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Thread: 「M」Kingmaker's Crucible ♦ Narrative

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    Default 「M」Kingmaker's Crucible ♦ Narrative

    Kingmaker's Crucible


    CONTAINS: Blood, Gore, Violence, Language, Suggestive Situations, Drugs and Alcohol Usage, Religious/Political Afflictions & Convictions, and Dark Themes


    Prince Alberich of Erhohen, 2nd-In-Line to the Throne, is a selfish and indulgent boy who can't see beyond the bottom of a wine glass. He barely listens to those of higher authority, and always manages to get himself in trouble with law enforcement. However, when both his father (the King) and his eldest brother (1st-in-line) are found dead at his eldest brother's estate in Cloppenstadt, Alberich finds himself ascending to the title of King of Erhohen along with a host of responsibilities he didn't ask for.

    Cast List

    Spoiler: File A 

    Episode Recap

    Season 1
    Spoiler: Episode 1: A King's Crucible 

    Spoiler: Episode 2: Eve of a Day 

    Spoiler: Episode 3: Investigative Revelations 

    Episode Index

    Season 1
    • Episode 1: A King's Crucible [Link]
    • Episode 2: Eve of a Day [Link]
    • Episode 3: Investigative Revelations [Link]
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    Default Episode #1 - A King's Crucible

    『BGM: Searching The Past - Silent Hill Shattered Memories (1 Hour)
    Title Card

    Scene #1
    The scene opens up with a panning shot of a cathedral of lavish appeal, before it pans into said cathedral where we find our main protagonist, Alberich, standing before an altar with his hands in his pockets. An escort, of sorts, standing off to his right. He can be seen pondering about various things, but his pondering is interrupted when a priest steps forward and gives a heartful bow.

    Priest: "Your Majesty." [Smiles softly]

    Alberich: "Father Helmut." [Frowns a bit before turning back to the altar] "I suppose you're here to criticize my decisions like you did my father..?"

    Father Helmut: "I wouldn't dream of it my King. I merely saw the security detail outside, and thought it best for me to make my appearance as someone who's been there for a boy who is now a king."

    Alberich: "Of course.. It's not like I asked for the job.."

    Father Helmut: [Sullen] "Yes. A terrible misfortune that had befallen your father and eldest brother. Your brother had potential, as did you of course."

    Alberich: [Begins pacing around the front of the altar] "Yeah. Everyone told me I had the potential to succeed if my brother failed, hells.. Even the prostitutes I fucked on occasion whispered sweet nothings into my ear about how I had that same potential.. And now look where I am..." [He throws his hands up] "I'm a fucking king of a country that is smack dab in the middle of Europa.."

    Father Helmut: [Sighs a bit]

    Alberich: "And you know what the fun part is Father?" [Stops and stares at Father Helmut]

    Father Helmut: [Looks away a bit]

    Alberich: "I have to handle the countless amount of bullshit my father left behind when he died.." [Steps up to him] "And not only do I have to figure out who wanted him and my brother dead, but also to keep this country from falling into chaos! And half the damn country doesn't even like me, much less support me!"

    Father Helmut: [Nervous] "Apologies sire. I must've spoken out of turn."

    Alberich: [Rubs back of neck, and walks back over to the altar] "It's...fine... I'll deal with this shit either way.."

    There's a period of silence as both Father Helmut and Alberich ponder their own standings, before a guard steps into the hall nodding to the escort who nods back.

    Escort: "Sire. It is time for us to depart. We have your meeting due in half-an-hour, and we are aiming to beat rush-hour."

    Alberich: [Turns to the escort and nods before turning to Father Helmut, grimacing slightly]

    Father Helmut: [Bows, and begins walking to an adjacent room]

    Alberich: [Shakes his head and walks towards the entrance of the building]

    Escort: [Follows in a few feet behind]

    Scene draws to a close as there's a wide panning shot of the front of the cathedral. Alberich and his escort are seen stepping into a armored vehicle. Fade to black

    『BGM: Silent Hill 2 - Ordinary Vanity (Extended)
    Scene #2 - A1
    The scene fades in on a parliamentary building in the retro-futuristic city of Berlin. We see Alberich and his escort step out of the armored vehicle, and walk up a given flight of stairs into the massive lobby where he is suddenly accosted on all sides by reporters. He stops his detail, who flanked him prior to this, and looks at the reporters who wanted to bombard him with questions

    Reporter 1: "Your Majesty! Your Majesty!"

    Alberich: [Looks over, unenthused, and points at reporter]

    Reporter 1: "We would all like to know your thoughts on the recent rise in opposition gangs across Erhohen! How do you plan on dealing with them?"

    Alberich: "Like I've said on ENN, I have my chiefs across Erhohen doing security sweeps in search of these opposition gangs and arrest them on sight. They're nothing but terrorists and I reserve no sympathy for terrorists."

    Reporter 2: "Then how do you explain the killing of an Arabic man named Saeed el-Samad who spoke out in opposition to your regime?"

    Alberich: [Cringes a bit] "If there were any deaths at the hands of my police chiefs, then there must've been a ample reason for such a thing to occur."

    Reporter 2: "But he wasn't resisting arrest, but rather the police found and arrested him based upon his opposition views."

    Alberich: [Sighs] "Yes, however opposition views have become radicalized and dangerous. As such my chiefs are trying everything in their best interest to ensure that public safety is upheld. That'll be all.

    The crowd of reporters try to pressure him for further comments, but his detail begins pushing people out of the way as he speed walks further into the building. Transition

    Scene #2 - A2
    Scene fades in on a round table that sits within an enclosed room. There, on end of the room, sits a throne, while smaller chairs encircle the round table. Alberich and his detail steps into said room while men and women of various titles sit at this table; their conversations stop when Alberich arrives. The people stand to their feet and bow before taking their seats once more. Alberich takes his seat at the throne.

    Alberich: [Leans back a bit in his throne and sighs]

    Man 1: "Good day your Majesty. I hope the reporters did not bombard you to heavily."

    Alberich: [Shakes head, hand in face, and waves for them to get on with it]

    Man 1: [Pauses for a moment] "Of course sire. As you all have no doubt been made aware, there have been ten raids as of last week.. The number is expected to climb by 50% by the end of this week.. And we can only expect more as the month progresses. I propose we expand our efforts to weed out any and all opposition gangs as they are the main threat to domestic security."

    Woman 1: "Resources have been spread quite thin with the recent death of King Lubin.. Most of the kingdom has been thrown into chaos.. Not mention the encroaching bells of world war.."

    Man 2: "Yes, we are quite aware of the coming sounds of war from the Russians. However to think that they've sided with monstrous races.."

    Woman 1: "Which, is why we need to focus our efforts on rehabilitation rather than incarceration. If we simply jail these gangs then more will only fill their places. Thus we must teach them that the current King is not a tyrant, and that he isn't going to take away the freedoms of the people."

    Woman 2: "That's all well and good, but we've wasted too much manpower and resources on these raids. To simply redirect our efforts to rehabilitation could damage what supply lines we have."

    Woman 1: "And you suppose you want to let innocents get caught in the crossfire, and a domestic civil war break out all because you wanted to continue funding efforts that will inevitably fuel this possibility??"

    Woman 2: "All I'm saying is that it's going to take time to redirect. I'm sure it'll give ease to the activists and the opposition gangs that they're not constantly in fear of being arrested for voicing their opinions."

    Man 3: "Then I imagine the matter is settled then? We redirect resources from incarceration to rehabilitation."

    Alberich: [Soft sigh] "Then it is decided. Instead of jailing most of them and killing some of them, we'll simply teach them what it means to be an Erhite."

    5-2-1 are in favor of this.

    Alberich: "What's next?"

    Man 3: [Nods] "We've recently gained reports from our operatives in France and Spagonia that they're currently involved in a territorial dispute. French and Spagonian representatives are en route to Berlin to request aid in this conflict. However my intelligence agency has advised to not get involved for it could result in a war on par with a world war."

    Alberich: "There have been four in recorded history right?"

    Man 3: "Yes. The First Impact, and the three World Wars thereafter."

    Alberich: "Right.. We'll simply deny them at the gates.. However I do want our supposed trade agreements with both nations to be maintained so as to avoid any unnecessary embargoes."

    Man 3: "Of course sire. I will relay it to mag-station personnel."

    Alberich: "Anything else?"

    Woman 3: "I've received reports from our navy in the Baltic Sea that they've engaged with hostile monstrosities codenamed "Krakens." Two ships were lost in the encounter, but a sortie is being launched to quell the threats."

    Alberich: "How long has it been since we've had magic?"

    Woman 3: "Since the First Impact sire."

    Alberich: "Right.. I keep forgetting important shit like that... Well that's good, continue with extermination efforts."

    Woman 3: "Yes sire."

    Alberich: [Looks around]

    Man 1: "That is all that we have to report today sire."

    Alberich: [Sighs and stands up from his throne] "Welp, if there's nothing else, then this meeting is adjourned for the day. I want any minor reports on my clerks desk by nightfall. I'll retire to my abode."

    The men and women bow to Alberich before he takes his leave with his escort, and they vacate the premises in the same armored vehicle. Transition

    『BGM: Silent Hill 2 - The Day of Night (Extended)
    Scene #3 - A1
    The scene fades in as Alberich and his escort arrive at his estate, which is a beautifully intricate and detailed mansion guarded by a high stone wall, and gates of white steel. They pull up around the curved drive way, and a butler comes to the door and opens it; letting Alberich and his escort step out. A head maid come to his side as he steps inside the mansion.

    Head Maid: "Welcome home your Majesty. We have prepared your nightly festivities as scheduled."

    Alberich: [Nods] "Good. I would like enjoy the rest of my day.."

    Head Maid: "Was your court giving you a rough time as per usual?"

    Alberich: "No. Actually, they were fairly reasonable today. Usually I'm there for a few hours as they bicker amongst themselves, but they were fairly expedient and timely. Lasted only minutes."

    Head Maid: "Well that is good to hear. Oh! Her Royal Highness, Raina, dropped by early today."

    Alberich: "My eldest sister?"

    Head Maid: [Steps into a common room as she sets up a cup of tea] "Yes. She wanted to drop off a letter from His Royal Highness Landolf in Meṣr." [Hands him letter]

    Alberich: [Takes it] "Uncle Landolf.. I remember my father talking about how he left for Meṣr a couple years ago on an excavation trip. Perhaps he found what he was looking for there."

    Head Maid: "Perhaps sire. If you need anything, I'll be in the next room." [Bows before leaving]

    Alberich: "Uh..yeah..sure.." [Fingers letter before opening it and reading it]

    Landolf's voice pierces the silence as Alberich reads quietly.

    Landolf: Albert. How's my Mann der Sünde? Are you doing well, after what happened with my brother and yours? I'm sure you are, considering you're now king of a country. And look, I know you didn't want to become king ever since you told me when you were just a boy, but it's honestly a job that few can achieve and hey, you can even commit more acts of sin and moderately get away with it!

    Alberich: [Chuckles]

    Landolf: But listen, that's not exactly why I'm writing to you. I can't exactly trust telephones nowadays, because of the wire-tapping and all of that nonsense. However to get to the meat and potatoes of this, I have uncovered a pretty incredible find! Apparently, the Pyramids of Giza are actually some sort of solar power plants, like Tesla's earth-coils.

    Alberich: [Raises a brow] "So he found out that the pryamids were actually generators of some kind?"

    Landolf My team and I are going to be bringing this back to you and your court in a month's time of me writing this. I believe that by the time you'll receive this, I'll already be en-route to Berlin. We'll talk more about it soon Albert. Until then! Landolf.

    Alberich: [Puts the letter down on the tea table and takes his tea to sip] "Right.. So he discovered the ancient Mesrians used the pyramids there as power plants.. Huh.. Always thought that they were bit odd considering they didn't really have tombs like we were taught.. But I guess I'll talk more about it after he gets here."

    The Head Maid steps in thereafter

    Head Maid: [Bows] "It is time for your festivities sire."

    Alberich: [Smiles softly] "Ah. Yes! It is."

    Alberich and his many servants have a feast that heavily involves alcohol. Transition.

    Scene #3 - A2
    There's a fade-cut to an old home out in western Erhohen that is currently being raided by city swat.

    SWAT CO: "Target is an opposition gang-member, considered highly dangerous. High priority."

    SWAT 1: "Copy that. Moving in."

    A team of roughly 7 people in SWAT gear storm the home, aiming their gun-lights around in hopes of spotting the target. However, what the come across is a horrific sight. Guts and other extremities strewn about the floors and walls, and bodies lie about with huge gash marks across several floors, walls, and ceilings.

    SWAT 2: "Command this is Cobra. We got a Code Purple. I repeat. Code Purp--" [Is suddenly thrown against the wall, and pulled into the ceiling; screaming all the way]

    『BGM CHANGE: Resident Evil 4 Soundtrack - Ganado II


    Chaos ensues as a monstrosity tears through the SWAT team the only light sources being the flashlights and the muzzle flashes. In the ensuing chaos, some of them get brutally maimed.


    Command is trying to get a hold of them, but all they can hear is screaming and gunfire. However, the team makes it outside, but is promptly gunned down by armed assailants who are wearing tactical gear.

    Assailant 1: [Flicks their wrist]

    The monstrosity, which turned out to be a Hook Horror, comes from the home and comes up to the assailant.

    Assailant 1: [Petting hook horror] "We've made our statement, let us hope our wonderful king hears it."

    The old home is set ablaze as the camera focuses in on the assailants one eye and wicked smile. Before it cuts to black.
    End Card

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    Default Episode #2 - Eve of a Day

    『BGM: Morning from Tokyo | Shin Godzilla OST
    『Title Card』

    Scene #1 - A1
    The Scene opens up with scenic panning shots of the brutalist, yet seemingly beautiful, Berlin cityscape, before it jump cuts to a sleepy Alberich in his standard king's garb as he's flanked by his escort and a couple other guards as he heads down an escalator.
    Escort: "The rest of the day's itinerary is as such your Majesty: Your are to visit Her Royal Highness, Raina, by 10:30 AM, after that there's been a summons from your court at Noon, then you are to attend and bless Her Royal Highness' daughter's piano recital at 3:00 PM, and finally you are to meet with representatives from both Spagonia and France at 6:00 PM."

    Alberich: [Yawns softly before scratching neck] "Right. I forgot that Rosa had her piano recital today. Any word on her education, Wulf?"

    Wulf: "As far as I've been told, she's been given the utmost we can provide for a member of the Royal Family. Her grades are in the top 5% among her graduating class."

    Alberich: "She must be a kid genius or something.." [Genuine surprise]

    Wulf: "It is to be expected if she is ever to succeed her mother in the coming years. She is the daughter of a princess after all. Her existence carries weight, weight of the next generation."

    Alberich: [Chuckles a bit and then sighs] "Yeah.. Which reminds me, how's Oswald's family holding up? Anything from Berta?"

    Wulf: [Shakes head] "All that we know is that Her Royal Highness has been cooped up her room on the estate for the past few months, we haven't heard anything from the estate."

    Alberich: [Grimaces as he leans on onside of the escalator] "Right. Add an item to the end of that itinerary of yours to visit my brother's estate to check up on them."

    Wulf: [Nods] "Of course Sire."

    Alberich: [Glances around seeing the bows and stares] "I'm never going to get used to this.." [Sighs]

    A montage of sorts ensues with Alberich cutting the rope to a expansive mall, and then having meet and greets with the citizenry. Seems perfectly normal aside from a figure being seen in the background, barely out of shot. The montage ends as Alberich and Wulf get back into the armored vehicle and drive off to Raina's estate. Transition.

    『BGM CHANGE: Nightstalker (10 Minutes) | Ghost in the Shell OST
    Scene #1 - A2
    Fade in. The armored vehicle pulls up to a lavish mansion, not too dissimilar to Alberich's. A head-butler is waiting for Alberich and Wulf who escort the two to a common room where Raina and her own escort is waiting for him.
    Alberich: "Well, well, well. I didn't think you'd give me the time of da--"

    Raina: [Shoots him a glare] "I insisted that we did not have this meeting, but mother was persistent on keeping us in the loop with each other to ensure no more of us die. Quite smart of her in my own opinion."

    Alberich: [A little nervous] "R-Right.." [Takes his seat] "So Rosa's recital is today. I imagine with me as King you want me to be there and bless a good performance right?"

    Raina: "Not only that." [Takes a sip of tea] "She has also requested that you appear, seeing as you're now king.. She always did take a shinning to you, even though you were a sinful bastard.."

    Alberich: [Cringes a bit] "Hurtful, but yeah...neither do I at times.. She's an oddball."

    Raina: "Quite." [Another sip]

    Silence befalls the two before Alberich speaks up a few minutes later.
    Alberich: "I was told by Wulf that Berta hasn't left the estate in three months.. Do you anything about that?"

    Raina: [Shakes head slightly] "I do not. I'm just as much in the dark as you are."

    Alberich: "Dammit.. In any case, I'm planning on stopping by there by the end of the day to check in on them.."

    Raina: "Hm. Berta can be quite fickle at times, especially considering that some of her servants are quite hostile to "trespassers.""

    Alberich: "You went to the estate?"

    Raina: "On occasion, yes, to do exactly what you're going to do."

    Alberich: "Why would they be hostile towards us?"

    Raina: "Perhaps it has something to do with Berta or her sons. I haven't heard anything from either boy, they've seemingly gone off the grid."

    Alberich: "And you didn't think to tell me about this??" [Growing both concerned and frustrated]

    Raina: "Why would the King need involve himself in something that would only discredit his right to the throne? There are many players in this game Albert. If you react to this information and try to form your own search and rescue, then some of your opposition would use to delegitimize you. I'm merely doing what is in your best interest."

    Alberich: [Leans back exasperated] "Best interest..Right.." [Leans on a arm rest, hand in face] "And let me fucking guess, you're trying to figure out this little mystery right?"

    Raina: "Correct. So you need not concern yourself with this thread sire."

    Alberich: [Throws hands up a little, and begins pacing around the room] "Okay, sure, you want me to not concern myself with the fact that our next generation is fucking missing and their mother is in emotional internment! Sure, I'll happily not concern myself!!"

    Raina: "Brother."

    Alberich: 'What!?" [Snaps to her]

    Raina: "Like I've said. The situation is being taken care of as we speak, you need not concern yourself here. It'll only prove to you're opposition that you're not fit to rule."

    Alberich: [Grits teeth] "Maybe I am not fit to rule.. Hells, I didn't want to rule in the first place. I was perfectly intent on wasting my life on cheap alcohol and brothel women! And then father and brother die for some mysterious reason, and they don't even crown you but me."

    Raina: "By way of law and tradition, the sons of a dying or dead king must inherit the throne before the daughters can. There's only been a few queens in record history as far as post-First Impact is concerned. Which means, if you somehow die for whatever reason, then, and only then, would I inherit the throne. However, that is the worse case scenario as I do not have any sons, and you have not taken a queen of your own yet to bear an suitable heir. As of now, we're in a delicate situation that should not be squandered."

    Alberich: [Sighs heavily] "Yeah....yeah...." [Deflates and sits back down; leaning back] "I just wish I didn't have to be king.."

    Raina: "Be careful what you wish for Albert.."

    Alberich: [Falls into silent contemplation]

    『Silence comes once more before Alberich speaks yet again.』
    Alberich: "About Uncle Landolf.."

    Raina: [Glances up from her tea]

    Alberich: "Why did a letter addressed to me come to you?"

    Raina: "Simple. Uncle Landolf is a deranged man, and has always been known to take the unconventional option.."

    Alberich: [Thinks about that statement] "Yeah... You're right about that.. He was always a strange guy whenever he came by."

    Raina: "Quite so. Now. I believe we are done here if you have nothing else to talk about.."

    Alberich: "No.. Nothing entirely important.. Just more kingly business that doesn't need any real explanation."

    Raina: "I see. Then my attendants will show you the door then. Good day brother."

    Alberich: "Right" [Stands and nods] "See ya sis."

    『Alberich then leaves thereafter. He and Wulf get into the armored vehicle and depart for some side-activities Alberich wishes to do before going to the parliamentary building which typically consists of entertainment of various forms. Transition.』

    『BGM: Casual Background (Extended) | Silent hill 3 OST
    Scene #2 - A1
    Fade in. The armored vehicle pulls up to the parliamentary building, and find that there doesn't appear to be too many reporters today, and simply heads into the meeting room where the figureheads sit and wait before standing to their feet at Alberich's arrival.
    Alberich: "Take your seats. Lets make this quick."

    Man 3: "Yes your Majesty." [Clears throat] "As of 13 hours ago, we've lost an entire swat team.. Now I know that isn't anything new when dealing with opposition gangs, but this one was different." [Turns to the King] "This team apparently encountered a magical beast."

    There are audible gasps and looks of horror
    Man 1: "I thought we rid the land of those creatures during King Lubin's reign?"

    Man 3: "That is what my agency thought as well when we grabbed the tapes from the body-cameras. However we believe this was not a isolated incident."

    Woman 2: "How so?"

    Man 3: "There have been similar incidences within the past month, and they have only been increasing in frequency and ferocity. What connects each one is this symbol." [Slides the picture across the table for everyone to see]

    Man 3: "When my agency sent in investigators, we found this all over the walls of one of the bedrooms. We did some further digging and apparently it was a deep-state cult known as the Illuminated that was prevalent prior to the First Impact. They, however, have since fallen by the wayside due to both the Impact War and the emergence of the fantastical. It's likely, that we're dealing with a foreign, or possibly domestic, terrorist group that holds the ideologies of the ancient Illuminated. If this is to be the case, then this incident was their way of getting our intention, if they have not done so already."

    Alberich: [Leans forward, clearly intrigued by this discussion] "So we got cult-like terrorists? What is their aim?"

    Man 3: "That's what we're still trying to figure out Sire. We have a couple working theories."

    Alberich: [Gestures for him to spill it]

    Man 3: [Nods] "One theory is that they're trying to get closer and closer to your Majesty. For what reason we aren't exactly sure on that front, but it would be safe to say that they would have be studying your every move to ensure they could jump at the chance to kidnap you. However this is only a theory and we do not have sufficient evidence to this. Another theory could be that they're planning something that is far more catastrophic than something as simple as jumping a swat team. Perhaps they're planning some kind of invasion with some foreign aid and some means of controlling magical beasts. However, much like the first theory, we barely have anything to this. Which is why I urge everyone here to keep eyes and ears open for anything. These people are crafty and highly dangerous. If you encounter them, do not engage with them and report directly to me or local authorities."

    Alberich: [Nods] "Of course Arnulf."

    Everyone is an agreement
    Alberich: "Is that all?"

    Arnulf: "There is one more piece of information we needed to tell you. There appears to be a cluster-war brewing with the Eastern Europan states. Some have already requested we give them in aid. Much like France and Spagonia, involvement could result another world war even though it feels like we're slowly slipping that way everyday.."

    Alberich: "I'll be meeting with French and Spagonian representatives later today. Send word to those states that we will not aid them with anything outside our usual trade agreements."

    Arnulf: "It shall be done."

    Alberich: "Is that all?"

    Arnulf: "Yes sire."

    Alberich: [Gets and begins to leave] "Then this meeting is adjourned for the day." [Leaves thereafter]

    The rest of Alberich's day goes as planned with him attending, and blessing, Raina's daughter's recital and turning down the representatives who plead him for aid. Another night of feast-like partying ensues. Transition

    『BGM CHANGE: I've Been Losing You (Extended Version)| Silent hill 3 OST
    Scene #2 - A2
    Fade in. There's an intelligence agency in Central Berlin. Camera pans through a building seeing people of all walks of life delving into individual cases and such. However the camera falls onto a particular agent who looks be having a rough time of it; her desk absolutely laced with papers.
    Female agent: "Gods dammit!" [Swipes papers away] "I've been at this for hours and there's just no fucking end to this shit!" [Continues organizing]

    Arnulf and a clerk step into frame, him giving a calming smile while he gestures for the clerk to help her organize.
    Arnulf: "Glad to see that you're still at it Aristea."

    Aristea: "Yes.. Even though I didn't expect the workload to be so damn high.."

    Arnulf: "This is a tight case, I have other departments working the case as well.. But the field work ultimately falls on you and Rochelle. You're the most capable we have that can deal with this. Your track records are flawless in that accord."

    Aristea: [Groans] "Yeah, yeah.. Don't remind me.. I assume you're coming to me looking for more information?"

    Arnulf: "Yes mam."

    Aristea: [Scours through mountains of paper] "I haven't been able to formulate a basis MO yet, but with a little time in the field I can probably whip up something by the end of the week."

    Arnulf: [Nods] "I'll check back in by then."

    Aristea: "Yes sir."

    Arnulf and the clerk step out of frame, heading off to a different part of the building. Leaving Aristea behind herself to wallow for a bit before Rochelle enters the frame.
    Rochelle: "So I've gotten some leads on our cultic buddies. Apparently there were armored trucks moving through a couple small towns toward the south, and one of those townspeople happen to see that monster that was on body-cameras. We can head that way via train and arrive there by afternoon of tomorrow, if we leave tonight."

    Aristea: "Right.."

    Rochelle: [Looks over the desk.] "Yeah, you definitely need time away from this shit."

    Aristea: "Ya'think?" [Shoots a glare]

    Rochelle: [Puts hands up] "Hey, I'm just saying you need some air."

    Aristea: "Yeah, yeah.. Let's pack up our equipment and get going. The less I'm here, the better."

    Rochelle: "You got it."

    The two pack up their equipment and depart for the southern countryside later that night. Fade to black.
    『End Card』

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    Default Episode #3: Investigative Revelations

    『BGM: Alone in the Town | Silent Hill 2 OST
    Title Card

    Scene #1 - A1
    The scene opens up with a panning shot down towards a couple of a occult detectives standing before a mostly barren and empty village that is surrounded on all sides by rolling green hills. There doesn't appear to be anyone around, and those that are around are seemingly keeping to themselves; not even looking the two detectives in the eyes.

    Aristea: "Well, I've seen worse.."

    Rochelle: [Sighs] "They have been cut off by the wider world, but that's besides the point. The witness we need to talk is this way, follow me."

    Aristea: "Whatever you say." [Shrugs]

    As they calmly walk through the village, the camera cuts around to the various homes and shops to find that most of them have been abandoned and/or have been boarded up. It starts to become more apparent to them that something happened to this village that caused many of its citizens to close-up shop. Eventually, however, they arrive at the home.

    Rochelle: "Shall I knock or you?"

    Aristea: [Gestures for her to go ahead]

    Rochelle: [Gulps abit and then proceeds to do three consecutive knocks]

    There's a period of silence before there's the sound of several locks unlocking. The door cracks open a few moments later.

    Woman 1: "Are you, perhaps, the detectives from the capital?"

    Rochelle: "Y-Yes, we are. We've come to ask some questions of you regarding the recent sightings of cultists."

    The door slams, causing Rochelle to jump a bit in fright. The rest of the locks unlock before a frail, elderly, woman steps out in full view of the two women; gesturing for them to come inside. Cautiously, they do.

    Elderly Woman: "I was worried that the capital would never send someone to tell me what the nine hells is going on in this town.."

    Rochelle: "I can assure you that we're going to do just that." [Gives a soft smile]

    Elderly Woman: "Oh good. I wouldn't know what to do if suddenly I disappeared too.."

    Aristea: "Disappeared too?"

    Elderly Woman: "Oh yes, plenty of folk around 'ere have gone missing since those black cars rolled through town. The mayor warned everyone to keep inside at night, but people still go missing!"

    Rochelle: [Takes a seat at a sofa] "Then why haven't you sent word up to the capital sooner?"

    Elderly Woman: [Takes a seat in her rocking chair] "The mayor was convinced we could solve the issue ourselves, but some of us knew that wasn't the case and decided to send word to the capital, but nothing came of it. It was like they left us to fend for ourselves.."

    Rochelle: [Glances over at Aristea who shrugs] "Then we're here now." [Pauses a bit, thinking of the next set of words] "In that case.. Could you.. Tell us all that has happened since those "black cars" rolled through town?"

    Elderly Woman: "Of course deary. It gave everyone a terrible fright when they rolled through town, but what made everyone on end was that no-one had seen anyone inside the cars. It was like they were ghosts cars! It gave even the children night terrors! But, things didn't end there. Oh no, no. People suddenly began disappearing, their homes ramshackled as if they were hit by a bad storm when there was none the night before. The mayor tried to the settle the issue using some of the policemen here, but nothing was done of it. Not even they could figure out what was going on!"

    Rochelle: [Glances over Aristea who was intently listening] "Then I guess it's up to us to figure out what happened." [Slowly stands to her feet] "Thank you very much for your information. The capital will take it from here. Come on Aristea."

    Aristea: "Yes mam.." [Gives a halfhearted salute]

    Rochelle: [Rolls eyes]

    Elderly Woman: "You are most welcome deary! Oh, and one more thing before you leave."

    Rochelle: [Looks over shoulder and turns slightly]

    Elderly Woman: "Do not go out at night, or you'll disappear too. Head to the local inn before dark."

    Rochelle: "Thanks for the advice.."

    Elderly Woman: [Calmly smiles]

    The two women leave, with the elderly woman watching them as a shroud of darkness looms just off screen. Transition

    『BGM CHANGE: No Excuses | Silent Hill 3 OST
    Scene #1 - A2
    The scene transitions to a ramshackled home on the west side of town. The windows have been blown out, furniture and other debris litter the front yard, and the door is off its hinges laying on the floor inside the house. The entire area has been cordoned off with yellow tape.

    Aristea: "She definitely got the ramshackle part down. It really does look like a storm blew through this place." [Glances at neighboring houses] "Worse yet, the other houses appear to be untouched which suggests that this house was--"

    Rochelle: "Targeted. But why?"

    Aristea: [Shrugs] "Let's go find out."

    Rochelle: [Nods and steps past the tape and heads inside with Aristea following in after]

    The two find themselves standing inside the home. It is clearly ransacked with various furniture and belongings littering the floors of various rooms; several doors lying on said floor. There also appear to be chalk marks denoting bodies as well as other areas marked as possible evidence to the crime.

    Rochelle: "I'll check the rooms on the north side of the house, while you check the ones on the south."

    Aristea: "You got it.." [Leisurely walks left]

    Rochelle: [Heavy sigh and walks right]

    Their investigation continues, by nightfall they collect their findings and head to the local inn that the elderly woman talked about. They pay for two nights, and find themselves sitting a table in the dining hall where they discuss their discoveries.

    Rochelle: "Well from what I was able to recover from the scene, there was definitely a struggle.."

    Aristea: "Possible gunfight after seeing the bullet holes in furniture and walls."

    Rochelle: "Which really doesn't make much sense to me." [Sips water from a cup] "Why would cultists target armed villager? That just sounds like they were asking for trouble.."

    Aristea: "And trouble was what they found, look I found these in the 1st bedroom." [Tosses some family pictures onto the table]

    Rochelle: [Squints] "They're just family pictures."

    Aristea: "Look a little closer, particularly at what the father is wearing.."

    Rochelle: [Squints some more and looks a little wide eyed] "Oh shit.."

    Aristea: "Oh shit is right, apparently this guy is in league with the fuckers.. If one was ignorant enough, then they wouldn't know what the emblem on his overalls meant--"

    Rochelle: "But we do.."

    Aristea: "Precisely. This guy was connected with the Illuminated, but what does a villager have in connection with the Illuminated is the bigger question here..."

    The two spend a few minutes pondering the question, before their food arrives and Rochelle comes up with an idea.

    Rochelle: "So my working theory is that this village, and possibly others, are breeding grounds for Pre-Impact Cults. Think about it, it's out of the eye of the Capital, it's pretty isolated, and there's small tightly-nit communities. Which means--"

    Aristea: "If one of the villagers was an Illuminated, then all of them could be an Illuminated.."

    The two quickly glance around the inn as some of the patrons present are watching them closely.

    Aristea: "It's looking like we've overstayed our welcome.. And we're a bit outnumbered.. We'll head back to the capital."

    Rochelle: "But we barely have a lead.. We don't even know where these guys are.."

    Aristea: "As long as the village still stands, it's basically the best lead we have.."

    Rochelle: [Is about to say something, but decides against it]

    Aristea: "You know I'm right about this."

    Rochelle: [Sighs] "Yeah, yeah. Don't remind me. Anyway, lets leave in the morning.. What that old lady told me is very suspect.."

    Aristea: "Why? Did she seem off to you?"

    Rochelle: "Most of the people here definitely seem off to me.. Like they have something to hide or are constantly waiting to jump at the chance to shank us.. I'm getting unfriendly vibes from this place."

    Aristea: "Well you're not alone there, let's just get to our room and hold up there for the night."

    Rochelle: "Yeah.."

    The two find themselves within their room, with the room's table pushed up against the door and a gun trained at the window just in case anyone, or anything, decided to break their way in as they were on the first floor. The night drones on with not much for action. Transition

    『BGM:Tears of... | Silent Hill OST
    Scene #2 - A1
    The scene transitions to the quiet residence of the Crowned Prince, who is sitting in his personal room surrounded by scantly-clad women. He seems to be in deep ponderance.

    Alberich: "Something just doesn't seem right.. Of all the nations to target, why Erhohen? I mean we do have a bit of troubled past, but that's nothing compared to what the rest of the world has done. It's like there's something special about this nation.. About me..."

    Wulf: [Steps out from the shadows of the room into the light of a candle] "Your Majesty."

    Alberich: [Looks up and over and then goes back to thinking]

    Wulf: "Is something bothering you Your Majesty?"

    Alberich: "It's about this cult business.. To think that an ideology like that had survived the First Impact.."

    Wulf: "Well the existence of Pre-Impact cults is not an uncommon occurrence. There are plenty of cults dwelling in the shadows nowadays. It could be that some of them have been there prior to the First Impact."

    Alberich: "But a cult that had significant power like that? I'm surprised it even managed to hold the amount of strength it had for so long."

    Wulf: "Well from what I was able to gather, it was ran by the world's wealthiest and most influential people.."

    Alberich: [Looks a bit surprised] "Did your brokers tell you this?"

    Wulf: [Nods]

    Alberich: "I've gotta wonder about you and your information gathering."

    Wulf: "You do not need to Your Majesty, I have sworn full loyalty to the Crown and wouldn't dare say otherwise."

    Alberich: "I guess that's why my father favored you so much out of his 'Royal Security Force.' But beside the point, I imagine you're here to tell me something. What is it?"

    Wulf: "I have spoken with my brokers and it appears the Illuminated have begun to mobilize. It looks as though they're going to strike yet another target to get your attention. Shall I dispatch them?"

    Alberich: "Well it's better to get this situation over with, you may. However under no circumstances are you to be spotted. I cannot have my involvement getting leaked to the council. You can use deadly force as well. Make this quick."

    Wulf: "Yes Your Majesty." [Slinks back into the darkness]

    Alberich: "This is going to get messy.. Gods I hate being in charge..."

    『End Card』
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