he needed to learn how to fend for himself. Yet, now he had a small house, and everything he would need to live for the rest of his days… Well almost everything his life has been lonely with no one to converse with.

    Though that was not something he truthfully needed in his life. He was content with living alone for the rest of his days. Standing up from the waters edge he began returning to his home. However, his peaceful life was about to come to an end when a figure in silver armor walked out of the forest.

    “Well is this where you have been hiding Raizel. We have been looking for you for a long time.” A femanin voice said as the figure took off its helmet revealing a woman that Raizel knew well. She was the third seat of the Arkain knights. Taking a couple of steps back from where she was standing as fear filled his eyes.

    Not knowing how much more powerful she had become he turned to run, but found that there was another knight right behind him. Had they been hunting him down this whole time?

    "To think you would run this far.

    The male voice said as he took several took steps towards Raizel. As he raised his sword pointing it at the runaway. Raizel didn't know what to do so he did the only thing he could think of.

    "I ran because they use wizards as glorified batteries."

    "What is your point?" The male voice said as his partner began moving closer to Raizel. "Anyone that doesn't follow the rules of our country have no rights. You are no different."

    Feeling the other wizard approaching him from behind there was little choice for Raizel. He would have to try and fight his way out of this mess.

    "You may not care what happened to them, but it is not right to use them as a power source. Our magic is a gift, and we don't need to be syphoned of our energy for the masses to have energy."

    Raizel had energy swirling around his had just as the other two cats their spells. Raizel used his magic to create a barrier that he hoped would protect him from their attacks. He has been training all of these years. However, he was still not strong enough to fend off two of his fellows Arkain Knight's. The barrier shattered and the two spells hit him but not nearly as hard as they would have if he wasn't as strong as he was. The spells did damage nonetheless.

    Raizel was on his knees as the two wizards approached him not taking any precautions as they got closer. This is what he wanted and he cast a wind based spell that sent them both backwards. Dealing with a broken arm and cuts with bruises he stood up and was trying to make his way to his house. But the man had other plans and quickly recovered sending a light whip spell at Raizel pinning the traitors arms against his sides.

    Pulling the now bound wizard towards him the man kept the tension on the whip as he moved closer to his captive.

    "You should know better than to fight us. It may have only been is that were sent after you but we outrank you."

    "No, sense trying to reason with a piece of shit like him. He betrayed our great king, and now he tried to fight back. What a useless piece of trash."

    "Well he was one of us at one time."

    "Yeah right. He didn't even know what he was fighting for. He is not one of us."

    The female wizard reached down and grabbed Raizel by the front of his shirt and sent an electrical current through his body. As Raizel screamed and convulsed in pain as small black creatures appeared causing the two wizards to turn their attention away from their target.

    Raisel's vision was fading as he could hear spells being cast and the sounds of battle. As the darkness consumed him he felt a hand grab a hold of him. The rest was consumed by the darkness.

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    “Harry, is that you?!”
    “Harry, where are you?!”

    Harry’s screams could be faintly heard in the distance, prompting the search party to hurry in that direction, fighting even harder than before against the massive yelloweye that blocked their path. And naturally, when said massive yelloweye suddenly vanished into thin air, the entire group rushed at top speed, aurors and other volunteers combing the forest on brooms while wizards carrying lanterns followed on foot.

    Luna Lovegood was among the latter, though she trailed slightly behind the others at a certain point, crouching slightly as she examined the ground at her feet.

    “Something was burrowing here.” Luna remarked offhandedly.

    The remark was spoken so calmly at a time like this that it provoked quite a few raised eyebrows. Neville looked at the holes in the ground, already going through the possibilities in his mind. Neville’s first guess that came to mind was a Devil’s Snare or other magical plant trap set for someone, quite possibly for Harry.

    “And here.” Luna pointed out next, passing her lantern over the nearby vegetation. The nearby soil had no further holes, but was still visibly disturbed with scuffs here and there, indicating a possible struggle and lending further credibility to the Devil’s Snare theory.

    However, as both Ron and Hermione pointed out, Harry knew how to escape from Devil’s Snare: just relax and let it fall off on its own. So even if such a trap had been set for him, it was unlikely that it would hold him for long with or without magic. And most other plant traps, such as Venomous Tentacula or Snargaluffs, don't usually burrow like that.

    And yet what Ron found near the disturbed ground seemed to confirm the worst.

    “Harry’s wand!” Ron said aloud, holding it up for everyone to see. No competent wizard would ever simply leave his wand lying around, much less an Auror of Harry Potter’s caliber. And yet here it was, in the Forbidden Forest of all places.

    Two of the flyers on the brooms immediately turned around and flew back toward the castle, while the rest continued their search more desperately than ever. Harry’s name echoed throughout that forest for hours on end, yet there was no response.

    Undine arrived too late. The world was already fighting the heartless, and the one chosen to wield Godric Gryffindor’s Keyblade has been taken by the darkness. There were several keys in this world, four of which were once bonded to Hogwarts’ four founders, but finding people strong enough in the light within each house to actually wield them is another story.

    Salazar Slytherin’s Keyblade had remained inactive ever since Salazar himself left the school, as no one within Slytherin House was strong enough in the light to wield the Keyblade he’d left behind. Perhaps Draco Malfoy might someday prove himself worthy, but his heart is not yet strong enough in the light.

    Helga Hufflepuff’s Keyblade was an especially tragic case. Hufflepuff House seemed to have an inherent inclination toward the light, but the Keyblade had in many ways adopted Helga’s egalitarian tendencies, as it seemed unable to choose one particular wielder. The best candidate Undine knew of might have been Cedric Diggory, but Cedric had been tragically murdered before he could ever get the chance, and Undine would be hard-pressed to find another Hufflepuff who could match the strength of Cedric’s heart.

    Only Rowena Ravenclaw’s Keyblade remained, but fortunately there was at least one possible candidate, one Luna Lovegood, who just might prove herself worthy of it. Giving a light sigh, Undine made their way deeper into the forbidden forest.

    Once they we're in a spot that most normal wizards would not dare to tread they opened their mind and connected to Luna's. "Luna, this world needs your light. Please come to us, and find out your destiny." Undine beckoned to Luna showing her a compass in her mind that will shower her the way to Undines location.

    Luna stopped and listened attentively to the voice in her head. Could that have been a wrackspurt? Or perhaps something similar? But then again, probably not. Wrackspurts made people’s brains go fuzzy, but Luna’s mind was still perfectly clear, as was the voice itself. Then a compass appeared just as clearly in her mind, moving with Luna as it seemed to point somewhere specific.

    “This way.” Luna said calmly, in spite of the frantic mood of the rest of the search party. Holding up her lantern in one hand and gripping her wand in the other, she started to separate from the group.

    “Luna, where are you going?” Hermione asked. “Have you found anything?”

    “Not yet, but someone seems to be pointing the way.” Luna confessed, already following the compass’ directions. Her statement was met with more than a few raised eyebrows, with some of the search party merely shaking their heads, while even the more accepting among their number were still very much confused.

    As time passed Undine waited patiently for the arrival of the young lady that would inherit the keyblade. They could sense Luna approaching their location. However, she wasn’t alone. It seemed that a couple of Harry's friends decided to join Luna in her little journey. There was no harm in this at least for the moment. Luna would need to make her own decision, and the others would not be able to help her in this.

    As soon as the group came into view Undine smiled. “Come children. Nothing here will hurt you. The creatures of this forest don’t see us as an enemy so show no fear.” Undins voice echoed through the forest. The sounds of many speaking at once may have been unnerving to some, but they showed no signs of aggression.

    “Who said that?” Ron asked aloud, already brandishing his wand along with everyone else except for Luna. “Who’s out there?”

    “This way.” Luna said, not nearly as startled as any of the others as she continued to lead the way.

    “It’s them, isn’t it Luna?” Ginny asked, recalling Luna’s mention of someone pointing the way. “They’re the ones pointing the way.”

    “The voice is the same.” Luna noted, continuing to follow the mental compass as the rest of the search party trailed behind her, now realizing that Luna wasn’t imagining things after all.

    With Undine’s guidance, Luna soon found her way to Undine’s location. Everyone else still had their wands at the ready, as did Luna herself, though she was the first to relax in the figure’s presence, quickly deducing from her stance that she meant no harm to anyone.

    Undine smiled as the small group of wizards approached them. Granted each of them had their wands at the ready, but that was of little consequence. After what happened it was completely understandable for them to be on edge. Giving them a moment to see that they meant them no harm, Undine just stood there looking at them.

    “Hello young wizards. We are sure that there is much you would like to ask. Though we would appreciate it if you would put your wands away. We are not here to fight you. We are her to try and preserve the light of this world, and the balance that has been weakened.” They hoped that the young ones didn’t try and attack them. They would hate to have to fight back.

    The group put their wands away for now, Luna being the first to do so, but stood ready to take them back out at the first sign of trouble.

    “You said I needed to find out my destiny.” Luna said to Undine with a surprisingly casual tone given the situation. “What did you mean by that?”

    “Yes young one. A destiny that will lead you down a road full of peril. But, it is necessary to save this world from the darkness that will one day consume it. The creatures you call Yellow Eyes are just one of many darknesses that are waiting for the command to enter this world and see it drug into the darkness. Only warriors with strong ties to the light are able to subdue the darkness. You are one of those lights Luna Lovegood.” Undine said not surprised that Luna is so calm. That was one of her many strengths.

    “This is about that key-shaped sword, isn’t it?” Ron asked, recalling the events leading up to Harry’s disappearance and quickly putting two and two together.

    “What do you mean?” Ginny asked.

    “Last I saw of Harry, he’d just brought back an odd-looking sword from inside the castle. Said it belonged to Godric Gryffindor, and he was going to see McGonagall and sort out what to do with it.” Ron explained. “That’s when Neville got all possessed.” There was no need to explain the rest, as the others already knew what had happened after that.

    Luna didn’t respond just yet, instead patiently and attentively listening to the rest of what Undine had to say. It would be no big surprise to anyone - except perhaps those insufferable Dursleys - if Harry turned out to be one of these lights as well, but Luna was certain that there was more to the story than this.

    Undine already knew that Harry was a chosen of the keyblade. As the others were talking amongst one another Luna kept looking at them with curious eyes. Usually they would never involve the people of the worlds that have nothing to do with this war, and there was no way they were going to do that now.

    “Yes, Ron you have that right. It does have something to do with that blade. However, we have to apologize now, but what information we are about to talk about is not for the ears of those that are not involved in this war. So we are going to have to ask you to sleep.” Undne said as she waved her hand casting a sleep spell on everyone other than Luna. Magic was not her strong point but this spell should work.

    None of the others were fully prepared for the sleep spell when it was cast, and a few stronger-willed sorts among the group tried in vain to counter the sleep spell and wake their comrades, only to eventually succumb to sleep themselves. Luna looked down and checked on each of them in turn, but by all accounts they were still alright, and Undine did explain that what she was about to say was for Luna alone to hear, so Luna took that explanation at face value for the time being.

    “You mentioned a war. What kind of war?” Luna asked, deciding to hold off on her other questions until Undine had had sufficient time to speak.

    “Yes, there is a war coming. This war will be different from any war that you could imagine. This will be a war for all of the different worlds out there not just your homeworld Luna. You will have to obtain a strong power to be able to face the Darkness that is threatening to devour all the worlds. This same Darkness is who took Harry from all of you.” Undine waited to let that sink in and to see if the young lady had anymore questions for them.

    “The same darkness where the yelloweyes come from.” Luna quickly deduced, recalling how the giant yelloweye had blocked the search party while Harry was being taken. “And the dark wizard who snuck in with the evacuees… he’s part of this darkness too.”

    It wasn’t much of a question, because Luna could already tell that she was right. The assailant in question had made Harry find that key-shaped sword Ron had told them about, and then took control of Neville in order to force Harry to leave the safety of Hogwarts Castle. But now that all of that was made clear, all that remained was to do something about it.

    “What is it you need from me?” Luna asked.

    “The Darkness you speak of is one and the same.” Undine said as they turned to face the direction of the castle. “I am not sure who you encountered, but I am sure that he was a member of that darkness. Just as you have surmised. As for what we are needing for you to do is simple. The blade Harry was forced to retrieve is one of four special blades that are forged by the light to fend off the darkness. Now there are only three blades left, and we believe that you are a chosen wilder as well. We would like for you to try and retrieve the blade that was bestower to Rowena Ravenclaw. That is if you believe that you are strong enough to defend this world from the Darkness?”

    “Someone has to do it, and I won’t really know unless I try.” Luna said simply, already fully prepared for what she would have to do. She quickly observed that each of Hogwarts’ founders had one of these swords, recalling that the sword Harry found was mentioned as having belonged to Godric Gryffindor while the one she was to search for once belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw. It was a seemingly minor detail, but if each of these swords was thusly inclined to choose someone from the corresponding House, then only a Ravenclaw could find Rowena Ravenclaw’s blade, just like a Gryffindor had to find Godric Gryffindor’s blade.

    “What do you know of where Ravenclaw’s sword is?”

    Undine was impressed with Luna and her resolve to trust a being she didn't know and to be thrust into a situation that will be full of uncertainty. Keeping their calm they looked to Luna. "We know of where to find what it is you seek, but if you are worthy to wield the blade is up to ost guardian, and the keyblade itself." Undine said as they swiped their hand in the air making the other wizards disappear. "Shale we head back to the castle and take the trial?"

    “Whenever you’re ready, ma’am.” Luna said, her tone strangely light despite the obvious bleakness of their situation.

    Undine nodding their head and waved their hand once more opening a white and gold portal. "The road ahead will lead you on an adventure that will take you beyond what you know." Undin said as they pointed to the portal. "We are Undine. We will lead you to where the key is, and to your destiny." They said as Luna walked through the portal.


    Meanwhile, back at Hogwarts Castle, fearful rumors were already beginning to spread about Harry Potter’s disappearance. Rumor had it that Harry Potter had been involved in some sort of altercation, and then he was seen leaving the castle with a fellow auror. It didn’t take long for the castle’s occupants to suspect foul play; Harry would never neglect his auror duties like that for no good reason, especially not at a time like this.

    Had the yelloweyes gotten him?

    Was this the work of the vengeful Death Eaters who’d recently escaped from Azkaban?

    Or perhaps worst of all, had He Who Must Not Be Named somehow returned yet again to exact his terrible revenge?

    Undine and Luna appeared in the castle, in the library. From here the real test begins.

    Luna and Undine arrived at the Hogwarts Library and made their way toward the Restricted Section, where the portrait of Helena Ravenclaw awaited. Looking up from her book, Helena saw the two visitors approaching her, and stood up.

    “What is it you seek here?” The portrait asked politely.

    Undine approached the picture stopping and bowing respectively to the young lady in the portrait. When they stood up there eye closed for a second collecting their thoughts before continuing. How had Noctis pushed them this far? A question that Undine had no answer for. All they could do now was try and protect the light.

    “Lady of the raven. We request that you allow Luna to take possession of the keyblade that you are guarding. The light of this realm has been corrupted, and a new light must be choose. We know that your mother never wanted the blade to be used again, but there are no others that are worthy. We beseech you to grant our request.”

    The woman in the portrait was just about to speak further, but then a voice identical to hers interrupted.

    “The portrait will not grant your request. I instructed it to stay sealed.” The voice said. “The keyblade must never be taken, not by you or by everyone else ever again.”

    Luna turned to face the source of the voice. The Grey Lady, Ravenclaw’s house ghost, was floating there, and moved in between her portrait and the two who were standing in front of it.

    “You are kind, Luna. Unlike so many of the others.” Helena said sadly. “But you ask for too much.”

    Undine looked to the ghost as she now stood between them and the keyblade. They sighted at this turn of events. They didn't know the details but they knew that she had been hurt. Understanding why she would be protective of her mother's memento. However, the situation call for the use of the keyblade. If not this world will fall to Noctis.

    “Our apologies young lady. Normally we would never ask this of you or the guardians of the keyblade. However, the one chosen by Godric Gryffindor’s keyblade has been captured by the darkness, and if nothing is done then this world will fall to Noctis. What will happen then?”

    The ghost was silent for a moment, taking the woman’s words into consideration.

    “I’d heard that Harry Potter received Godric Gryffindor’s Keyblade… and now he’s disappeared…” Helena said slowly, still very hesitant, but Luna soon realized why.

    “I know about Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem, how it was defiled and had to be destroyed.” Luna said somewhat bluntly. “But that won’t happen here.”

    Helena smiled slightly, but then it faded as she straightened up and turned to face her own portrait once again.

    “You may present your riddle to them as my mother instructed.” Helena told the portrait. “If they answer correctly, they may attempt to claim the keyblade.”

    “Very well.” The portrait replied, then turned toward Luna and Undine as she told them the riddle.

    “When are light and darkness the same?”

    Luna contemplated it for a moment. This was exactly like getting into the Ravenclaw Common Room during her school days, so it was hardly surprising that a similar test would be waiting for her here.

    “When the darkness is brought into the light and becomes one with it.”

    The woman in the portrait nodded, and then slid aside to reveal a doorway into a vault. There lay a blue and bronze keyblade, which Helena Ravenclaw glanced at solemnly.

    “You’ve passed the first test.” Helena said. “But the keyblade must choose you as well. Try to pick it up.”

    Luna did as instructed, carefully reaching for the hilt of the Keyblade and gently picking it up, curiously examining it all the while. Helena waited for a moment, then nodded in acceptance when the keyblade did not vanish.

    “It is done. The keyblade is yours.”

    Undine was proud of Luna for passing all of the tests, and being chosen by the keyblade. Now it was time to send her on her way to where the others are waiting. Undine just hoped that with all of them together that the realm of light can be saved from Noctis and his Warthes.

    “The first step of your journey had begun, and now it is time for you to leave this world, and travel to another. It is time to meet the rest of your fellow keyblade wielders.” Undine said as they opened another portal. “Step through to realize your destiny.”

    Luna examined the portal for a moment, then nodded to herself. So this was where it would all truly begin. In all honesty, she had no idea what to expect, but there was no turning back if she was to truly face this threat.

    “Just be sure to let my dad and my friends know where I’ve gone, would you?” Luna asked. “Wouldn’t want them to worry.”

    Whether or not Undine agreed made little difference, because Luna already knew she would have to do this either way. Without another word, Luna stepped through the portal and braced herself for what would await her on the other side.
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    Mina was on one of her usual trips into the city in the early afternoon to spend some time at the market. She loves seeing the citizens especially the children that would beckon her to play with them much like any other day. Today was a day of tag and one of little girls was it chasing after all the kids with Wilhemina's help. "I'm gonna catch ya!!" Mina would giggle once a child was in reach she'd pick them up and hug them before setting them down to join all the it people until the last child was caught. Moments later Wilhelmina noticed it seemed oddly darker then it should be for the time. "Is it really that late...? I should get Syrena. Okay children! I have to go get my little sister now, make sure you go back to your parents okay?" Wilhelmina said with a smile and giving each of the children a hug before heading on her way. She could still hear the kids calling out to her saying bye until she was out of view. The school wasn't that far from the market, as she made her way to the building she can see the worried looks the people around her look toward the bridge in the distance.

    It looked like shadows stretching across the bridge and heading into town. Without a second thought her instincts brought her to the bridge keyblade in hand followed by some guard that have been keeping an eye on her. Once her keyblade was revealed the shadows shifted then rose up into a small army of shadowy creatures with ghoulish yellow eyes making her feel uneasy. "One of you please return to my mother and raise the alarm while on your way tell people to head to the castle for safety. My family can handle the rest once they know what's going on. The rest of us will keep the city safe until the barrier is in place. Remember everyone's to stick together to pick them off until we know their weakness," Wilhelmina was with a stern commanding presences with in her words.

    "Yes, Princess! Stay in formation! Bows at the ready in the towers!" the leader of the guards yelled then with a nod everyone was ready. Those in the towers by the bridge's entrance had their bows aimed at the ready. Soon the creatures started to quickly pool into the city. Some of the people that stayed a moment to watch in horror began to run away in a panic while parents pick up their children and began heading to safety. The crowds of people scattered everywhere screaming and yelling, but it seemed to stop for a moment when she heard a voice, "Go! You must defeat the darkness!" Without another moment Wilhelmina began to cut down the creatures as she advanced backward even with the valiant efforts of the guards and even some citizen that chose to fight people were still being cut down by the creatures. She did her best to hold out with the help of those fighting along side her when suddenly light magic flowed all around them pushing out the darkness and forming the dome around the city. Wilhelmina knew all to well it was one of the fail safe protection spells activated by her mother, but it's only a temporary fix. Mina ran back to the palace tower to see what they were going to do as well as what was going on.

    Wilhelmina finally made it back within the tower where guards, maids, and other staff were running around frantically trying to account all the royal members of the family when one of her mother's personal guards approached her. "Princess Wilhelmina! You're safe! Your mother is looking for you, she said to go to the library while we locate everyone else. Prince Larson has also made a safe return. The King went out to find you and Princess Syrena at the school, but we haven't heard from them yet, but don't worry we'll find them. You have my word as guard of the royal family," the guard spoke with a bow and salute. The Queen's personal guard knew that there is something special within the library, but not much else is know since everything is to be kept between the queen and first daughter.

    "Thank you, please let me and my mother know when the rest of my family has return," Wilhelmina replied with a thankful smile and curtsy before heading off to the library and down to the large white doors where her mother stood in the center of the room. The statues in the room were glowing as the old magic flowed around them and out of the tower as a barrier of light to keep the darkness out, but at a cost of the barrier slowly shrinking if there wasn't someone to fully concentrate on the barrier. "Mother... I saw what we talked about... That darkness... It's actually here! Hurting and consuming people! What can we do? I know we're suppose to keep the city safe and figure out where the darkness is steaming from, but I'm so worried about everyone and I'm just not sure what we can do, Mother," Wilhelmina said with worry filling her voice as tears began to fill her eyes thinking of how people were torn away and stolen by the darkness.

    Queen Stella gave her daughter a hug to calm her down with stroking her hair softly as if to push away Mina's fears. "My dear child, please don't fret. We need to figure out what to do, but stay strong for we knew this day would come whether it was during either of our reign or somewhere down the line. Now as for what you're going to do is the hardest thing to do, find and destroy the source of darkness which you cannot do alone. The real First Queen's book looks like the blue book in the library that replicates the real book and it's within this room. It will tell you much of what you need to know, but we don't bring it out unless it's an emergency like this. You are probably the first to actually read the real book on your travels and find others that wield keyblades, only a force of light can destroy darkness. I fear we are also not the only ones dealing with such loss so as Queen I must stay here to protect the city, our people, and our family. Let us get you ready for your journey, we don't have a lot of time and it is time to inform the family of what we must do," the Queen explained revealing the hiding place of the book handing it Wilhelmina then ushering her up to the throne room where the rest of the royal family was when they returned.

    The King and Prince Larson suffered from pretty minor injuries while young Princess Syrena was badly injured with deep scratches on her stomach and arm which the healers and Larson were doing their best to help Syrena. King Marcus watched helplessly with very little magic since he was originally a knight while Larson's focus was on healing Syrena who was whimper softly as Queen Stella and Wilhelmina ran over to help. With the three royals and the healers working together they quickly healed Syrena with a sleep like side effect that won't last long. After the family discussed Mina's departure King Marcus took Syrena to rest while Larson and Queen Stella helped pack what Wilhelmina would need on her travels including the First Queen's book which would be linked to the replica so they can keep tabs on each other. With that being done Mina said her goodbyes to her parents and brother then called upon the door to some town mentioned in the book where she would meet with others like herself, but once she leaves it won't be easy to return home. As a final goodbye present her parents presented her with a beautiful bow decorated with roses and arrows which could be made into a bracelet to make it easy to carry. With a soft yet sad smile Wilhelmina put her small messenger bag on her shoulder stepping through the doors feeling herself being pulled into a whole new world leaving behind the only place she's ever known.

    Wilhelmina made to the new town still a little in awe by the sudden change in scenery, it was much different than her home but she didn't have time to look around and gawk at her surroundings. "I must find the others that were chosen by the light, but my mother didn't really say how I would find them... I don't even know where to start...," Mina muttered softly to herself. She figured if she consulted her book as she walked around may be the best approach for the moment. She began walking as her book revealed to her some information on the place she was in, but nothing to do with find others chosen by the light. Looking around it looked like she was in a market or shopping district of the town with strangely bright lights. She noticed other people were standing around wasn't sure to talk figuring someone like herself would stand out, but still being of what to do Wilhelmina gingerly walked over as her heels clicked against the cobblestone walkway.

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    Alinara checked the fit of her armor and the strap that held the sheath of her sword across her back. Today was the day she'd be leading the scouting force into the town where the warriors chosen by the Light would gather. Even just the barest thought of the Warrior of Light brought up the image of the pale faced warrior with his gleaming blade. Her world's 'chosen' of the Light. A fact that was a lie unto the testament of the Warriors blessed by the crystal. In times of peril when the balance is thrown askew, warriors will be called upon to restore the balance. At least that was the tale she was given by Darkness, the Shadow Keeper as he was also known as. He raised her personally, a testament to how bad the balance had gone to push what is adkin to a god to take part.

    She was ambushed while visiting one of the few remaining free settlements. The Light Warrior had shown up and slaughtered 'heritics' that didn't follow the Order of the Light. She tried to save as many as she could, but during the battle something called out to her. A voice saying they needed her help. She started to go to the voice, only to be enveloped in darkness as something wisked her away from her world. She thought she could hear the voice with some sort of panic to it, but quickly it was snuffed from her ears.

    Thus was how she met Noctis as she stepped from the shadows. A person that fought for darkness seeking her help in stopping the wave of Light enveloping so many worlds and possibly more to come. Alinara was quick to become part of his forces with a simple promise: "Aid me in saving my own world from the tyrany of the Light and my blade will be yours." The promise was sealed with him giving her a strange weapon called a keyblade. Something to lock away the Light with. She trained herself with this keyblade, but still mainly sticking with the shifting magitek blade that was made for her. It shifted with her when she changed her jobs, but the keyblade she was given didn't.

    She marched her way to the portal that would send her to this Transverse Town, looking at the creatures that were already waiting upon her. These heartless. Mainly is was about a dozen or two of these basic heartless and two knight heartless as she called them. It wasn't a big force, but then again they were going out to scout the place. Confirm the gathering of those that fight to flood the world with Light and prepare for the real force to take them down. She had her own agenda however, she wanted to see if she could sway some of them to the true cause. The cause of balance. "Remember, do not needlessly attack the warriors. We're there to scout and be ready for the arrival of the main force. Now lets move."

    Alinara didn't have trouble fitting into the crowd. Sure she drew some looks, but she was still a human. The basic heartless had gone off, flitting away through the shadows as the two knights snuck their way into dark alleys. She meanwhile continued to just look around freely, trying to spot possible warriors and.... just having poor luck of it. She was probably just missing them as she turned corners or having her view blocked at the wrong time. It was only when she turned down some side streets that she had her first breakthrough. One of the knight heartless preparing to drop down upon a blond haired girl. She dashed and pulled her great sword out as the heartless leaped. "Careful!"

    She slammed the flat of her blade against it, blocking it from attacking the girl and flinging it to thr ground. "You were told to not attack. Go, find the others and finish your duties." She loomed over the heartless before it gave a salute and clanked off. Ali let out a sigh and turned to the girl, sliding her blade away. "Forgive me if that gave you a fright."
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    Luna saw the knight-like yelloweye was about to drop toward her. With no visible fear or hesitation, Luna stepped back to give herself more space, then took out her wand and waved it in a quick circle.

    "Expecto Patronum."

    Bright wisps of silver light flew out of the tip of Luna's wand, materializing in the form of a hare that dashed forward to slow down the knight-like yelloweye. It could only do so much, but it gave a nearby armored girl enough time to step in and ward off the yelloweye, then turn around and apologize.

    "Not much." Luna said almost serenely, as if the attack had never even happened. "But you're the first one I know who's managed to tame a yelloweye like that. How'd you do it?" She asked, genuinely curious.


    Seeing the yellow-eyed shadows sneaking through this city instantly put Ardeth on high alert, and he slipped away from the crowds and climbed up the side of one of the buildings to get a better view from which to track the shadows. Most of them were not attacking, but were instead simply walking around looking at their surroundings. What could they be searching for?

    Ardeth got his answer soon enough when one of them was about to attack a blonde girl - British or possibly Irish, judging by her accent - wearing a blue and black robe with strange bright-looking clothes underneath, who summoned what looked like a large rabbit made of light. Then a white-haired girl of similar age wearing a full suit of armor ordered the attacking shadow to leave, which it promptly did, leaving Ardeth unsure what to make of the situation.

    For now, he would have to wait and see how this situation would unfold from here.
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