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Thread: Search for the Stars [M]

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    Sci Fi Search for the Stars [M]

    You can join at this link.


    An awed silence descended upon the crowd as she took the final steps towards the podium. She cleared her throat, glanced at her audience, and then leaned over slightly to talk into the microphone.

    "My name is Lucia Dallis. First of all, let me say what an honour it is to be standing among you. We are all part of this historical moment, and in a few minutes we will depart on the Hope and take the next step of this journey together. Remember, we are not only doing this for ourselves but for our home, our planet and our species."

    She paused, measuring the reactions of the crew. Seemingly satisfied, she turned to a table on her right and began sorting papers into a pile. Once she stacked them, Lucia picked them up and returned to the podium.

    "In a few seconds," she continued, "I will call you up to the stage one by one. Once you have received your booklet with your room assignment and ship information, go through the door on the right of the room - your left, that is. My... uh... husband," she stuttered, her face tightening with the word, "will be waiting there to give you the appropriate equipment."

    Pulling a list from stack of paper, she began reading names. As their names were called, the crew members approached the podium. They each collected the information and exited out the side door.

    "I知 Richard Dallis," a grumpy-looking man told them. "You each will get a laser discharger, analyser and communicator. Laser discharger fires by pulling the trigger, analyser is activated by the switch and communicator has buttons. Understood?"

    He didn稚 wait for an answer as he started handing out equipment. Lucia had entered the room at this point, and the two of them were exchanging piercing glares.

    "Some of you will be subjected to cryosleep for part of the trip," Lucia began, "and if that痴 you, it will say "ROUND ONE CRYOSLEEP" on your booklets. If that痴 you, follow me when we get onto the ship."

    "The rest of you stick with me and I値l show you where your rooms are," Richard added, waving a hand.

    The group exited through another door, and found themselves on a starship lift-off zone. The Hope sat waiting, sunlight reflecting off of its hull.
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    "Pilot Samantha Bakhvalova," the woman on stage said. Grabbing her bag, she slipped the carrying strap over her shoulder and made her way to the aisle, then up the stairs to the stage and the podium.

    "Reporting as ordered," the pilot smiled. She was wearing a bright interplanetary orange and gray flight suit with electric-blue piping, with her pilot's wings on a leatherette patch over her right upper torso pocket. Handed her paperwork, she headed towards where Lucia's husband Richard was waiting for her and the others.

    Please, no kid jokes, she begged silently. She was well aware of her height, thank you very much.
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