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Thread: [M] Hour Of Devastation (Kach x Namingtoohard)

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    As soon as Shara opened her mouth and began to let him know she was ready, he heeled the horse sharply into action without waiting for the command. It lurched forward letting out a startled noise as it galloped forward, they needed to get away from the village without being spotted. They raced out of the town along an empty path for a few minutes before Morgan slowed the horse to a maintainable pace. The beast sucked air, catching it's breath after bolting with the two on it's back.

    Morgan silently agreed with Shara; they would concentrated their efforts now that they had spotted him. It would be best to ride through the night.

    He let the question hang in the cooling evening air for a few moments. The grasslands around them were gold and pink in the light of the setting sun. It was a lovely sight.

    "Not by name..." Was Morgan's flat reply. They didn't know if it was wise to share the story with the stranger. It was an interesting coincidence that they would catch up with them at the same time Shara appeared. Had they known someone promising magical power would flush them out? It was clear he would need to find out a bit more information about Shara. "I am sorry... they will.. want you too now... understand I did not want this..."
    Morgans speech was erratic, like they were struggling to find the words they wanted.
    "You do not.... have to stay..."

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    Shara kept her eyes focused on the scenery whilst her new companion rode, urging the horse to carry them towards safety. There was no denying how pretty some of the views really were, as day faded and slowly gave way to night. That was hardly her main purpose, however. Despite her best efforts, though, she caught no sight of any further pursuit. Had they really gotten away so easily? It seemed unlikely, and she dare not get her hopes up. No, better to remain vigilant whilst they had the opportunity.

    When Morgan finally spoke up, Shara was silent for a moment as she contemplated her answer. There was no doubt that she would remain if he truly was the prophesised hero. The girl had known that there would be a target on her back, but even so, it was her duty. Yet, they were still to confirm if it was truly him. When she did reply, her tone was soft, almost reverent.

    “I don’t mind having a target on my back, but my search has to come first. If you really are the foretold hero, then I’ll stay. If not, then I’ll have no choice but to continue my search elsewhere” she answered, gaze momentarily shifting downwards to the staff laying across her lap. “For now, lets just focus on finding a place to hide out for the night. We can figure out what happens next after that.”

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