Cell 22A--Pegasus

Kyle smirked wryly at Kath as he began to eat, he was impressed she had regained her composure. He found her smile pleasant. She wasn't a bad looking woman.
"You got it boss."
He took his time eating, waiting to see if Kath got antsy waiting for them to finish, he wanted to have an idea of just how interesting their detour was.


Lucille delicately manoeuvred the ship, watching the life boat's approach through the sensors and docking cameras. She turned on the intercom to the docking station.
"Standby to connect."

The lifeboat floated steady, filling more of the inky blackness as it grew closer. Quince felt a faint vibration through the floor as the vessels connected.

"Connect." Lucille commanded, releasing the controls on her end and letting the Pegasus resume it's course to Earth. She stood up and hurried out of the cockpit, stopping at a supply locker to get a medical kit before heading down to the airlock.


The ten foot hallway normally sealed by a bulkhead on each made up the airlock, The small window on the life boat's pressure door didn't offer much clues to how it's occupants were fairing. Lights inside flickered occasionally.